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Finding A Highly Skilled Lawyer No matter what your legal needs are you will see that there are many lawyers in the area that advertise that they can specialize in your kind of case. This can make the whole process of finding one with a great deal of experience a bit of a challenge. However, when you follow the tips below you will be able to restrict your search off to the right one out of very little time. The first task is to make a selection of the lawyers which are listed in your area focusing on your needs. While you are causeing this to be list you ought to only include those that you have a good vibe about based upon their advertisement. You may then narrow this list down by using a bit of time evaluating their internet site. There you must be able to find just how many years they are practicing plus some general information about their success rates. At this time your list must have shrunken further to those which you felt had professional websites along with an appropriate amount of experience. You ought to then make time to lookup independent reviews of each and every attorney. Be sure to see the reviews instead of just depending on their overall rating. The info in the reviews provides you with a solid idea of the way that they communicate with their clientele and how much time they invest into each case they are taking care of. Finally, you should talk to at the very least the past three lawyers that have the credentials you are looking for. This will provide you with some time to truly evaluate how interested they are in representing you and your case. It is actually vital that you follow all of these steps to actually find a person which includes the proper amount of experience to help you the perfect outcome.

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I Need A Legal Aid Child Support Lawyer In Boston!!!!!?
My Husband And I Live In Florida But His Son Lives In Boston, We Need A Free Lawyer In Boston To Help Us In Child Support Case,,,,,

Sorry, no free lawyers, unless you're needing a reduction, than the government provides the service.

To learn a father's rights, join Dads House in Yahoo Groups. It's free to join and you associate with other fathers going through the same thing.

Child Support Modifications & Arrears
Negotiating The System

Modifying The Order

Federal Handbook For Non-custodial Parents

Rebuttable Presumptions Modifications

Child Support Trust Funds

Contempt Of Court Hearings

Retroactive Modifications Of Arrears

Tax Info

When Support Orders End

Modifications Due to New Child

Modification Due Remarriage

Custody Battle Legal Question?
Hi, I Know A Friend Who Lives Seperate From Her Wife. They Are Not Divorced But Not Seeing Each Other, Otherwise Legally Married. They Have 2 Kids And Both Live With The Wife. Their Was No Court Order Or Anything Giving Her Custody But She Just Have Them Cause She Wont Give Them To Their Father. He Live In Mi And She Lives In Ca. About Month Ago The Wife Tried To Commit Suecide And Almost Killed Herself By Overdosing On Some Pills. The Hospital Called Us And Told Us To Take The Kids Home Cause She Gave Them Our Number. I Brought The Kids Home And Called Their Dad. Their Dad Came The Next Day And Took His Kids With Him. Now She Is Out Of Hospital And Telling Me She Will Sue Me For Letting Her Kids Go With Their Dad And She Wants Her Kids Back. Is Their Anything She Can Do Against Us Legally, Since I Couldnt Legally Stop Their Father From Taking Them Too. What Happen If She Calls The Police Or Sue Us ? How Can I Defend Myself? Does She Have Any Legal Course Of Action?

I wouldn't worry. Father has a legal right to the children and she does not seem to be in the right condition to be caring for children right now. There was no legal arrangement between her and you. Let them work it out in the courts. The children are not your responsibility - you did her a favour in taking the kids home.

What Is It Like Being A Lawyer?
I Am 14 Years Old, And I Was Just Wondering What It Is Really Like. I Have Always Been Interested In The Tv Shows About Lawyers...And I M Just Wondering If It Is Really Like That? So, If You Are A Lawyer, Or Know One Really Well...Tell Me What It Is Like? Is It Rewarding? Is It Hard Work? Do You/They Like It? Let Me Know. Thanks :)

I'm a paralegal, which is an assistant for a lawyer. I essentially prepare all the documents for them, do research and keep track of their deadlines and follow-up matters.

First let me clear one thing up: NO career is what it looks like on TV... and particularly the lawyer ones. TV shows are made for entertainment - not a depiction of what the reality of that occupation is. These types of shows drive me nuts because they do not follow any of the REAL legal procedures properly and a lot of the scenarios are unrealistic (most extreme example of over-exaggeration of what it's really like to be a lawyer is Boston Legal).

I'll explain the process of how to become a lawyer. First, you must complete a four-year undergraduate program (obtain a bachelor's degree) with good grades. Then, to get into law school, you must take and pass a test call the LSAT. Upon passing that, and applying to and getting accepted into a school, law school takes three years if you are completely devoted to it. Then after you graduate law school, you have what is called a Juris Doctor. But you're not a lawyer yet! Then you must take and pass what is called the Bar Exam (a three-day long test) in the state you want to practice in. This test, depending on the state, is difficult and many people have to take it multiple times before passing. After you pass "the Bar," then you are a lawyer. To give you an idea of what all this costs, I have a friend who got his JD back in 2006, and his student loan bills were about $1,600.00 month. (Upon learning that, I decided not to be a lawyer. LOL!)

The education process I described above is very reading and writing intensive. So if you are considering being a lawyer, it would help out substantially if you have a strength in reading voluminous material and comprehensively applying it to solve complex problems. Being a good lawyer is not all about being a good arguer like one would think - it's more about who is better at doing thorough research, investigation and presentation of facts and past precedents to a judge.

Anyway, being a lawyer is hard but rewarding work. The attorneys in my office put in long hours - they are always there before I get to work in the morning, and often stay several hours after closing the office. Additionally, the work weekends frequently. Attorneys happen to be one of the occupations that have a higher divorce rate as the job is typically stressful and demanding, thereby making it challenging to maintain a healthy work and personal life balance. As a paralegal, I typically work 8:00 - 5:00, and don't have the burden of liabilities and stress that they carry.

There are many different areas of law out there than you can choose to practice as a lawyer. The TV shows just show the "glamorous" field of being a prosecutor and putting away the bad guys. There's family law, which deals with divorce, custody, adoptions, egg donation and surrogacy, prenuptial agreements and the like. There's commercial and residential real estate, where you represent buyers and sellers of houses and buildings to make sure they are getting the best deal. Litigation is another exciting (but high-intensity, stressful area). You would see an extremely radical example of litigation on the show Boston Legal... where people essentially sue each other for various causes of action. Personal injury is another branch off of litigation, where you are essentially suing (or defending) someone do to an accident that caused an injury. You can do business law (what my office primarily practices), where you represent businesses in formation and in their various transactions, lawsuits and other endeavors. You can do estate planning (I do that too!), where you create Wills, powers of attorney and other important documents for people, or estate probate/administration, where you usually represent a family member of a deceased person in helping them navigate the process of the legal aspects after their loved one dies... I also do that. There's so many more, but those are all the big ones.

Being a lawyer is not for everyone, but the people who do it are addicted to it. I LOVE my job assisting them. The work I do is interesting and rewarding for me. I look forward to going to work every day.

You have a lot of time to decide. One of the best ways to get your foot in the door (like I did) is apply at a law firm to be a file clerk when you are 18. What you would do in that position is essentially file all of the documents that the firm creates in their appropriate files. It's a great way to "get your hands dirty" and get a feel for what it's really like. No TV show, classroom or story from someone can teach you more than this kind of first-hand experience will. I started there at 18 and did that while I went to school and it helped me confirm that this was the right field for me.

How Can I Get Law Advice Concerning A Potential Malpractice Suite Caused By A Mistake By A Doctor .?
In Which My Toddler Son Is Now Experiencing Some Developemental Problems Which May Be Due To The Delayed Birth.

Most attorneys who practice medical malpractice will have to examine all the medical records before they decide whether or not you have a case. Medical malpractice is a HIGHLY specialized area of the law, and not every attorney is qualified to represent you adequately. Stay away from lawyers who advertise that they get "quick recoveries."
There is no easy way to find the right attorney. It takes research, lots and lots of research.
If you know an attorney who practices in deeds and wills, talk to them about who they would recommend, as a starting point.

Looking For Attorney?
I Am Looking For A Pro Bono Attorney To Help Me With The Investigation Of The Killing And Robbery Of My 21 Year Old Son. The Cops Didnt Take Prints Of The Gun Nor Did They Run The Serial Number Just To Name A Few Things They Did Not Do. If You All Know Of Anyone I Would Appreciate It. My Son Was Killed On 12/6/07 No More Christmas For Me And My Family

First let me say how terribly sorry I am. I have two sons, a 21 y.o. & a 24 y.o. What you described is every parent's worst nightmare. I'm so sorry for your loss. Your family will be in my prayers.
Here is a site for pro bono lawyers:
I hope that you'll be able to find one who will take your case.
If you are a crime victim or someone who knows about an injustice or case that needs a spotlight, call "Nancy Grace" at 1-888-GRACE-01 or send information via e-mail to "Nancy Grace."

God bless!

Need An Insight Between Careers In Teaching Or Lawyer?
I'M In A Middle Of A Career Change From A Banking Job To Either Becoming An Elementary Teacher Or A Public Interest Or Real Estate Lawyer. Just Need Some Opinions From Yahoo Answers.

Between real estate lawyer, public interest lawyer or elementary school teacher the choices are very different.

In terms of cost, in most states becoming a teacher is not that difficult or expensive but getting a law degree will take 3 years and a fair amount of money, so that might be a factor you want to consider.

Both as a public interest lawyer and as a teacher I think you can make a real positive impact but as a teacher I think that you make more of a day to day impact whereas as a public interest lawyer (unless you are a P.D. or prosecutor) I think your payoffs are not as immediate (but often larger in terms of helping a whole class of people).

If you are a real estate attorney for a large firm or even for a medium size firm, I think the pay will be far better than public interest law or teaching, but if you are leaving banking because of the hours, then don't go this route as working at a law firm is just as much of a grind.

I think, unfortunately, teaching is not as highly regarded in this country as it ought to be and its a very hard demanding job so I think you should be sure that you have a backup plan or that you are very committed before you leave banking to do it.