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Finding A Highly Skilled Lawyer Irrespective of what your legal needs are you will see that there are many lawyers in your town that advertise which they specialize in your kind of case. This could make the procedure of finding one with significant amounts of experience somewhat of a challenge. However, when you follow the following it will be easy to narrow down your quest off to the right one out of almost no time. Step one is to create a list of the lawyers which can be listed in your area focusing on your needs. When you are causeing this to be list you should only include those that you may have a good vibe about based on their advertisement. You can then narrow this list down by using a little while evaluating their site. There you should be able to find the number of years they are practicing plus some general information regarding their success rates. At this moment your list should have shrunken further to people which you felt had professional websites plus an appropriate amount of experience. You need to then make time to look up independent reviews of every attorney. Be sure to browse the reviews rather than relying on their overall rating. The information in the reviews gives you a solid idea of the way that they connect with their customers and the time they invest into each case that they are working on. Finally, you will need to talk to at the very least the final three lawyers which have the credentials you would like. This will provide you with time to truly evaluate how interested they may be in representing your case. It can be important to follow all of these steps to actually find someone containing the right level of experience to help you the very best outcome.

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Divorce Proceedings..... Second Thoughts?
I Am 36 And Have Been Married To My Husband For The Last 15 Years. Last Year I Filed For Divorce, With His Mutual Consent, After We Had Begun To Drift Apart. We Have 4 Children Together And Recently As The Proceedings Draw To A Close And The Finalization Comes Nearer I Have Begun To Have Second Thoughts. Though He Agreed To This, This Past Christmas He Attempted To Reconcile, Declaring His Love For Me. However, I Rebuffed His Declaration... Which Now I Find Myself Regretting. We Will Be Legally Divorced By This Time Next Week And All I Can Think About Is How It Is A Mistake. I Don'T Know What To Do. Do I Speak With Him? If By Some Grace Of God He Was Willing To Reunite, Can We Call Off The Divorce Or Is It Already Final And Should We Walk Away?

Nothing is final until the hearing is over and the Judge puts his scrawl on your divorce papers. Go see your husband and tell him how you now feel.

My second wife didn't want the divorce either. But she kept her mouth shut and led me to believe she really did want it. So I didn't try and talk her out of it like I wanted to. Imagine my horror 27 years later to discover the fact that the biggest regret I have in my entire life could have been avoided. I wish we had never gone through with that damn divorce and had worked it out.

I wish you luck. Go save your marriage.

Opening A Law Firm Question?
If You Open A Law Firm And Put All The Money Up Do You Make More Money Than The Other Lawyers In The Office, Do You Take A % Of The Money They Make For Working In The Office? (Once Established)

It depends on what kind of firm you are in. Some types of lawyers (criminal attorneys for example) are prohibited from working on a contingency (%) basis so they charge by the hour if they are in private practice and work for a salary if they work for the State or Government. If you work in other types of law, what you make is highly dependent on how well you are known, the rates you can demand for your specialty and how hard you work and whether you can generate business. Generally associates (non-partners) in a law firm get a salary. They may or may not be eligible for bonuses based on how much money they or the firm generates on top of that. In partnerships, the partners agree between them how to split profits. In a solo firm, your income is dependent on how much you collect and how much you spent getting there. Most young lawyers don't have enough business to start their own firms, and running a firm is a very different talent set than being just a good lawyer, so must lawyers work for established firms earning a salary while surrounded by people who can help them learn and become better lawyers.

In a solo firm, it takes a lot of work to make money but it's easy to loose your shirt in it and you are constantly out there having to drum up new business vs. practicing law and making money and it takes a lot of time and contacts and hard work to get it up and running. Normally if you are that good, a firm will pay you to work for it so you can focus on practicing law and not having to fix the copier and take time to deal with invoices and faxes.

Can A Law Office -On Behalf Of A Credit Card Company- Deplete Funds From A Bank Account If Money Is Owed?

No, a law office can not take money from your bank account without your consent. A COURT can attach your funds, but a law office can not. So, the money could not be taken out by the law office, but they could file with the courts and get a judgement against you.

The exception to this would be if you owed the law firm money directly for work they had done for you, and somewhere in the paperwork you signed a release to allow them to debit any money you owe them directly from your bank account--but again, that would mean you had authorized it.

Do Criminal Defense Lawyers Know Whether Or Not Their Client Is Guilty?
Lets Say Someone Is On Trial For Murder...And They Plead Not Guilty...And They Tell Their Own Lawyer That They Did Murder. What Does The Lawyer Do? Do They Still Defend Them? Do Most Lawyers Really Know Whether Or Not Their Client Committed The Crime, Even Though They May Plead Otherwise? Or Do Defense Lawyers Discourage Their Client From Telling Them Whether They Did It Or Not?

The answer to your question will depend on many factors. First, any criminal defendant is entitled to a reasonable defense, whether they are guilty or not. A lawyer might know the client is guilty and still defend the client because he or she thinks that a jury will feel sorry for the client, or give a lesser sentence than the judge would. There are many strategy issues to consider when deciding how to proceed with a case, and many times the client has no control over much of the process.

There are some issues, however, that may cause problems for a lawyer, if he knows the client is guilty, but the client wants to say that he or she didn't do it. That is why most criminal defense lawyers will not ask if the client did it. For the lawyer, it really doesn't matter if the client is guilty or not, the question is, can the client get a fair trial or a fair deal. It is up to the jury to decide guilty or not guilty, not the lawyer. If the client is guilty, and the lawyer makes sure that the client gets a fair trial, and the client is convicted, then the client got what he or she deserved. It is as simple as that.

The problem comes when the client is innocent, but convicted anyway.

Would It Bother You If You Found Out That One Of Obama's Top Campaign Contributors Is A Corporate Law Firm?
Obama, And Many Of His Supporters, Talk About Evil Corporations And How They Are Destroying America And Exploiting The Poor And Middle Class. Does It Bother You That One Of His Top Campaign Contributors Is A Corporate Law Firm, Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom Llp That Is A Firm That Represents Fortune 100 Companies? On Skadden's Website, They Proudly Proclaim: "Skadden Ranked First When Representing Fortune 100 Companies On Corporate Transactions In Corporate Counsel Magazine's Annual "Who Represents America's Biggest Companies." His Other Top Contributors Are A Who's Who Of Corporate Business Leaders. So, Does This Create Any Sort Of Conflict For Obama Supporters? Http://Www.Opensecrets.Org/Pres08/Contrib.Php?Cycle=2008&Cid=N00009638 Http://Www.Skadden.Com/Index.Cfm?Contentid=1

Yes but it probably is a fact of life that cannot be avoided unless the people rise up and truly speak to this issue and to their Senators and Representatives.

If more people realized what the tort lawyers have done to the American people they probably would stone them all.

There certainly needs to be limits to these outrageous lawsuits that are ruining our health care and driving insurance costs out of sight.

Everytime they award a big'un more medical professionals drop out because they can no longer afford the insurance to practice. More insurance rates spiral higher because of the same thing.

Because there are so many lobbyists representing the Attorneys, so many 'good old boy' Attys in WA DC - it will be very difficult to get this changed but it can be done!

We just need a wildfire grass roots drive to make Congress pass the laws that put a stop to their expensive practice of law.

McCain/Palin '08

Urgent! What Does &Quot;...Outstanding Hereunder...&Quot; Means? Any Nice Business And Law Online Dictionaries?
I'M Not A Native Speaker And I'M Doing A Summer Intern Job Translating A Contract, Because I'M An English Major.... The Sentence Goes, &Quot;...In Whole Or In Part Any Purchase Order It May Have Outstanding Hereunder,By Giving A Written Notice To Manufacturer.&Quot; Can Anyone Explain This To Me? Thanks A Lot!!! I Asked My Collegues But No One Can Answer Me, And I Really Need To Get It Done Now. I Tried Online Dictionaries But I Guess I Didn'T Find Suitable Ones. If Anyone Know Some Really Good Online Dictionaries For Business And Law Terms, Please Please Recommend It To Me, Cuz I'Ll Need Them For The Whole Summer. Thanks A Million!

Hi, well although a couple of lines more would help I will try:

" whole or in part any Purchase Order it may have outstanding hereunder,by giving a written notice to Manufacturer."

Literally says:

al completo o en parte, cualquier Pedido pendiente de pago que estuviere relaccionado con el presente documento, notificando por escrito al Fabricante"

cualquier Pedido pendiente de pago completo o en parte que estuviere relaccionado con el presente documento, notificando por escrito al Fabricante"

Hereunder means:
following - a continuación,
below - abajo
The best:
relaccionado con el presente documento - in accordance with this document.

The meaning: that any any Purchase Order that is still completely or partialy outstanding (unpaid, not executed) will be taken care off by the manufacturer, as long as the manufacturer is notified by writing (requirement to be valid) about the outsatanding sum.

Remember that in Spanish legal terminology the most used tense are the Subjunctive’s futures both Perfect and Imperfect - which today is only and exclusively used for legal and juridical language.. Subjunctive’s Imperfect Future de ESTAR - ESTUVIERE same as the Subjunctive’s Imperfect Preterit but changing the ending A for E e.g from ESTUVIERA to ESTUVIERE. Subjunctive’s Future Perfect - Hubiere + Participio simple- estado HUBIERE ESTADO - same than Subjunctive’s Anterior Preterit but changing the ending A of the haber verb to E - HUBIERA ESTADO to HUBIERE ESTADO HUBIERA ESTADO to HUBIERE ESTADO

Here are some sites that might help you. Double click and you will be taken to the web page:
the previous link has contract examples and samples, patterns in business/contractual speech and correspondence
English - Spanish business glossary
Multilingual English - 12 european languages including spanish and with a scroll window that includes Law, Finance, Economics International affairs - this is from the EU data base and you will find all legal terms you need , explanations, examples, defintions, and reliability coeficient
Legal database and dictionary. Wait a second after conexion to be redirected to new site since the link is to older url
Different spanish dictionaries, glossaries for Spanish and also find specialty dictionarties in Spanish and under specialty too.

Hope it helped