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Nearly all people do not think about selecting a legal professional right up until they are in desperate need. The legal matter might be personal, like family law, for a divorce or separation or if you are looking for a bankrupcy or trust lawyer. It may be a criminal case you will need to be defended on. Organizations require legal representatives as well, no matter whether they are being sued for discrimination, sexual harassment, or perhaps unfounded business practices. Tax attorneys are also useful anytime engaging with government problems. Just like doctors, lawyers have areas. A huge, full service law firm has a lot of lawyers with various areas of experience, so hinging on your personal legal issue, you can promptly retain the very best legal representative to match your ongoing need without having to commence your search each time you need legal help.It is ideal to locate a legal representative you can rely on. You want one with a very good record, who isreliable, productive, and wins cases. You need to have confidence that they will defend you effectively and bill you fairly for their products and services. From time to time a referral from a colleague or business affiliate can be valuable, nevertheless you should keep your options open and review all the firms accessible, due to the fact when you want legal support, you need it quickly and you would like the very best you can afford to pay for. Thank you for looking for a lawyer with us. Your time is valuable, and Action Pages, at, is happy to present specific search parameters to meet your needs. We continually make an effort to concentrate on the most popular phrases so you can promptly find whatever you are searching for.

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What Is The Lastest On The The Accident At The Dallas Area Rapid Transit Rail Line In The Deep Ellum Area ?
This Accident Happened On Friday Feb. 9, 2007

1 dead in DART rail construction accident

08:11 PM CST on Friday, February 9, 2007
From Staff Reports

A trench collapsed Friday afternoon along a DART rail line under construction in Deep Ellum, killing one worker and injuring a second, officials said.

The accident occurred around 1:30 p.m. at a work site along Malcolm X Boulevard near Elm Street. The trench collapsed on two workers who were helping reset a water line between the future Deep Ellum and Baylor stations along the planned Green Line rail tracks that will extend south from downtown, DART spokesman Morgan Lyons said.

Dallas Fire-Rescue officers removed the body of the construction worker who was killed. Dallas Fire-Rescue spokeswoman Annette Ponce said the department's technical rescue team was called to the scene to rescue two men. Firefighters dug their way to a victim trapped under the rubble, who was pronounced dead at the scene. Another victim was pulled from the site and taken to Baylor University Medical Center in unknown condition.

Neither victim's name was released. Both men worked for a subcontractor handling utility work along the line, Mr. Lyons said.

A total of 16 fire personnel worked at the scene to extricate the victims, Ms. Ponce said.

Mr. Lyons said work along that portion of the Green Line would be shut down until OSHA officials can complete their investigation and return the site back to DART.

"We've never had a fatal accident like this on the DART rail system, going back to 1992," he said. "Our own staff will work with OSHA to investigate what happened and learn from it."

THat's the Latest I can find out.

Parenting Plan/Revoked Rights?
Hello, I Made A Big Mistake Of Listening To The Lady At The Court House. The Father Of My Child Hasnt Been Around (Physically Or Financially) Since He Was 3 Months. The Lady Said I Cant Take His Rights Away Till A Year And To File For Child Support And A Parenting Plan. Big Mistake! Come To Find Out, Its Only 6 Months And I Already Filed For Everything And We Have A Court Date At The End Of The Month. Heres The Tricky Part: His Parents Have Always Been Involved. They Had Plans To Take My Son For A Weekend But He Was Sick So I Simply Said, I'D Rather Him Not Go Out Why Dont You Come Over? Well, They Flipped And Filed For Emergency Visits (Denied). And Then Wrote All These Insane (And Very Hurtful) Accusations. Anyways, He Was Paying Child Support Every Other Week (Court Ordered For Every Week) And Still Hasnt Contacted Me At All! No Big Surprise. Can I Go To Court And Get His Rights Taken Away? I Know His Mother Is Only Being On His Side So She Can See My Son And She Is Paying His Child Support! He'S About To Lose His House And Car And Drinking Is More Important. Thats How I Know. Please Dont Bash Me. We Were Together For 3 Years, My Son Wasnt Planned But He Still Left. He Also Has A New Father That Stepped In And Has Been More Than Amazing And I Dont Want My Son To Get Confused Because Of The Grandparents!

Not a great situation. First, let's talk about the grandparents. Grandparents have no legal right to the baby whatsoever. They do not have a right to visitation. They do not have a right to do anything outside of what the parents decide. That being said, I'm not sure you are gong ot be able to terminate the father's parental rights. In general, there are only a select number of reasons that rights can be terminated. They tend to be:

-Severe or chronic abuse or neglect
-Abuse or neglect of other children in the household
-Long-term mental illness or deficiency of the parent(s)
-Long-term alcohol- or drug-induced incapacity of the parent(s)
-Failure to support or maintain contact with the child
-Involuntary termination of the rights of the parent to another child

The fact that he has has paid a little child support is not going to be helpful, although you can argue that he has never had contact with the child. However, even if you do not get his rights terminated, you have a dead bang winner of an argument for being granted sole custody. With a father figur ein the picture and no contact from the biological dad, it is in the best interest of the child to not have contact with actual dad.

I'd contact an attorney on this one. The stakes are too high and you need someone on your side who knows the system.

My Dh Doesn'T Want Me To Hire My Own Trust And Will Attorney?
He Is Putting His Will And Trust Together, And Brought Home Some Papers For Me To Sign. Usually I Ask Him, What It Is All About, And Sign Without Reading. I Trust Him. But This Time It Happened That After He Explained To Me, That This Is A Signature That He Releases All Bonds And Stocks To Our Two Under Aged Boys 50-50, And I Am Going To Be A Ira Primary Beneficiary. For Some Reason I Felt Pretty Uncomfortable To Sign This Paper. I Needed To Know More Information On How Much We Have In Stocks And Bonds, Which I Never Knew After Dh Inherited Some From His Late Relative A Year Ago. I Also Wanted To Know How Much Id Ira. He Answered Those Two Questions Of Mine Rather Poorly, Saying Dumb I Don;T Know. Hmmm, I Though, Who Should Know Then?? So I Asked Him To Read The Paper Before I Sign. To My Surprised, The Paper Was Ira Release To Our Two Boys (My Stepson And Our Son), As Primary 50-50 Beneficiaries. I Said, Well Excuse Me Honey, You Have Just Said That The Paper I Am Signing Is Stocks And Bonds Release. He Got Pretty Confused, Saying That &Quot;There Are Two Different Ira Funds... I Am Not As Good In Finance Structure, Never Been. That Is Why I Said, Listen, I Have To Hire An Attorney To Get Understand How All This Stocks And Trusts And Funds Work. He Got Very Upset About It, Saying Literally: Ok, You Want Divorce??? I Work Hard Here Trying To Provide, And You Have No Trust In Me??? And Walk Away. A Red Flag?

You need to read those papers, and it's not a trust issue. If he drops dead tomorrow, or gets hit by a bus, you NEED to have a degree of financial literacy you can rely upon.

The saddest thing in the world, once or twice a year, I get a customer whom I've insured for DECADES, and her husband just died . . .and she has NO IDEA how insurance works, or what's covered, etc.

Don't cripple yourself. Be an active partner in the marriage, and that includes being privy to both financial decisions AND knowing what and why.

Now, he probably legally CAN'T take you off of being beneficiary of the IRA - I do believe EVERY state requires this. Regarding the boys, if he's releasing all stocks and bonds to them, that means THEIR legal guardian will get total control of the assets. It's usually a pretty bad idea.

He probably gets monthly statements on the IRA. He SHOULD have a pretty good idea, within $10,000, how much is in there. Likely, with less than five minutes of effort on his part, he can get the info down to the penny, of the value of the stocks, bonds, and IRA. That's not an unreasonable request on your part.

You don't need an attorney. You need a marriage counselor. And for heaven's sake, do NOT relinquish your automatic ownership in the IRA. The ONLY reason I can think of, that he's turning the IRA stuff over to your boys NOW, is to get your name off of it, so you can't get half of it if he decides to divorce YOU.

The obvious answer to "I try to provide but you have no trust in me", is, "you're hiding assets from me, and question MY trust?"

And I don't think he'd mention the D word, unless he was already thinking about it.

I Need Legal Advice Against Social Services?
Social Services Has Struck Again!They Are Charging My Daughter With Abuse Because Her Sons Great Grandmother (Not A Dr)Said To Put Vaseline On Her Sons Bottom And My Daughter Hasnt Been Doing It.They Are Also Charging Her With Abuse Because The Kids Father Has Been Beating My Daughter Up And She Cant Get Him To Leave Even When She Threw His Clothes Out And Locked The Door Behind Him. He Just Came Back In.She Cant Get The Key Because He Keeps Hiding It From Her.What They Are Saying Is, She Is Abusing Them When There Is Domestic Abuse In Front Of The Kids But They Are Also Charging Her With Neglect Because They Said While This Domestic Abuse Is Going On The Kids Are Not Being Supervised Because They Are Off In Another Room.Yeah Did You Catch That.She Is Abusing Them By Being Beat Up By Their Father In Front Of Them But Neglecting Them By Not Supervising Them While She Is Being Beat Up By Their Father In Another Room From Them.Can Anyone Help That Has Legal Knowledge With Social Services?

Try to find a community base family or victim services. with the tomato scare in the news why ain't there a BIG WARNING OF THE HARM OF SOCIAL SERVICES, and the millions of dollars funneled into bureaucrats pockets.

Do Top Law Firms Hire Paralegals Or Accept Them As Interns?
Just Wondering, Because It Seems That Only Those Who Are Trying To Become A Lawyer (Not A Paralegal) Get The Paralegal Position At A Top Law Firm.

Makes sense. As long as there are enough lawyers to be available to get the job then that will always be the case.

Is A Marketing Plan And Strategy Protected Under Intellectual Property Law?

1.The written document itself is protected under intellectual property law.
2. The ideas in the marketing plan, including the strategy, are not protected under intellectual property law.
There's an interesting blog that offers useful ideas on marketing: