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3 Approaches To Know You've Picked The Correct Lawyer It's pretty intimidating to go through a legal court system, particularly if you lack confidence inside your legal team. Allow me to share three important approaches to know that you've hired the right lawyer: 1. They Focus On Your Type Of Case Legislation is usually tricky and that requires specialists to tackle the tough cases. When you really need an attorney, look for one who relates to the challenge you're facing. Even though a member of family or friend recommends you employ a company they know, should they don't have a focus that's similar to your case, keep looking. As soon as your attorney is undoubtedly an expert, especially in the trouble you're facing, you understand you've hired the right choice. 2. The Lawyer Has A Winning Record Depending on the circumstances, it can be difficult to win an instance, especially if the team working for you has little to no experience. Search for practices which may have won numerous cases that pertain to yours. While this is no guarantee that you simply case will likely be won, it gives you a significantly better shot. 3. They Listen And Respond In case the attorney you've chosen takes enough time to hear your concerns and respond to your inquiries, you've probably hired the correct one. No matter how busy they may be or how small your concerns seem off their perspective, it's essential that they react to you inside a caring and timely manner. From the aim of view of an ordinary citizen who isn't acquainted with the judicial system, court cases might be pretty scary you will need updates as well as to feel as if you're area of the solution. Some attorneys are merely more suitable to you and the case than the others. Make certain you've hired the most appropriate team for your circumstances, to actually can place the matter behind you as fast as possible. Faith within your legal representative is the first step to winning any case.

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Legal Information, I Need Help?
I Had Sex With A Girl And Recorded It Without Her Knowing And I Showed My Friends And Then Deleted It, She Found Out I Showed People And Now She Wants To Press Charges, The Texts I Have Send Her Prove I Showed People And That There Was A Video, What Charges Can She Press On Me Or Can She Not At All? Need Help Asap

it depends on where you are, how old you and she were at the time..
the circumstances.. ( drugs/alcohol.. obviously voluntary by both parties .. did you edit the recording her house or someplace where she expected privacy.. did she specifically ask about anyone finding out.. )
how badly her reputation is damaged, does she still get hassled, and is she changing school / jobs / moving away.. phych help?

You can be charged with all kinds of stuff, but it depends on the jurisidiction, everyplace has some different laws

-- violation of privacy, violation of federal wiretapping
-- sexual offense / lifetime registration as a sex offender
-- statutory rape, sexual assault (just talking or touching can be assault) - the act of sex may not be the crime..
- bullying
-- unlawful gains did you profit, either in reputation or with tangible 'stuff' when you showed this; did she lose reputation or 'stuff'
-- besmirched reputation / slander - why did you show it, even truth can be a crime if shared for malicious reasons
-- loss of future cohabitation/income .. her social background; was she in an arranged marraige that is now ruined, has her church (or equivalent) made her an outcast,.. does this movie make her less likely to be employed or less likely to marry the man of her intent?

like I said - every place has different laws and variations. If you are in a really strict community, (or if she sues you from a really strict place) .. and if she can get a really good lawyer.. they can charge you with anything except the Lindbergh kidnapping. (old-time reference)

-- teens are getting branded a lifetime sex offenders for just 'sexting'.

- that guy in NJ/Rutgers University taped his room mate having sex. The room mate later committed suicide. The guy who taped it already got expelled from school ( means all student loan money was wasted- still needs to be repaid) , did a month in jail (20 days + good behavior) ; but the criminal prosecutor is still trying to get more charges, and the family wants to sue for wrongful death.

If you have already been contacted by police or legal officials, then don't delete or destroy anything. that can be considered 'spoilation'. If you intentionally destroy evidence you know the authorities ( police, court, any legal official) wants, then the other person can say anything they want and you can't prove you didn't do even worse things. Plus you get more charges for destroying evidence. If nobody from the court/police has spoken to you, it may not be a concern.

If nothing else, you should apologize - genuinely, and do what you can to put a stop to all the gossip and sharing of files/ texts for good.

Remember that 'deleted' files can usually be recovered if enough smarts / resources are spent trying to recover them. Nothing is 100% non-recoverable.. just really-really hard to recover.

Get a lawyer if you haven't already done so, but don't make a big public deal out of it. Once the news hears what you have done, you will be branded as a horrible person.
(I'm not sure - but I'm not judging you )

What Forms Does The Superior Court Clerk Commonly Provide? For Family Law?
Summons? Sheriff'S Entry Of Service? Verification? Acknowledgement Of Service? Trying To Find Out Which Forms I Need To Bring To The Clerk To File An Entire Petition For Legitimation. I'M In Georgia, But Anything You Know Will Be Appreciated

You will have to ask the clerk's office, read the rules of court, and/or find a manual for filing legitimation petitions in your local library or legal library, if it is open to the public. You can ask a lawyer, of course, but I assume you can't afford one.

There is a form that must be filed with any pleading filed in Superior Court, which you can find at the link below. No other forms appear to be available online. In most courts, the clerk provides you with the summons when the case is filed. Be sure to keep copies of all documents before you file. You will receive a docket number on the summons, and that must be placed on all other documents. The summons will probably have a section for the rest of the service-related information, which are alternative ways to serve the defendant/respondent, except for the verification.

How Can I Find A Business Litigation Attorney On Contingency?
I Have A Strong Breach Of Contract Case And Want To Find A Business Attorney, Knowledgeable In Contract Law, Who'Ll Take It On Contingency. How Can I Find Such An Attorney? Most Biz Attorney'S Want To Be Paid Hourly

You call around and ask. Maybe you'll get lucky and find somebody with nothing better to do. I wouldn't count on it though.

A Question For Aggressive !! Civil Attorneys?
I Know A Friend Who Is Out Of State, And Is Trying To Establish A New Life In This City. He Needs Shelter, And This Homeless Shelter Is Refusing To Provide Shelter On Grounds That It Is Against Their &Quot;Policy&Quot; To Provide Shelter To Out Of State Residents. Now I Know Who Ever Is Reading This May Just Conclude That This Is Within Their Right. However I Believe Their Are Many Possible Legal Issues With This Situation. The Legal Issues That Could Be Surrounding This Issue Could Be But Not Limited To: A) Constitutional B) Civil C) Civil Rights (I Know This May Be A Stretch, But It Is Illegal To Discriminate Against Someone On Grounds Of Race, Religion, National Origin, Sexual Orientation, Etc. It Seems To Me That Regional Status Could Be An Unexplored Venue In Discrimination. (Lets Face It Their Is A Long History Of Discrimination Based On People From Other Regions) Another Thought That Comes To Mind That Is, If The Shelter Is Receiving Any Funding On The Federal Or Even State Level Could Determine If Their Policy Is Even Legal. Any Thoughts On This? Everyone Is Invited To Answer This Question, However I Want Lawyers, Paralegals, Student Lawyers, Or Even People Who Really Study It.

Well, I'm wondering what the concept of "residency" even means for a homeless person. But anyway ...

"I know this may be a stretch, but it is illegal to discriminate against someone on grounds of race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, etc. It seems to me that regional status could be an unexplored venue in discrimination"

Yeah, it's a stretch. Race, religion, national origin, and sexual orientation are things recognized as being impossible or very inconvenient to change. OTOH, if a person from Georgia doesn't like being from Georgia, he or she is quite free to move to Alabama.

Besides, just about every law on the books makes some sort of distinction between classes of citizens, and so the canard that "it discriminates" is pretty hollow -- but that doesn't stop attorneys from trying to use it, and some judges from falling for it.

But even if that issue did get to court in a lawsuit, I imagine the opposing argument would be some variant of the "rational basis" or "compelling state interest" variety. In this case, it's a pretty safe bet that the homeless center was set up to serve the needs of the *local* community. Bear in mind that the homeless shelters of, say, New York City, have a hard enough time serving NYC's homeless population; that they cannot possibly serve the homeless populations of Chicago, Atlanta, etc. as well; and that homeless people in those cities presumably have similar resources in their own areas.

Father Receiving Joint Custody?
What Would Be Reasons That A Father Would Not Receive Joint Custody Of His 2 1/2 Year Old Daughter. Besides The Obvious Like Being Abusive, Bad Record, Just All Around Bad Person. What Would Make The Court Decide That A Father Cannot Have Time To See His Daughter With Joint Custody In Arizona?

Are you talking about joint legal or joint physical custody? These are two different things.

Generally the court will not give joint physical custody of a child under the age of five. Research has found that it is not good for young children to be passed back and forth between two different homes/two different beds unless the parents have agreed to do this. Judges tend to give very liberal visitation, though.

But unless the father is abusive TO THE CHILD (it is not enough that the father may have had a history of abuse with the mother), the father WILL get joint legal custody.

Local Imigration Lawyer In Nc?
Any Information On A Local Immigration Lawyer In Nc?

like in Charlotte NC?