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A large number of people today do not think about acquiring a lawyer until finally they are in desperate need. The lawful difficulty might possibly be personal, like family law, for a divorce or separation or if you are searching for a bankrupcy or trust lawyer or attorney. It may be a criminal situation you want to be defended on. Firms need legal representatives as well, whether or not they are being sued for discrimination, sexual harassment, or perhaps unfair business procedures. Tax lawyers are also very helpful while coping with government challenges. Just like doctors, lawyers have specialties. A sizeable, full service law firm has a number of legal professionals with distinct areas of abilities, so based upon on your legal issue, you can promptly hold on to the best law firm to meet your current need without having to start your search each time you need legal support.It is most effective to obtain a law firm you can believe in. You want one with a decent record, who isstraightforward, productive, and wins cases. You really want to have confidence that they will defend you effectively and invoice you reasonably for their products and services. Sometimes a reference from a pal or business affiliate can be useful, having said that you should hold your options open and examine all the firms accessible, simply because when you need to have legal help, you need it quickly and you really want the best you can pay for. Thank you for browsing for a law firm with us. Your time is important, and Action Pages, at, is glad to provide specific search parameters to satisfy your necessities. We consistently strive to concentrate on the most popular phrases so you can instantly find anything you are searching for.

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Business Law?
A Friend Was Advised To Resign Her Position After Using All Her Sick Days Due To Cancer Treatments. This Means She Loses Her Benefits But Without Resigning Was Told She Would Be &Quot;Awol&Quot; . Isn'T There A Law Protecting Her?

Yes, under FMLA, and no, she does not have to resign.

"Under federal law and some state laws, certain employees have the right to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave per year (any 12-month period) for the following reasons:
you have a serious health condition that keeps you from doing your job; you need to care for a sick child, spouse, or parent with a serious health condition;
you need to care for a newborn child, newly adopted child, or foster child.

If you are eligible, you may take family leave (leave to care for someone in your family) or medical leave (leave to seek care for or recover from your own serious health condition) without losing your job.

Under the law, your job is protected during your leave. When you return to work, your employer must give you either the same job you had before your leave, or a position with equivalent benefits, pay, working conditions, and seniority. Your employer must continue to pay for your health insurance coverage during your leave as it normally would have during your employment."

Military Spousal Support/ Bah Payment?
My Husband And I Are Currently Separated. He Was Paying Me A Percentage Of The Bah Through A Joint Account That Was Meant For Me. He Has Closed This Account And Also Taken The Money That I Left In The Account For Bills That Are Automatically Taken Out. Is He Allowed To Just Cancel My Account And Take My Money That He Is Suppose To Pay Me? I Personally Don'T Think This Is Allowed Nor Wright. What Will Happen If I Contact His Chain Of Commands? I Am Trying To Take Care Of My Family Until The Divorce Is Finalized. I Was Told He Must Pay Me Till We Are Divorced. What Steps Do I Need To Take So He Gives Me The Money He Took And Continue To Received The Bah Till Our Divorce Is Finalized? Thank You For Any Help.

Look i've just went through the samething. Contact whatever seargent whose # u have, dont waste your time talking to the ones thats low in rank they dont care, ask for the commanding officer's phone number. Lie and say you've already spoke with IG (inspector general....they make sure that everyone is doing there job) IG told you to start with commanding officer and if commanding officer dont do anything about nonsupport payments give them a call back. Commander will do what needs to be done I promise you. But if commander doesn't handle up contact ig on the base that he's located and file a complaint....they will give you a support officer that will bring papers to the commander himself and stay on him to get the job done. If u dont know the # google it (ex. Ig on fort carson base) look on the website. He will check back with you. Soldier is suppose to support u until divorce is final. U can put it towards the rent are use it for something else as long as he pays u. He In the meantime try to find out his unit job information and file for child support. If they wont give it ask commander to email u something stating how much soldier is required to pay u. Once recieved job information will b in letterhead. If he wont child support will use the information u have a photo id and get him served. The more information the faster but either way he will get served even if they have to do it at work. Even if he is cooperating tell them he's not as long as divorce isnt file they will get a court order asap after speaking with you. Keep in mind all the military can do is try to make him pay it and punish him if he doesnt. They can even go as far as kicking him out, but if he cares about his job he'll pay. If both parties are getting out of hand they can just take bah and bas no one will get it. When speaking to commander keep it short and simple. Let them know what u want. Have ur dates together and dont get emotional they're just interested in getting the problem resolved. Commander will stay on soldier, if not, ig will stay on commander. Keep in mind that what he's paying you is not child support if u file child support u are allowed to file back child support frm seperation date. Yes u can file child support while married as long as there isn't a divorce pending, because all that will b addressed in court. **** what everybody else saying there not in our shoes. Get what is needed for kids thats what they have mommies for to protect them. to get everything straightened out could take atleast 1 month and a half. My advice become and EDUCATED pest.

Searching For Lawyer In Apartment Fire Battle With Complex Insurance.?
My Apartment Caught Fire While I Was At Work. The Apartment Was Gone But It Didn'T Affect Anyone Else And I Was Not Insured. However I Lost Everything, Including My Job For Missing Work To Take Care Of Fire. Fire Department Can Not Determine The Cause Of The Fire. Candles Were For Looks Only, Hadn'T Cooked In A Week, No Animals, Nothing Left On To Cause A Fire. However The Fire Dept Thought It Might Have Been A Sewing Machine That Was Plugged In Where The Fire Was Thought To Have Start. How This Might Have Happened, Don'T Know Since No One Was Home To Use It. The Complex'S Insurance Company Has Now Sent A Letter Stating They Intend To Sue For What They Paid Out To The Complex For Damages. I Need A Lawyer...What Specialization Do I Look Under? What Do I Need To Start Doing?

Go to you can search by area, name, specialty, firm size, etc. It is a wonderful site! Even contains biographies of attorneys as well as contact information.

Where Do I Find A Good Lawyer For Divorce And Domestic Issues?

There are a lots of tips when choosing divorce lawyers on

off of the top of my head, you should find someone who has proven track record in court, and is well respected with seated judges and other court lawyers. He should also be aware of high-conflict divorces as well as how to manage these kinds of things.

try also

20Yr Old Got A Dui,What Can We Expect?
My 20 Ye Old Gf Got A Dui Last Week In Ks , She Goes To Court Next Friday. Wondering What We Can Expect Her Punishments To Be?

First Kansas DUI

•Jail – 48 Hour Mandatory Minimum, or
•Community Service – 100 Hours
•Fine – From $500 to $1,000
•License Suspension – 30 Days
•License Restriction – 330 Days Following Suspension
•Vehicle Impound – Up to 1 Year Possible
•Court Ordered Treatment Program Possible

First DUI in Kansas results in both criminal and administrative penalties upon conviction.

Administrative Penalties
•First offense DUI in Kansas carries mandatory license suspension of thirty (30) days, with a restricted license (similar to hardship or occupational licenses in other states) for a period of three hundred and thirty (330) days
•Reinstatement contingent upon serving entire suspension period, followed by adherence to license restrictions period, which by law, does not require an ignition interlock device for first offenders
Criminal Penalties
•First offense convictions of DUI in Kansas require a minimum incarceration period of two (2) days, which may be served out as one hundred (100) hours of community service in limited instances
•Any offense will carry mandatory alcohol/substance abuse assessment, which dictates course of further treatment requirements
•Fines range from minimum of $500 to maximum of $1000, but fine amounts do not cover costs associated with completion of other terms of sentence, nor does it cover costs of license reinstatement
•Convictions of first offense DUI in Kansas influence charging and sentencing in future DUI offenses for life

- Stuart

Does Anyone Know Of A Good Child Support/Family Law Attorney In Atlanta, Ga?
Hi. I Am Dad...Known To The Court System As The Ncp...You Know, The Guy Who Works His S$$ Off To Pay Child Support. Thank God I Have Finally Received My Modification Court Date. I Was Not Going To Hire A Lawyer For My Case Since It Is Pretty Simple. When I Was First Put On Child Support 6 Years Ago I Was Earning Right At $150,000. Since The Economy Took A Nose Dive My Salary For The Past 2 Years Has Been $70,000. I Figured The Judge Would Look At My Tax Returns, See The Loss In My Salary, Cut My Child Support In 1/2 And I Would Be Out The Door. However, I Just Found Out My Child'S Mother Has Hired A Lawyer For The Hearing. Since She Is Money Hungry And &Quot;My Personal Welfare Case&Quot; I Know She Will Try To Suck Every Dime Out Of Me That She Can Get. So For My Own Comfort And Protection I Am Hiring A Lawyer. Can Anyone Recommend A Good Lawyer In The Atlanta Area, One That You Have Experienced First Hand. Please Give Me An Idea Of What Good Thing Did For You (Ncp). I Can Not Afford To Pay This Woman Any &Quot;Extra&Quot; Money That She May Say She Needs. Thanks

Representation for you to get a modification is free from the office of child support enforcement.

Federal Child Support Enforcement Handbook for Non-Custodial Parents

If you feel you must hire one, this will tell you how.

To learn a father's rights, join Dads House in Yahoo Groups. It's free to join, access all materials, and you associate with other fathers going through, and have already gone through, the same issues. We have an Educational Manual that teaches everything that needs to be known in addressing your legal issues. Mention your question here when asked why you want to join, as well as your state?