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Finding A Seasoned Lawyer No matter what your legal needs are you will see that there are countless lawyers in your neighborhood that advertise that they can specialize in your kind of case. This could make the whole process of finding one with a lot of experience a bit of a challenge. However, when you follow the following it is possible to restrict your pursuit on the right one in very little time. The first step is to create a set of the lawyers that happen to be listed in your neighborhood focusing on your position. While you are making this list you need to only include those that you have an effective vibe about based upon their advertisement. You may then narrow this list down by using a little while evaluating their webpage. There you will be able to find how many years they have been practicing and a few general information regarding their success rates. At this point your list must have shrunken further to those that you simply felt had professional websites and an appropriate volume of experience. You need to then take the time to check out independent reviews of each and every attorney. Be sure to look at the reviews rather than just counting on their overall rating. The info in the reviews provides you with a sense of how they interact with their clientele and how much time they invest into each case they are working on. Finally, it is advisable to talk to no less than the final three lawyers that have the credentials you are looking for. This will give you the time to actually evaluate how interested these are in representing you and the case. It can be imperative that you follow many of these steps to ensure that you hire a company containing the right degree of experience to obtain the ideal outcome.

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Do Graduates From Top Law Schools Ever Go To Work For Smaller Law Firms?
And Represent People Instead Of Corporations? Or Do Almost All Graduates Go To Work For Huge Law Firms And Represent Corporations?

Many graduates of top law schools go into academia, public interest, and government work. Some work for prestigious, but tiny firms. Others just can't get into biglaw, or won't, and opt for smaller firms instead, even with the diminished pay. Obviously, a lot want to go into biglaw because the entry-level salaries are amazing.

Unless you make partner, you're not going to stay in biglaw forever. Most will do it for 5 to 10 years, just long enough to pay off or make a serious dent in their student loans, and then leave for something with fewer hours.

I don't know many law school students who want to always be in biglaw. Instead they see it as a way to pay back debt while gaining valuable experience at a prestigious firm that will allow them to do what they want later.

More to the point, though: yes, the top schools send a lot of graduates to top firms. They don't all do corporate law, of course, but they're big and cover many practice areas. See the NLJ250, a listing of the 250 biggest firms in the US. The economy is sluggish, but you'll notice how many go into these types of jobs.

Comparison Of Lawson Vs. Peoplesoft?
Looking To Implement An Erp System For Gl, Ap, Fa, Projects Etc. Midsized Retailer. Looking For Users Who Have Used Both To Give Their Viewpoint On Strengths And Weaknesses Of Both Financial Tools. Particular Interests In Drill Around Functionality, Workflow And Reporting Tools. Also, Any Opinions On Supporting The Retail Method Of Accounting In Either Package. Neither Appear To Have A Specific &Quot;Stockledger&Quot; Package. Just Looking For Opinions, Likes And Dislikes Etc. From The User Perspective. Thx!

Lawson is great for a mid size company, in certain industries. It was designed mainly around pharmacetical companies. Like many companies, it took that idea and tried to make it sound like a universal software. If you manufacture and need to have sharp cost accounting by unit, then Lawson is OK. I t leads a little to be desired in other industries (like retailing).

PS is a much better overall product. Many more value added features and modules are available. Since Oracle bought PS & JD Edwards, the word is that they are taking the best of all packages and creating a blended product (code named "Fusion").

PS is the hands down winner in this case. But, it is much more costly.

For mid size business, check out Infinium Software. Better price point and better functionality than Lawson for Retail.

How Did Bush Destroyed International Law For Iraq?

Bush violated International law by a preemptive attack on Iraq violates the United Nations Charter, which is a treaty and part of the supreme law of the United States under Article 6, clause 2 of the U.S. Constitution. The U.S. signed the UN Charter and is obligated to uphold the law according to the American Constitution. A treaty that America signs becomes the "law of the land" according to the Constitution. Many legal experts now describe the US-UK attack as an act of aggression, violating international law,a crime against the peace as defined by the Nuremberg Principles. Experts also point to illegalities in the US conduct of the war and violations of the Geneva Conventions by the US-UK of their responsibilities as an occupying power.

Contrary to what the Bush administration would like the world to believe, the invasion of Iraq can be justified neither on the basis of self-defense nor because it was sanctioned by the Security Council.

These are the facts that outline the legal status of the war:

* The primary grievance against Iraq was the claim that it had weapons of mass destruction and ongoing illicit weapons programs.

* The U.N. weapons inspection team was invasively and thoroughly determining whether such weapons or weapons programs existed in Iraq.

* The U.N. Security Council was not willing to grant authority to invade Iraq while the U.N. inspection team was handling the illicit weapons problem peacefully.

* President Bush launched the invasion of Iraq anyway, in contravention of the U.N. Security Council and the U.N. Charter. Without Security Council authorization, the invasion was illegal and must be classified as a war of aggression.

It is quite clear that Bush has little regard for International law. Yet, the United States was founded on the basis of the rule of law. Article VI of the Constitution states that treaties, which this country has signed and ratified, are the "supreme law of the land."

The U.N. Charter is such a treaty, and it was created in large part because of the efforts of this country following World War II. For the USA to so egregiously transgress the charter's prohibition on the use of force is not only a violation of international law, it is a violation of the Constitution and a repudiation of much of what America stands for.

. Common sense and decency should tell us that launching an unprovoked invasion of another country, even one ruled by a man as nefarious as Saddam Hussein, is simply mass murder. What of the tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis who have died as a result of this military incursion? Did anyone ask them if they were willing to sacrifice their lives in a risky attempt to install democracy in their land?

Whether Americans realize it or not, the integrity of the United States has been dealt a serious blow. America can no longer be regarded as a nation that stands upon the legal and moral high ground. There is little doubt people in many countries now regard America as hypocrites and this has certainly fueled a lot of the terrorism.

Disability Lawyer Or Not?
Im Going To Apply For Ssi Disability. Would You Recommend A Lawyer Immediately? Or Should I Apply By Myself And Only Get A Lawyer If I Am Denied?

there is absolutely NOTHING an attorney can or will do for you that you can not do yourself for the first 2 steps. your state actually handles the initial determination and if you are denied they do the first appeal, now once you go to step 3 the administrative law judge an attorney may be able to help you.
a lot depends on if you truly and definitively are disabled bt both definitions, not only do you have to have a documented medical disability but you also must meet the definition of disabled in regards to NOT being able to do any type of substantial work.... the problem a lot of people run into is they think if they are "medically disabled" that they meet the requirements for SSDI and that is NOT the case...
if you make it to step 3 you need to consider then if you need to retain an attorney. an attorney can NOT charge you, they must accept their pay out of any back payments you receive from SSDI, they can NOT take more then 25% or $5300.00 whichever is LESS......
regardless of what your condition is you should plan on being denied by your state at the first 2 steps unless there is just no way possible for them to not see you are totally disabled.... some states have as high as a 95% denial rate for the first 2 steps... remember the first 2 steps are handled by your state's commission on disability and rehabilitation....

the time spent in the NAVY may be relevant since you can not do your former job...
the real issue is are you truly disabled by the definition used by SSA?
you have proof that you can not do the previous job but is there any job that you can do?
if you can make at least $1010.00 a month then you are NOT disabled.

Are There Any Books Out For Police Officers To Improve Dwi Cases In Court (Not Roadside)?
I'M Not Looking For A Sfst Book, However A Book That Will Help Me Fight Attn In Court To Make My Dwi Cases Strong. Thanks

It would vary by state. Each state has it's own laws, some don't even call it dwi but dui.
If you have a separate traffic court talk with the prosecutors who work that court. They can give you tips on what the defense uses and what laws/procedures cops mess up most.
In my station for a while it was the waiting and observation period pre Breathalyzer.
Remember most legislators are lawyers and get lots of campaign funds from defense attorneys. They write this stuff so it is hard to prosecute yet they can still tell MADD that they passed tough laws. Many have actually told me that they think :there for the grace of god go I" so they do not want to get a dui either.
You can also attend dui hearings when you are in the court building(s) and just pay attention.
That is what I did (not for dui) when I first started doing drug search warrants. I quickly learned how best to document my ci's which tending to take the wind out of a lot of defense attorney's challenges to my warrants.

Do All Attorneys In New York Have A Bar Number?

Yes. Go to the NY state court website and lookup the attorney's name in the attorney directory. The registration number is their bar number.