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A large number of people today do not think about acquiring a lawyer until finally they are in desperate need. The lawful difficulty might possibly be personal, like family law, for a divorce or separation or if you are searching for a bankrupcy or trust lawyer or attorney. It may be a criminal situation you want to be defended on. Firms need legal representatives as well, whether or not they are being sued for discrimination, sexual harassment, or perhaps unfair business procedures. Tax lawyers are also very helpful while coping with government challenges. Just like doctors, lawyers have specialties. A sizeable, full service law firm has a number of legal professionals with distinct areas of abilities, so based upon on your legal issue, you can promptly hold on to the best law firm to meet your current need without having to start your search each time you need legal support.It is most effective to obtain a law firm you can believe in. You want one with a decent record, who isstraightforward, productive, and wins cases. You really want to have confidence that they will defend you effectively and invoice you reasonably for their products and services. Sometimes a reference from a pal or business affiliate can be useful, having said that you should hold your options open and examine all the firms accessible, simply because when you need to have legal help, you need it quickly and you really want the best you can pay for. Thank you for browsing for a law firm with us. Your time is important, and Action Pages, at, is glad to provide specific search parameters to satisfy your necessities. We consistently strive to concentrate on the most popular phrases so you can instantly find anything you are searching for.

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I'M In Need Of A Good Employment Lawyer Any Referral In Dallas Tx ?

Go to That is the primary website for the National Employment Lawyers Association. The majority of all employment lawyers are members, but not all. On that website, on the left-hand side you select your city and then can search for an attorney in that area. Good luck.

I Need Legal Advice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I Live In Long Beach Ny. I Worked At A Hotel In Here And Part Of My Pay Was For Me To Get A Free Room I Have Been Here 2 And Half Months. I Recently Got Fired And Now The Owner Wants Me Out. Today The Cops Came And Tried To Say Its A Hotel It Doesnt Work The Same As A Apartment And I Said Yes It Does I Have Been There Longer Than 30 Days He Has To Evict Me So The Cops Said They R Giving Me 2 Monday And Then They Want Me Out. Then They Said If You Do Not Want 2 Get Out You Can Get Arrested For Tresspass And Let The Judge Sort It Out.Now In Your Opinion If I Volentarly Get Arrested Will It Be Thrown Out.

Voluntary arrest is a bad idea, avoid that if at all possible. Ms. Informed has some excellent advice, that I was able to read after posting this.

I don't practice in New York, but there are special rules regarding employee housing.

I would call 1-800-771-7755 and I'm sure they can direct you to the appropriate agency to assist you.

My guess is that you are entitled to some form of notice to vacate. That being "kicked out" isn't on date with your employment termination, but possibly 14 or 30 or maybe even 60 days after.

Anyway, call that number as quickly as possible and calmly explain your situation. They may be able to assist you or give you the agency that can help you. If not, ask them for the legal assistance number.

Good luck and please ignore the advice of a few of these "top contributors" who are not lawyers and should be helpful by being silent. Pack your bags is hardly an appropriate answer...

I Am Being Taken To Small Claims Court, Where Can I Do Legal Research Online?
I Own A Mail Store And Am Being Taken To Small Claims Court For $300. The Claim Is So Small I Am Not Looking To Hire A Lawyer But In The Justice And Grand Scheme Of Things I Wish To Prove Myself. The Claim Is Over A Damaged Shipment Insured By Fed Ex. Fed Ex Will Not Honor The Insurance Claim So The Customer Has Now Taken My Business To Court. I Don'T Wish To Give To Many Details On The Situation But Am Hoping To Find Some Way To Track Down Similar Cases Such As Mine In Order To Show A Precedent. I Am Also Having A Hard Time Finding Laws That Protect Me As Shipper. If Anyone Can Point Me In The Right Direction It Would Be Well Appreciated.

to protect yourself in the future tell them that they must buy insurance on the item when shipped or you are not responsible for damage in the mails. Doesn't Fed Ex have insurance connected with it? UPS covers $100 per package I believe so you can ship UPS. If she was offered insurance on the package and didn't select it, then you may hve that argument in court.

If you stated taht you are not responsible for damages in the mail, then you have that arguemnt.

Is taking back the damaged item and replacing with a new item an option for you? The person should be required to bring the item to court with her/him.

As to reaearch you might go to consumer rights on the internet. I assume she paid $300 for the item and that is not some kind of penalty because she lost something else because she didn't get that in a timely fashion. I think you can beat that if it is the case as you sent the package in a timely way and it was the Fed Ex who messed up. You could possible bring in the Fed Ex as your own counter suit as part of the small claims claiming that if there is anything you owe, it is owed by Fed Ex and not you (if there was insurance on it).

With the US mail I odn't think they cover any isnurance unless it is purchased. You could use that as your own argument that it was the mails that messed up not you and she could have purchased insurance. But ff you didn't offer that option or you have a refund policy, you may be stuck to replacing it.

You could go to a court law library and see about researching a case there There are books that have cases in them but they arne't always easy to research. You an try your state and the law -- like Michigan consumer law or Michigan postal liability or whatever you can think of to try. You might be able to go to a law school and see about whether you can research fromt heir law library. I can't think of the name of the books but you lok up an index with whatever words you can thnk of to search and then you go to the cases to read the decisons and why and then you can look up to see if there were any that were overturned, etc.

There are on line places to do that and another one but I can't remember what they are now. It has been a long time and I didn't practice law so much as quasi law with a union. I hated the research part when it came to the fine tuning up as to overturned cases, etc.

It could be consumer law in your state. Postal damage might be a place to try. Good luck to you.

This is not a legal opinion

Legal Advice For A Bench Trial?
So, I Have A Debt Collection Company That Has Taken Me To Court For Outstanfing Credit Card Debt. At The Initial Hearing, I Disputed The Amount Owed As It Was Significantly Higher Than Even The Limit Of The Credit Card. I Now Have A Bench Trial Scheduled. Do I Have A Legitimate Claim To Defend Or Should I Not Have Opted For A Trial? And Is There Any Advice I Should Follow In Seeking Leniency?

If you have not consulted an attorney, nothing else matters much.

I work in courts which hear cases on credit card debt. Frequently, the amount owed is significantly higher than the limit on the card. And the judgment will include attorney's fees and court costs and post-judgment interest. So you could have had a card with a $5,000 limit. Adding late fees and penalties, the debt at time of trial may be $7,500 or more. Add another $250 or so for court costs and another $2,500 or more for attorney's fees. You are now looking at over $10,000 plus post-judgment interest, plus added attorney's fees and court costs for post-judgment collection efforts.

Consult your attorney.

Leniency may be related to punishment in criminal cases. The court may have no option when the plaintiff proves what you owe.

If you have a substantial amount to offer the plaintiff, you could negotiate a settlement. For instance, if you owe $7,500, you could, perhaps, negotiate a dismissal of the case based on immediate cash payment of only $3,000 or so.

What Should I Major In If I Want To Be A Civil Rights Attorney?

Your UG really doesn't matter, but you should demonstrate good critical reasoning ability and aptitude for writing. For civil rights, you could go the multicultural studies as noted above, history (of the US, constitutional etc.), any of the social sciences (as long as you have good statistics classes--you need that in analyzing civil rights cases), or even English. That it is a rigorous curriculum is all that matters.

Question About Criminal Laws?
I'M Doing A Mock Trial In Class. I Am Part Of The Defense Attorneys Team. This Is A Summary Of The Case: Catherine (18) And Paula (Also 18) Are At A Party On New Year'S Eve. Catherine Took And Combined Drugs (Various Anti-Depressants And Sleeping Pills) Just Hours Before The Party, Due To The Fact That She Is Feeling Suicidal. Paula Has Been Drinking A Large Amount Of Alcohol At The Party. Furthermore, Paula Could Have Been Clinically Depressed And She Was Mentally Ill. Both Paula And Catherine Eventually Find Themselves On The Apartment Balcony At The Party. Paula Decides To Stand On The Balcony And Has A Strange Desire To Want To &Quot;Fly.&Quot; Catherine, Whose Consciousness Is Impaired Due To The Concoction Of Drugs In Her Body, Is Unaware Of What Is Going On And The Severity Of The Situation. Paula Loses Her Balance On The Balcony And Falls To Her Death. Is There A Law Or Precedent That Would Be Useful In Our Case? We Are Defending Catherine, Who Is The One That Accompanies Paula On The Balcony. Thanks.

You're going to need to say which jurisdiction you're in, and what Catherine has actually been charged with.

Well here are the relevant laws:
Section 125.20 Manslaughter in the first degree
A person is guilty of manslaughter in the first degree when:
1. With intent to cause serious physical injury to another person, he causes the death of such person or of a third person;
Manslaughter in the first degree is a class B felony.

Section 125.15 Manslaughter in the second degree
A person is guilty of manslaughter in the second degree when:
1. He recklessly causes the death of another person; or
3. He intentionally causes or aids another person to commit suicide.
Manslaughter in the second degree is a class C felony.

So the prosecution will have to prove beyond reasonable doubt: that Catherine caused Paula's death, and intended to cause serious harm; or that she caused Paula's death and was reckless in doing so; or that she caused or aided Paula to commit suicide, and intended to do so.
This seems like a pretty straightforward defence. All you need to do is argue that the prosecution has failed to prove those elements. You do this by claiming that there is an alternate explanation which is also supported by the evidence, and which does not constitute an offence. The obvious explanation would be 'Paula tripped'.

One point of which you need to be aware concerns the meaning of recklessness:
Section 15.05 Culpability; definitions of culpable mental states
The following definitions are applicable to this chapter:
3. "Recklessly." A person acts recklessly with respect to a result or to a circumstance described by a statute defining an offense when he is aware of and consciously disregards a substantial and unjustifiable risk that such result will occur or that such circumstance exists. The risk must be of such nature and degree that disregard thereof constitutes a gross deviation from the standard of conduct that a reasonable person would observe in the situation. A person who creates such a risk but is unaware thereof solely by reason of voluntary intoxication also acts recklessly with respect thereto.

That last point is going to be important, given that Catherine was voluntarily intoxicated.