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Why Do People Usually Ask Dog Questions Here When They Should Ask A Vet/Dog Trainer Etc.?
Well, I'M Just Wondering Why People Ask Extreme Things Here And Not A Vet Or Expert Dog Trainer. A Lot Of People Ask Things About Their Pregnant Dogs That Are A Matter Of Life Or Death And Don'T Mention Talking To A Vet. Yahoo Answers Should Be The Last Place To Ask, Because There Are A Lot Of People Here That 1. Are Not Vets 2. Don'T Know Much 3. Are Trolls Bash Me Or Be Rude, But I Actually Worry For Those People And Their Dogs Because They Are Wasting Precious Time Going Online And Typing Their Questions When They Should Be Taking A Trip To The Vet Or Calling One. About The Expert Dog Trainer Thing, A Lot Of People Ask Questions About Their Dogs Who Have Some Temperament Issues That I Think Shouldn'T Be Asked Here As Well. Trust Me, I Used To Do This Too, Just So You Don'T Think I'M Saying That Y'All Are Stupid And I'M Smart. But I Realized That Most Of The Info I Got Barely Worked, Like I Asked If A Siberian Husky X Rottweiler Was A Good Guard Dog Because A Neighbor Just Had A Litter Of Them, No One Mentioned That It Was From A Byb. The Solutions To Puppy Mouthing Never Worked Either, And In The End Our Puppy Starts To Mouth More Lightly For Reasons I Have No Clue. Once You Own A Dog, Isn'T It Evident To Ask Dog Experts In Health And Training In Real Life?

I'm glad you posted this. I'm more knowledgable about cats than dogs, but I've wondered the same thing too.

I don't mind so much the questions about behavior because more times than not an experienced person might be able to give some reasonable strategies without having to resort to a trainer or behaviorist, or at the very least can identify when a behavior is serious enough to warrant it. In addition, many times someone not as experienced might not realize a behavior can be related to a physical problem. I find I can usually tell who's looking for an easy way out, or who is irresponsible as opposed to someone who really doesn't know.

But when it comes to the illness and medical issues it boggles the mind.

I'm sure that most of the people who say they can't afford a vet, really can. Sometimes that's obvious as well.

But when people come on and ask what to do with animals that are clearly in severe danger, possibly dying because they waited 4 or 5 days before even addressing the situation.

I can't believe that most of them don't realize that a vet would be needed. If an animal is laying there bleeding, or hasn't eaten in days, or is so weak it can't move, it isn't rocket science.

I also wonder about the ones who say they took the animal to a vet, but now ......

If it was them, they'd call the doctor they saw. If they really went to a vet, they'd call the vet that treated the animal. So most of them I don't believe, unless they are asking about the validity of what the vet did.

I wish more people had respect for the animals that have been loyal to them. Or just animals in general. It angers me when people think living things are disposal and just there for their needs. It angers me when they think it's okay for them to wait and suffer, and okay to put them in danger because it's more convenient, and okay sometimes to even murder them because they just can't be bothered.

And, of course, they post here because they want us to say it's okay.

The other thing that drives me crazy is when people get puppies, or kittens, and then come on here and ask what to do because their pet is basically acting like a puppy or kitten and want to know how to stop them.

So, kudos to you for posting this.

We Just Got A Kitten...How Can We Figure Out How Old He Is?
(He Was Stray.)

Ask a vet.

My Cat Has An Injured Tail, Vet Advice Would Be Appreciated!?
I Just Took Her To The Vet And They Found A Dislocated Joint In Her Tail And Possibly A Fracture But I Don'T Think They Could See One On The X-Ray. They Suggested I Amputate Her Tail. She Has Feeling Throughout The Entire Tail So There Isn'T Much Nerve Damage, If Any. Cost Isn'T An Issue, I Really Just Want What Is Best For My Cat. This Vet Clinic Specializes Only In Cats So I Do Value Their Opinion, But A Lot Of What I Have Read Online Suggests That This Injury Can Heal On Its Own. I Am Taking Her To See Another Vet In A Week To Get Their Opinion But I Would Really Like As Many Opinions As Possible. So, My Question Is, What Is The Purpose In Amputating If She Doesn'T Have Nerve Damage? Should I Go Through With It?

my cat recently took a tumble on to her tail and it hung limp for a week or two. I called my vet and asked if she should come in to be seen, and he asked if the tip of her tail was cold. It was not, so he suggested waiting a week or two and see what happens. After a few weeks she had full control of her tail. There is a little bump still where it hung limp (it hung from about an inch off the base of her tail)

if your kitty seems distressed by what is going on with her tail, if the tip gets cold, if she loses feeling in it, you are looking at a decision that needs to be made sooner rather then later. If she has feeling, it isn't cold, and it doesn't distress her (chewing at the tail) then wait it out. Watch for other signs of illness such as lethargy and going off her food. be vigilant. be proactive. Yes, get a second opinion.

from what you say I would hold off if this were my kitty

Please Give Me Some Topics For A Newsletter I Have To Write About A Vet Clinic?
We Have To Invent A Pretend Vet Clinic (For Cats And Dogs) And Write A Newsletter. I'M Just Kind Of Stuck On What To Talk About.. Any Ideas??

You can talk about

How does the clinic treat the animals?
How many animals can the clinic hold, capacity a lot of animals or a little?
What are some of the common sickness that the dogs have?
What steps do you go though for keeping the dogs?
What kind of rules do you have set up for the dogs safety?
How many animals does the clinic get a day?
What do you feed the animals?
How long do they stay there?
You can describe what the clinic looks like externally and internal?
How many vets and technicians work there?
How much are most of the operations? Do you get a lot of small dogs or large dogs?
How many dogs are saved or helped?

Where Is There A Veterinarian In San Francisco ?
In Need To Know The Address Of The Veterinarian Closes To 25 Street And Alabama? And How Much Are All The Shots Together And How Much Each Shot Cost And What It Is For?If You Can Give Me The Number And The Website? Please And Thank You

Very simple google search... here is the result page:

Arizona Veterinarian Search?
I Had This Vet, But He Moved His Location. I Wanted To Know If There Was A Way To Search For Vets In My Area By Their Name?

Look on yellow pages. They have a bunch of information about that.

Also you could go to the place where he worked and ask them for where he currently works or lives.

Hope that helped!