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Most people do not think about selecting a law firm until finally they are in desperate need. The legal issue might possibly be personal, like family law, for a separation and divorce or if you are hunting for a bankrupcy or trust lawyer. It may be a criminal case you need to be defended on. Companies need legal representatives as well, no matter if they are being sued for discrimination, sexual harassment, or maybe unfair business practices. Tax lawyers are also beneficial while coping with government problems. Just like doctors, lawyers have specialties. A big, full service law firm has many legal professionals with different areas of abilities, so based upon on your company legal issue, you can instantly hold on to the most effective lawyer or attorney to meet your current need without having to start your search each time you need legal assistance.It is best to obtain a law firm you can believe. You want one with a decent track record, who isreliable, productive, and wins cases. You really want to have trust that they will stand for you effectively and bill you reasonably for their products and services. Oftentimes a referral from a pal or business affiliate can be useful, having said that you should continue to keep your options open and review all the firms available, because when you need to have legal support, you need it instantly and you really want the very best you can manage to pay for. Thank you for searching for a attorney with us. Your time is important, and Action Pages, at, is delighted to produce specific search variables to satisfy your requirements. We continually make the effort to concentrate on the most popular phrases so you can instantly find whatever you are looking for.

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Motor Vehicle Accident; Pain & Suffering Settlement; Personal Injury Lawyer?
My Name Is Kristi And I Am 26. I Was In A Car Accident In July '13. I Was Coming Down A 55Mph Highway And Someone Blew A Stop Sign. The At Fault Driver T-Boned Me Into The Other Car At The Stop Sign On The Other Side Of The Crossing Road And Then My Car Hit Head On Into A Telephone Pole After I Lost Conciousness. I Was Rushed To The Hospital. I Suffered A Broken Scaphoid Bone, Stomach Aches, Severe Headaches, Shooting Pain Down My Right Hip To My Knee And Ankle, Knee Pain, Concussion And Minor Vertebrae Injuries. My Medical Bills Exceed $15,000 And Still Growing. I Haven'T Been Able To Return To Work (Going On 9 Weeks), Due To Wrist Cast, Headaches And Shooting Hip, Knee And Ankle Pain. Worst Off, My First Day At My New Job Was Supposed To Be Two Days After The Accident. I'Ve Only Worked One Day Of My New Job So Far And I Fear They Will Let Me Go Soon. My Car Was Totaled, Which I'Ve Already Been Payed For. The At Fault Driver'S Insurance Company Gave Me A Rental Car For 20 Days. At The Time Of The Accident, My Dog Was In The Back Seat. The At Fault Driver'S Insurance Company Is Paying For My Dog'S Ongoing Vet Bills, As She Is Limping On Her Front Right Leg. What Can I Expect To Receive For Pain And Suffering When The Time Comes To Talk About The Settlement? Is It Worth It More Often Than Not To Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer? Or Is It Likely That I Will Recieve Less Than I Would Without One After The 33% Contingency Fees? I Spent One Night In The Hospital. Can Anyone Out There Shed Some Insight Please? I'Ll Be Sure To Update This When All Is Said And Done, As To Help People In The Future That Are Baffled By All This, Like I Am. I Am Starting Physical Therapy Soon For The Wrist, Hip And Leg. I Just Don'T Want To Get Ripped Off. I Want What'S Fair. I Know The Real Prize Out Of All Of This Is That My Dog And I Are Alive And So Are All Other Parties Involved. Any Advice Would Be Appreciated So That I Can Make The Last Hurdles From This Car Accident In A Financially Educated Manner. Thank You All In Advance For Your Responses. I Hope Everyone'S Having A Fantastic Summer.

Hi Kristi,

You don't mention what state you live in; that makes a difference in automobile-related personal injury suits.

My advice: it never hurts to consult a lawyer (and I am a lawyer). I would especially say this since it sounds like you could have long-term effects from your injuries. Most state bar associations provide a lawyer referral service. In our state, if you call the 1-800 # and explain your situation briefly, they'll refer you to lawyers in your area who have agreed to a 30-minute consult.

Good luck!

What Are My Babies Paternal Grandparents Rights?
My Ex'S Parents Have Just Found Out That He Fathered My Twin Boys, They'Re Requesting Visitation Rights And I'Ve Been Told That They Might Try And Go For Custody. My Boys Are Only 4 Months Old And I'M Breastfeeding. I Don'T Particulary Like My Ex'S Parents At All I Know They Made His Childhood Pretty Miserable. My Ex See'S The Babies But Isn'T A Father To Them. Can His Parents Get Visitations Rights? And If So How Often And For How Long? I'M 17 And So Is The Dad (We Live In The U.K)

Grandparents rights in the UK are similar to the US. Since you were never married, and the children have never had contact with the grandparents, they have no rights. Considering that you have allowed the father access, they won't have a case at all.

Most visitation rights for grandparents occur after a divorce and regular interaction with the children. They have had no interaction.

Write down all the things you can remember that your ex said about them making his child hood miserable. While I support that a single mom should include the paternal grandparents in the child's life, there is no point if they sucked as parents themselves.

What Books Are Written Re Deaths Of 47 Clinton Assoc.&Friends?
There Is A List Of The Dead People Who Closely Dealt With The Clintons And How The Died. Some Were Murdered, A Whole Lot Died In Plane Crashes. Many Committed &Quot;Suicide&Quot;.

u have the Body Count link already above
search engine each question
Clinton-Executive Orders
Clinton-Rose law Firm
Clinton- Juanita Broaddrick
Numerous people tried to investigate them when the
numbers were small. No books. Now it is called spam
yahoo edits now the link I did that :))))
Write on, write on until people wake up, lest
history repeats itself.
WTC 7 documents, I bet my dog Clinton crap was all over that
and documents destroyed. Bush stuff was on computers by then... paperwork was pre this admin... FYI r u listinin
Think about it? Why does a lowly intern need insurance
like a blue dress in a bank vault? She knows the players.
Not since Joe Kennedy and the mob have we seen this.
Yet WJ considers himself a JFK equal. Equal in affairs
far from adequate or close to JFK real political format ground.

College Freshman, Planning To Study Immigration Law Soon. Advice?
I'M From Las Vegas Where Immigration Is Always A Big Issue. I Plan On Getting My Bachelor'S In Business Before Going Off To Law School At Unlv For Immigration Law And I Hope To Start My Own Firm One Day In The Distant Future. Is It Possible To Specialize In More Than One Type Of Law? For Example, Immigration Law And Also Fight For A Client In Traffic Court? I Understand That May Be A Bit Of An Amateurish Question, But I Have To Ask Sooner Or Later, Right? Anyways, How Would I Go About Starting My Own Law Firm In The Future? I'M A Little Foggy On How The Whole &Quot;Becoming A Lawyer&Quot; Process.

I'd say just focus on getting through your bachelor's degree first. You won't be able to specialize in more than one area of law while at a single program... being a traffic lawyer requires a base of knowledge far different from an immigration lawyer, combining multiple specialties of law usually results in a poor quality lawyer for all fields (I'd rather see a higher quality lawyer with one specialty). As for starting your own firm I'd say get some experience in an existing firm and really understand what's going on before considering starting your own, it's a lot of work and it's very far away in the future.

Is It Unethical For A Lawyer To Give Legal Advise If He Or She Cannot Practice Law (Continued)?
Like A Lawyer Who Has Not Passed The Bar In A State He Or She Resides In That Requires Lawyers To Pass The Bar To Practice Law?

They can legally give advice, but they have to state that it's not legal advice and they are not a lawyer. Because I work in the legal field but am not a lawyer, I ALWAYS have to state that I am not a lawyer when answering legal questions. Otherwise, it would be considered acting as an attorney without a license.

I am free to tell what I know and understand about the legal process. No one is barred from doing that. But to represent yourself as an attorney when you aren't one is illegal.

I Need A Lawyer! Its About Car Sales!?
I Bought A Vehicle At A Buy Here Pay Here As Is No Warranty! The Only Reason I Bought The Vehicle Is Because The Car Salesman Told Me That They Had Installed A New Fuel Pump And Fuel Line! The Vehicle I Bought Is Notorious For Those Two Parts Going Bad! I Came Back The Next Day Where I Bought The Car And Talked To The Owner And Told Him The Vehicle Didn'T Start And I Asked If Him If A New Fuel Pump And Fuel Line Got Put In The Vehicle, The Owner Told Me No! I Am A Tattoo Artist, And The Owner Told Me If I Tattood Him He Would Fix The Vehicle, Buy The Parts It Needs To Be Fixed And We Would Call It Even! Is There Legally Anything I Can Do? I Know It Was Sold To Me As Is With No Warranty, But The Only Reason I Purchased The Car Was Because Of The False Allegations Of A New Fuel Pump And Fuel Line Put In. And Yes I Did Test Drive The Vehicle For 20 Minutes Before I Bought The Vehicle. Everything Sounded And Ran Great It Wasn'T Until I Bought The Car And Started Driving It Home That It Started Stalling And Breaking Down! Please Help!

Need more info: age of car, state where sale occured, any witnesses.

There's plenty you can do legally and w/ regulatory agencies: county, state n maybe fed; and maybe w/ a lawyer.

Beware the misleading, uninformed opinions commonly repeated on these topics.

All or almost all states have an Implied Warranty law, so you most likely have that coverage altho being implied it's not explictly stated in your paper work, and dishonest dealers will conceal it and if you ask, deny it.

In general it says “… the dealer promises the used car will be fit for ordinary driving purposes, reasonably safe & legal to drive, without major defects…and be of the average quality of similar cars available for sale in the same price range.”

If it's not, depending on state law, the buyer's entitled to a refund [which I would take], or having the vehicle repaired [which I would not trust.]

No matter what the contract provisions, such as As Is, no party to the contract may be negligent nor fraudlent w/o penalty.

The seller perped fraud on you by telling you the fuel system as fixed, so you have recourse vs them.

Call abt 10 lawyers in your state n area and ask for advice on the phone; it's free and their sizing you up as a potential client.

Ask abt small claims & using county & state consumer protection agencies, and maybe the feds.

These are some of the ways you can pressure them into making you whole, or undoing the deal.

I did it w/ Honda and after 6 wks of saying NO, they agreed to buy back my new/repo Accord that they botched a bodywork/paint job on.

============= WA state atty gen’s office. There
is an Implied Warranty on all used cars in commercial, not private, deals:

“… the dealer promises the used car will be fit for ordinary driving purposes, reasonably safe & legal to drive, without major defects…and be of the average quality of similar cars available for sale in the same price range.”

“an ‘as is’ sticker in the window of a car or a signed waiver [by the buyer] is not sufficient to waive the implied warranty...”

Check for further details & updates.

WA Attorney General Rob McKenna: "Although there is no express requirement for a dealer to inspect a used vehicle before it is sold,

“the car must be safe and legal to drive.

“If you were sold an unsafe vehicle, you have rights under state contract law and can request that the dealer make the car roadworthy or refund your purchase price...

“Absent the required disclosures and your explicit consent,

“an ‘as is’ sticker in the window of a car or a signed waiver [by the buyer] is not sufficient to waive the implied warranty...

“Every used car sold by a dealer in Washington for personal use has an ‘implied warranty of merchantability’ under state law:

“This means that the dealer promises the used car will be fit for ordinary driving purposes, reasonably safe, without major defects,

“and of the average quality of similar cars available for sale in the same price range.

(Cars sold by private owners or for business use aren’t covered under this law.) May, 2006.” Check for updates.