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Finding A Seasoned Lawyer No matter what your legal needs are you will recognize that there are many lawyers in your town that advertise that they specialize in your sort of case. This will make the procedure of finding one with a lot of experience somewhat of a challenge. However, when you follow the tips below it will be easy to define your search to the right one out of almost no time. Step one is to produce a listing of the lawyers which are listed in your neighborhood that specialize in your situation. While you are which makes this list you must only include those you have an excellent vibe about based on their advertisement. Then you can narrow this list down by using a bit of time evaluating their website. There you should be able to find the amount of years they are practicing and a few general specifics of their success rates. At this stage your list needs to have shrunken further to those that you simply felt had professional websites and an appropriate level of experience. You ought to then spend some time to lookup independent reviews of each attorney. Make sure you browse the reviews instead of just depending on their overall rating. The data inside the reviews will give you an idea of how they connect with the clientele and the length of time they invest into each case they are working on. Finally, it is advisable to meet up with no less than the very last three lawyers which have the credentials you are looking for. This gives you time to truly evaluate how interested they are in representing you and the case. It is actually important to follow most of these steps to actually find someone which includes the proper measure of experience to help you the very best outcome.

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How Should I Share The Money?
Please, I Need Honest Advice. I Am Severely Physically Disabled, And Unable To Work.... I Am On Ssi...... I Received 10,000 Usd &Quot;Before&Quot; Applying For Ssi From My Family, And Gave It All To My Mother To Keep For Me. She Asked Me If She Could Borrow The Money And Promised To Repay In 2011. I Gave Her Permission To Use The Money..... Mom Took Full Care Of Me Until I Was Told About Ssi, Then Started Taking Care Of Myself When I Got Qualified... Mom Is A Single Mother And Has Paid My Rent For 13 Years Because We Didn'T Know There Was Such Thing As Ssi For People With Disabilities..... One Day, While Driving Her Car, Someone Collided In Me And Totaled My Mother'S Car, And I Got Permanently Injured. I Can No Longer Walk As A Result.... My Mom Got A Lawyer To Sue The People Who Crippled Me. They Decided To Pay Me Up 50K For My Injuries. My Mother Now Wants Me To Buy Her A New Car, Since I Was The One Who Was Driving Her Car When It Got Totaled. And Mom Has Not Fulfilled Her Promise To Repaying Me Of The 10K She Borrowed From Me. The Value Of Her Car That Got Totaled Was 7K. But Mom Wants Me To Buy Her A Brand New Car Of 25K. She Pointed Out That She Has Been Taking Full Care Of Me Since Birth, And That It Is Only Fair I Buy Her A New Car, Despite Owing Me 10K. Should I Buy Her The Car? My Heart Says I Should Because She Deserves It, But Then Again, My Heart Also Doesn'T Think I Should. Please Help Me Out With This.

I would call the lawyer again... the car got totaled and it was not your fault.... besides paying for your injuries... the other partie's insurance is also responsible to replace the car.

Can I Fire My Probate Attorney, Without Getting In Trouble?
I Have Had A Ptobate Case Open Since October There Are Not Any Profitable Assets, I Have Asked Him Several Times To Close The Case And He Won'T, I Paid For All The Publications Now He Sent Me A Bill From February Saying I Haven'T Paid It, Why Is He Just Now Sending It? He Doesnt Respond To My Emails In A Timely Manner, And He Has Made Several Mistakes On Paper Work, What Can I Do To Get Him Off My Case Without Having To Pay Him Since He Has Not Done Anything Productive

If there are no probatable assets, why was a case filed? You can get another attorney to substitute in, but you definitely have to pay the other's bill for his time. Normally the attorney fee is a percentage of the estate value.

Pre-Paid Legal Services Is It Worth It???
My Brother Has Been Hounding Me About Becoming An Independent Sales Associate For A Pre-Paid Legal Service Out Of New York! Is It Worth It? I Would Think You Need An Amazing Network For A Business Like That To Thrive? How About Alittle Feed Back From Knowledgeable People Only!!! Thank You Again For Your Time! Tick Tick

From what I know.... or remember...
The pre paid legal service is like $25 per month, or something like it...
The general idea is: Wow! my own personal attroney at my convenience for $25 a month.
However, most intiligent people will ask:
How many times a year do I even need a lawyer?

Therefore, you need to sell the lower paid worker the idea.
Who really don't need it, but it sounds good.

Get me?

Kinda like selling vaccum cleaners, it sucks!
But if you are a good sales man, you can make money.

Are There Any Criminal Law Students Or Lawyers On This Site? I Need Help Writing A Brief?
I Am Actually Helping To Write A &Quot;Direct Appeal&Quot; I Understand The &Quot;Law Of Parties&Quot; But Am Having A Difficult Time Finding Cases Where The Appellant Is Acquitted. Plenty Of Cases Available Where The Appeal Is Lost, But Those Are Helpful As Well.. I Am Looking Specifically For 13Th Court Of Appeals/Acquittals..Help Please Even Willing To Compensate Small Amount For Your Help.

It depends on the particular issue. I understand it's a criminal matter.

But why is the party appealing?

Do they believe they were not granted a fair trial?

Was it because their attorney was incompetent?

You get my drift-------Find the facts of the case that you are working on and start there.

Start with the who, what, when, where, how.

Cases are decided based on laws & facts--
laws & facts,
laws & facts.

It's really not rocket science like they want you to believe.

When you get your facts(who, what, when where, etc.) try searching for court opinions using some key word searches and sometimes it's helpful to use the words : "court" and "opinion".

You can't just find a case where someone won and cite that in the appellate brief.

In other words, the facts of the case would have to pretty much be similar (the case you are working on and the court opinion you found).

Good luck!

Do I Need To Seek Legal Counsel?
I Was Stopped In Pa And Cited With &Quot;Criminal Mischief - Intentionally Damaging Real Or Personal Property Of Another&Quot;, &Quot;Consume An Alcoholic Beverage Underage&Quot; And &Quot;Public Drunkenness&Quot;. The Two Alochol Related Citations Are Due To Denial Of A Breathalyzer (Which I Was Never Described The Consequences Of Denying It By The Officer) And The Mischief Citation Was Because I Slapped A Parked Car With My Hand (This Is What Brought The Attention Of The Officer). I Was Not Viably Under The Influence Of Alcohol By Any Means, I Just Denied Taking The Breathalyzer. I Am 20 Years Old And Will Be Turning 21 In Less Than 1 Month. What Is My Best Course Of Action? How Long Can Each Of These Mentioned Charges Stay On My Record? Do I Have A Right To Be Explained The Consequences Of Denying The Breathalyzer? I Am Not A Pa Citizen.

It may be best for you to seek legal counsel, but you are more than likely going to receive some fines and probation. The officer does not have to explain to you the consequences of denying the Breathalyzer. Denying the breathalyzer when the police have some sort of reasonable suspicion you were drinking. You must've been showing other signs you were drinking, even if they were not obvious to you. Also with denying the breathalyzer you are showing you are hiding something, and that can be enough evidence you are guilty. If you are driving and refuse a breathalyzer when they have probable cause your license is automatically suspended for a year.

If you are found guilty those things will remain on your record for life unless you get them expunged.

About How Many Hours Does A Lawyer Work In One Week?
I Am Curious To Know How Stressful A Career In Law Generally Is.

It depends on the job. Private practice tends to be the most stressful and can be among the most stressful careers out there.

For junior lawyers, it often entails long hours (in some big law firms 60 hours a week and 3000 hours a year is not unusual) and even for firms that don't require lawyers to clock that many hours, lawyers live in what is known as a billable hour culture. Law firms make their money by billing the services of their attorneys by the hour and lawyers are valued by the number of hours they bill so it creates a working environment where most lawyers are literally required to account for every 6 to 15 minutes of their workday for at least 8 hours a day on a timekeeping system.

On top of that, more senior lawyers who are partners in a law firm have the pressures of running the firm as a business, spending additional ours maintaining and developing client relations, and handling all the executive administrative responsibilities and overhead issues.

The hours can vary though as some smaller law firms have a business model that does not require continuous long hours at work because it is not extremely ambitious in terms of maximizing profits. The flip side is of course that those law firms don't offer as much income as the other firms.

Government and public interest law tends to be the least stressful. Because lawyers don't have to bill by the hour it relieves a lot of the pressure to work long hours and they don't have to account for their time the way private practice lawyers do. The trade off is that the income for these positions tends to be on the low end.