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4 Strategies To Help Your Lawyer Assist You To When you really need an attorney for any excuse, you must work closely with them as a way to win your case. No matter how competent they are, they're going to need your help. Allow me to share four important approaches to help your legal team allow you to win: 1. Be Totally Honest Or Higher Your lawyers need and expect your complete cooperation - no matter what information you're going to reveal in their mind. Privilege means anything you say is held in confidence, so don't hold anything back. Your legal team has to know all things in advance - most especially information the other side could learn about and surprise you with later. 2. Provide Meticulous Records Keep a continuous and factual account of most information related to your case. Whether it's witnesses or payments being made, provide your attorneys with the data they must enable them to win. 3. Arrive Early For All Engagements Do not be late when you're appearing before a court and steer clear of wasting the attorney's time, too, because they are by the due date, each and every time. In fact, because you may have to discuss very last minute details or even be extra ready for the truth you're facing, it's a great idea to arrive early. 4. Demonstrate That You Have Your Act Together If you've been arrested for any sort of crime, it's important so that you can convince the court which you both regret the actions and they are making strides toward enhancing your life. As an example, if you're facing driving under the influence, volunteer for the rehab program. Be sincere and included in the cities the judge is presiding over. Working more closely together with your legal team increases your odds of absolute success. Try this advice, listen closely to how you're advised and ultimately, you should win your case.

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Prescription Meds/Medical Malpractice?
Legal Question - Say There Is A Teenager Who Was Put On Medications For Depression, Anger Issues, And Bipolar Disorder At A Young Age (10Ish) And Was Forced By Their Parents And Psychitrists To Take Theses Medications Without Choice. The Child Took Them Without Asking Questions For Almost A Decade. In This Decade, The Child'S Behavior And Health (Both Pysical And Mental) Steadily Deteriorated, His Anger And Depression Problems Get Worse And Worse, And The Only Thing That Is Done Is He Is Put On More And Stronger Meds. He Gains A Ton Of Weight, Sleeps For 18 Hours Per Day, And Can'T Control His Anger And Feels Horrible For Years. He Loses All His Friends And Family'S Support, He Becomes Miserable And Terribly Depressed, And Spends Time In Several Mental Health Facilities, Even A Weekend In Juvenile Hall For Swearing At His Dad. It Is Discovered When He Is 17 That He Never Had Bipolar Or Any Mental Issues, And Is Taken Off These Meds, And What Do You Know - He'S Perfectly Fine And Sane.

A few things wrong with this:

1. No parent worth their weight in salt would allow their 10 year old child to be medicated to that point. If they did, they should have the child removed from their care!

2. Most medications for depression don't cause that sluggish reaction. There are no medications to treat bipolar disorder - just the symptoms. Only in VERY EXTREME cases of bipolar disorder do they prescribe psychotropic medications, which do cause sluggishness and such.

3. Have you ever met or known someone with bipolar disorder? A person with an inkling of medical knowledge will notice the difference. A doctor would be able to see that a person needing medications for depression isn't necessarily bipolar, and if they are bipolar, they wouldn't have anything other than antidepressants to prescribe.

4. To be through a system to the extent you describe, someone would pick up on what happened, and do something. If they don't then there are a ton of very inept individuals around that individual.

I am hoping this is totally a hypothetical question, and not based on a true-life experience. There would be a HUGE medical malpractice suit. If that were my child, I would have gotten a second opinion before someone putting my 10 year old on antidepressants. There are so many things that can be masked as depression (individuals with ADD/ADHD can become depressed due to their condition, for example) that it is hard - especially at that age - to define it as only depression. Shame on the parent(s) that allowed that to happen!!!

addition: I just read your addition, and I AM SORRY!!! HOW HORRIBLE!!!!

You need to start by visiting your local department of health and human services. Explain the situation to them, and that you feel this was inappropriate. Tell them about your inability to afford a lawyer, and ask if there is anything that can be done to assist you. If they can't help you directly, they will point you in the right direction.

Also call your local BAR Association. They will be able to direct you to lawyers that will work for pro bono or base the pay on the ability of the client to pay. Maybe contact Catholic Charities as well. They offer all different kinds of services, and they work directly on your ability to pay. Go onto their website ( and check it out. There should be a local number to contact them in the state you reside in.

Good luck and God bless. I am sorry for what you had to go through. . .

Do I Need A Probate Attorney To Settle My Grandmothers Estate Less Than $250,000 In Az?The Only Heirs R 2 Sons
We Do Not Want An Attorney If We Can Do This On Our Own, She Owns A Home Worth $120,000 Paid For And In Her Name. Very Small $$, What Do We Do To Settle With The State?

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Product Liability Insurance Cost?
How Much Will Product Liability Insurance Cost For A 3 Month Test Market Sell Through For An Imported Cosmetic (Low Hazard)?

As noted you can't get a quote here. Any number would be a WAG and of no validity.

You should understand that a typical insurance company will not even remotely consider insuring such a risk. That leaves you with what are called "Surplus Lines" carriers who specialize in hard to place risks. Even in the surplus lines market there will be only a few carriers that will consider offering insurance and then only after a thorough understanding of the product and its potential risks.

You need to work with an experienced commercial broker who is licensed in the surplus lines market.

Lawyers Keep Contracts?
Just Bought A House, My Lawyer Wants To Keep Contract & Wont Give It To Me, Says Its The Law In Nsw, Australia And I Should Be Grateful He'S Not &Quot;Charging&Quot; Me For Keeping It For His Records. Is This True?

Don't know about Australia but I would think the person that paid for the contract gets the original. What do you do if you need to check the contract for any number of reasons? You have to pay him to see the contract? I vote for the smell test too.

I Know To Fund Law School Will Be Costly Are There Any Loan Forgiveness Programs For Lawyers?
Teachers Can Have Loans Paid Back If They Work In A Critical Area Do Attorneys Have Anything Like This?

LRAPs were set up by law schools (and are now also offered by some federal and state agencies) to defray or, in some instances, fully cover the education debt payments of their graduates who become government or public interest lawyers. Some 80 or so law schools (see list below) offer some kind of LRAP.

Generally speaking, full-time work (with some programs, part-time work may also qualify) as a public defender/prosecutor or in other government agencies/advocacy groups or in a public interest law firm will qualify you for an LRAP. Note that judicial clerkships are generally not considered eligible employment. Eligibility is also generally limited to those making under a certain annual income threshold, usually $35,000 - $50,000.

If you qualify, you will receive forgivable loans (contingent upon eligible employment for a specified period of time), grants or other financial assistance toward a percentage, or even all, of your student loan payments in a given year. Some schools may expect at least some contribution toward annual loan payments from each applicant.

Please note that LRAPs can vary significantly from school to school and they certainly have their limits. Most are severely underfunded, so not all qualified candidates may receive assistance in any given year. Generally, LRAPs give preference to the applicants with the highest debt-to-income ratios. Also, with many programs, once you earn even a dollar over the maximum income threshold you will become ineligible for continued assistance under the program.
Law Schools with Loan Repayment Assistance Programs

* American University Washington College of Law

* Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law

* Boston College Law School

* Boston University School of Law

* Brooklyn Law School

* Case Western Reserve University School of Law

* Catholic University of America - Columbus School of Law

* Columbia University School of Law

* Cornell University Law School

* Creighton University School of Law

* Duke University School of Law

* Emory University School of Law

* Fordham University School of Law

* Franklin Pierce Law Center

* George Washington University Law School

* Georgetown University Law Center

* Golden Gate University School of Law

* Hamline University School of Law

* Harvard Law School

* Hofstra University School of Law

* Loyola Law School, Los Angeles

* Loyola University, Chicago School of Law

* Loyola University, New Orleans School of Law

* Marquette University Law School

* New York Law School

* New York University School of Law

* Northeastern University School of Law

* Northwestern University School of Law

* Northwestern School of Law at Lewis & Clark College

* Ohio State University Michael E. Moritz College of Law

* Pace University School of Law

* Pennsylvania State University, The Dickinson School of Law

* Pepperdine University School of Law

* Regent University School of Law

* Rutgers University School of Law, Camden

* Rutgers University School of Law, Newark

* Santa Clara University School of Law

* Seattle University School of Law

* Seton Hall University School of Law

* Southwestern University School of Law

* Stanford University Law School

* St. Thomas University School of Law (FL)

* Suffolk University Law School

* Temple University James E. Beasley School of Law

* Touro College: Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center

* Tulane University School of Law

* University of California, Berkeley School of Law

* University of California, Davis School of Law

* University of California, Hastings College of Law

* University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) School of Law

* University of Chicago Law School

* University of Denver College of Law

* University of Georgia School of Law

* University of Iowa College of Law

* University of Maine School of Law

* University of Maryland School of Law

* University of Michigan Law School

* University of Minnesota Law School

* University of North Carolina School of Law

* University of Notre Dame Law School

* University of Oregon School of Law

* University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law

* University of Pennsylvania Law School

* University of San Diego School of Law

* University of San Francisco School of Law

* University of Southern California Law School

* University of St. Thomas School of Law

* University of Utah College of Law

* University of Virginia School of Law

* Valparaiso University School of Law

* Vanderbilt University Law School

* Vermont Law School

* Wake Forest University School of Law

* Washington and Lee University School of Law

* Washington University School of Law

* Whittier Law School

* Widener University School of Law

* William and Mary School of Law

* William Mitchell College of Law

* Willamette University College of Law

* Yale Law School

Custody Rights?
My Baby Does Not Have His Father'S Last Name, He Has Mine, Who Has More Rights?

Visitation, custody, and child support are three different legal orders that must be made by the Family court judge. If his name is not on the birth certificate, you must prove he is the bio dad to garner a child support order. Time is very important. If you wait too long, you will lose. DNA tests must be ordered by the court.