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3 Strategies To Know You've Picked The Best Lawyer It's pretty intimidating to pass through the court system, especially if you lack confidence with your legal team. Allow me to share three important ways to realize that you've hired the correct lawyer: 1. They Focus On Your Form Of Case Legislation is often tricky and that requires specialists to tackle the tough cases. If you want a legal professional, try to find individual who handles the challenge you're facing. Even when a family member or friend recommends you make use of a strong they are aware, should they don't use a focus that's comparable to your case, keep looking. Once your attorney is an expert, specifically in the problem you're facing, you already know you've hired the best one. 2. The Lawyer Carries A Winning Record Depending on the circumstances, it might be tough to win an instance, particularly if the team helping you has little to no experience. Try to find practices which may have won numerous cases that pertain to yours. Although this is no guarantee which you case will probably be won, it gives you a significantly better shot. 3. They Listen And Respond If the attorney you've chosen takes the time to hear your concerns and react to your inquiries, you've probably hired the right choice. Regardless of how busy they may be or how small your concerns seem from the perspective, it's essential that they respond to you within a caring and timely manner. From the point of look at a common citizen who isn't familiar with the judicial system, court cases can be pretty scary you will need updates and to think that you're portion of the solution. Some attorneys are simply more suitable to you and your case as opposed to others. Make certain you've hired the most suitable team for your personal circumstances, to actually can placed the matter behind you as quickly as possible. Faith inside your legal representative is step one to winning any case.

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Grandparents Rights?
Please Provide Me With Information On This Group And Where To Contact Them In The State Of Illinois

Many state laws now provide reasonable visitation rights for maternal and paternal grandparents. However, since legislation varies widely from state to state, even if you win your case in one state, you will have to start all over again if your grandchildren move to another state.
If possible, have grandparent visitation rights included in the divorce decree. If you are having a problem seeing your grandchildren, and visitation rights were not included in the decree, you can apply to the District Court for the right to visit with an unmarried minor child. However, the courts must consider whether grandparents' visitation is in the best interest of the child.

On June 5, 2000, the United States Supreme Court decided a grandparent access case called Troxel v. Granville, 530 U.S. 57 (2000). Troxel addressed what rights grandparents have to maintain a relationship with their grandchildren after their child has died and over the surviving parent's objection. The decision in Troxel - consisting of a plurality opinion, two concurrences and three dissents - further muddied an already unclear are of the law. The only clear holding from Troxel was that a "fit" parent had the right to decide whether a child's grandparents could have access to the child.

What To Do When A Legal Aid Lawyer Isn'T Doing Their Job Properly?
I'M A Single Mother, I Escaped An Abusive Relationship When I Was Pregnant With My Now Two Year Old Son. His Father Had Very Minimal To Do With Him, And Only Paid About $400 Child Support, However I Never Asked For It. I Severed Ties With Him Due To Abusive And Threatening Messages And Phone Conversations. He Found Us And Actually Broke Into Our Home Last Year. He Was Convicted Of This And Is Still On Probation. Recently He Applied For Visitation And Says It Is His Intent To Eventually Gain Joint Custody. I Responded On My Own With Denial Of Access And Requested A Protection Order To Cover My Son, As I Have A Protection Order However It Does Not Cover Him For Some Reason. I Met With My Legal Aid Lawyer Just Prior To The Hearing, The First Thing The Lawyer Told Me Was, 'You'Re Going To Lose'. I Proceeded To Present Them With All Evidence, Pictures Of Threatening Texts, Bruises, The Break In And Police File Numbers. My Legal Aid Lawyer Left Before It Was Heard And The Judge Ordered Visitation Without Examining Any Of The Evidence And Without Hearing Anything From Me. I Suppose I Could Have Been Pushy, And Made Him Hear Me, But I Was Trying To Be Respectful. I Expected A Fair Hearing And That It Would Be Set To Trial. The Judge Actually Ordered A Visit That Day Despite My Quoting Of The Family Law Act That States Procedure Otherwise. On The Next Court Date My Lawyer Accompanied Me Into A Case Conference Where The Judge Heard A Very Minimal Amount Of Evidence, And Instead Of Addressing My Application For A Protective Order, He Just Changed The Order He Made The Previous Court Date To Be Supervised Visits At A Facility. My Lawyer Has Not, To My Knowledge, Read Any Of The Affidavits I Have Submitted, Or Even Brought The Package I Supplied Him With To The Case Conference. I Showed Up For Court As Directed By Him, Only To Wait Two Hours To Find Out That We Weren'T Even Scheduled For That Day. He Filed For Child Support Against My Wishes, As My Soul Concern Was The Protective Order. Then He Failed To Follow Through With The Retroactive Child Support Application. I Contacted Legal Aid To Explain My Grievances And Wishes To Be Supplied With Another Lawyer And Was Told I Was Not Allowed Any More Changes To Counsel. For Point Of Reference I Am In British Columbia, Canada. What Can I Do? I Can Not Afford Another Lawyer, And I Am Trying My Best To Protect My Son In A Broken System. Please Help.

That your lawyer told you, you are going to lose a case (the way he said it) before it has even commenced raises serious questions. It means he is not fit to be your counsel.

Unfortunately, there is little you can do (it's legal aid paid for by the tax payer) with all the bureaucracies and inefficiency associated with free legal aid.

I wonder why you are not allowed to change counsel. Have you changed before? Keep trying to reason with this one. There's really little you can do.

How Do I Find Really Cheap Legal Insurance For My Superbike?
I Have Been Licensed In The U.S. For Only 3 Months, But I Have Been Riding Motorcycles For Over 20 Years Outside The Country. I Am In The Process Of Buying An Expensive Superbike, But The Insurance Quotes From Major Companies Are Way, Way, Way To High For My Liking. What Are The Alternative Methods?

Get a gsxr 750.Here in the U.S. the 750 is the cut off line to CHEAPER insurance.There will be no cheap insurance for a sportbike,but 750 or under will not break the bank.There are no other alternatives than to go with the lower cc bike.And for the guy who said AAA-they will not insure sportbikes I have been a member since 1969 and I have to go to an independent to get my bike insured.

Any Solicitors Our There Uk Only (Family Law)
My Husband Has A Daughter (From An Affair) And Has Had Contact With Her For The Last Year. Taking Her Out Every Week. Now Her Mother Won't Let Him Take Her Out Again And Says He Can Only See Her At Her House? He Has Done Nothing Wrong And Has A Good Relationship With His Daughter But The Mother Does Not Like Me And Does Not Want Me To Be With My Husband When He Takes Her Out? He Is Now Having To Take Her Back To Court But We Have Been Told We Will Need To Pay The Court Fees Again! We Feel This Is Unfair As It Is The Mother Who Has Put The Block On? If We Win In Court Can We Get The Court To Make Her Pay Us Our Money Back?(She's On Benefits And Gets Legal Aid)

No you cannot get her to refund any monies you pay in court fees. I see this sort of thing regularly in my office and it is quite simple to solve. You are not thinking about how the girls mother feels about this situation. The easiest thing to do in this case, is for you to take a back seat and do not get involved. Let the father and the daughter have their time together and the mother will not have any reason to be concerned about your in-put into the childs life. After all she the child, is nothing to do with you. Children grow up very quickly and there will come a time in the very near future when if the child seeks your company, the mother ,I regret to say will not have a lot to say about it. That is just human nature, so why not sit back and let things take their course.Try to imagine how you would feel if some other woman was trying to be part of your childs life, I bet, like this mother, you would not welcome it. If you came to my office this is the advise I would give you. In this sort of situation, going to court will solve nothing, there will be no winners just losers.So to sum up, let your husband and the child have their time and you just bide your time and it will work out OK

Legal Consent Laws In Washington State?
I Am 17 And The Person I'M Interested In Dating Just Turned 23. The Only Thing That'S Stopping Me From Pursuing The Interest Is Legal Consent Laws. I Really Don'T Want To Get Him In Trouble. I'Ve Researched Washington'S Legal Consent Laws And Have Only Found That The Legal Consent Age Is 16. Sooo, Does That Mean We Should Be Safe?

You should be fine since you are 17 but the law is not written in your favor. The legal age of consent is 18, not 16.

The age of consent in Oregon is 18. Sexual offenses are defined under the Oregon Revised Statutes Chapter 163. With regards to age only, the following offenses are defined.

18 - Consent for all laws.
Under 18 - Defined as Sexual Abuse 3 (Class A Misdemeanor)
Under 16 - Defined as Rape 3 / Sodomy 3 (Class C Felony) (ORS 163.245)
Under 14 - Defined as Rape 2 / Sodomy 2 (Class B Felony)
Under 12 - Defined as Rape 1 / Sodomy 1 (Class A Felony)

Additionally, Oregon has a 3 year rule defined under ORS 163.345. However, this does not apply to Rape 1, or Sodomy 1, effectively limiting the age to 12. However, a person can still be charged with Sexual Misconduct (Class C Misdemeanor) under ORS 163.445, if the victim was under 15 years old.

163.315 Incapacity to consent; effect of lack of resistance.
(1) A person is considered incapable of consenting to a sexual act if the person is:
(a) Under 18 years of age;
(b) Mentally defective;
(c) Mentally incapacitated; or
(d) Physically helpless.
(2) A lack of verbal or physical resistance does not, by itself, constitute consent but may be considered by the trier of fact along with all other relevant evidence.

163.435 Contributing to the sexual delinquency of a minor.
(1) A person 18 years of age or older commits the crime of contributing to the sexual delinquency of a minor if:
(a) Being a male, he engages in sexual intercourse with a female under 18 years of age; or
(b) Being a female, she engages in sexual intercourse with a male under 18 years of age; or
(c) The person engages in deviate sexual intercourse with another person under 18 years of age or causes that person to engage in deviate sexual intercourse.
(2) Contributing to the sexual delinquency of a minor is a Class A misdemeanor.

163.445 Sexual misconduct.
(1) A person commits the crime of sexual misconduct if the person engages in sexual intercourse or deviate sexual intercourse with an unmarried person under 18 years of age.
(2) Sexual misconduct is a Class C misdemeanor.

163.345 Age as a defense in certain cases.
(1) In any prosecution under ORS 163.355, 163.365, 163.385, 163.395, 163.415, 163.425, 163.427 or 163.435 in which the victim’s lack of consent was due solely to incapacity to consent by reason of being less than a specified age, it is a defense that the actor was less than three years older than the victim at the time of the alleged offense.
(2) In any prosecution under ORS 163.408, when the object used to commit the unlawful sexual penetration was the hand or any part thereof of the actor and in which the victim’s lack of consent was due solely to incapacity to consent by reason of being less than a specified age, it is a defense that the actor was less than three years older than the victim at the time of the alleged offense.
(3) In any prosecution under ORS 163.445 in which the victim’s lack of consent was due solely to incapacity to consent by reason of being less than a specified age, it is a defense that the actor was less than three years older than the victim at the time of the alleged offense if the victim was at least 15 years of age at the time of the alleged offense.

There is an affirmative defense but that only works if he is minimum 3 years older than you. It is a risk having sex with him at this age but it is highly doubtful anyone would report him or you.

~Pro-Choice Momma and Midwife; Have had an abortion <no regrets> and I have a 19 month old daughter <no regrets>. I believe in protecting my daughter's choice.

Abortion: There is a Consensus

Who Wd B The Best Person 2 Ask 4 An Attorney Recommendation?
A Docor? A Cop? Who? I Need 2 Talk 2 A Lawyer About Sumthin But I Dont Just Wanna Pick A Random 1 Out Of The Fone Book. No Wat I Mean?

Lawyers know other lawyers. They know who is good and who is not. I agree that calling from a phone book is not necessarily a good starting place.

I am a lawyer myself and I know how hard it is for people to find good lawyers.

Here is what I would do if I were you. Look in one of the attorney directories (martindale-hubbell or superlawyers, etc.). However, call a lawyer who does something different than what you need. For example, if you need a criminal defense lawyer, call a family lawyer or a tax lawyer and ask for a few names of good criminal defense lawyers. If you need a divorce attorney, call a criminal lawyer or a tax lawyer. By calling someone who does NOT do what you need, you will guarantee that he or she will not try to take your case, but will be willing to give you a few names of attorneys he or she knows who are good.

Also, lawyers LOVE to refer things to other lawyers. This is because they hope that they other lawyers will refer people back to them. After all, lawyers make money from clients and the more they get, the more they make.

Good luck. If you have a specific need for a lawyer and want some more detailed thoughts, let me know.