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Finding A Highly Skilled Lawyer No matter what your legal needs are you will notice that there are loads of lawyers in the area that advertise they specialize in your sort of case. This will make the entire process of finding one with a lot of experience somewhat of a challenge. However, if you follow the tips below it will be easy to narrow down your pursuit off to the right one out of almost no time. The first task is to create a listing of the lawyers which are listed in the area that specialize in your circumstances. When you are making this list you must only include those that you have a great vibe about according to their advertisement. You can then narrow this list down if you take some time evaluating their internet site. There you must be able to find the amount of years they are practicing and a few general specifics of their success rates. At this time your list should have shrunken further to those that you simply felt had professional websites plus an appropriate amount of experience. You ought to then spend some time to look up independent reviews of each attorney. Be sure you browse the reviews rather than relying on their overall rating. The information inside the reviews gives you an idea of the way that they interact with the clientele and the length of time they invest into each case they are taking care of. Finally, you will need to meet up with at least the last three lawyers which have the credentials you are searching for. This gives you some time to really evaluate how interested they can be in representing both you and your case. It can be vital that you follow every one of these steps to actually hire a company that has the best degree of experience to help you the very best outcome.

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Where Can Someone Find Low Fee Legal Help/ Lawyer?
A Friend Of Mine Exceeded California'S No Fee Legal Aid. Only Because She Was $200.00 Over. This Amount Is Not Much. Her Children'S Father Refuses To See His Children And Give Child Support. I Would Really Appreciate It If Someone Can Point Us To The Right Direction And Locate A Lawyer That Will Not Charge An Arm And A Leg For A Single Mom That Can Barely Make Ends Meet.

I dont' know any pro bono legal aid, but you can get a ton of legal advice for a flat fee and big discounts if you have to hire a lawyer to go to court. It is amazing what you can get accomplished with the right legal advice and if a phone call or letter on your behalf will help they will do that to. It is only $17 a month in my state and no long term contract or anything. Month to month. You use it for a month and if you don't like it cancel. I love it. Your state may be more or less $$.

Child Support & Visitation Rights?
If You Put The Baby'S Father On Child Support, Does He Automatically Get Visitation Rights?

No, that's why I teach them how to get it and joint or bird nest custody. Or physical custody if you intend to violate his access rights like 60% of mothers do. Usually after making a false allegation, as I imagine you will now do, as demonstrated on Monday Night's CSI MIAMI.

A little lite reading.
All Children Deserve Two Parents
Georgia Supreme Court Chief Justice Leah Ward Sears has noted, children born to unmarried women and to those in cohabiting relationships “must often overcome increased risks of poverty, education failure, child abuse, delinquency, emotional distress and mental illness.”…….the lack of a father’s guidance in children’s lives is a major cause of their suffering. “Marriage is the best child welfare, crime prevention, anti-poverty program we have,”

Fatherless America : Confronting Our Most Urgent Social Problem
David Blankenhorn

Fortune Magazine - Fatherless Families & Crime
“Ominously, the most reliable predictor of crime is neither poverty nor race but growing up fatherless.”

Stanford University - Divorce, Nontraditional Families, and Its Consequences For Children
"We know that children of divorced parents have more emotional and behavioral problems and do less well in school than children who live with both their Parent."


Joint Custody
"My parents divorced when I was 2 years old. Because I was so young, I cannot remember anything of how the divorce actually felt at the time. But 12 years later, I am quite content with my life and my parents. Unlike many divorced couples with children, neither parent has primary custody of me, but rather, I switch between my parents' houses every other day, spending roughly equal time with my mother and my father."
Equal Time - A Teen’s Views On Joint Custody
Charlotte Juerge
Newsweek - Dec 15, 2008

Father Makes Two - James Cook (Deceased 03/09), Joint Custody Assoc.
By Margot Roosevelt, Nov. 11, 2003, Time Magazine,9171,183968-1,00.html

Single mothers and the baby boom
For some, the growth of single-mother families is a sign of female empowerment. If children without fathers fare worse than children in two-parent families, say defenders of single mothers, the answer is better pay for women and better social programs. Yet even in Sweden with its generous welfare state, a major 2003 study found that children raised in single-parent homes were at significantly higher risk for addictions and serious psychiatric problems.
Single mothers and the baby boom
By Cathy Young - Boston Globe
May 26, 2009

Mom Loses Custody For Alienating Dad
Ruling a 'wake-up call' for parents who use kids to punish ex-partners

Is It Legal To Download Stuff From Wikileaks?
As Some (Most?) Of The Documents On The Site Are Illegal To Spread, Are They Illegal To Read Too? You'D Suppose So, Right?

It may be illegal to participate in the actual leaking of classified information, but in the United States, neither the federal nor state governments may make it illegal to distribute it once it has been leaked, and certainly it is *not* illegal to read.

In the famous Pentagon Papers case during the Nixon era (involving leaked top-secret documents from the pentagon relating to the ongoing Vietnam War, showing that the government had been lying to the people), the U.S. Supreme Court famously said this when the Government tried to halt the publication of these secret documents. *READ IT ALL* :

From New York Times Co. v. United States, 403 U.S. 713 (1971):

"[T]o hold that the publication of news may sometimes be enjoined . . . would make a shambles of the First Amendment.

Our Government was launched in 1789 with the adoption of the Constitution. Now, for the first time in the 182 years since the founding of the Republic, the federal courts are asked to hold that the First Amendment does not mean what it says, but rather means that the Government can prevent the publication of [information].

The Executive Branch seems to have forgotten the essential purpose and history of the First Amendment. When the Constitution was adopted, many people strongly opposed it because the document contained no Bill of Rights to safeguard certain basic freedoms. They especially feared that the new powers granted to a central government might be interpreted to permit the government to curtail freedom of religion, press, assembly, and speech. In response to an overwhelming public clamor, James Madison offered a series of amendments to satisfy citizens that these great liberties would remain safe and beyond the power of government to infringe. Madison proposed what later became the First Amendment. The Bill of Rights changed the original Constitution into a new charter under which no branch of government could abridge the people's freedoms of press... Yet the government has argued...that the Constitution should be interpreted to limit the specific and emphatic guarantees of the Bill of Rights.

We can imagine no greater perversion of history. Madison and the other Framers of the First Amendment wrote in language they earnestly believed could never be misunderstood: "Congress shall make no law . . . abridging the freedom . . . of the press . . . ." Both the history and language of the First Amendment support the view that the press must be left free to publish news, whatever the source, without censorship.

The Founding Fathers gave a free press the protection it must have to fulfill its essential role in our democracy. The press was to serve the people, not the government.

The Government's power to censor the press was abolished so that the press would remain forever free to censure the Government. The press was protected so that it could lay bare the secrets of government and inform the people. Only a free and unrestrained press can effectively expose deception in government.

And paramount among the responsibilities of a free press is the duty to prevent any part of the government from deceiving the people and sending them off to distant lands to die of foreign fevers and foreign shot and shell. Far from deserving condemnation for their courageous reporting, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and other newspapers should be commended for serving the purpose that the Founding Fathers saw so clearly. In revealing the workings of government that led to the Vietnam war, the newspapers nobly did precisely that which the Founders hoped and trusted they would do.

The words "National Security" are a broad, vague generality whose contours may not be invoked to abrogate the fundamental law embodied in our First Amendment. The guarding of military and diplomatic secrets at the expense of informed representative government provides no real security for our Republic, [and we will not allow it.]"

Any Good Websites To Find Criminal Records? Or Lawyers?

About half of the states have databases where the public can do an "inmate search" of current and former state inmates. The info includes what each person was convicted of and when they may receive parole. Here's the New York State site:

To find sites for other states go to a search engine, type in the name of the state then these two words: department corrections.

Here's the link to the inmate locator for federal prisoners:

As for lawyers, each state has a state bar website that will let you research a lawyer's education and other information.

Best Defense For A Dwi Refusal To Blow?
Fort Polk La

Acid reflux disease

Is It Ok To Approach A Lawyer For Defense And Tell Them You'Re Guilty?
I Am Interested In Requesting Legal Advice From A Lawyer Because I Am Guilty Of A Crime And Think I Might Have A Case To Get Out Of It. They Say They Will Answer A Letter Or Email Free Of Charge, So I Want To Ask Them If I Have A Chance At Getting Out Of This Mess. But I Would Have To Admit To Them That I Am Guilty Right? Would They Tell? Or Are These Things Kept Confidential?

I don't know but I have recently found this you tell them what the prob is, they'll send it off to their lawyers who might or might not get back to you with a quote.
You then decide who to go with.
It's free till you choose someone, then obviously you pay the lawyer. You don't have fo follow through with anything so you might as well try it.