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4 Ways To Help Your Lawyer Enable You To If you want a lawyer for any excuse, you must work closely using them so that you can win your case. No matter how competent they can be, they're gonna need your help. Here are four important ways to help your legal team assist you to win: 1. Be Totally Honest Or Higher Your lawyers need and expect your complete cooperation - no matter what information you're planning to reveal in their mind. Privilege means anything you say is kept in confidence, so don't hold anything back. Your legal team should know everything in advance - particularly information the other side could learn about and surprise you with later. 2. Provide Meticulous Records Keep a continuing and factual account of all the information regarding your case. Whether it's witnesses or payments being made, provide your attorneys because of the data they have to help them to win. 3. Show Up Early For Many Engagements Never be late when you're appearing before a court and prevent wasting the attorney's time, too, by being by the due date, every time. Actually, because you may have to discuss very last minute details or perhaps be extra ready for the case you're facing, it's smart to arrive early. 4. Demonstrate That You Have Your Act Together If you've been charged with any type of crime, it's important so as to convince a legal court that you just both regret the actions and they are making strides toward improving your life. By way of example, if you're facing driving under the influence, volunteer for a rehab program. Be sincere and included in the community the judge is presiding over. Working more closely together with your legal team increases your likelihood of absolute success. Follow these tips, listen closely to how you're advised and ultimately, you need to win your case.

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Serious Only Reply Credit Card Fraud,Lawyer Please?

where is ur ?

How Much Do Attorneys Typically Charge For Estate Planning Documents?
I'M Currently Looking For An Attorney To Create The Following For My Elderly Father: A Will, A Deed For Property He Owns, An Advance Health Care Directive And A Power Of Attorney. Roughly Speaking, For An Estate Plan Including The Four Above Documents, How Much In Fees Should A Typical Estate Planning Attorney Charge As A Package, Or In Terms Of Hours Worked On Those Documents? I Realize That There Can Be No Exact Figures For Different States And Countries, But I Would Like A Ballpark Figure To Compare And Contrast. Thanks For The Information In Advance.

It sounds like he needs just normal services and any lawyer can do. All of the above listed are standard documents, other than the will. If your father does not have a lot of assets, but only a home, then the will be fairly simple stating who will be the executor and how his home or any assets are to be divided, which most likely to the children evenly.

Call up several law firms and ask them what the "average" cost to do. They should be able to state that it maybe 2 hours or 4 to finalize all documents and the cost of hourly rate.

But;;;;;if you, another family member or co-worker has had a lawyer that you used for a bankruptcy, divorce, personal injury and you liked their work, suggest you call them.

good luck

Need Advice On Child Custody In Which The Father Has No Legal Rights.?
I Love My Daughter But Made A Mistake Bout Her Father. We Did A Dna Test Tho Hed Already Suspected She Was His. He Didnt Want To Tell His Family Right Off Needed Time To Tell Everyone The Right Way He Said. I Figured It Give Him Time To Get To Know His Daughter So She Could Meet Her Other Family When The Time Came And Could Spend Time At Her Dads House. Well The First Month After The Dna Results I Had To Beg Him For Him To See Her The Few Times He Did. ( He Refused To Sign The Birth Certificate Because Someone Might See Him Gettin It Signed And His Family Find Out At The Wrong Time..Yea I Kno Im An Idiot) I Told Him After A Month N 2 Weeks Had Gone By And He Hadnt Made Time For Her That Was Waiting For Him To Say He Wanted To See His Daughter. And Of Course He Didnt And I Didnt Push The Sitch. One Time He Wanted To See Us (Not Our Daughter Us) But Wanted Me To Drive 30 Miles After Working An Overnight Shift And Hadnt Slept In Over O 15 Hours Or More. Compromise Was To Let Him See Her On His Way Back From Work But He Had Better Things To Do Apparently Because It Never Happened. (Pry Because Only Would Go Cuz Of Our Daughter) Well In The 2Month Mark I Filed Child Support Someone Finally Talked Me Into It And He Got The Letter And Got Mad Of Course I Was Going To Mess Everything Up Ect Drop The Charges And We Can Do This Without The Court Interfering... And Get This He Cant Afford To Care For Another Child Right Now..Ikr Neither Can I But Am Doing It. Well Pretty Much After That I Kina Got Things Going And Got His Moms Number. His Family Found Out (Over 2 N A Half Months After The Dna Result.) Now Im The Bad Guy Not Letting Him See His Daughter Just Like His Other Baby Momas (Yea Im Idiot Number 3) Even Tho I Begged For Him To See Her For How Long? He'S Never Seen Her For More N 45 Min Tops (Thats Being Highly Generous) Because He Didnt Have The Time To See Her... So Why Would I Let Our 5 Month Old Spend The Weekend, Night, Or Go Over 60 Miles To His Mothers Church With Someone She Doesnt Know, Or Never Made Time To Spend With Her, (His Other Daughter He Could Go To Texas For Every Other Weekend But The Child In The Same Town He Cant Spare 10 Min With) And When Some Ppl Belive If Id Let Her Go That Far With Him There Would Be No Telling When Or If I Would Have Ever Seen Her Again. I Have Been Told I Was Right For Not Letting Him Go From Non Existant Dad To Im Her Dad Hand So Hand Her Over Because It Would Have Scared Her To Death Being With Complete Strangers. And To Her He Is A Complete Stranger She Doesnt Understand The Situation. I Was Also Told I Did The Right Thing Because If Id Let Her Go With Him Like That It Would Have Been Grounds For Bad Parenting And Grounds For The Courts To Take Her From Me (Hes Got Custody Of His Son And Tryign To Take His 1St Daughter From Her Mom Now..Ours Hasnt Gone To Court Yet Cause He Doesnt Want To Pay Child Support Tho Thro The Family There Is Threat Of A Lawyer) Im Being Pressured Into Lettin Her Spend Time With Him Now When There Wasnt Before. Im Scared Now To Let Her Spend The Day The Way Things Have Gone.. Any Advice? Anyone Whos Been In This Kina Sitch If You Have Legal Stuff You Know Plz Share! I Talked To A Law Office An They Said Legally He Has No Right To Her Cause He A) Not Signed Birth Certificate B) Paternity Wasnt Legally Established C) Doesnt Pay Child Support. The Agreement Was He Would Help With Diapers And Things So We Wouldnt Have To Do Child Support..Of Course You Know How Well That Agreement Has Gone With Any Kind Of Financial Help. I Work Overnights Just To Have A Full Time Job And Pay For Everything That My Daughter Needs. He Has Helped None. Zip. Zilch.

well he sounds like a complete w@nker and you need to put your foot down. he is either in this little girl's life - or he is not...his choice - and it will be his loss if he doesn't bother.

sounds like you are doing great without him....take him to court and get the child support he is legally obliged to pay. you should get legal advice & demand that any child access is supervised to start with as he has never had a relationship with her...and she should not have to go with what is basically a stranger to her.

when she is old enough...she will decide - but for now - you are her main protector. good luck - he sounds like a deadbeat are doing well on your own - well done!!

If I Am Dissatisfied With My Disability Lawyer, Can I Get A New One?
The Fee Is On A Contingency Basis. He Showed Up At The First Hearing And Did Not Have One Scrap Of Evidence. The Judge Continued The Case For Three Months For Him To Get Submit Evidence. He Didn'T Show Up At That Hearing And The Case Was Decided Against Me. He Didn'T Even Know Or Inquire About That Hearing. Do I Have To Pay For That Incompetence.

I'm not sure what "disability lawyer" means. If its some kind of court-appointed lawyer cuz it's medicare, then i dont know.

If an attorney doesnt do what hes supposed to, get a new one. Depending on how bad the damage is, you can decide whether to pay him for any costs incurred (which are different from fees, which if he didnt show up are zero)

How Many Different Levels Of Assault Charges Are There In General?
I'M Talking For A Person Above 18. Would Be Great If Someone Had Info Specifically For Ohio.

Simple Assault – Laws & Penalties

Assault, also referred to as simple assault, is considered a misdemeanor in most circumstances. Assault can be committed by:

Knowingly causing or attempting to cause physical harm to another or to another’s unborn.
Recklessly causing serious physical harm to another or to another’s unborn.

Does this mean I can be charged with assault for something that happened on accident?

Yes. If you acted recklessly and it led to serious physical harm of someone then you can be charged and potentially found guilty of this offense. For instance, if you are drinking and at a party when you decide to juggle knives, your actions could be considered reckless, particularly if you do not know how to juggle. If your juggling leads to the injury of someone, even unintentional, you can be charged with assault.

In most cases assault is considered a first degree misdemeanor and is punishable by up to 6 months in jail and fines up to $1,000.

Ref: ORC 2903.13
Negligent Assault – Laws & Penalties

Negligent assault is one that is committed without intent. To be negligent means that through your neglect, harm was done. For instance, if you are a professional knife juggler and decide to juggle knives but neglect to take time to move back from your audience knowing the risk exists for a knife to go awry you are being negligent. If the juggling act ends in harm to someone, you could be charged with negligent assault.

According to the law, negligent assault occurs when physical harm is caused through the negligent use of a deadly weapon. A common example of negligent assault is hunting accidents.

Negligent assault is considered a 3rd degree misdemeanor and is punishable by jail time up to 60 days and fines up to $500.

Ref: ORC 2903.14
Ohio Felony Assault – Laws & Penalties

Typically a second degree felony, felonious assault can be committed in a few different ways. If there is probable cause (or a good reason to believe) that you committed any of the following, you may be charged with this offense:

Cause serious harm to someone or an unborn child, or
Cause or attempt to cause harm through the use of a deadly weapon.

A second degree felony typically carries a potential sentence of 2-8 years in prison and fines up to $20,000. A very serious penalty for what the courts consider a very serious crime.

Ref: ORC 2903.11
Aggravated Assault – Laws & Penalties

Slightly less severe than felonious assault, aggravated assault is very similarly written in Ohio Laws. The difference between a felonious assault and an aggravated assault is the manner in which they are committed.

Aggravated assault is when you:

Cause serious harm to someone or an unborn child, or
Cause or attempt to cause harm through the use of a deadly weapon

And does this while in “under the influence of sudden passion or in a sudden fit of rage”.

The court recognizes that when in an extreme rage or while feeling high levels of passion, a person may not act rationally. For this reason, when an assault is committed in this heightened state, it is punished less severely.

Under Ohio law, aggravated assault is a 4th degree felony and is punishable by a prison term of 18 months to 6 years and fines of up to $5,000. }{

Legal Help In Wisconsin?
Are There Any Free Or Low Cost Legal Services To Assist A Young Mother With 2 Children, Who Is Not Getting Regular Child Support From Ex, Yet He Seems To Legally Be Able To Control Her Life? He Even Keeps Her From Moving To A Place Where She Can Have A Better Job To Support The Children He'S Not Supporting? She Needs An Attorney Or Legal Assistance Because The Mediator Is Leaning Toward The Former Husband On All Issues

Do you have a child support order? If so, simply call your county court house and speak to some one in the Child Support division. They will take care of it for you. If there is an order, they will send him 3 notices of default, if he does not clear it up, he will get arrested and not released until he pays you, IN FULL. Do you know that in Wisconsin you also get interest on back child support owed? I forgot what the percentage is but it was higher than my bank was paying.

If you do not have a child support order, you can get one without a lawyer. (I did) You go to your county courthouse, to the clerks office and tell them you what you need. They can not give you legal advice but they can tell give you the proper forms and tell you how many copies you need and who they go to.

Here's some links that can help you

Add me as a contact and email me if you need more help.
Are you in the northern or southern part of the state?