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Nearly all men and women do not think about obtaining a legal professional until they are in desperate need. The lawful difficulty could be personal, like family law, for a breakup or if you are hunting for a bankrupcy or trust lawyer or attorney. It may be a felony situation you want to be defended on. Firms require attorneys as well, regardless of whether they are being sued for discrimination, sexual harassment, or maybe unjustified business tactics. Tax lawyers are also beneficial when dealing with government issues. Just like doctors, lawyers have expertise. A sizeable, full service law firm has a lot of lawyers with distinct areas of skills, so relying on your legal issue, you can promptly retain the most effective attorney at law to fulfill your existing need without having to begin your search each time you need legal help.It is ideal to find a law firm you can believe. You really want one with a decent record, who istrustworthy, reliable, and wins cases. You need to have confidence that they will defend you properly and charge you fairly for their services. Oftentimes a referral from a good friend or business affiliate can be very helpful, however you should keep your options open and review all the firms accessible, due to the fact when you need to have legal help, you need it immediately and you desire the finest you can afford. Thank you for looking for a attorney with us. Your time is valuable, and Action Pages, at, is delighted to offer you specific search parameters to satisfy your needs. We continually make an effort to focus on the most popular phrases so you can quickly find whatever you are looking for.

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Has Anyone Ever Used Legal Aid To Get A Divorce?
I Would Like To Talk With Someone That Has Used Legal Aid, To Get A Divorce ? I Need To Talk With Someone That Has Used Legal Aid. They Have Me In Contact With A Lawyer. If You Have Used Legal Aid Hot Long Did It Take To Get A Divorce ? Plese Get In Touch With Me You U Or Someone You Know Has Used Legal Aid...... I Need Advice Fast Please.................................

Hi Nancy:
Yes. I used Legal Aid twice to get
divorced. If you haven't the money,
and you need help, contact the legal
aid office and ask for a good lawyer
that works with divorce cases. If this
is a difficult divorce, and you are
confused ask for an apt. asap.

I found a wonderful lawyer after I saw,
talked with, and dropped 3 lawyers.
Even though you don't have money,
you have rights to a good lawyer, and
one that will understand you.

I have learned that I must respect myself
through life first off. My children were
there and watching all. They do as we do.....

I am in a wonderful new relationship, and
happy I stood by myself with honour and
respect. At times I sure felt like I was a
stupid person.....not so....

Keep Believing in you,
all will work out one way or another.
and thoughts,

Where Can I Get Free Legal Advice With Regard To Filing A Lawsuit Against The Children'S Aid Society, Ontario
What Class Action Is Active In The York Region, Ontario, Vs. The Children'S Aid Society

First: as your proposed legal action involves children, it is very important that you consult a lawyer. As you might expect, free legal advice is worth what you pay for it.

However, there is a wealth of free legal information available to you through various advocacy and community groups. One such is the Access to Justice Network. Also recommended is the Bora Laskin Law Library's web resources; the librarians there get a lot of questions from people wanting free legal help, and while they can't provide that, they created this resource to help people find their own answers. They also link to several resources that can help you find a lawyer - including the Law Society and Legal Aid Ontario.

As the CAS has been involved in many court actions, it will be difficult to identify the case you mention. A family law layer might know of it by reputation, as would community activists or journalists involved in children's aid issues. But you would need to provide more details of the case.

Another option is to contact the Canadian Bar Association. They have set up a pilot project in Toronto that lists class action cases. While this is so new that they might not have the information you need yet, it can't hurt to get in touch with them at:

National Class Action Database, Canadian Bar Association
E-mail: (Attention: Kerri Froc)

Speech On Drunk Driving
I Need A Beginning For My Drink Driving Speech That Makes The Audience Imagine The Situation. Like This "Imagine You Had A Sober Night Out And Your Killed By A Drunk Driver Coming Home" Longer Than That Though . And Dramatic ..

"The timeless issue: drunk driving, an offense the law sometimes seems too lenient on. Why is it that the person who just happens to be 0.081 gets the burden of an on-board breathalyzer and thousands of dollars in fines, but the person who killed someone while drunk gets 30 hours of community service and "time in the corner"? Lets look into it, and how we can bring about balance to the law, and justice to murderers who kill while intoxicated."

You know, I could type up the whole thing for you if you want. I hate drunk drivers, especially the ones who have killed. I see it as 2nd-degree murder.

There are a myriad of ways you can open this subject up, because it is such a confounding issue. It's the one way a person can kill another, and get away with it. There is more punishment for someone who is a tiny bit over the limit, who was only a few-hundred feet from arriving at their house, than for someone who gruesomely kills two or three people by plowing into them at 60mph while completely drunk. Why? Well, one, the one who kills someone is more likely to hire a lawyer.

Im A Mother Of 2 And Going Through A Divorce, My Husband Has Been Sole Provider For 2 Yrs, What R My Rights?
He Took My Keys To My Truck, My Children And Is Staying At His Moms. Im In Our Home, With No Money Cause He Cancelled All The Credit Cards, So I Cant Even Get A Lawyer. I Need To Know My Rights, I Have No Family That Can Help Me. Hes Been Mentally Abusive For 2 Yrs And He Knows He Has Control Over Me Now. I Have No One To Help Me With Money, Im On My Own And Dont Know Where To Start. I Live In The Country Theres No Access, To Buses And I Wouldnt Have Money To Ride The Bus Anyways. Please What Are My Rights And Who Can Help Me.

1. Call LEGAL AID in your nearest city (free help).
2. Call your nearest abuse hot line and ask who you can speak to about what your husband is doing to you (this is emotional, mental AND physical abuse because you can't eat, work or care for yourself and he knows it).
3. Call a pastor at a local church and ask for help.

I've Been Exposed To Asbestos...?
I've Removed About 1000 Vinyl-Asbestos Tiles, Without Keeping Them In Tact (They Were Breaking)... I Hear That There Is A Risk When Exposed To Any Amount Of Asbestos, But It Was A One-Time Thing That Lasted About 10 Days... I Don't Know How Much Asbestos Is Contained In These Tiles And The Black Adhesive Under Them, But I'm Seriously Starting To Worry... Will I Be Ok, Or Should I Be Worrying For The Next 10-50 Years Of My Life While An Asbestos Related Illness Begins To Form?

You are OK, asbestos health issues was cause by lawyer looking to make big bucks. You would have to work 40 hrs a week for 10 - 20 years to have a health problem unless you have a allege to it..

Need Legal Advice!!!?
Does Anyone On Here Know Anything About Divorce Laws In Virginia? I Need Advice From A Lawyer Or Someone That Know Laws. Please Help!!! My Email Is Sunshine37615@Yahoo.Com Or I Have Yahoo Messenger. Same Screen Name.

You don't want to seek legal advice over the Internet - it is not a good idea. Law is too complicated for that.

>>>Call your local (usually county) bar association. Ask for names of Attorneys that handle divorce law and/or family law.

When you call the law office(s), insist on speaking to the Lawyer - do not tell all the little details of your matter to the Secretary - save the details for the Attorney. When you get the Lawyer on the phone line, ask him/her:
- Do they have FREE initial consultations?
- How much do they charge?
- Do they accept payments on their accounts?
- Can they help you? OR Refer you to someone who can help you?

Good luck.