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Employment Law?
Is It Legal For A Company To Have Two Employees On The Same Management Development Programme (Neither Obviously Better Than The Other) And Give One Obvious Favouritism And Subsequent Promotion? Is This At The Managers Discretion Or Are There Any Rules Governing It?

The company's answer would be that the person who you percieve as being given "obvious favouritism" is actually the better employee, for any one of numerous non-quantifiable reasons (perhaps he or she represents the company better, has better understanding of company culture, has expressed a greater variety of new ideas or insight regarding the company, products, industry, customer base, etc.).

The reality could be that he or she simply makes a better impression on the person making the decision--some would call this sucking up, others, as many books on career success have pointed out, would say that paying attention to your superiors' priorities is simply good business, and makes you stand out to them as a more valuable team member.

If neither person distinctly appears as the better candidate (i.e., numerical data pertaining to job performance are equivalent--this could be sales numbers, turnover rates among direct reports, or anything else that is measured and tracked), then the decision to promote two equally good candidates becomes based on "soft skill" perceptions that the manager has about the people. One candidate might have a better phone voice, respond to emails quicker, have hobbies that could lend themselves to higher-level management (such as golfing), be more outgoing, etc. etc. etc.

The point is, the favouritism does not come out of thin air. Maybe the person wears suits a few times a week when the standard attire in the office is shirt and slacks. Maybe they have earned the trust of management in subtle ways through the course of their employment--respond to managers' emails quickly and thoroughly; work through lunch or stay late regularly; attend more networking events; or it could be an attitude difference--perhaps the person has said or done things to make the manager think he or she would be better "management material."

In most cases, managers really do realize that they are there to do their job to the best benefit of the company they are representing and that is paying their salary. Usually, management even stands to earn bonuses based on the performance of the part of the company which is directly related to the management decisions they make. Therefore they try to hire and promote those whose later actions with the company will make them look like good decision-makers to their own superiors.

The only situation where this "favouritism" could be illegal is if the candidates are equally qualified and the one being passed over for promotion belongs to one of the protected classes for employment purposes. In the USA, you will see most companies have statements on their job applications and other HR materials stating that they are equal opportunity employers. According to the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, , this means that they don't discriminate based on age, disability, national origin, pregnancy, race, religion, or sex.

Some categories that are NOT protected are body art, hair styles, appropriate attire, grooming, attitude, personability, salesmanship, eye contact, knowledge of current events... Employers can and do make decisions based on these factors all the time, and they are areas in which candidates might want to educate themselves further if they know that they are important to their boss or prospective employer.

If the person passed over for promotion is a woman and the person promoted is a man, the woman could allege that the decision made was discriminatory on the basis of her sex, and an investigation would follow. She would probably need to seek legal council.

Exceptions are known as "bona fide occupational qualifications" that justify otherwise prohibited discrimination. An example would be if the company said that they had to hire a male to be a men's fitting room attendant.

In conclusion, the decision to promote, while it is based somewhat on current job performance, also must include speculation on how the employee will handle the job for which he or she is being considered. Especially in the case of those hoping to be promoted to management, as in your example, the decision will be made with strong consideration given to people skills, listening skills, perceived authority, ability to carry out company policy, and existing rapport with potential direct reports. These are all areas which someone hoping to be promoted should focus their energies. Additionally, those who have recently been passed over for promotion should resist the urge to retaliate against the person who was promoted. Stay close to that person, learn his or her new job priorities, help him or her make a smooth transition by being supportive and helpful. If in fact he or she is a "favourite," he or she may well soon be in a position to advance others' careers, too.

Auto Insurance/Attorney.?
I Was Involved In A Parking Lot Accident About A Month Ago. I Was Backed Into While I Was Trying To Park In The Parking Spot Next To The Car Backing. She Literally Did Not Look Behind Her And Cut Her Wheel Before She Started Backing Instead Of Backing Straight Out Of The Spot And Gunned It. Common Sense Tells Me If You Back Up Into Something Its Your Fault Because You Should Have Seen It, However Her Insurance Has Placed Me At Fault Because She Said I Hit Her (I Was Trying To Back Up But Only Managed To Put My Car Into Neutral Because There Wasn'T Enough Time And I Didn'T Honk Because My Reaction Was To Move Out Of The Way) I Have About $2000 Dollars Worth Of Damage To The Side Fender Of My Car (How Can I Hit Someone With The Side Of My Car?) So I'Ve Missed A Months Worth Of Income And I Can Now Go Back To Work But Not With My Full Time Status Only Part Time Because My Employer Only Has Part Time To Offer Me Now. I Am Still Going To The Doctor And Paying Out Of Pocket For It, I'M Taking Prescriptions I Have To Pay For, And Also Physical Therapy Three Times A Week. My Lawyer Told Me Today That It May Not Be Worth Going After. So I'M Left With A Broke Car, Medical Bills, And Lost Wages Because Someone Was Negligent And Backed Into Me? I Am Not Prepared To Let Someones Negligence Cost Me A Vehicle (Which Will Not Run Because The Radiator Is Busted),Who Knows What In Medical Costs, And My Full Time Job Status, Along With My Benefits (Health, Dental, Vision, Prescription, Life Insurances) . Has Anyone Been In This Srt Of Situation Or Can Anyone Offer Some Advice? I Mean Really, How Can I Hit Another Vehicle With The Side Of My Car While It Is In Neutral?

If you have a good insurance company, they should have handled the situation for you. That really is the difference between good auto insurance and cheap insurance. I've been in the same situation before, and after going through all the bs (and switching to a legit insurance company), I feel a civil lawsuit is the only way to get things done anymore.. Which is sad. Good luck.

Forms For Wills And Power Of Attorney?
I Am A Healthy Person Today, But Have Never Completed A Form For Living Will, Power Of Attorney. I Would Like To Specified My Benificerary For My Assets. Make Funeral Arrangements In Advance And Medical Arrangements And Make Decisions For My Pets. I Would Like To Do This Online The Most Inexpensive Way I Can. I Live In California And Have Rental House In Texas. I Live In California And Own Rental Property In Texas, Which I Plan On Moving To In 2 Years.

You can get free forms on these.}{

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The Do-it-yourself Durable Power of Attorney Kit. ... Here is what you get free: ... Richard Graham Living Trusts. Medical durable power of attorney forms ... - Cached

Free Medical Power of Attorney Forms | LoveToKnow
... medical decisions, free medical power of attorney forms ... Not Override Your Living Will It's important to keep in mind that even though you assign a power of attorney ... - Cached

Printable Power Of Attorney Forms
Full power of attorney blank form to print DYOW ... Free Business Forms HR/Human Resources - Blank ... Legal & Agreements - Power of Attorney - Last & Living Wills - Cached

Power of Attorney - All Forms -
Choose from Health care , living , durable, general, property, and Limited or Special Power of attorney Forms, View free previews. Download in Word format. - Cached

Where Do I Find A Lawyer?
I Need Some Suggestion On Finding A Lawyer. Is There A Website Where Allows You To See The History Of The Cases The Lawyer Won And Lost? Where Do You Find A Good Lawyer That Can Win Cases For A Small Company That Is Being Sued By A Big Company? Any Recommendation And Success Stories Of A Lawyer Would Be A Help.

You should try a search on Avvo is the largest online legal directory that rates and profiles 90% of the licensed attorneys in the US. Lawyer profiles include background information (previous cases), client reviews and disciplinary records. Hope this helps.

Megan from Avvo

Terroristic Threat And Simple Assault Charge?
I Will Keep This Short With As Much Detail As Possible. My Girlfriend'S Mom Drove Down From Ny To Pa To Come Take My Girlfriend Away. I Told My Mom'S Girlfriend To Bring A Gun Out Just For Defense. She Has A License To Carry A Concealed Weapon, And She Showed It, But Did Not Pull It Out Of The Holster. I Went Over To My Girlfriend While The Mom Was Parked In Front Of My Neighbors House But Was Standing On Our Property At The Time Of The Incident. My Mom'S Girlfriend Purposely Showed She Had A Gun, But Did Not Threaten To Use It, Which Is Covered Under The Second Amendment. The Mom Also Pushed Me Which I Will Be Filing Charges Tomorrow, But She Accused Me Of Pushing Her Which I Denied, As I Have Never Touched A Woman In A Violent Way. She Was Also Making All These False Claims That I Am A Woman Abuser And That I Was A Drug Addict. The Cops Seemed To Be Taking Her Side The Whole Time And They Told My Mom'S Girlfriend That She Was Going To Be Charged With Terroristic Threats And Simple Assault. There Was 3 Total Witnesses, They Claim To Have A Fourth But They Were In The Car And Can Only Claim To Have Heard And Seen The Scene. What Would The Best Defense Be For My Mom'S Girlfriend? Obviously She Should Lawyer Up But Is It Likely That From These Charges She Will Be Found Guilty Or Anything? What Is The Best Defense? And I Did Not Touch Her, But She Claims I Did So They Want To Press Assault Charges On Me, Can Someone Really Do That? Just Claim They Were Assaulted With No Evidence And The Only Witness Is Herself? My Girlfriend Saw It Too And She Knows That I Never Touched Her But She Did See Her Push Me. I Am Trying To Get Through This Mess As Quickly As Possibly So That I Can Move To California Like I Planned. The Scene Happened In Pa On Our Property In Front Of Our House.

Most likely nothing more will happen.

No they can't press charges. The people who press charges is the DA. The police threatened to press charges, but if they had been serious you would have been arrested.

She can accuse you of being an abuser and a drug user and being a low life scum. Accusing someone is a long way from going to court. She can't file charges on you. All she can do is present evidence and then the DA would press charges. But a simple accusation isn't going to be enough for a DA to press charges.

Just like you can't press charges either. You can go to the court house, I think you would talk to the DA. But just like she has no proof you also have no proff. I can't see any reason to bother.

I know you didn't ask, but the gun was a bad idea. Shoot and maybe kill your mom. You think that would be better then your mom taking you away? All the gun did was take a bad situation and add more tension.

What you can do is get a restraining order so this women can't come around and cause problems.

There is a chance that someone will decide to file charges. If that happens then you need a lawyer. Otherwise you don't need a lawyer.

Anyone A Lawyer Or Law Student ? Or At Least Knows The Statute Of Limitions?
My Friend Committed Burglary Of A Building @1998. He Was 16 Or 17Yrs Old Went This Happened. But He Was Never Arrested Or Even Got A Warrant About It. In 2003 He Found Out He Had A Warrant Resently Put Out On Him. And He Has Gotten Arrested For It. But Is'Nt There A Statute Of Limitions? Also, He Was A Juvenile At The Time, Isn'T There A Clean Slate Rule About Crimes Commited When Your A Juvenile? Please Help!

First off I should say that I am a layman.

My understanding is that the statute of limitation would stop running when a warrant was issued for his arrest. Thus you occasionally hear stories of someone being arrested for a crime they committed decades ago, where they skipped town and were only located when they were old and gray.

I don't know how things work in Texas, but I'd be surprised if an attorney admitted to the Texas Bar were not allowed to practice in every jurisdiction of the state.

One thing seems obvious though- your friend should be consulting an attorney admitted to practice in Texas. Free advice from anonymous law students or lawyers without familiarity with Texas laws and procedures may be worse than worthless!