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Finding A Skilled Lawyer No matter what your legal needs are you will see that there are many lawyers in the area that advertise they specialize in your form of case. This may make the whole process of finding one with significant amounts of experience somewhat of a challenge. However, in the event you follow the following you will be able to define your pursuit to the correct one out of very little time. The first step is to generate a selection of the lawyers which are listed in the area focusing on your circumstances. When you are causeing this to be list you need to only include those which you have a great vibe about based upon their advertisement. After that you can narrow this list down by using some time evaluating their webpage. There you should be able to find just how many years they are practicing plus some general details about their success rates. At this moment your list ought to have shrunken further to people that you simply felt had professional websites along with an appropriate amount of experience. You ought to then spend some time to lookup independent reviews for each attorney. Make sure to read the reviews instead of just depending on their overall rating. The info inside the reviews provides you with a sense of the direction they communicate with their customers and how much time they invest into each case they are focusing on. Finally, you should meet with at the very least the final three lawyers which may have the credentials you are searching for. This will give you enough time to genuinely evaluate how interested they are in representing both you and your case. It really is important to follow most of these steps to ensure that you find a person which includes the proper level of experience to get you the very best outcome.

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Can Anyone Give Reference To An Attorney That'Ll Take A Wrongful Death & Liability Case After 3 Yrs Passed?
01/14/05 My Daughter Was Kidnapped Out Her Job Site Where She Worked As A Teachers Aid. Then The Next Day 01/15/05 The Lapd Came Incontact With Suspect & My Daughter,Got Suspect Out The Vehicle At Gun Point,Allowed Him To Somehow Run Back To The Car Where They &Quot;Say They Heard Gun Shots But Opened Fire On The Vehicle 43 Times Striking My Daughter In The Head.My Daughter Left Behind Four Children.Me &Quot;The Mother & Clearly The Executor Of Her Estate Have Been Horrased By Lawyers Fromn The Board Of Education In Regards To My Gardianship.After I Disagreed With My Attorney Making Settlements Without My Knowledge & Permission,She Then Went To Partial Gardians Of Two Of My Daughters Children,Granted Them Executor Of My Daughter To Make Settlement With Board Of Eduacation & Persue Lawsuit Towards Lapd.My Present Attorney Admitted To Making Arrangments & Agreements With Her Creating A Conflict As Well.Im Writing Letters To The Bar Association Requesting Displinary Investigation,What Else Now?

First, my sympathy goes out to you.
It sounds like your attorney may have acted negligently. If this is the case then you are doing the right thing contacting the bar, but they have their limitations. You need to seek another attorney.

The statute of limitations for wrongful death in CA is 1 year, with exceptions. Hopefully your attorney filed and preserved your rights.

The guardianship is a completely different issue and I'm unclear what this entails. Why is the Board of Education contacting you about guardianship? They should not be in contact with you, but should be contacting your attorney.
I would also look at the CA bar website to see if your attorney has had any other complaints. Find another attorney and WRITE down everything you can think of that your current attorney has done to foul up this case.

Aflac Question, Regaurding Personal Injury Claim...?
Ok I Have Aflac Accidental Injury Plan, Where They Pay U For Injuries, And Then Pay So Much For Each Thing That Was Done Regaurding That Injury(Followups, Therapy, Mris, Surgery, Braces, Crutches...Ect)... Any Way I Injured My Knee Back In June Playing Beach Volleyball, And I Got All The Paperwork For The Claim, But I Just Havent Sent It To Them Yet, Because Im Still Being Seen And Treated For The Injury( The Ortho Is Waiting To See If Surgery Is Going To Be Needed) Since Im Still Having A Lot Of Pain With Any Twisting Motions And Squating... Anyway I Was Wondering If Its Too Late To File The Paper Work To Get The Claim Started Or Should I Be Ok Since Im Still Being Treated For The Same Injury... I Looked At My Paper Work And The Only Thing That It Said Was The Inital Visit Had To Be Within 72 Hrs Of The Inital Injury, It Said Nothing About How Long U Have To Get The Paper Work In... Thanks For Any Help, I Will Be Going To The Main Office On Monday Just Wanted To Be Prepared

you can file the claim within reasonable anytime regardless if you are still seeking treatment. you should file your claim though so that AFLAC will send you a check.

i have filed claims as soon as the day after the accident (then you "continue" the claim for any additional treatment) all the way out to a claim that was 5 year in the making (the policy holder just forgot)

depending on you agent, you might be able to file through them, your agent can help out faster if something is wrong and they will make sure all of you paperwork is in order. TRUST ME, its a whole lot better than talking to someone a 1000 miles away (im in michigan, world wide HQ is in georgia)

Malpractice Lawyer Help?
I Need Some Advice. I Have Been In Sever Pain In My Jaw, Head And Tooth For About 2 Weeks Now. I Have Gone To The Dentist Twice So Far On An Emergency Basis And Told Him Of This Pain In My Head And That I Feel As If A Filling Has Come Out Of My Tooth. On Both Occasions He Has Looked And Told Me There Is Nothing Wrong With My Teeth! I Have Even Been To The Emergency Room Because The Headaches And Jaw Aches Are So Bad And Was Put On Antibiotics And Told That The Cause Was Most Likely My Tooth Or Teeth. I Went To The Dentist Again Today He Took An Xray And Said There Was Nothing Wrong But My Tooth Has A Hole In It From A Lost Filling But The Dentist Refuses To Do Anything More For Me. Does This Fall Under Malpratice And Is There Anything I Can Do About It? If I Go To Another Dentist And They Say Yes I Need A Filling Replaced?

I don't think it is, nor do I think it is financially worth it. You didn't mention whether or not the dentist was the original dentist who put in the filling. If he/she was not, of course they are not obligated to repair it for you. I don't really see this as malpractice. If he/she conducted thorough exams and found nothing until the x-rays, it just sounds like he/she is a bad dentist. I am sure you can file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau or the American Dental Association or whatever organization they maintain their license with.

Just to file a suit, you are looking at $200. Would you rather spend $1000 in a law suit to get someone to fix a tooth, or spend the $300 to just go to another dentist and get it fixed.

Does One Need A Lawyer For The Mediation Process In Family Court If One Party Has One? The Couple Is Unwed.?
Both Parents Are 18. They Had A Temporary Order That Has Expired For The Visitation, But I Guess Not The Child Support. The Father Has Been Kept From Seeing His Infant Son For Four Months Nor Has He Had Any Communication With The Mother (She Wont Answer Letters Or Phones), But He Has Been Paying Child Support Up Until Last Month. He Also Pays All The Health Care Benefits. He Has The Support, But Has Kept It In An Account Until He Is Able To Communicate With The Mother Or Will Bring It To Mediation. The Father Is In The Military, Stationed Within 150 Miles From The Child. Should He Hire An Attorney Or Wait Til After Mediation? She Has A Really Nasty One.


What SHE is doing is wrong but two wrongs don't make a right...

Send in those funds ASAP or the courts will put a really bad taste in his mouth when he tries explaining himself...

If SHE has a lawyer then he should lawyer up as well... Don't get caught being badgered or backed into a corner by her lawyer... Otherwise he should just remain calm, collected, and HONEST.

Do what is best for the child NOT for revenge...

HOLDING onto the child support in a bank account is not putting food in the child's stomach when he is hungry or heat on in the home when he is cold... THAT is selfish and out of revenge for the ex... THAT is not putting the CHILD #1...

How Can I Learn About Construction Laws And Contracts?
I'M A California Licensed Contractor That Is Interested In Learning As Much As I Can About Construction Law To Assist Me With Protecting My Business From Frivolous And/Or Malicious Litigation...Any Suggestions, Classes, Books, Online?

My husband is a licensed contractor in California too. He recently took /passed his exam. He used an online course to prep for the license, but they also have other education options - like law and additional classifications. My husband is doing the solar classification in hopes to get more business. Here is a link to the site and good luck with your jobs!

This Question Is For Any Criminal Attorney Who Can Help Me?
I Was Wrongly Bullied Into Taking A Plea-Bargain In 1996 And I Have Had A Complete Total Clean Record Since Then And I Want To Apply For Either A Pardon Or To Have My Record Completely Expunged An Di Need To Know How I Go About Doing That Or If It Can Even Be Done. If You E-Mail Me I Will Give You The Details Of The Case. Btw I Live In Ohio

What is Expungement (OR SEALING) OF A RECORD

Expungement is the sealing of a criminal record so it is not publicly available. The statutes authorizing expungement are Ohio Revised Code sections 2953.32 & 2953.52. While it is believed the following information is accurate, you should consider consulting an Ohio attorney to help you with the expungement process. If you cannot afford a lawyer, The Legal Aid Society of Cincinnati, (513) 241-9400, may be able to help.

Who Qualifies for Expungement?

It depends on whether there was a criminal conviction, or the criminal charge was dismissed or there was a finding of not guilty. In any case, a person does not qualify for expungement if criminal proceedings are pending against the person.

Persons Convicted of an Offense

Persons found not guilty or the criminal charge WAS dismissed

How is expungement obtained?

Step-By-Step MUNICIPAL court Guidelines:

Fee: If you are requesting the expungement of a non-conviction, no fee is required. Go to step 2. Otherwise, you must pay a $50.00 fee to the Clerk of Courts, 513-946-6010, room 112 of the Hamilton County Justice Center, 1000 Sycamore St., Cincinnati, OH 45202. If you indicate to the clerk you cannot afford the $50.00 filing fee, you will be referred to the Assignment Commissioner’s office, see the next step, to fill out the Affidavit of Indigency.

Proceed to the Assignment Commissioner’s office with any required fee receipt or to fill out, but not sign, the Affidavit of Indigency. The Assignment Commissioner’s office, 513-946-6250, is located in room 117 of the Hamilton County Justice Center, 1000 Sycamore St., Cincinnati, OH 45202. At the Assignment Commissioner's office, you also will be required to fill out and file the Probation Information Sheet and the appropriate application for expungement. No hearing date will be set, until a completed Probation Information Sheet is received by the Assignment Commissioner’s office.

The required forms are available at the Assignment Commissioner's office and here for download:

Affidavit of Indigency: Word or PDF
Application to Expunge Conviction: Word or PDF [$50.00 Fee]
Application to Expunge Record of Non-Conviction: Word or PDF [No Fee]
Probation Information Sheet: Word or PDF

Don't have Word? Download Word Viewer.
Download Acrobat Reader → →

The Application to Expunge will be set for consideration by the judge you originally appeared before; the Probation Department will get the Probation Information Sheet; and any Affidavit of Indigency will be filed in your case file.

[The expungement request is usually scheduled for hearing in about four to six weeks before the judge. Pending the hearing, your application is checked by the Probation Department for initial eligibility. Be sure to respond promptly to any request for information from the Probation Department. The Probation Department reports its findings to the judge for consideration at the expungement hearing. If you do not respond to the Probation Department, it is likely the department will report that you do not qualify for expungement.]

On the court date, the clerk assigned to the courtroom will have you sign the Affidavit of Indigency under oath. Please also see WHAT TO DO IF YOU CANNOT MAKE A COURT APPEARANCE.

If your request for expungement is granted and you have filed the Affidavit of Indigency, but the judge finds you are not indigent, the sealing of your record will not take place until the $50.00 fee is paid. If your request for expungement is granted and the judge finds you are indigent, the record will be sealed without payment of a fee.

See also Local Administrative Rule 2.10.