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Free 24 Hour Help From Vet Over Phone?
Arkansas Free 24 Hour Number To Call To Talk To Vet About Pet Dog Having Stomach Problems.

there are no free vets ... grab a clue ... why on earth would a vet who struggles to even keep his/her clinic open and running, offer free advice ??? most likely they have not even finished paying off the schooling for the knowledge you are too cheap or poor to pay for ... www.televets.com is a free site where you can submit a question and a real vet will answer ... it is not immediate, it is not a phone call, but if you have no money, it is your only option ...

Please Help Me Find A 24 Hour Vet In The Greenville Mi Area?
I've Looked Around But I Cant Find One..Know Any Sites Or Links Anything? Please Help I Think My Cat Is Dying

Hi Sasha... here is a clinic that offers 24-hour care in Greenville, MI:

9191 S. Lafayette
Greenville, (MI)
USA 48838
Tel : 616-754-3891
Emergency : 1-800-310-1212


Monday: 7:00 A.M. - 8:00 P.M.
Tuesday: 7:00 A.M. - 8:00 P.M.
Wednesday: 7:00 A.M. - 8:00 P.M.
Thursday: 7:00 A.M. - 8:00 P.M.
Friday: 7:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.
Saturday: 7:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.
Sunday: Closed

Emergency Service at the Animal Emergency Hospital in Grand Rapids.

I noticed that you posted concern about your cat's sudden illness and dehydration level. Without a physical examination only a veterinarian be able to will provide the necessary treatment to get your cat well including hydration which generally is done with I.V. (intravenous fluids).

Please keep us all posted on how your cat recovers. Best wishes for your cat to recover quickly.

Feline Enucleation/Vet Advise?
My Poor Mom Has Alot On Her Plate Right Now, A Sick Husband (My Dad) And A Sick Cat... They Are Both Self Employed And In Bad Financial Shape And They Have Enough Problems With Their &Quot;Human&Quot; Medical Bills, Let Alone Their 2 Cats... My Dad Will Hopefully Be Ok, With Upcoming Open Heart Surgery. (Wish Us Good Luck!) Her Cat On The Other Hand, Has &Quot;Feline Corneal Sequestration&Quot; And Needs An Expensive Surgery To Fix Her Eye. She Is Also A 10 Year Old (Indoor Medium Haired Domestic) Cat That Weighs 18(!) Lbs. She'S Never Been Diagnosed As Diabetic Or Endocrine &Quot;Challenged&Quot;, But The Vet Did Say She'D Need A Full Blood Workup To See If She Even Qualifies For General Anesthesia B/C Of Her Condition. She Also Has Bad &Quot;Acid Reflux&Quot; Or Something Undiagnosed (Although Many Trips To The Vet To Figure It Out) That, Despite Medicine Is Causing Her To Puke About 3 Times A Day... Which Doesn'T Help My Poor Mom, Constantly Cleaning Up After Her. My Main Question Is... How Much Is It To Remove The Cats Eye Altogether? Cheaper Than The Complicated Other Surgery? Chance Of Survival In An Obese Old(Ish) Cat? Worth The Money For Such A Struggling Family? She Is Stressed To The Max And Loves Her Cat But Doesn'T Know If It Is Worth Spending Over $500 (And That'S With A Discount) To Fix An Eye Problem That May Re-Occur... Help! Professional Advise Is Appreciated.

For the eye, you basically have three options: 1) do nothing - if the eye is not painful or if the cat is leaving it alone then this may be a viable option. Your vet would be the best one to know if the eye is painful - don't assume because the cat is eating/drinking/acting fine that he is not in pain. 2) remove the eye - a perfectly good option if the surgery is not affordable and 3) the original surgery recommended by the vet. With proper screening, the anesthesia risks can be minimized and the surgery will be safer; 10 years old is not too old for a surgical procedure. In my opinion, the enucleation would be less expensive and curative (if in pain). Discuss the issue with your vet and see if a different option may fit your budget better.

Why Do Vets Check Feline Leukemia Before They Spay A Cat?
We Brought In Our Cat To Spay, Found Out It Had Feline Leukemia, And The Vet Urged Us To Euthanize Her.We Are So Upset We Can'T Think Straight.She Had Like An Hiv Also And The Combination Of Both Are Deadly, I Feel Now, Maybe We Should Of Just Left Well Enough Alone And Taken Our Chances With Her.Maybe The Vet Thought That It Would Be Too Expensive To Treat Her,Did We Do The Right Thing?

I am assuming you did put her down.
It is bad enough that the cat had leukemia but the cat having feline aids also seriously cut this cats lifespan horribly.
Your vet knew that the cat would get sick and to be honest..treating the leukemia is a total loss.
I had a kitten that i had fixed not knowing she had it..(back then the vets didn't test for it first)..She got sick a year later which is when i found out she had it..it cost me a fortune trying to treat each illness and in the end she died a terrible death.
I know you are second guessing your self but obviously it wasn't about the money for you and i'm sure the vet wasn't thinking like that either,,the vet just knew you had no shot here of giving this cat a good quality of life.
I'm sorry you had to go through this.

Does My Male Rabbit Need To Be Neutered?
I Just Got My Rabbit At Easter When He Was A Couple Of Months Old. I Have No Other Rabbits So I Was Wondering If He Still Needs To Be Neutered Since I Heard Its Very Important That They Do.

Altered rabbits are healthier and live longer than unaltered rabbits. The risk of reproductive cancers (ovarian, uterine, mammarian) for an unspayed female rabbit stands at is virtually eliminated by spaying your female rabbit. Your neutered male rabbit will live longer as well, given that he won't be tempted to fight with other animals (rabbits, cats, etc.) due to his sexual aggression.

# Altered rabbits make better companions. They are calmer, more loving, and dependable once the undeniable urge to mate has been removed. In addition, rabbits are less prone to destructive (chewing, digging) and aggressive (biting, lunging, circling, growling) behavior after surgery.

# Avoidance of obnoxious behavior. Unneutered male rabbits spray, and both males and females are much easier to litter train, and much more reliably trained, after they have been altered.

# Altered rabbits won't contribute to the problem of overpopulation of rabbits. Over 7 million adorable dogs, cats, and rabbits are killed in animal shelters in this country every year. In addition, unwanted rabbits are often abandoned in fields, parks, or on city streets to fend for themselves, where they suffer from starvation, sickness, and are easy prey to other animals or traffic accidents. Those rabbits who are sold to pet stores don't necessarily fare any better, as pet stores sell pets to anyone with the money to buy, and don't check on what kind of home they will go to. Many of these rabbits will be sold as snake food, or as a pet for a small child who will soon "outgrow" the rabbit.

# Altered rabbits can safely have a friend to play with. Rabbits are social animals and enjoy the company of other rabbits. But unless your rabbit is altered, he or she cannot have a friend, either of the opposite sex, or the same sex, due to sexual and aggressive behaviors triggered by hormones.

# Spaying and neutering for rabbits has become a safe procedure when performed by experienced rabbit veterinarians. The House Rabbit Society has had over 1000 rabbits spayed or neutered with approximately .1% mortality due to anesthesia. A knowledgeable rabbit veterinarian can spay or neuter your rabbit with very little risk to a healthy rabbit. Don't allow a veterinarian with little or no experience with rabbits to spay or neuter your rabbit.

At what age should rabbits be spayed or neutered?

Females can be spayed as soon as they sexually mature, usually around 4 months of age, but many veterinarians prefer to wait until they are 6 months old, as surgery is riskier on a younger rabbit.

Males can be neutered as soon as the testicles descend, usually around 3-1/2 months of age, but many veterinarians prefer to wait until they are 5 months old.

I hope this information helps :) x

Rabbit Spraying Pee?? / Neutering?
My Rabbit Started Doing This A Couple Days Ago, I'm Guessing It's For Territorial Purposes Or It's What They Do When They Want To Mate? Does Anyone Know? Also I'm Reading All These Things About How You Should Neuter Your Rabbit? Am I Supposed To? Or Can I Just Leave It Alone. Also I Read That Male Rabbits Go Crazy If They Can't Mate, Like They Can Get Emotional Problems Or Cancer?? (Read This In Some Previous Questions) So Neuter Or Don't?

NEUTER ALL YOUR PETS! Ok, that said, it will improve your rabbit's mood, he will stop spraying, and yes, it's expensive, but how much do you want to spend on cleaning products? For the rest of his life..? This behavior will not stop until you do. Heaven forbid that you have to get rid of him when there is a simple solution. Males won't go crazy if they can't mate. They won't get cancer from not mating. They will get cancer from not being neutered. Go to a vet that has done it before, no exceptions. Otherwise you risk loosing your pet forever, and still paying the bill. Rabbits are not like cats, so the night before his surgery, it is extremely important to let him eat!! They don't throw up, and additionally, if their GI tract stops, they die. It is also very important after to make sure he eats right away. If your vet tells you not to feed him before, go to a different vet. They just want your money, and know nothing about rabbits.
I am a small animals specialist, I work with a shelter to rehab bunnies and make them suitable for adoption.
Hint: To clean up after your bunny until you can get him neutered, use plain white vinegar. Anything else wreaks havoc on their delicate URT. NEVER use bleach around your small pets.