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Which Is The First Hospital For Birds In India?
It Is A Hospital For Birds

The one in Chandni Chowk, near the Red Fort in Delhi. It is a charity hospital. They take in sick birds on the condition that the birds once cured would be set free.

Which Situation Would Be Considered Pseudoscience?
Students Gather To Identify Plants In An Area. Students Gather To Record Their Beliefs About Paranormal Activity. Students Gather To Weigh And Tag A Bird Ready To Be Released By A Bird Hospital. Students Gather To Record Their Results Of Water Testing From A Local Stream.

Technically speaking, any of these could be scientific or pseudo-scientific. It depends on several factors. We'll go through each one individually:

"Students gather to identify plants in an area"

If they had proper criteria for identifying the plants, and analysed a large enough area, then this would be perfectly valid.

If, however, they only analysed a gardener's custom-made flower garden and claimed these results were representative of the whole district, that would be pseudoscience.

"Students gather to record their beliefs about paranormal activity."

This is the most pseudoscientific one there is, but it's not complete garbage. If, for instance, they were conducting a study to see what percentage of young people believed in the paranormal, and what particular beliefs were most common, then that would be an entirely valid scientific experiment.

Simply writing down what their beliefs were without testing them would not be so valid.

"Students gather to weigh and tag a bird ready to be released by a bird hospital."

Probably fine, although for the results to mean anything they should probably have weighed the bird when it was admitted to the hospital as well. Also, they'd want to do this to several birds. A single bird is probably not representative of the entire population- it might not even be representative of birds released from the hospital.

"Students gather to record their results of water testing from a local stream."

Depends on the testing procedure and what they were trying to conclude from it. For instance, suppose they tested the stream after it had rained, found the lead concentration was high, and concluded that rain caused the lead concentration to increase. This would not be valid, because the lead concentration may have been high before the rain as well.

There is no generic type of experiment that's inherently valid or inherently pseudoscientific. It depends entirely on what you are trying to measure, what measurements you perform, and what conclusions you draw from those measurements. Some things to consider are:

* Whether or not the experiment yields useful information about what you are trying to study.

* Are there any other factors that could influence the results except for what you're tring to measure? If so, how do you compensate for them?

* Are your results statistically significant?

Here's a good example: suppose you had a cold, took some medicine, and got better. That proves that the medicine cures you, right? Well, not necessarily. You might have got better by yourself, and the medicine might not have done anything. There's no way of telling from this experiment.

Instead, what you could do would be to get a whole lot of sick people, and give the medicine to half of them. You then see if that half that has had the medicine is cured faster than the other half. If people who had been treated got better in a week, on average, whereas people who hadn't had it took an average of a month, you'd then conclude that the medicine did work.

Is Veterinary School Really Harder Than Medical School?
My Cousin Always Tells Me Veterinary School Is Harder Than Medical School, Is He Right?? I Don'T Believe Him

Sometimes, hard is what you make it. Maybe if you study for the right amount of time and pay close attention to the professor, then you won't have that many problems. In general, those are both VERY hard professions to get into because the schooling is hard. But, just because it's hard, that doesn't mean you won't get good grades. I found my freshman year of high school VERY hard, but I still made good grades ( 3.00 GPA). I studied for 6 hours per day. I always asked the teacher questions when I needed help or didn't understand a term or lesson he/she was teaching. Don't give up if that's what you really want to do. I will pray for you. I prayed for my cousin who entered graduate law school last year because she was fearful about attending law school. Are you attending veterinary or law school or planning to? If so, make the best out of your work. Remember, effort is more important than making good grades because you followed the task and understood the key to success. As long as you made average grades and studies the right about of time, then you won't have many problems. Just like I was fearful of taking a full IB course-load. IB classes are WAY harder than AP classes. I always had a 3.50 or higher in those classes, even though it was "HARD".

Where Can One Obtain A Veterinary Medical License?
In California Where Can One Obtain A Veterinary Medical License Or A Registered Veterinary Technician Certificate? And What Does One Have To Do In Order To Obtain One?

UC Davis is a great veterinary college.

Pre-Veterinary Science?
What Would I Receive Once Ive Finished A Pre-Veterinary Course During College? Ex. Bachelor....

Pre veterinary science is very similar to pre med. Basically you can do anything but you need to take the standard pre med/vet subjects. That said most do biology or biochemistry.


Universities That Offer A Complete Veterinary Science Degree?
I Live In Australia And Want To Go To A University Over Seas Such As In America Or Preferably England Or Those Areas. What Is A Good, Elite And Reconized University That Offers A Full Veterinary Science Degree. Thank You! Ps. What Are Universities In Australia That Offer It Aswell?

@Drip The VCAT was discontinued years ago. They now take the GRE or MCAT.

@A6b72R There are only 7 vet schools in the UK and 1 in Ireland. All of them are good. However you need to be a fantastic student to get into any of them due to the high levels of competition.

The Royal Veterinary College - University of London

University College Dublin

University of Bristol

University of Cambridge

The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies - University of Edinburgh

University of Glasgow

University of Liverpool

The University of Nottingham

Australian vet schools: