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Finding An Experienced Lawyer Regardless of what your legal needs are you will find that there are countless lawyers in your town that advertise that they can are experts in your kind of case. This may make the whole process of finding one with a great deal of experience somewhat of a challenge. However, if you follow the following it is possible to narrow down your search off to the right one in very little time. Step one is to create a selection of the lawyers that are listed in your neighborhood specializing in your circumstances. When you are which makes this list you ought to only include those that you have an effective vibe about based upon their advertisement. You can then narrow this list down by using a little while evaluating their internet site. There you will be able to find the number of years they are practicing plus some general information about their success rates. At this point your list ought to have shrunken further to those that you just felt had professional websites and an appropriate volume of experience. You ought to then spend some time to look up independent reviews of each and every attorney. Make sure to look at the reviews rather than just counting on their overall rating. The info from the reviews will give you an idea of the way that they connect to the clientele and the time they invest into each case they are taking care of. Finally, you should talk to a minimum of the past three lawyers which have the credentials you are interested in. This gives you some time to really evaluate how interested they can be in representing both you and your case. It really is imperative that you follow most of these steps to ensure that you hire a company which includes the best degree of experience to obtain the ideal outcome.

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Sex Crimes Defense Attorney?
What Is The Average Salary For A Sex Crimes Defense Attorney? One Day I Hope To Be A Partner For A Large Firm.. I'M Currently Attending University For A Ba In Psychology W/ A Minor In Political Science. I Actually Want To Be A Neuropsychologist.. Specializing In Sex, Sexual Deviance And Sex Therapy.. But I Would Also Like To Be Able To Defend Those Accused Of Criminal Sexual Acts. I Guess I Want Two Professions! Any Advice For Me?

A criminal defense attorney who is good and brings in clients, if working for a large well known firm makes over $300,000 a year. Getting to that point can mean many years of work.
Charged sex offenders do not tend to hire private attorneys. Without bringing in paying clients your firm is not going to allow pro bono work, especially for sex cases which makes for poor PR.
To really work sex offender defense you have to become a public defender. They make about the same as prosecutors. In my county about the same a police detective.

Your Legal Aid Lawyer Wants You To Plead Guilty To Aggravated Assault When It Was Truly Self Defense?
You Can Get Up To Ten Years In Prison If Found Guilty If This Goes To Trial -Otherwise You Get A Chance For 6 Months House Arrest, ('Can Leave The House For Work And With Your Kids Except For Night Time) Probation, Community Service, Anger Management Classes, Sensitivity Classes And The Risk Of Deportation Back To A Violent Poor Third World Country. You Have Never Done Anything Wrong Before This In Your Life-'Never Even Got A Traffic Ticket And Even Used To Work In Law Enforcement. Would You Take The Risk And Go To Trial And Risk Getting Ten Years In Prison And Being Separated From Your Young Kids And Mentally Handicapped Child? Or Accept A Criminal Record And Risk Of Deportation With Your Kids And A Bleak Future? You Really Do Not Think You Are Guilty Of A Crime But The Other Person Was Badly Injured And Your Injuries Were Minor In Comparison. Please Do Not Judge Or Be Nasty-Just Advise Me What You Would Do If This Happened To You -Ty.

Sorry, but there is not really enough information here to make that call.

Lawyers advise their clients to take one action or another based on what the evidence may prove or not prove. If the lawyer believes that the state's case is strong, based on the number of witnesses, the credibility of the witnesses, the forensic evidence and other evidence, the lawyer may advise the client to plead guilty in order to receive a lighter sentence.

That sounds like what has happened here.

But the decision belongs to the client and if the client disagrees with the lawyer and believes that he/she can convince the jury of his/her innocence or self-defense claim, then the client may decide to go to trial. If the client does this, he/she should hire the best lawyer available that agrees with the decision to defend the case.

The only "evidence" you talk about in your question, is the fact that the other guy was hurt worse than the defendant. This will not look good to the judge or jury, as you are only allowed to use the force necessary to defend yourself, not more.

If the other evidence is also stacked up against the defendant, he/she should probably take the lawyer's advice.

Need Legal Help?
I'M In Desperate Need Of Legal Help And Haven'T The Money For A Lawyer...And The Case Is Another State

My advice is to speak to a lawyer and the best, most inexpensive way to do this is through Pre-Paid Legal Services. For more information visit the website below, and feel free to contact me through that site if you have further questions on how this service may be able to help you. I encourage you to find out what your rights and options are in this situation. If you sign up today you can ask your question tomorrow.

I wish you the best of luck.

Is This Legal (Please Help Me With This)?
My Husband And I Have Been Separated A Year Now. Everything We Purchased Within The Union Of Our Marriage Including All My Personal Things Are In Storage. Right After We Separated I Had Nervous Break Down So He Took Care Of Moving For Me. He Was The Provider And Its Real Hard For Me To Get Back On My Feet But Anyway He Wants Me To Pay Half Of The Storage Fee Before I Can Get My Daughter And My Things. He Doesnt Pay Alimony And I Really Cant Afford A Lawyer Trying To Go Through Legal Aid But They Are Giving Me The Run Around. Please If Anybody Know Where I Can Go To Get Legal Help I Am Open To Suggestions. I Am Really Not Worried About My Things My Child Wants Her Things.

When you rent a storage area, there is a contract that is signed. Is the contract in his name, or in yours? Have you signed any kind of agreement with the storage company?

If it is in his name only, you should contact your local law enforcement and explain the situation to them. They should be able to retrieve your items for you. If your husband wants you to pay half of the storage costs, he would need to pursue a claim in conciliation (small claims) court.

You don't say what state you're in, so I can't give you a link to your state's bar association, but every state has a state bar association that will offer you a list of attorneys who will help you at no charge. You can find the phone number by using Yahoo or google and searching for "bar association" and "Idaho" (substitute whatever state you're in).

If you and your husband are not working toward a reconciliation, you should probably pursue finalizing your divorce sooner rather than later, for many reasons - including the fact that you will likely be awarded maintenance (alimony) and child support. In addition, there is nothing currently that is keeping your husband from running up additional debt, which the court may split between the two of you when you do divorce. You really do need to speak with an attorney licensed in your state about all these issues.

Good luck to you.

Need Help Regarding Felony Charges. Yes Again.?
2 Months Ago, My Former Friend'S Dad Got In An Accident, In Which He Was No Longer Able To Work. He Was No Longer To Pay The Bills And Was 2 Months Behind. I Was Nice, So I Loan My Friend 4000 Dollars. He Promised He Would Have Payed Me Once He Received His Income Return. 1 Month Ago, His Friend Told Me He Had Received His Income Return. Right After, I Tried To Get Ahold Of Him, But To No Avail. He Never Answered My Calls Or Was Never Home. At That Time, I Had Arranged To Pay A Deposit And First Months Rent Of An Apartment My Friends And I Were Getting. I Had 3 Days Left To Pay, But I Still Couldn'T Get Ahold Of Him. I Found Out One Day That He Told His Friend That He Was Never Going To Pay Me. This Is When My 4 Friends And I Decided To Break Into His House To At Least Get Some Stuff Of His. One Night, We Drove To His House. When We Got There, We Decided Not To Do It, So My Friend Just Threw 2 Rocks At The Windows. On The Way Out Of The Neighborhood, We Got Stopped.

Boy, I seem to be on a trail with your questions and you keep giving out more details so I have to clarify my answer again and again (this is my third response).

First if you didn’t make your friend sign any legal documents saying that he owed you money then the debt won’t be provable or considered by the court. Between friends a person’s word should be good enough, but I have found that when money is involved all bets are off.

What ever you wrote in your statement and confessed to will probably stick, you should have waited for a lawyer. Did anyone ask for a lawyer or did you just get frightened and wrote those statements. If you did then and didn’t ask for a lawyer first then those statements will hold in court and they will be very hard to break. A good lawyer can do it, but probably not a lawyer from the Public Defender’s Office. You would need to prove that the police were notified you wanted a lawyer and didn’t get you one, or that the confessions were coerced, forced out of you somehow; the mere threat of jail isn’t enough, you were in jail already. The threat of serving time in a prison isn’t strong enough either since you are considered innocent until proven guilty.

The charge of Organized Crime may not stick, unless any of you are members of a gang. You are friends and your relationship as friends is not a criminal one. A good lawyer can make that charge “go away.”

In your two earlier questions you implied that guns were involved, if there were no guns present then that is good, but if you had a screwdriver the prosecutor can call that a weapon similar to a knife. If the knife has tool marks on it that could seem to make it look like it was sharpened then this question of a weapon or not becomes more important.

Your statements are the key to the case and they will be your doom. What ever you wrote and signed in police custody will be what the final decision will hinge on. If no one in your group was a gang member then you can argue your way past the organized crime charge, but you confessed to the others so a trial is a mere formality. If you can’t break those confessions then you will go to jail on attempted burglary (breaking and entering) and burglary to attempt theft (attempted theft). If you confessed that the group of you planned on breaking in and robbing your former friend then that is a conspiracy, although not necessarily a criminal one. Still it will only increase the threat you posed and that will make the charges seem worse and the probably punishment even worse.

The fact that you were leaving doesn’t matter; the fact that you might have intended something else is also immaterial. You confessed, and what ever you wrote on that confession will stay, it will cause you to lose the case, and it will put you in jail.

You have two options. First find a very good lawyer (read that as expensive) who can break those confessions or plead guilty and try to come off as good boys who planned a crime, but realized that it was wrong and you couldn’t do it. You were wanted to repent for that act so you willingly confessed to the police. I doubt if anyone will believe that you were on your way to turn yourself in, but you could try and suggest that to you lawyer and see what he thinks. You may end up confessing your guilt and “throwing yourself on the mercy of the court.” But, don’t do that until after you talk with a lawyer, in fact don’t say anything until you contact a lawyer. Future communication with your friends can be traced and that can be used to say enforce the idea of a conspiracy, so don’t talk with them. Seek legal advice this minute, I mean right after you read this note.

Where Can I Go Online To Ask Lawyers Questions For Free?
I'M In A Real Bind I Need Some Assistance. My Husband Claimed Me On Taxes Illegally We Are Not Together I Am Being Taxed For Him. I Want A Divorce But I Can'T Afford It.

You don't want to get legal advice over the Internet - THAT is NOT a good idea!!!!

Call your local (usually county) bar association. Ask for Lawyers that handle Family Law matters. ALSO, ask for the phone number for your local Legal Aid office.

When you call the law office(s), insist on speaking with the Attorney. Do NOT tell all the little details of your matter to the Secretary - save the details for the Lawyer. When you get the Attorney on the phone line, ask him/her:
- Do they have FREE, initial consultations?
- How much do they charge?
- Do they accept payments on their accounts?
- Can they help you? OR Refer you to someone who can help you?

Good luck.