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Finding A Seasoned Lawyer No matter what your legal needs are you will find that there are countless lawyers in your town that advertise that they concentrate on your form of case. This will make the procedure of finding one with significant amounts of experience somewhat of a challenge. However, when you follow the tips below it is possible to narrow down your quest to the right one in almost no time. The first task is to make a listing of the lawyers that are listed in your area that specialize in your position. When you are making this list you must only include those which you have a good vibe about according to their advertisement. You can then narrow this list down through taking a little while evaluating their webpage. There you will be able to find how many years they are practicing and a few general information regarding their success rates. At this point your list needs to have shrunken further to the people that you felt had professional websites and an appropriate volume of experience. You need to then take the time to lookup independent reviews of every attorney. Make sure you look at the reviews rather than just relying on their overall rating. The info in the reviews will provide you with an idea of the way that they connect with their customers and the length of time they invest into each case that they are taking care of. Finally, it is advisable to meet up with no less than the last three lawyers which have the credentials you would like. This gives you the time to genuinely evaluate how interested they are in representing your case. It is important to follow most of these steps to actually find a person that has the proper degree of experience to get you the ideal outcome.

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If I Want To Be A Medical Malpractice Lawyer, What Should I Major In College?
Also What If I Want To Be A Corporate Lawyer?

The top medical malpractice lawyers have both medical and law degrees. That would be ideal if you don't mind spending around a decade in college.

At the least, you should take pre-med courses in addition to law school. You need some knowledge about medical practices before you can decide what is medical malpractice.

For a corporate lawyer, get a business degree, then go to law school.

Interview A Business Attorney For Business Law Project?
I'M Doing This Project For My Business Law Class And I Would Be Really Greatful To Have My Questions Answered By An Attorney. These Questions Are Really Easy. It Takes Approximately 10-15 Minutes. Thank You For Your Help. General Background: 1. Attorney’S Name: __________________________ 2. Firm Name & Location: _____________________________________________________ 3. Undergraduate Degree, And School: ______________________ 4. Law School: ______________________________ 5. What Things Did You Most Enjoy About Law School? _________ 6. What Things Did You Not Enjoy About Law School? _________ 7. Are You: A. Currently Practicing Law? B. Currently Working In Business? (If Retired, Or Not Currently Working, Ask About Their Experiences When They Were Working In The Field.) If You Answered A For Question 7 (Currently In Law Practice) A.1. What Kinds Of Cases Do You Normally Work On? ______________________________________________________ A.2. How Much Time Do You Spend In Court? _____________________ A.3. What Do You Enjoy Most About Practicing Law? ____________ _________________________________________________________ A.4. What Negatives Have You Experienced In Practicing Law? ________________________________________________________ A.5. If You Were Not Practicing Law, What Other Types Of Employment Would You Consider? ________________________________________ A.6. If A Student Were Interested In A Career In Business Law, What Would You Advise That Student As To The Type Of Undergraduate Training To Get As Training (Majors, Degrees, Etc.)? A.7. How Do You Feel If You Were To Lose A Case? A.8. What Would You Do When A Plaintiff Is Not Happy With Her Attorney. __________________________________________________________ If You Answered B For Question 7: (Working In Business): B.1. What Kind Of Business Are You In, And What Do You Do In That Business? ____________________________________________ B.2. Was Your Legal Education Helpful In Getting Your Employment? B.3. Once You Got The Job, Has Your Legal Education Helpful To You, In Performing Your Job? B.4. Did You Practice Law Before You Went Into Business? If So, Why Did You Decide To Change? Are You Happier In Business Than In Law Practice? __________________________________________________ B.5. Is Law A Major Requirement In Doing Every Business? B7. Is It Compulsory For Everyone To Have The Knowledge And Understand The Law Before Doing A Business?

I am answering for my husband who is a semi retired lawyer after practicing for 40 years.

Indiana University for bachelors degree
Indiana University for law degree
Will not give any other personal info.

He was hired in a law firm and 3 months later passed the bar, so was able to practice. 1 year after joining the firm, he was made a partner and stayed there for 20 years, but got fed up with all the back stabbing and stealing clients, he left and opened his own law office as a sole practicitor for the past 20 years.

He has handled bankruptcy, contracts, divorce, child custody, criminal law, social security, personal injury and most anything that walked in the door. He has handled several murder trials and won all. He got out of bankruptcy in 2005 when they changed the law, just like many other lawyers did.

Since he is basically semi retired, he is closing out his cases and only taking social security cases since he prefers them and not a lot of work. When you shut down a law practice, you cant just sell your office, but have to stick around and close them or have the clients find another lawyer to handle. If a client does not pay, you cant get off the case, since the judge will make you stay on to conclusion, even thought they don't pay you.

In some weeks, could find himself in court everyday for one case or another. Some cases maybe only an half hour, whereas in a trial could last for days/weeks.

Negatives is clients not paying you. Or so many lawyer jokes. My husband has a T-shirt that says;
If you think lawyer jokes are so funny, then the next time you need a lawyer, hire a comedian.

He loved to compete against other lawyers, especially from his old law firm and win. No lawyer wants to lose ANY case. The clients if they don't get 100% of what they want, will believe he did not do enough. On criminal, if you save the client from going to jail and get a reduced sentence are not happy since they believe no matter what should walk off free.

The average lawyer in the US must get a 4 year bachelors degree, 3 years of law school and then take the bar exam and pass to practice law.

But I suggest you consider another field of study, since the law field is saturated and many lawyers graduating today will never find work as a lawyer for years.

good luck

Anybody Know A Good Family Law Practice Licensed To Practice In Rockingham County Nh, But Based In Ma?
I Need A New Lawyer To Step Into A Contentious Divorce That Has Dragged On For 20+ Months. The Case Is In The Portsmouth Nh Family Court, But My Experience With Portsmouth0-Based Lawyers Is That They Are Too Cozy With One Another And More Interested In Currying Favor With The Judges Than Vigorously Representing Their Clients. I'M Looking For A A Real Viper.

Im sorry to hear abou t your situation. I been there and was married to a woman who litterally pulled the rug from under my feet. My attroney, who I dealt with for my case was out of Mass. Alan Baron, who is a Suffolk Law grad.. I tend to sway toward people with good education for my legal work. You could look into him. He practices in both mass and nh and i think in connecticut or rhode isleand. I lived in mass for a while, at least while I was married and then moved to nh before the divorce during the split. my ex lives in mass, so having a lawyer who could deal with both states was helpful. Alan Baron practices in Andover, mass so I don't know if this will help you. hopefully everything goes well for your case.

Do I Need A Lawyer?
So I Was Arrested For The First Time A Few Months Back For Possesion Of Weed With Two Of My Friends The Cop Told Me Multiple Times That Night That I Could Reschedule My Court Date Because I Had To Go Out Of State The Next Day For Work I Tried To Do That But Was Not Allowed So I Have A Warrant Out For My Arrest I'M Coming Back In Two Weeks And I'M Gonna Go Pay My Bail So Should I Get A Lawyer For When I Go To Court Or Is It Just A Waste Of Money Since It'S My First Time Getting Arrested And It Was A Misdemeanor

When you go to court, see the clerk and let them know you need to see the judge because you have a bench warrant. You will be placed on calendar, and you can see the judge that day. Judges have a tendency to rescind the warrant when you show up on your own accord. Make sure you have a good reason for missing the first court appearance.
You can get a lawyer, but this has happened to me and I took care of it myself. If you get picjed up with a warrant on you, THEN YOU'RE GONNA NEED THAT LAWYER.
Walk in on your own and take care of your responsibility. You'll be surprised how much leeway the Judge will give you for doing that.
Walk in, he'll recall the warrant. No warrant, no failure to appear; which is a felony.

Mediation For Personal Injury?
I Was In A Car Wreck In Feb. I Had About 14,000 In Medical Bills. In March I Hired A Personal Injury Lawyer I Found Online. Last Friday The Judge Ordered Us To Mediation. My Lawyer Said That This Is Typical, And It'S No Big Deal. How Does This Type Of Mediation Work? I Thought Mediation Was Only For Divorce?

It is a very common misconception that mediation is "only for divorce." In truth, mediation is for virtually all types of conflicts that arise between two (2) or more parties.

Personal Injury mediation is a bit different from other types of mediation. One of the core elements of mediation is self-determination. By that I mean, the parties to a dispute come together to discuss solutions, among themselves. The mediator helps guide overall process.

PI cases are a bit odd, whereas in many situations one of the original parties is not present in the mediation. Thus, one of the primary aspects of mediation is undermined from the start.

Insurance companies typically only send their attorney(s) and/or claims adjusters to PI mediations. And for them, protecting the best interests of their side of a pending action and/or lawsuit is often "boiled down" to a simple mathematical equation. (Speaking generally.)

The reason is that Mediation and ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) has become so popular with regard to personal injury disputes, is that mediation offers a confidential, efficient and cost-effective solution to disputes, for all the parties involved.

Most of the time, PI mediation is a "direct course" to the finish line. For example... let's say you and your lawyer determine the "most" you could recover through course of trial for your injuries is $100,000, under the law. For this example, let's say you're realistically looking at $50,000, if all goes well in trial. Mediation will likely be working with the same figures, math and calculations of recovery.

However, mediation has some distinct advantages...

A. You'll be heard. More specifically, your emotional elements, opinions and thoughts will be heard by the other party(s) directly. Whereas in a trial, "opinions" and other emotional considerations are heavily restricted pursuant the rules of evidence.

B. You control the process. The parties to a mediation determine the mediation's direction and outcome, with guidance from the mediator. In a trial, your entire fate is handled entirely by the court, the judge and jury (if applicable).

C. You know "when." With a trial, the outcome is always in question, and the conclusion is a moving target. Court dates are often set months in advance, and get postponed on a regular basis. Many PI trials take years to conclude. With mediation, you know exactly what date and time you'll be able to be heard, control the process and likely bring the conflict to a close.

Best of luck to you. Staff

Who Is The Best Criminal Lawyer In Lake Havasu Az?

A couple of my clients have mentioned that Glenn Buckelew is good. I personally haven't ever used him, not that I've used any lawyers.

Just word of mouth. Good luck!