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The majority of people today do not think about obtaining a legal professional right up until they are in desperate need. The legal difficulty may possibly be personal, like family law, for a separation and divorce or if you are looking for a bankrupcy or trust lawyer or attorney. It may be a criminal situation you will need to be defended on. Firms need to have legal representatives as well, regardless of whether they are being sued for discrimination, sexual harassment, or possibly unjust business strategies. Tax attorneys are also useful whenever engaging with government problems. Just like doctors, lawyers have areas. A huge, full service law firm has a lot of lawyers with different areas of expertise, so based on your individual legal issue, you can immediately retain the most effective lawyer to meet your up-to-date need without having to commence your search each time you need legal help.It is best to obtain a law firm you can trust. You really want one with a good track record, who issincere, effective, and wins cases. You need to have trust that they will represent you the right way and charge you fairly for their services. Sometimes a reference from a friend or business associate can be handy, even so you should hold your options open and review all the firms accessible, because when you want legal help, you need it rapidly and you really want the finest you can pay for. Thank you for browsing for a lawyer with us. Your time is valuable, and Action Pages, at, is delighted to supply specific search parameters to satisfy your needs. We consistently try to concentrate on the most popular phrases so you can immediately find whatever you are searching for.

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Are Communal Property Divorce Laws Fair To Men?

Community property law is fair because it recognizes that marriage takes teamwork. Members of the team contribute in different ways. Many times the women does all of the house work and raising of the children while the man brings in the money. That's teamwork.

These days, both people have jobs outside of the home, both bring in the money and both share in raising the kids. That's teamwork.

When a team wins, everyone on the team shares the glory. And when they lose, they are all losers. Even the "most valuable player"!

Don't want to lose? Don't play the game! Stay single and alone!

This Is A Legal Aid Question?
Does Any One Know How Long It Takes Legal Aid To Get Back With You. I Talked To Them Like 11 Days Ago And Have Not Got Anything In The Mail Or Herd From Them Since I Called

It almost certainly depends on where you are, but if you're expecting a reply, I'd think 11 days is a little much regardless. Try calling again.

Need Legal Help, Lawyer Theft?
My Mother Got Into An Accident 2 Years Ago Had To Go To The Hospital And A Few Months Of Therapy. She Has Been Represented By A Small Law Firm In Nj Were She Lives At, A Few Weeks Ago They Called Her And Told Her That Her Case Was Done And That She Needed To Go Into Their Offices. Once There They Told Her That What Little They Got Off The Case It Went To Medical And Lawyer Fees The Lawyer Representing Her Offered Her A Consolation Check On The Amount Of 2,500 Made To Her From His Personal Checking Acct Just For The Time She Had Lost. He Then Tried To Seduced Her Into Signing Some Documents That She Did Not Signed But She Said That When He Showed Her Those Papers She Saw A Lump Sump Stating $75,000 But Then He Took It Away From Her When She Said She Was Not Signing That, She Went On And Told Him That She Does Not Want Him To Write Him A Personal Check, But Rather She Would Like A Company Check Made To Her And She Wanted A Copy Of Those Documents…. He Said No And Almost Forced Her To Sing Those Documents. Then She Called Me And Told Me What Had Happened, Apparently Now They Even Had A One Of My Mom’S Friends Trying To Convince Her To Sing The Stuff And Take The Small Check! I Told Her To Hold Off And Let Me Do Some Research And See What The Deal Is… What Do You Guys Think Is Going On? Were Can I Get Help For This Type Of Problems?

A client should never feel pressured to sign.

The settlement sounds low, but it could happen. Maybe at first look they thought they could get more, but later facts where against it.

And if a lawyer had judged the case wrong, it would be reasonable for a lawyer to pay out of pocket, it could happen that way.

But almost forcing her to sign. That puts everything else into question.

How reasonable is your mother? If your mom over reacts to things, then talk to the lawyer to see what the real story is. If your mothers story is absolutely true, and he was forcing her to sign something, then you might need a new lawyer.

I'm not sure, but my feeling is that the new lawyer would tell you not to even talk to the old lawyer.

Legal Advice On Alimony In Pa?
In The State Of Pa How Is Alimony Determined? My Parents Are Divorcing And My Mother Is The One Filing. However My Father Is On Disability For 10 Years And I'M Sure He Would Go To Domestics And File For Alimony. However The Tricky Part Is That He'S Been Abusing His Prescription Drugs For 10 Years By Snorting Them And Mixing Them. If The Court Knew That Would He Still Be Awarded Alimony? Me And My Mom Left Him For A Very Good Reason Obviously. Serious Advice Only...Thank You!

This is a tough one, he does have a good case for alimony, your lawyer could better answer. Here is why your dad could and couldn't get alimony.

+Long Marriage ?
+No Job

-Unfit father
-Possible Drug abuser? (must be proved)
-Unable to pay child support.

Do We Need A Lawyer...Trust Beneficiary?
My Husband Is One Of The Beneficiaries To His Grandmother'S Trust. She Passed Away On June 28 This Year. We Received A Copy Of The Trust On August 12. It Stated He Is To Get Quarterly Payments Of The Interest On The Trust For 21 Years And At The End Of 21 Years, The Trust Will Be Distributed. His Uncle Is The Trustee As Well As A Beneficiary. Things Seemed To Be Ok For A Bit. He Was Semi Communicating With Us And Then Once They Told Us The House Had Been Emptied, All Communication Stopped! We Still Do Not Even Have A Copy Of The Assets Of The Trust. She Lived In Ohio And We Live In Tennessee And We Just Do Not Know What To Do. We Have Tried Several Times To Communicate With Him And Have Not Received A Response Since September 29Th. We Even Sent A Certified Letter To The Lawyer Requesting A Copy Of The Assets, And Have Not Received A Response From That Either. We Do Not Know What To Do!

No. You don't need a lawyer. You need to relax a bit.

First, there's really nothing for you to do. In fact, that's the whole point of the trust is that you can't do anything.

Second. These things move very slow. It's only been a few months. It will take years to settle everything.

You should get a copy of the assets, but that won't be for awhile. I don't think they have to send you anything, but normally you do get paper work.

This all takes time, so if you don't hear from anyone for a few months, that doesn't mean they stopped communications, it means there's nothing to report.

You don't want the lawyer to call you, because if he calls you to tell you that nothing more has happened, then he charges the trust $100 for that call.

Give it at least another 3 months and then call the uncle to see what's up

Addition. There's still nothing for you to do.

You can hire a lawyer to force them to communicate with you. And your lawyer can force them to give you a copy of the assets. I wonder how much you'll have to pay to the lawyer.

It could cost you thousands to get documents that you could have waited for.

Unless there's a reason for not waiting. If you think the uncle is going to take the money and skip town, then you need a lawyer.

ps. I know there's a part of the trust thing that is insulting. It's basically saying, your incompetent, so we'll keep your money for you. It can be very frustrating.

Do We Need An Immigration Attorney?
My Fiance And I Have Been Together For 2.5 Yrs. And Lived Together For About 1.5 Yrs. He'S An English Citizen And I Am American, He Was Here Initially On A Visa Which Expired Shortly After We Got Together... We Got Engaged This Past Christmas And Are Going To Be Getting Married April 2011... My Question Is How Do We Go About Getting Him Legal Etc. And Do We Need An Immigration Attorney For This Or Should We Just Call The Immigration Office? I Don'T Have Any Experience With This And Want To Make Sure We Do Everything Correctly Without Having Him Get In Trouble Or Anything. Thanks For Your Help!!!

You would need to get married first then file an I-130. NO, you don't need an immigration attorney for something as simple as an I-130. Since your fiance entered the U.S. lawfully he'll be able to request adjustment at the district.

To an immigration attorney this is considered "easy money." Why? Because a person that can read directions and comprehend at least 3rd grade english should have the mental capacity to fill the form out themselves and provide the documentary evidence listed in the directions. USCIS goes through a lot of trouble and wastes a lot taxpayer dollars to make those directions dummy proof.

Now as far as AILA is concerned there are a ton of AILA attorneys who show up at the AILA meetings, pay his/her dues, shakes hands etc... However, don't deliver on the value of money given to them and repeatedly get their clients cases screwed up, land people in proceedings needlessly, use up the statutory MTR when it was obviously going to be denied, file for benefits which their clients whom clearly didn't qualify. I seriously can go on and on about AILA. Don't get me started on their RFE and motion scams to make more money off the petitions/applications.

I only cringe when I hear someone was recommended an AILA attorney and how the attorney drained them of thousands of dollars. It's very hard to get an attorney barred and even if they are censured they're back up and practicing doing the same thing again like nothing ever happened.

The bottom line is if the beneficiary is not in deportation proceedings you will not need an immigration attorney. If you feel you're not literate and unable to comprehend the (dummy proof) directions given by USCIS then, only then, seek out an attorney to help you. Make sure you shop around. Think of them as insurance or car salesmen that make big promises, but may have little returns. Being a part of AILA does not make them any better than an immigration attorney that is not a part of AILA. It only means they charge more!