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My Cat Was Returned To A Pet Clinic..?
Found And Turned Into The Pet Clinic I Just Found Out. They Are Closed Today And We Won'T Be Able To Go Tomorrow Because We Won'T Be Available During Their Open Times. They'Ve Had Our Cat Since Yesterday, We Got A Voice Mail. Do You Think They Would Charge A Fee To Get Our Cat Back? And Will They Turn Our Cat Into The Shelter Or Is It Likely They Already Have? How Long Do You Think They Would Keep Her? They'Re Just A Pet Clinic, You Don'T Buy Cats/Dogs There... Thanks

You may not like this answer but it is a fact. They have to care for the cat and so yes they may charge you for that care. The animal shelter would do the same as well as charge you a fee or penalty for not getting it licensed and vaccinated. So brace yourself. Cruel world out there. That's why I keep my cats indoors.

We Are A Low Income Family. Our Beloved Cat Needs Surgery. Are There Any Clinics In Our Area? Sacramento, Ca?
We Need Someone Who Helps Pets With Low Income Families. I Work Full Time, But Can'T Manage The $2000.00 Vet Bill. Can Anyone Send Us In The Right Direction To Get Help? Thank You

Your best bet is to call around to the emergency clinics and see if they will give you a lower rate and/or take payments. (Emergency clinics are more likely to take payments than vets.)

Here is a link to a page that will help you find emergency clinics close to you:

If you go to a church you could ask if you could take a special collection for surgery for your cat.

ADDED: Here are some resources for you!

"The following is a list of organizations that provide financial assistance to pet owners in need. Please keep in mind that each organization is independent and has their own set of rules and guidelines. Therefore you will have to investigate each one separately to determine if you qualify for assistance:

IMOM Inc.,
The Pet Fund,
Good Sam Fund,
United Animal Nations LifeLine Fund,
Angels for Animals,
Brown Dog Foundation,
Feline Veterinary Emergency Assistance Program,
Feline Outreach,
Cats In Crisis,
The Perseus Foundation (Cancer specific),
Canine Cancer Awareness,
Cody's Club (Radiation treatments),
Diabetic Pets Fund,
The Mosby Foundation,
Magic Bullet Fund (Cancer Specific),
The Binky Foundation,
God's Creatures Ministry Veterinary Charity,

Please remember that, depending on the severity of your pet's illness or injury, you might still lose your pet even after great expense. Discuss the prognosis and treatment options thoroughly with your veterinarian, including whether surgery or treatment would just cause your animal discomfort without preserving a life of good quality."

How Much Does Dog Seizure Medicine Cost?
My Dog Has Siezures. About 1 A Week. We Got Her Recently From Someone. Does The Medicine Make Them Fat? Ive Heard That.

My dog had seizures and the medicine was only like $20 a month. I think it depends on the medicine though. You should take the dog to the vet and make sure there isn't something really seriously wrong with it before you get too attached to it.

People Who Have Gotten There Dog Neutered?
Im Planiing On Getting My Dog Neutered At The Spca Because Its A Low Cost Clinic Becasue I Cant Really Afford It Well I Was Wondering What Happens After U Get Ur Dog Neuter , Does His Attitude Change How Was The Expierence Did U Like It??

His attitude will improve.
Read this excerpt:

First of all, a neutered dog and spayed dog has a longer life span as they are healthier and happier. Neutered dog will not be vulnerable to testicle cancer correspondingly spayed female dog will not be susceptible to ovarian cancer. Thus reduce the probability of getting breast cancer. Besides, neutered dog and spayed dog urine odor is not as strong as non-neutered dog.

Neutered and spayed dog live happier? How does this happen? In fact, dogs and humans are the same. Emotion is affected by the hormone in our body. Neutered or spayed dog can live happier as their hormone levels are being controlled and no mood swing occurred!

Apart from that, dogs after neutering will become less aggressive (due to the absent of male hormone) toward human or their peers. This will reduce the probability of male dog marking their territory when staying inside the house or when visiting new places. Neutered dog will be less likely to roam searching for their mate and will stay calm in the house. This will reduce the likelihood of getting into an accident too.


Questions About Becoming A Doctor Of Veterinary Medicine?
Hi! I Want To Be A Veterinarian, Obviously, When I'M Older, But I'M A Bit Confused On How To Get There. -Do I Need To Take Pre-Veterinary Medicine Courses Before I Can Actually Go Through Veterinary Medicine Courses? -What'S The Difference Between Taking An Undergraduate And Postgraduate Study? -Is Veterinary Medicine What I Should Major In Or Something Else? Thanks! Anything Else Is Also Helpful.

Hello, I'm a pre-med, but I used to want to be a vet.

Yes, you must take pre-veterinary courses and the undergraduate university you attend. Then, you are eligible to apply to veterinary school. Each veterinary school has their own requirements in regards to what courses you must have taken, but most schools require two years of chemistry, one years of biology, one year of physics, one or two semesters of math, and one year of English.

Undergraduate study results in the obtainment of a bachelor's degree in a subject of your choice. Most people begin undergrad studies after high school. It normally takes four years to complete an undergrad degree program. When someone says, "picture a college student on a college campus." An undergraduate study setting is what you think of. Postgraduate study is generally referred to as "grad school." To get into a grad school, you have to have a bachelor's degree from your undergrad studies. Grad school can last four years like undergrad, or two years, normally. Veterinary school, medical school, business school, and law school are all examples of postgraduate studies.

Veterinary medicine is not offered as a major at any university I am aware of. Rather, what you're thinking of is the "pre-vet" track that a student is on to complete the requirements (listed above) to be eligible for a U.S. veterinary school. Most pre-vet's major in a science, like chemistry, or biology, or zoology (the study of animals), but there is NO requirement for what major you have. Simply put, you just have to have a major, any major. Major in what you're most interested in. If you want to major in music, do that. History? Do that. College is your chance to explore all the things you're passionate about. The admissions officers at veterinary schools don't care what you major in.

I Get A Chance To Visit Stockholm For One Month(Feb2009) Pls Advice Me Which Site Must Visited During Month?
I Am A Veterinary Doctor From The Middle East

Skansen is an open-air museum that represent the old Swedish way of life (before the industrial age). There is also a small zoo of Scandinavian animals.

Although if you want a "real" zoo, you will need to travel a few hours to the west to Kolmården.

Gamla Stan (Old Town) dates to the 13th century, and has many interesting shops and cafés. It is worth exploring for the architecture and art. Also worth visiting is the Nobel Museum at Stortorget there. Nearby is the Royal Palace, and in Norrmalm, at Gustav Adolfs torg is the National Opera.

Vasa Museum is a reconstructed warship from the 17th century that sunk off the coast.

For art museums, there is the National Museum at Kungsträgården, and the Modern Art museum at Skeppsholmen (very near to each other).

The Natural History Museum has a planetarium/IMAX cinema.

Check Stockholm's Globe Arena for sports matches and concerts.

Café Opera is one of the most famous clubs in Stockholm. Dress code is very nice, and it is rather expensive:

I prefer Glenn Miller Café, Mosebacke or Fasching, for Swedish jazz.

The archipelago isn't as nice in winter, but still maybe worth a visit:

I can't post more links, but other places to consider:
Drottningholm Palace, Haga Park (near Solna), subway stations (they are all decorated differently, some of them very nice), the observatory. Ferry trips to Finland, Estonia and Latvia are very inexpensive (check with a local travel agency when you are there), and can be a nice way to see other countries, if your visa allows it.