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Nearly all men and women do not think about acquiring a legal professional till they are in desperate need. The legal dilemma might possibly be personal, like family law, for a separation or if you are looking for a bankrupcy or trust law firm. It may be a felony situation you need to be defended on. Businesses need legal representatives as well, regardless if they are being sued for discrimination, sexual harassment, or possibly unfair business procedures. Tax lawyers are also helpful when engaging with government complications. Just like doctors, lawyers have specialties. A large, full service law firm has a lot of lawyers with various areas of abilities, so based on your own personal legal issue, you can immediately hold on to the best legal professional to fulfill your up-to-date need without having to commence your search each time you need legal support.It is most effective to locate a legal representative you can have faith in. You want one with a good record, who issincere, effective, and wins cases. You really want to have assurance that they will defend you thoroughly and charge you reasonably for their products and services. From time to time a recommendation from a colleague or business affiliate can be very helpful, even so you should keep your options open and examine all the firms available, simply because when you want legal support, you need it immediately and you need the very best you can manage to pay for. Thank you for browsing for a attorney with us. Your time is valuable, and Action Pages, at, is glad to offer you specific search parameters to fulfill your requirements. We continually make an effort to focus on the most popular phrases so you can promptly find whatever you are looking for.

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Please! Need Help On Child Custody Lawyer?
Hi I Have A Lot Of Questions For Child Custody And To Hire A Lawyer First Off I Live In Sacramento I Have A Son Who Is 2 Years Old And Im A Minor Aswell As The Father Of My Son And We Are Unmarried. And Seperated. Well Im Going To Tell You Whats Going On In My Life With My Son And The Father. And I Need Help Because I Dont Know What To Do And Im Scared. Me And The Father Were Together For 3 Years And Had A Beautiful Son. And We Are Now Not Together. I Want Custody For My Child Because The Father Is Very Irresponsible And Heres Why Hes 17 He Dropped Of High School Three Years Ago Because He Hanged Out With The Wrong Crowd (Gangs) And Gotten Into Lots Of Drama Including Fighting And Never Attending Classes. So What He Does Right Now Is Work With His Father In Landscaping. But Hes Told Me He Doesnt Want To Work On That Anymore That He Told Me He Wants To Sell Drugs(Before We Seperated) And He Use To Smoke Marijuana Thats What He States. Because He Wants The Easy Way Out. And I Was Shocked And I Didnt Accept That So We Broke Up. And Im Worried Because I Dont Want My Child To Be Around Him. And To Make Things More Complicated His Parents Are Irresponsible Aswell I Dont Even Want My Son Over At His House Period Because My Son Fathers Grandpa Is An Alcoholic And Smokes. He Drinks Literally Everyday. And Once He Gets Past His Limits Of Drinking He Turns Out To Be A Violent Person. And My Sons Fathers Grandmother She Is Irresponsible Because When I Used To Visit At There House Her 2 Kids Are Very Uneducated And Never Get Disipline What Im Trying To Say Is When My Son Is Around Her Kids Her Son Teaches My Son The Wrong Things And Her Son Curses Alot Towards His Mother Hes A 9 Year Old Boy And His Mother Doesnt Do Anything And Her Son Tell My Son To Hit Whoever! And I Try Not To Allow That But My Sons Grandmother Get Mad At Me Because I Tell Her Son To Stop And Her Kids Are Way Too Open Minded And I Dont Want My 2Year Old Son Around Her Kids Because They Are Bad Influences And I Dont Want My Son To Have The Mindtality Of A 9 Year Old. And They At Times Buy My Son Toy Guns And I Dont Allow It Because My Son Is 2 And The Toy Age Is For A 7 Year Old And Up. And I Dont Want My Son To Play With Toys Like That Because I Buy My Son Toys But That Are His Age And Leapfrog Toys Education Toys. Overall Where My Sons Father Lives In A Unhealthy Bad Environment Because Theres Always Fighting,Drinking,Smoking, And Bad Influences. Because Where They Live Theres Is A Bad Area Because The Father Of My Son Basically Know Everyone And Everyone That He Calls Freinds Those People Do Drugs And Sell Drugs And Carry Weapons I Saw It In My Own Two Eyes. And Im Scared For My Sons Saftey. And The Way I Can Describe My Sons Fathers Family Is Not Loving People Because My Sons Grandfather Does Not Even Pay Attention To My Son Or Even Hold Him He Doesnt Even Acknowledge That My Son Is There. The Grandfather Doesnt Evenknow How To Love His Own Kids Because The Father Of My Child Doesnt Even Know How To Love Our Son. My Son Choose Me Over Him He Hits My Son Sometimes Pretty Hard And I End Up Arguing With Him Because I Tell Him U Have To Tell My Son From Right From Wrong But He Gets Mad. Hes Went Thorugh Counseling Because He Does Have Issues Upon Him Self Like Depression And Bipolar....But Never Took Medication And Quit Going To Counseling And Has Been In A Clinic Because He Wanted To Commit Suicide And Then Later Release In 5 Days. The Father Is Unpatient And Doesnt Know How To Be A Father Because He Doesnt Buy Him Anything For Him More Than 3 Months Ago. And Mhy Son Doesnt Even Like To Be Around With His Own Grandmother And I Dont Know Why? And His Mother Always Keeps Arguing With Me And Saying She Wants To See My Son Knowing What Kind Of People They Are. And She Has Disrespected Me And My Mom. And Over All There Whole Family Is Known For Parties Drinking And Doing Drugs Or Selling It. Ok!!! Now Im Going To Talk About My Life And My Enviironment Im 17 And I Go To High School I Get Good Grades Im Well Educated And Planing To Go To College To Be Sucessful And To Support Me And My Child. My Relationship Towards Me And My Son Is Very Great We Laugh We Play Im A Very Responsible Parent I Take Him To His Doctors Appoitments I Recieve Welfare For My Son Because The Father And His Parents Dont Help Out On Money. They Got Mad Since I Recieve Welfare For My Child. I Teach My Son Everything From Right From Wrong I Buy Him Books Like Abc Books Number Books And Everything Educational. My Son Is Very Happy With Me He Crys With His Dad. And The Father Doesnt Even Help Me Out With Our Son Hes Expects Me To Do Everything I Know Its My Job But He Doesnt Even Changes His Pamper He Refuses To Do Anything But Once In A While He Would Help Out But Has Never Help Me When My Son Was Newborn And Always Told My Son To Shut Up Because He Cried At Night While I Make Him His Bottles. And He Sometimes Doesnt Acknowlege His Son. In My Household Its Just Me And My Mom

Okay first off BREATH!!!!!!

Second off go to child support enforcement and get child support for your child, although welfare should have pushed that through by now.

And thirdly, you already have sole custody being an unmarried mom there is no reason to go to court for have it. He would have to go to court to motion for custody and then you might be able to get a low cost lawyer from legal aid, but CA is very pro mom, so as long as you are stable you should be able to keep your kid.

I Lost My Dog. Someone Found It, But The Finder Of My Dog Refused To Give It Back To Me. What Should I Do?
I Lost My Dog, A Male, Small, Un-Neutered Yorkshire, A Week Ago, August 4 At 7 Pm, In Queens Area. I Contacted Animal Care Center (Acc) To File A Missing Dog. Three Days Later, I Saw In Acc'S Website That Someone Found A Dog That Has Same Characteristics As My Dog On The Same Day At 2 Am In The Morning. I Contacted Acc, And We Have A Three-Way Call Since The Finder Refused To Call Me Directly. However, The Finder Insisted That The Dog Is Not Mine Since Our Houses Is 3 Miles Apart. So, I Asked If The Finder Can Send Me The Picture Of The Found Dog (All The Communication Is Via An Acc'S Agent As A Middle Person Since The Finder Didn'T Want To Give Any Of Their Information To Me). When I Received The Pictures Via Email, I Definitely Knew That It Was My Dog. I Contacted Acc Straight Away To Tell The Finder That It Was My Dog. However, The Finder Insisted That It Wasn'T My Dog And Eventually Stated That She Wanted To Keep The Dog. The Problem Is I Don'T Have The Finder Information At All. The Animal Care Center Knows It, But Is Not Allowed To Give It To Me Without The Finder'S Permission. How Can I Bring Someone To The Court If I Don'T Know Who They Are. Until Now, We'Ve Been Communicating Via Animal Care Center. However, I Know For Sure That It Is My Dog. I Asked Them If I Can Meet The Dog, That Way They Will Know Whether I'M The Owner Or Not, But They Wanted To Keep The Dog. When The Dog Was Missing, He Didn'T Have His Tag On (He Hates Wearing It, So I Took It Off). He'S Not Microchip-Ed As Well. However, I Have A Bunch Of His Pictures And Has His Birth Certificate. The Agent Of Animal Care Center Told Me That The Finder Claimed That They Spent $500 For The Vet Cost. Do I Have To Reimburse That Money To Them If I Get It Back? I Don'T Know If They Are Lying Or Not. I Did Take Care Of My Dog. I Gave Him Meals Everyday, Take Him Out For Walk Everyday. I Just Didn'T Take Him To The Dog Saloon, And Shave His Hair By Myself, So His Hair Looks Uneven (All My Friends Do The Same). But Doesn'T Not Groom Your Dog In Saloon Means You Do Not Take Care Of Your Dog? I Have Some Of His Hair In His Comb If They Want A Dna Proof. He Went Missing Because My Roommate Open The Door (3Rd Floor) And He Ran Outside. Usually The Entrance Door On The 1St Floor Is Always Closed, But That Time It Was Open. I Wasn'T Home That Time, But After My Roommate Called Me And Told Me, I Went Home Straight Away. She Began The Searching Right After The Dog Ran Out, But She Lost The Track. We Search For 4 Hours, Put Fliers Within 1 Mile Around My House, But No Result. Until I Saw The Posting In Animal Care Center Website That Someone Found A Yorkshire On The Same Day. I Also Wonder How Come He Could Walk 3 Miles. I Just Know For Sure (And All My Family And Friends Also) From The Pictures From The Finder That It Was My Dog. But Can The Finder Microchip A Stray Dog And The Dog Legally Belong To Them? I Thought There'S A Law In Every State Before They'Re Allowed To Do That (I Live In Ny State)? Does The Dog Need To Have A Birth Certificate To Be Microchip-Ed? I Also Have All The Emails And Posting From The Finder That The Dog Is Actually A Stray Dog. I Call The Cop, And They Can'T Help Me Because I Don'T Have Enough Proof That It'S My Dog. Apparently Pictures And Birth Certificate Are Not Enough. The Cop Said That They Can'T Arrest People Or Force Them To Meet Up With Me At The Shelter. Could You Please Let Me Know What Should I Do? Does The Finder Have The Right To Keep The Dog? Can I Get My Dog Back? Please, This Is Very Important To Me. Thank You, Guys.

I cannot supply any legal information, but if you can get to see the dog at the shelter, the dog will undoubtedly be so happy to see you that there will no doubt that it is your dog.

Just make sure there are witnesses when this happens.

My best advice to you is to see a lawyer.

EDIT: If you got pictures emailed to you, you must have the other person's email address. You should be able to backtrack and see who the person is.

Legal Advice?
Today Marks 1 Month That I Have Worked At My Current Or Now Previous Employer. As A Side Job, I Am A Mortgage Broker On The Side. However, Today They Terminated Me, Because They Claim I Was Selling Mortgages, And They Claim That The Conversation Was Recorded. I Never Sold Mortgages To Anyone. I Wrote An E-Mail To The People Who Were There, And Asked To Set An Appointment To Come In And Listen To The Recording. I Live In Colorado. &Quot;At Will&Quot; State.

Hiring a lawyer for minor legal problems can be expensive, but there are websites like LawGuru, FindLaw and other places where you can get free legal advice. I found this website useful -

What'S The Name Of Some Types Of Lawyers? I Only Know General Emanate Attorneys, And Auto-Acidental Lawyers.
The Only Types Of Lawyers I Know Are General Emanate Attorneys, And Auto-Accidental Attorneys. What'S The Name Of The Rest Of Them?

Practice Areas (Specializations)

The law impacts our lives in numerous ways, so naturally the legal profession covers many fields. Some lawyers practice in all areas of the law, while others choose to specialize. Here are some areas of specialization in legal practice:

* Administrative Law: branch of public law dealing with the relationship between individuals and the government; regulates the power of governmental administrative agencies and ensures fair implementation and administration of laws.

* Civil Litigation: involves a lawsuit resulting from a dispute between private parties (individuals or corporations); civil litigation is concerned with matters such as breach of contract, debt collection, malpractice and personal injury.

* Constitutional Law: branch of public law dealing with powers of the federal government and the division of powers between the federal and provincial governments; constitutional lawyers handle issues such as equality rights, freedom of expression, security and democratic governance.

* Corporate and Commercial Law: deals with the formation and maintenance of businesses; corporate and commercial lawyers handle contracts, liability, mergers, structured financings and other business matters.

* Criminal Law: governs crimes against the public and members of the public (as opposed to civil litigation which deals with private disputes); a criminal lawyer may work for the government as a prosecutor or represent the accused person as a defence lawyer.

* Environmental Law: legislation and regulations relating to the interaction of humans with the environment; environmental lawyers deal with matters such as air pollution, wilderness preservation and waste disposal.

* Family Law: applies to legal relationships between family members; issues in family law include marriage contracts, divorce, child custody, adoption, wills and estate planning.

* Immigration Law: federal laws control the entry of non-citizens into the country; immigration lawyers assist clients in applying for entry, residing in the country and becoming citizens.

* Intellectual Property Law: intellectual property refers to the ownership rights to certain kinds of creative endeavours; intellectual property law protects ownership through copyrights, patents, trademarks and industrial design registrations.

* International Law: governs the interactions and relationships between nations; international lawyers may be hired by national governments and international organizations, or work in the private sector focusing on the interpretation of treaties and related laws.

* Labour and Employment Law: defines the rights and obligations of employers, workers and union members; lawyers may advise management, labour or government on issues such as employment standards, workplace health and safety, and industrial relations.

* Real Estate Law: deals with the purchase, sale, financing and development of land and buildings; real estate lawyers may work for developers, tenants, investors, banks or corporations on matters relating to residential or commercial real estate.

* Securities Law: regulates the purchase and sale of securities (financial instruments such as stocks and bonds); securities lawyers typically work in law firms providing services to corporations and financial institutions or for governmental commissions focusing on regulatory compliance.

* Tax Law: deals with the taxes levied by different levels of government; tax lawyers may advise corporations on tax strategies and implications of business transactions, or counsel individuals on matters such as legal wills and estate planning.

* Other Areas: in addition to the practice areas list above, there are many other fields of specialization in the legal profession (antitrust law, entertainment law, health law, municipal law, sports law, etc.).

I Live In Alexandercity, Al. I Am Looking For An Attorney Who Will Work With Me On Payments.?
My Husband Just Came Home And We Are In The Middle Of Getting A Divorce And Child Custody Issues. I Need An Attorney As Soon As Possible, But The Only Ones I Seem To Get Are Wanting A Big Down Payment. All I Have Is What Little I Get In Paychecks. I Haven't Done This Before So I Am Not Sure What Else To Do Or Where Else To Go To Find An Attorney. I Have Called Some Pro Bono Law Firms And They Only Like To Do Uncontested Divorces. So If Anyone Has Any Suggestions That Would Be Great.

I'm a lawyer but in a different state. Here is what I suggest. Get a mediator from a local mediation center to help you and your husband divide up the property, deal with child custody, visitation, etc. Get the child support enforcement agency to set up the child support.

Work out an arrangement with your husband on the kids. For example, let him have the kids every other weekend and alternate years on holidays, if he wants.

Those are both either free or very cheap and actually better than getting a lawyer to do it. Mediation is the way to go- cheaper, and the compliance rate is much better than a court order.

Then, get an uncontested divorce with an attorney- just for the divorce- not for property or child custody issues. Sounds like you might be able to get a pro bono attorney for this. If not, it should be a relatively cheap flat rate.

Most states require you to live apart for a certain period of time before you get divorced. Have you done that? How long?

Do not fight over the kids. Work it out using a mediator who is trained to help people in this type of situation. People who are divorcing are not in the right frame of mind to be able to work together without the assistance of a trained mediator. Don't just figure it out with him- ask him to meet with a neutral mediator.

No attorney is going to take a child custody case without a big retainer. It's better for the kids for you guys to work it out anyway. Unless he really abuses the kids, in which case you need to call Child Protective Services. They will keep the kids safe.

Best wishes.

Should I Be Worried About Sexual Assault Charges?
My Best Friend Was Over At My House And We Were Watching A Movie. We Are Both 17 And She Has A Boyfriend. During The Movie I Quickly Leaned Over And Kissed Her And Then She Got Upset And Left. Now The Boyfriend Is Texting Me Threatening Me With Sexual Assault Charges. Should I Be Worried?

That's total didn't sexually assault anyone. And one kiss does not constitute "sexual assault" unless you stuck your tongue so far down her throat that it made contact with her stomach! But at the same time, you were completely out of line to kiss your now former best-friend when you knew she had a boyfriend! That was wrong of you and now you have lost her as a best-friend!

Keep those text messages and show them to your parents. They may need to go with you to the police station to keep your now ex-best-friend's boyfriend from beating the crap out of you (ie. they need to get a restraining order to keep him from you). You did a stupid thing but it was not criminal. Show the messages to your parents and ask for their help. Good luck and God bless.