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3 Ways To Know You've Picked The Correct Lawyer It's pretty intimidating to endure the legal court system, particularly if you lack confidence with your legal team. Allow me to share three important approaches to recognize that you've hired the proper lawyer: 1. They Concentrate On Your Kind Of Case What the law states is often tricky and therefore requires specialists to tackle the tough cases. When you really need a legal professional, try to find one who deals with the issue you're facing. Regardless of whether a family member or friend recommends you use a strong they understand, should they don't possess a focus that's comparable to your case, keep looking. When your attorney is definitely an expert, specifically in the hassle you're facing, you know you've hired the best one. 2. The Lawyer Has A Winning Record Based on the circumstances, it could be difficult to win a case, specifically if the team helping you has minimal to no experience. Look for practices who have won numerous cases that relate to yours. While this is no guarantee that you simply case is going to be won, it will give you a better shot. 3. They Listen And Respond If the attorney you've chosen takes time to listen for your concerns and react to your inquiries, you've probably hired the right choice. Irrespective of how busy they can be or how small your concerns seem from the perspective, it's crucial that they react to you in a caring and timely manner. From the point of view of a common citizen who isn't knowledgeable about the judicial system, court cases might be pretty scary you need updates as well as think that you're area of the solution. Some attorneys are simply considerably better to both you and your case than others. Make sure you've hired the most appropriate team for the circumstances, to actually can put the matter behind you immediately. Faith with your legal representative is the first task to winning any case.

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What Is Intellectual Property Law Like?
Is It Interesting? Is Is Repetitive? Does It Pay Well (Not The Main Factor!)? Thanks For Your Advice :)

Intellectual property law falls into three areas. The first is registration/prosecution for copyrights, trademarks and patents. That kind of work generally is not particularly interesting and can be repetitive and mundane. The second is licensing of intellectual property which can be somewhat more interesting as some arrangements may require nuance and special provisions that need to negotiated and drafted. The third area is litigation, in either defending against infringement or license breaches or bringing an action for the same on behalf of an owner or licensee of the intellectual property which also can be interesting. Of course overall, the role of an IP lawyer is also advising clients of their rights and liabilities when intellectual property, there's or others, comes into play in their business. Just as in any other area of law it can pay well or not depending on the size and profile of the clients you represent, and just as in any area of law it can be difficult finding employment unless you graduate from a top law school with top grades.

Where Can I Find Affordable Lawyers Online?

Do a google search for "American Bar Association in (your city)." Then click on the heading that says "Pro Bono." That should give you a list of all of the lawyers in your city that will work for free. Good luck.

Getting Into Law School With High Gpa And Low Lsat?
I Have A Gpa 3.9 From Uc Berkeley. I Am Taking The Lsat In Several Days, But Am Not Prepared Well Since I Have An Infant At Home And I'M Taking A Full Load Of Classes. I Don'T Think I Can Score Higher Than A 145/148. What Are My Chances Of Getting Into Boalt, Stanford, Or Hastings Law Schools?

How to Get Into Law School with a Low LSAT Score

The first thing that you should know is that students who do well on the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) usually tend to do better in law school because they are logical thinkers. However, it has been reflected time and time again that students with lower LSAT scores can still perfectly master law school. It all comes down to how much you want to succeed, and how hard you are willing to work for what you want. Don't let a low LSAT score stop you from going to law school.

Go to the LSAT website and utilize the GPA & LSAT analyzer tool to find out which law schools will take you with a low LSAT score. If you don’t know how to do this, you should read the article titled “How to find Law Schools who will Accept Low LSAT Scores.”

Contact the admissions director at the schools to which you are applying. Be completely honest about your low LSAT score and anything else that may be of concern. Take heed to all of their advice. DO NOT rely on law school admissions advice from anyone unless they are law school admissions personnel, LSAC personnel or someone who has actually gained admittance to law school at one point or another.

Target the professors that you would like to utilize to write your law school references. Work really hard for them and show them your worth. Make sure that you ASK them what they think of your academic performance before you ask them to write the letter of recommendation. You would be surprised at the amount of people who ask a professor to write a letter or recommendation only to have a letter of “no confidence” written.

If your LSAT score is extremely low, you should consider re-taking the exam. Read the article titled “How to Get a High LSAT Score,” which can be found by clicking the appropriate link below. Good Luck!

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Washington College of Law
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Improving Test Scores
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Law School Admission
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What Year Did George W Bush Get Arrested For Driving Under The Influence?

There are a number of accounts of substance abuse and otherwise disorderly conduct by Bush from this time. Bush has admitted to drinking "too much" in those years and described this period of his life as his "nomadic" period of "irresponsible youth".[28] On September 4, 1976, at the age of 30, Bush was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) near his family's summer home in Kennebunkport, Maine. He pled guilty, was fined US$150, and had his driver's license suspended in Maine until 1978.[29][30]
But Hatfield quotes "a high-ranking advisor to Bush" who confirmed that Bush was arrested for cocaine possession in Houston in 1972, and had the record expunged by a judge who was "a fellow Republican and elected official" who helped Bush get off "with a little community service at a minority youth center instead of having to pick cotton on a Texas prison farm."

Why didn't we hear about this when he was running for President?

What Website Will Allow Me To Chat With Attorneys Online For Free?
What Website Will Allow Me To Chat With Attorneys Online For Free?..I Had Some Questions In Regards To Some Legal Advice. Does Anybody Know Where I Can Get Some Legal Advice Either Online (Provide Website) Or Phone?..I Was Trying To Find A Website Where I Can Chat With A Live Attorney For Free, But It'S Kind Of Hard To Find One. Please Provide Me With Accurate Feed Back. Thank You

Many websites like that,you can come here:

What Should I Study For Criminal Law?
I Am Among The Top 10% Of High School Students In My Nation For Writing. I'M Also A Good Public Speaker And Have A Gift For 'Disguising Anxiety And Appearing Natural'. However, I Was Thinking Of Becoming A Criminal Lawyer. The Company My Sister Is Already Employed At Does Not Offer Any Criminal Law Services. So, I'M Going To Have To Study Harder To Get Into A Bigger, More Developed Company. Any Suggestions On What I Should Study? I'M Taking English, Legal Studies And Cambridge History. For Sciences I'M Taking Accounting, Biology, Chemistry And Physics. I'M Planning On Trying Out For Premier Debating Too. Extra: Will Having Other Arts Subjects Such As Design Or History Boost My Cv At All?

The reality is the economy, which has dramatically changed. Choosing a career is one of life's most important and difficult decisions. But knowing what your expectations are, and then comparing them to the realities will help you make educated decisions.

Warning> Jobs in the field of Law are drying up fast!! This no longer is a good field to invest time and/or money into. This is a SHRINKING, crumbling, and dying vocational field. Many, many reasons.

There are more attorneys than there are legal employment positions. We simply already have way too many Legal Professionals. AND the legal profession is dramatically changing: it is in absolute CRISIS! And, every year, more and more people graduate from law school, but there are fewer and fewer jobs. Even the largest and most reputable law firms are experiencing unprecedented cutbacks. I don't expect the situation to improve in the coming years....

The field of Law has a mystique that actually exceeds reality. The field of Law is a vastly overrated career - especially by television.<< There are many myths regarding the field of Law. Law is a more demanding profession than most people realize. It is not like what you see on TV.

Cost of law school to be lawyer, approx $150,000+. Be prepared to take on a LOT of debt, if becoming an attorney is your "true", ultimate goal!!!<<

Even if you do finish law school, you won't be able to find a job when you are done. Since this vocational field is shrinking (at an alarming rate), many new attorneys/lawyers are, themselves, having to work "down" as Paralegals, Legal Assistants, Legal Secretaries, Bailiffs, Court Reporters, etc, etc, to simply try to keep some of their bills paid <<this would be your competition. And the competition is fierce in TODAY's job market!!

Now... the law schools know this, but they won't tell you the truth >that the job market/economy is just SATURATED with way too many Legal Professionals. Instead the schools will feed you a fairytale and will LIE to you. The root of the problem is we already have too many law schools. We are STILL in a Recession, and the schools are fighting for their own survival - they will tell students anything to get to the students' money. (Which is why they won't tell you the truth about the job market for the field of Law.) And these schools continue to recruit and churn out even more graduates.............Remember>>> law schools are BUSINESSES - their TOP concern is making money for themselves. Law schools are cash cows.

>>>>>THE #1 MOST IMPORTANT THING (and I can't stress this enough>>>): You ESPECIALLY have to beware of the BOGUS, INFLATED law school salary/job stats given out by >law schools< (AND by the U.S. Bureau of Labor)!!***<<<<<

If you don't believe me, then:
**Check out these websites:……………
(A link to a website does not constitute endorsement.)
**do a SEARCH here on Yahoo Answers to see what other posters are saying about the current status of the field of Law.

If you want a JOB when you are done with your studies, consider and look into the fields of: >>>Healthcare<<<, Information Technology, Law ENFORCEMENT, environmentalism, emergency planning, accounting, education, entertainment, utilities, home-car-commercial-industrial repairs, vice industries, clergy, and/or debt collection. I spoke to a career counselor from Jobs and Family Services, and HE told me that these areas are where the jobs are, and future job opportunities/availability....and scholarships.

Good luck.

(This is based on my current knowledge, information, belief, and life experiences. This was intended as personal opinion, and not intended to be used as legal advice. Please be careful and do your research.<<< You DID ask the question here on Y/A. I am just trying to help you.)