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A lot of people today do not think about obtaining a lawyer until finally they are in desperate need. The legal difficulty might possibly be personal, like family law, for a separation or if you are looking for a bankrupcy or trust lawyer. It may be a felony case you need to be defended on. Firms need to have lawyers as well, regardless of whether they are being sued for discrimination, sexual harassment, or perhaps unfounded business methods. Tax law firms are also useful when engaging with government complications. Just like doctors, lawyers have specialties. A big, full service law firm has a number of attorneys with different areas of experience, so based upon on your company legal issue, you can instantly retain the very best law firm to fulfill your current need without having to commence your search each time you need legal help.It is best to obtain a lawyer or attorney you can believe in. You need one with a good track record, who isfrank, efficient, and wins cases. You want to have confidence that they will defend you effectively and invoice you reasonably for their services. Sometimes a word of mouth from a friend or business associate can be helpful, having said that you should keep your options open and evaluate all the firms accessible, because when you require legal help, you need it quickly and you really want the finest you can afford. Thank you for browsing for a lawyer or attorney with us. Your time is valuable, and Action Pages, at, is pleased to supply specific search parameters to meet your needs. We consistently strive to focus on the most popular phrases so you can quickly find anything at all you are searching for.

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Need Serious (Quick) Help, Legal Question, Self Representation, Divorce And Child Custody?
This Is A Long Question, But Please Take The Time To Read It. I'Ll Start From The Beginning, I Have Been Married For A Few Years, The Relationship Started Getting Very Rocky As Soon As He Moved Me Away From My Family And Surrounded Me With His, This Is When I Think He Felt Like He Had Me Trapped, I Was Married To Him, Pregnant With His Child And Away From Anyone I Knew. He Began To Be Very Controlling. We Have A Little Girl Now, Who Is The Light Of My Life, And Whom I Love More Than Words Can Possibly Express. Recently Some Of My Family Came To Live With Us, And Even Though He Didn'T Like It, He'S Scared Of Everyone Except Me And Never Had The Balls To Tell Them To Leave. I Have Been A Stay-At-Home Mom Since My Daughter Was Born, That Was A Decision We Both Made. I, However, Wanted To Go To School, My Husband Didn'T Like This Idea. When My Family Was Here Though, I Was Less Scared And Enrolled Myself In Ged Classes And Made Plans To Attend College. I'D Asked My Husband For A Divorce Before, And He'D Made It Very Clear That He Didn'T Want One And He Would Contest It. I Didn'T Have Enough Money For A Lawyer For A Contested Divorce, So My Plan Was To Stick It Out Until I Graduated In A Couple Years And Then Leave Him. I Never Had Access To The Bank Account Or Any Of The Money Other Than The Cash He Would Reluctantly Give Me For Groceries. He Became Very Uncomfortable When It Became Clear That I Was Serious About Getting My Education And Also Because I Now Had Someone Around To Stand Up For Me Other Than Myself. We Got In A Huge Fight And Again I Asked For A Divorce, He Again Said No, But Started To Drain Our Bank Account Of The Few Thousand Dollars We Had In There, Behind My Back And Unbeknownst To Me. He Hired A Lawyer, Had Some Papers Drawn Up, Including Divorce Papers, But Also A Restraining Order Against Me, Preventing Me From Having Custody Of My Daughter (On The Grounds That I Would Somehow Drive 400 Miles To The Rest Of My Family, With The Car That He Knew Had No Gas, But Then Not Have Enough Money To Provide Her With Basic Necessities Once I Arrived), All Of This Behind My Back. I Was Served These Papers On The 30Th Of Last Month, They Took My Daughter Away, And I Have Been Frantically Trying To Find Legal Help Ever Since. On The Restraining Order, It Said That I Have A Hearing On Monday The 13Th And That This Is Going To Be Held In A Town I'Ve Never Heard Of, About An Hour An A Half Away, Apparently There Is Only One Chancellery Judge In The Area And He Serves 7 Counties, I Guess This Was His Soonest Available Date. I Have Talked To Every Lawyer In Town (Which Is Only 3) But All Need At Least A Grand To Do Anything For Me. One Promised To Let Me Make Payments, But After Waiting A Week For An Appointment And Selling Things To Get The $150 Consultation Fee, Told Me That He Would Need Almost 2 Grand Up Front. I Tried Everything I Could Think Of To Get The Money, Called Everyone I Knew, But No Luck. There Is One Legal Aid Service In This Area, I'Ve Been Calling And Leaving Messages For Them Almost Everyday Since She Was Taken Away But So Far They Have No Returned One Call. I Went To Their Office And Was Just Given An Extension Number To Try On The Number I'D Already Been Calling, Left A New Message For This Person, Still No Return Calls, I Guess They Are Very Busy. I'Ve Tried To Obtain A Court Advocate, But The People In My County Won'T Drive That Far, And I Can'T Get A Hold Of Anyone In The County The Hearing Is Being Held In Until Monday, Which Is Obviously Too Late. So, It Looks Like I'M Going To Be Walking In There Alone, Representing Myself. I Have Two Family Witnesses That Have Seen Him Be Violent Towards Me, They'Ve Also Seen Him Be Extremely Neglectful Of My Child. I Have Pictures Of My Daughter'S Living Conditions Now (She Is Staying With My Husband And His Mother), Which Are Deplorable And Dangerous. I'Ve Called Dcs, But I'Ve Been Told They Will Not Investigate Since There We Are Involved In This Court Thing And There Is Really Nothing I Can Do About It. I May Be Still Able To Obtain A Picture Of A Bruise That He Left On Me, He Deleted It From My Phone, But I'Ve Been Told With The Right Software It May Be Recoverable (I'M Waiting On A Cell Phone Data Cable I Ordered To Arrive, Hopefully Sometime Today). My Case Is Very Good, The Problem Is, He Has A Lawyer And I Don'T. I Don'T Know What Kind Of Lies They Are Going To Make Up, And I Have No One To Question Him And Trip Him Up In His Lies. I Don'T Know The Legal Procedures For Submitting Evidence, Or Asking Questions, Or Anything Really. I Have No Court Experience. Even If You Don'T Have Much Law Knowledge, If You'Ve Been Through Anything Like This And Can Tell Me What It'S Like And What To Expect, I Would Really Appreciate It. If You Do Have Some Law Knowledge, That'S Even Better Because I Desperately Need It.

You are in a tough situation. It looks as though you may need to represent yourself.

Here's what you do.

1- Sit down and document the marriage from beginning until now. Write everything down, try to remember dates, names, places. Find as much evidence as possible, pictures, emails, texts, receipts.

2- Bring all the evidence you can to prove you are a good mother. EVERYTHING. All the things you own of your child's. All the information you know. Bring signed statements from your child's doctor, dentist, daycare provider, all attesting to your character.

3- Demand that an investigation be done into the living conditions of your daughter, and ask that a judge also investigate you. To show and prove you are a responsible person and there is no evidence to show otherwise.

Here's the deal, likely if you have no convictions of any kind, you will get your daughter back.

After that's dealt with. FIND A LAWYER. Go to legal aid. You can't do this without one.

Probate Attorney- What's The Cost / And Purpose? ?
How Much Does It Usually Cost To Use A Probate Attourney. My Mom Passed Away And Left Money To Myself And Sister. Is It Necessary To Use An Attourney Or Is An Accountant Ok? How Long Should A Inheritence Take To Settle Through Probate Court And How Can An Attourney Speed Things Up? Finally, If My Sister Is Executer Of The Estate , Would It Be Wise And Should I Alone Use An Attourney?

The length of time: almost always takes one year. Second, the cost of the probate lawyer varies with the size and complexity of the estate. Usually, "complexity" is defined by claims against the estate and the amount of assets to be included in the estate for tax purposes. The mortgage debt on your mom's home needs to be paid off before any distribution. I realize that your late mom have sold her home due to age or she may have a medical debt. There are multiple issues. Most important, I hope you and your sister work together to divide the physical property. That there is high level of compromise between you. If the estate is a 7 figure or a modest estate then the ability to settle between the two of you will vary if compromise is not exercised. The executor should have approx. 5 certified copies of the death certificate. The government grows more complex with each decade. "Be prepared" would be my motto. Sorry for your loss and I hope all goes well over the next year.

Driving Under The Influence?
What Is The Average Number Of Annual Worldwide Fatalities Of Driving Under The Influence? I Know The American So Don'T Give Me That. Thanks

Worldwide Drunk Driving Statistics..

Alcohol consumption is attributed to one in every 25 deaths all across the world..

In the 2002 World Health Report, the World Health Organization estimated that globally 1.8 million people’s deaths every year are directly attributable to alcohol consumption.

Simplest And Easiest Way To Find Malpractice Attorney Which Can Work In More Than One State In Usa?
I Have Been Gathering Information About What Appears To Be Negligence And Malpractice Done On Family Member Currently In Hospital. It Is Not The Basic Wrong Medication_Which That Has Happened As Well_But Rather What Seems To Family As Systematic Abandonment Of Normal, Basic Nurse Supervision Of Patient In Charge, And Absolutely Cloudy (At Best) Information From Doctor Concerning Many Aspects Of Patient's Well Being. I Cannot Mention Words Such As "Prognosis" Or Even "Course Of Treatment" Because They Gave Up On Her Without Even Really Trying. And Have Repeatedly Tried To Sell Us Off On Just Letting Her Die. Please, Since I Have So Much Information To Share With Someone Who Would Definetely Be Much More Knowledgeable On These Issues, And Knowing That Most Attorneys Would Not Even Start To Look At A Case Unless Person Goes Into An Agreement With Them. And Since I Cannot Affford To Keep Wasting Time, Mostly Because I Have To Be Much More Vigilant Of Her Condition Now That I Notice Less Care From Medical Professionals, Can Someone Please Tell Me Most Direct Way Possible To Find Law Firm Which Can Work Out Of My State If Necessary???

Sweets...don't shoot the messenger...but Malpractice is near impossible to prove. Don't believe me? Open your yellow pages, and look up lawyers. Now check out how many will even touch medical malpractice, much less specialize in it.

The list is SHORT.
Lawyers follow the money.

And if they aren't there, neither is a case.

Good luck.

Full Custody Versus Joint Custody?
My Now Ex-Husband Told Me I Couldn'T Have Full Custody Because We Had A Parenting Plan. It Had To Be Listed On The Legal Papers As Joint Custody Subject To The Parenting Plan. Is This True? I Think He May Have Pulled One Over On Me.

Joint custody is the standard now. I was involved in the passage of those laws in the late 80s and early 90s. Currently I promote Bird Nesting.

It’s a form of access or custody where the children stay in the former family residence and it is the parents who rotate in and out separately and on a negotiated schedule.

The children simply live at "home" and the separated or divorced parents take turns living with them there, but never at the same time.

The core element of this arrangement is that each parent maintains a separate residence where they live when it is not their turn at the "bird's nest". When one parent arrives for his/her designated time, the other vacates right away, so as to minimize or eliminate the presence of both at the same time.

At times, bird's nest access can be coupled with specified access with the other parent say, for example, for dinner one night a week.

Sometimes, this form of access or custody will end when the youngest child reaches the age of majority at which time, one parent either buys the other out of their interest, if any, in the former family residence, or it is sold and the proceeds divided pursuant to the matrimonial property regime or separation agreement.

The arrangement can be expensive as it generally requires that three separate residences be maintained, the "nest" and a separate residence for each parent.

The concept is somewhat novel and appears to have as its origin a Virginia case Lamont v Lamont.
In Canada, Greenough v Greenough was a ground-breaker case in that the Court implemented a bird's nest custody order even though it had not been asked for by either party. Justice Quinn, in Greenough stated:

"In Lamont ... the court made a bird’s nest custody arrangement in which the children (aged 3 and 5 years) remained in the home, with the mother staying in the home during the week and the father on the weekend. I think that the benefits of a bird’s nest order are best achieved where the children are able to stay in the matrimonial home, particularly if it has been the only residence that they have known....

"Time and time again I have seen cases (and this is one) where the children are being treated as Frisbees. In general, parents do not seem to appreciate the gross disruption to which children are subjected where one of the parents has frequent access. In this regard, I do not believe there must be evidence that the children are suffering before the court is free to act. To me, it is a matter of common sense. At the risk of falling prey to simplistic generalities, I am of the view that, given a choice, I do not see why anyone would select a living arrangement which involved so much movement from house to house."

Construction Law?
I Installed Some Stonework For A Customer On Bank Budget And The Contractor/Owner Overspent The Money And To Make A Long Story Short, I Was Never Paid... So After Endless Negotiations I Want To Remove All My Material...I Want The Police To Be Present When I Am Removing The Installed Items... Do I Need To Go To Court Or Do I Need To Call The Police Department In Order To Do This? Thank You For Your Help

Depends on what state you're in, but regardless, you obviously don't have a license or you would know the procedures for doing work, i.e. filing a mechanics' lien before you even buy your materials.
Now that you have completed the work, if there is any cement or concrete or any manner in which it is attached to the structure OR permanently affixed to the ground, you cannot touch it. In fact, even going onto the property now amounts to a trespass.
It's a civil matter now, the police will tell you so unless they are complete idiots.
you are going to have to sue whoever it is who hired you. since you are not a licensed contractor, you cannot file a lien.
see if you can work out some kind of payment plan and for heaven's sake, in the future make sure that your terms are clearly CIFIA - cash in fist in advance.