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Finding An Experienced Lawyer Whatever your legal needs are you will recognize that there are many lawyers in your town that advertise that they can are experts in your type of case. This may make the procedure of finding one with significant amounts of experience a bit of a challenge. However, should you follow the following it is possible to narrow down your quest off to the right one in very little time. The first task is to create a set of the lawyers that are listed in your area focusing on your needs. When you are which makes this list you must only include those you have a good vibe about according to their advertisement. You may then narrow this list down through taking a while evaluating their webpage. There you will be able to find the number of years they have been practicing and several general information regarding their success rates. At this moment your list must have shrunken further to people that you simply felt had professional websites as well as an appropriate quantity of experience. You must then make time to check out independent reviews for each attorney. Make sure you browse the reviews rather than depending on their overall rating. The details within the reviews will provide you with an idea of the way that they connect to the clientele and the time they invest into each case that they are taking care of. Finally, you will want to talk to at least the very last three lawyers which may have the credentials you are interested in. This gives you some time to really evaluate how interested they may be in representing you and the case. It is actually important to follow most of these steps to actually hire a company which has the proper amount of experience to obtain the best possible outcome.

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Law On Real Estate?
Real Estate Laws In Ca.

Here is a website of all California Laws. For real estate, you will need to look under "Civil Code"


Someone Explain How This Will Work. (Law Suit Question)?
Okay So Back In November Or October A Police Officer Shot And Killed A Man Who Pulled A Loaded Gun On Him And Now The Widow Of The Deceased Is Just Now, 9 Months Later, Suing The Local Police Department Over Wrongful Death. Not Only That, But She Was The One Who Called In The Cop To Come Investigate Over A Domestic Dispute Because The Man Was Angry And Locked His Kids In Their Room And Pulled A Loaded Gun On His Wife Who Is Now Suing Over Something She Caused. How Do Cases Like This Even Get Started?

Most people don't really "understand" how the law works. The law doesn't necessarily care what people think is right, or moral. The law only cares about each citizen of this country having equal rights and fair treatment. That means everyone regardless of how we feel about them.

The question here is, "Was the deceased wrongfully killed?" Regardless of the surrounding circumstances, the wife has a right to sue if she believes the cop did not act accordingly. If the officer didn't follow procedure, or take an alternative means to remedy the situation without gunfire, it can be possible that he did wrongly murder this man.

Cases like this get started because it is not anyone's right to deny other's their legal rights. It isn't our job to judge. The law has to be equal to everyone, despite how stupid you may think this particular situation is. That man, no matter how criminal he was, has the right to not be shot to death.

I'm not particularly defending this woman and her claims. I am just saying, if this police officer broke procedure or could have done something different, she has a right to know that. If this police officer didn't follow procedure, she has the right to be compensated for her dead husband. It may not seem right to you, but it isn't our job to judge her actions just because she was the one who called. Using that line of logic....

Had you called 911 in a domestic disturbance and all you wanted was for the cop to ask the other person to leave. Things escalate and the cop shoots your significant other. Did you intend for things to get out of hand? No. You just wanted help. Now, lets say that the officer, without warning, just shoots your significant other. Is it your fault, then, that your significant other is dead? Did you call the police with the intention and knowledge that your significant other would be shot? Because that is what you are saying. That it is this woman's fault he is dead because she called for help in a situation she couldn't control. If it is her fault, then she shouldn't have the right to sue? In the eyes of the law, that isn't a correct assumption.

The law is going to ask, "Was this man wrongfully killed?" Because she has every right to know that. Just as you would if you found yourself in the same situation. It isn't up to us to decide the fate of other human beings or judge it based on an article we read in a paper. She may have a legitimate claim.

The Hurt Locker Lawsuit?
A Buddy Of Mine About A Month Ago Downloaded The Hurt Locker From A Torrent (Utorrent To Be Exact) After Searching Netflix, Zune Marketplace, Etc... Whilst Downloading, He Says He Realized It Was Illegal, And Then Remembered Itunes. He Went And Bought A Copy Of It (In Hd He Added), And Then Watched It And Thought Nothing Of It. He Was Reading Around On The Internet, And Saw This Whole Thing With The Hurt Locker Lawsuits, And Then Checked To See What Happened With His. It Turns Out That It Kept Downloading, But Hadn'T Seeded It To Anyone (Maybe A Setting To Turn It Off After It'S Done Or Something). Anyways, He Did Download It Illegally, But He Also Bought A Copy Legally, And Never Used Or Shared The Torrent File. What'S Gonna Happen To Him? He Freaked Out All Day Long At Work About This, And I Would Hate To See Him Get Sued, Even Though He Bought A Copy. If He Gets Subpoenaed, Should He Say The Same Thing, Hire A Lawyer, What?! He'S Basically In Shock Right Now And Can'T Think Of What To Do.

Here is some information to research enjoy.~

Search Shortcut
Us Hurt Locker Lawsuit - News Results

* 50,000 sued over "Hurt Locker" piracy (Christopher Null) Yahoo! Tech Blog - May 20 07:38am
* 'Hurt Locker' producer blasts 'moron' pirates ZDNet Asia - May 20 07:33pm
* Lawsuit planned for Hurt Locker pirates Stuff - May 13 02:41pm

Search Results

"Hurt Locker" Lawsuit Target Pirates - ABC News
[May 11, 2010] " Hurt Locker" Lawsuit Target Pirates ... If the addition of " Locker" to this litigation campaign could shake things up, so too could news about cooperation by Internet ... - 75k
'Hurt Locker' lawsuit target pirates -
[May 12, 2010] LOS ANGELES - The war against movie piracy is getting downright explosive. The producers of "The Hurt Locker" are preparing a massive lawsuit against tens of ... - 132k - Cached
Army bomb expert says 'Hurt Locker' based on him - Knology
Army bomb expert sues 'Hurt Locker' makers, claiming main character is based on him - Knology - 75k - Cached
KSBY News San Luis Obispo, Santa Maria, Santa Barbara, Paso ...
Sarver also says he coined the phrase "The Hurt Locker." Fieger said Boal's embedded reporting over 30 days ... dollar lawsuit, but Fieger during the news conference wouldn't ... - 67k - Cached

How Much Can An New York Attorney Charge For A Medical Malpractice Case?
Can I File A Claim For Malpractice In New York On My Own Or Must I Hire An Attorney?

There is a percentage limitation to attorney fees for medical malpractice cases.
Sliding scale fees may not exceed 30% of first $ 250,000, 25% of second $ 250,000, 20% of next $500,000, 15% of next $ 250,000 and 10% over $1.25 million. (N. Y. Jud. ยง474a). The court may allow higher fees upon application of the claimant or his attorney.
You may file a claim on your own however keep in mind it may be extremely difficult dealing with insurance companies. You may want to hire an attorney who is familiar with civil procedure and is a great litigator in the event your case goes to trial.
Good Luck!

Diana Mullaev , Esq
Law Office of Diana Mullaev
Flushing, NY 11367

Divorce Forms Needed?
If We Are Filing For A Joint, No-Default Divorce, Do We Need To Fill Out The Confidential Petition Addendum Form?

Usually any stationary store that carries business supplies, as well as personal, will have a book that you can buy with the forms and instructions in it for your state.

In addition, you can usually go online by putting "(your state) divorce forms" into a search engine. They will often have instructions and forms that you can fill out.

If you still can't figure it out from there, you can call your county clerk's office and ask. While they can't give you legal advice, they can tell you what forms you need to file for what.

This information is specific to your state. In addition, you should always have your own attorney, not one who is working for both of you, to review the information before signing the final paperwork.

I wish you the best!

Lawyers! - How Does Mark Geragos Get Involved In High Profile Cases?
Does He Go To Them...Or Do They Call Him? How Does Something Like That Work In The Real World?

Usually these kinds of lawyers are very good and don't follow the typical career path. They are litigators and they don't come from the big name law schools, however its a fallacy that there are only 10 law schools in the USA that can provide a great legal education or produce excellent lawyers. Look at Ron Kuby or Kunsler's life, Bruce Cutler, even F. Lee Bailey, Raul Felder many other examples.

They are usually on their own or are an underling of an excellent litigator/sole practitioner who has make a name for him self. Many have started out in the JAG Corps (military lawyer) or in the DA's office. They get a lot of trial experience. I may have been to Court 2,000 times but I may have done 2 or 3 trials. As an ADA or JAG you get to do trials all the time and its a skill you can learn. Jerry Spence I believe started as a insurance lawyer doing small personal injury trials in Montana.

Once they have the basic skills they go out on their own and if your good people come to you, I've seen it with myself. One day someone comes to you who is not famous but in big trouble or their son is. They need your help but can't pay you. The case turns out to be sensational news event you may win or lose but if you do well you will make the big time. F. Lee Baily was a young solo out of the JAG who got to represent the Boston Strangler. Cutler was an ADA then worked for a famous mob lawyer then on his own. Spence worked in obscurity and eventually got the Karen Silkwood case. Kunsler during the 70's dealt with radicals and negotiated the prison riots at attica. Cuby had a strange start and underling for Kunsler, has mob, gang leaders, muslim terrorists as his clients.

The lawyers that go to the "top 10" law schools usually get offers at very big firms in big cities such as NY or DC. They start at $150,000 to $200,000 and they work you as slaves on very menial tasks. You don't learn or get quality experience, you do get unhappy and burned out. Only 2% make parnter over 7 years and the others leave go on their own or smaller firms or to corporations or government, they usually work in obscurity.

Once you get a name people call you out of the blue. Also people don't understand about winning or losing, its not like a tennis match, there are some cases you will never win, a good lawyer will get you the best outcome for your situation. Also the area and the Judges make a tremendous difference on the outcome of a case. If Michael Jackson came to you with a loser case you will take it anyway.