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A lot of individuals do not think about obtaining a lawyer right up until they are in desperate need. The legal matter could be personal, like family law, for a breakup or if you are looking for a bankrupcy or trust attorney. It may be a felony condition you will need to be defended on. Companies need to have attorneys as well, whether or not they are being sued for discrimination, sexual harassment, or possibly not fair business tactics. Tax attorneys are also helpful when dealing with government problems. Just like doctors, lawyers have areas. A large, full service law firm has many attorneys with different areas of experience, so relying on your individual legal issue, you can instantly retain the finest attorney at law to satisfy your up-to-date need without having to begin your search each time you need legal help.It is ideal to find a legal representative you can have confidence in. You need one with a very good track record, who istruthful, productive, and wins cases. You need to have assurance that they will stand for you accurately and charge you reasonably for their services. Oftentimes a word of mouth from a good friend or business affiliate can be very helpful, having said that you should keep your options open and evaluate all the firms available, for the reason that when you want legal support, you need it immediately and you really want the very best you can pay for. Thank you for browsing for a lawyer or attorney with us. Your time is important, and Action Pages, at, is pleased to provide specific search variables to fulfill your requirements. We constantly try to concentrate on the most popular phrases so you can quickly find anything you are looking for.

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Are Court Appointed Attorneys Good For Family Law?
I Have A Court Appointed Lawyer, He Has Showed Me That He Talks Alot In The Hearing We Have Had. He Helping Me To Get My Younger Children Back From Cps. He Found Evidence Against My Teen That She Is Lying In A Couple Of Things. So, Are Court Appointed Good Or Should I Get A Private? Or Can I Use 2 Lawyers?

You're lucky to have a court appointed lawyer. Most civil parties (such as yourself in your family law case) are not afforded the opportunity to have court appointed attorneys. They are different than criminal public defenders. Normally, court appointed attorneys in civil cases are private attorneys they are just serving you pro bono (free). So they have a decent level of experience.

Choosing an attorney is an important decision. If you are satisfied with the direction your case is going you should keep him.

Generally, if you hire a private attorney the court appointed one will withdraw. Usually, the reason you are given a court appointed attorney is because you cannot afford a private one. So it's not likely that you can have them both if you decide to hire one. If you hire a private attorney your current attorney will give him all the information he has.

If you do hire a private attorney you should do so prior to trial. Judges don't like it when a party switches attorneys right before trial. In fact, some judges won't let you.

Good Luck

What Does A Real Estate Attorney Do?
I Am Buying A Hud House In Toledo, Ohio. I Have A Deadline To Back Out Of The Deal And Receive My $1000 In Earnest Money Back. The Withdrawal Of The Offer Is Contingent On An Inspection Finding Something Major Wrong With The House. Of Course I Have 15 Days From The Date The Contract Was Signed By Hud To Do This. Hud Signed The Contract On 12/8 But Never Forwarded The Contract To The Agent Until 12/17. Legally (I Think) The Last Day For Me To Inspect And Withdraw Is 12/23 Which Is 15 Calender Days From The Day Hud Signed. Ok Here Is My Dilemna. I Can'T Get The Power Turned On For An Inspection Because The Electrical Box Was Tampered With. Toledo Edison Is Asking Me For A Deed To The House And Is Investigating Who Is Liable For Electricity Used Illegally. In The Meantime I Am Running Out Of Time For My Inspection. Do I Need A Real Estate Attorney. Is This Something That They Do, Should My Real Estate Agent Be Handling This? I Am In Over My Head And Dont Want This To Get Messed Up. Please Help!

A Real Estate Attorney is supposed to protect your interest to see that you don't get screwed over. The Real Estate or agent may have an attorney but that person is protecting them not you. The problem is that sometimes the attorney isn't thinking about your welfare either. You may need to prod him/her to do what you want. All things taken into account you are better off having your own lawyer than not. I hope that helps.

How Do I Start A Attorney Referral Business?
It Is To Be Based In Northern California

You need the qualities everyone needs to be a successful entrepreneur:

1. persistance
2. personality
3. plan

A referral business is one where you get paid when the attorney gets paid. Come up with a name, a website and some business cards. Then go out and talk to a lot of attorney's and sign them up!

It is not easy, but then nothing good in life is.

I Need Drunk Driving Facts!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Please List As Many Drunk Driving Facts/Statistics You Can. Thank You So Much!

***Traffic crashes are the greatest single cause of death for every age from five through twenty- seven. Almost half of these crashes are alcohol-related.***

Approximately 19.3% of all drivers involved in fatal crashes in 1995 were intoxicated at the time of their crash (21% in 1993).

In single-vehicle fatal crashes occurring on weekend nights in 1994, 72.3% of the fatally injured drivers 25 years old or older were intoxicated, as compared with 57.7% of drivers under the age of 25.

In 1995, 32% of all fatal crashes during the week were alcohol-related, compared to 54% on weekends. For all crashes, the alcohol involvement rate was 5% during the week and 11% during the weekend.

It is estimated that 2.6 million drunk driving crashes each year victimize 4 million innocent people who are injured or have their vehicles damaged.

In 1993, one in 100 drivers had a BAC of .10 or greater.

About 16 billion miles were driven drunk.

In fatal crashes, the proportion of drivers who were intoxicated (blood alcohol content of .10 or greater) decreased from 25.7% in 1985 to 19.3% in 1995, a 25% decrease in that proportion.

The number of intoxicated drivers killed in traffic crashes decreased from 9,805 in 1985 to 7,538 in 1995, a reduction of 20%.

Male drivers involved in fatal crashes were nearly twice as likely to have been intoxicated (21.8%) than were females (11.2%).

Men are four times more likely than women to drive after drinking.

In 1995, there were 11,723 fatally injured drivers in single vehicle crashes. About 46.7% were intoxicated.

The highest intoxication rates in fatal crashes in 1995 were recorded for drivers 21-24 years old (27.8%), followed by ages 25-34 (26.8%) and 35-44 (22.8%).
Nearly a third of males (31%) drove after drinking in the past year, compared with only 13% of females.

Drivers age 21 to 29 drive the greatest proportion of their miles drunk.

More than 2,300 anti-drunk driving laws have been passed since 1980.

What Category Of Law Deals With Child Abuse Cases?
Hi There, Im Looking Into Being A Lawyer That Works With Children Who Have Been Abused Or Molested, I Feel Strongly About It And I Was Just Wondering, What Category Of Law Would That Position Fall Under? Would That Be Family Law? Cheers :)

Abusing a child is a criminal action - that would be criminal law.

Working for a government agency that protects children is more administrative law.

Family law is primarily divorce, custody, that sort of thing

Child Support..Need A Nevada Attorney?
My Wifes Ex Husband Never Paid Child Support Ordered In Minnesota. He Just Moved From State To State And Currently Reside In Nevada.This Has Went On For 26 Years, And With Interest, Will Be Well Over 100K She Has The Docmentation And Has Contacted 2-3 Reno Lawyers Who Have Never Responded Back. He Does Have The Assests To Pay This..Does Anybody Have Any Ideas How To Get An Attorney To Collect This? Ps The Kids Are Grown, She Worked 2 Jobs For Years To Support Them, And When She Tried To Pusue It Through Child Support State Agencies, Was Basically Given The Run Around. Help Please

I know the District Attorney's offices can be frustrating. I am a Nevada attorney developing a child support collection business. Check out my website at My name is Adam Breeden. Please feel free to call me, we will review cases state-wide. Sorry about your wife's bad experience.