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A large number of people today do not think about acquiring a lawyer until finally they are in desperate need. The lawful difficulty might possibly be personal, like family law, for a divorce or separation or if you are searching for a bankrupcy or trust lawyer or attorney. It may be a criminal situation you want to be defended on. Firms need legal representatives as well, whether or not they are being sued for discrimination, sexual harassment, or perhaps unfair business procedures. Tax lawyers are also very helpful while coping with government challenges. Just like doctors, lawyers have specialties. A sizeable, full service law firm has a number of legal professionals with distinct areas of abilities, so based upon on your legal issue, you can promptly hold on to the best law firm to meet your current need without having to start your search each time you need legal support.It is most effective to obtain a law firm you can believe in. You want one with a decent record, who isstraightforward, productive, and wins cases. You really want to have confidence that they will defend you effectively and invoice you reasonably for their products and services. Sometimes a reference from a pal or business affiliate can be useful, having said that you should hold your options open and examine all the firms accessible, simply because when you need to have legal help, you need it quickly and you really want the best you can pay for. Thank you for browsing for a law firm with us. Your time is important, and Action Pages, at, is glad to provide specific search parameters to satisfy your necessities. We consistently strive to concentrate on the most popular phrases so you can instantly find anything you are searching for.

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If I Want To Be A Medical Malpractice Lawyer, What Should I Major In College?
Also What If I Want To Be A Corporate Lawyer?

The top medical malpractice lawyers have both medical and law degrees. That would be ideal if you don't mind spending around a decade in college.

At the least, you should take pre-med courses in addition to law school. You need some knowledge about medical practices before you can decide what is medical malpractice.

For a corporate lawyer, get a business degree, then go to law school.

Interview A Business Attorney For Business Law Project?
I'M Doing This Project For My Business Law Class And I Would Be Really Greatful To Have My Questions Answered By An Attorney. These Questions Are Really Easy. It Takes Approximately 10-15 Minutes. Thank You For Your Help. General Background: 1. Attorney’S Name: __________________________ 2. Firm Name & Location: _____________________________________________________ 3. Undergraduate Degree, And School: ______________________ 4. Law School: ______________________________ 5. What Things Did You Most Enjoy About Law School? _________ 6. What Things Did You Not Enjoy About Law School? _________ 7. Are You: A. Currently Practicing Law? B. Currently Working In Business? (If Retired, Or Not Currently Working, Ask About Their Experiences When They Were Working In The Field.) If You Answered A For Question 7 (Currently In Law Practice) A.1. What Kinds Of Cases Do You Normally Work On? ______________________________________________________ A.2. How Much Time Do You Spend In Court? _____________________ A.3. What Do You Enjoy Most About Practicing Law? ____________ _________________________________________________________ A.4. What Negatives Have You Experienced In Practicing Law? ________________________________________________________ A.5. If You Were Not Practicing Law, What Other Types Of Employment Would You Consider? ________________________________________ A.6. If A Student Were Interested In A Career In Business Law, What Would You Advise That Student As To The Type Of Undergraduate Training To Get As Training (Majors, Degrees, Etc.)? A.7. How Do You Feel If You Were To Lose A Case? A.8. What Would You Do When A Plaintiff Is Not Happy With Her Attorney. __________________________________________________________ If You Answered B For Question 7: (Working In Business): B.1. What Kind Of Business Are You In, And What Do You Do In That Business? ____________________________________________ B.2. Was Your Legal Education Helpful In Getting Your Employment? B.3. Once You Got The Job, Has Your Legal Education Helpful To You, In Performing Your Job? B.4. Did You Practice Law Before You Went Into Business? If So, Why Did You Decide To Change? Are You Happier In Business Than In Law Practice? __________________________________________________ B.5. Is Law A Major Requirement In Doing Every Business? B7. Is It Compulsory For Everyone To Have The Knowledge And Understand The Law Before Doing A Business?

I am answering for my husband who is a semi retired lawyer after practicing for 40 years.

Indiana University for bachelors degree
Indiana University for law degree
Will not give any other personal info.

He was hired in a law firm and 3 months later passed the bar, so was able to practice. 1 year after joining the firm, he was made a partner and stayed there for 20 years, but got fed up with all the back stabbing and stealing clients, he left and opened his own law office as a sole practicitor for the past 20 years.

He has handled bankruptcy, contracts, divorce, child custody, criminal law, social security, personal injury and most anything that walked in the door. He has handled several murder trials and won all. He got out of bankruptcy in 2005 when they changed the law, just like many other lawyers did.

Since he is basically semi retired, he is closing out his cases and only taking social security cases since he prefers them and not a lot of work. When you shut down a law practice, you cant just sell your office, but have to stick around and close them or have the clients find another lawyer to handle. If a client does not pay, you cant get off the case, since the judge will make you stay on to conclusion, even thought they don't pay you.

In some weeks, could find himself in court everyday for one case or another. Some cases maybe only an half hour, whereas in a trial could last for days/weeks.

Negatives is clients not paying you. Or so many lawyer jokes. My husband has a T-shirt that says;
If you think lawyer jokes are so funny, then the next time you need a lawyer, hire a comedian.

He loved to compete against other lawyers, especially from his old law firm and win. No lawyer wants to lose ANY case. The clients if they don't get 100% of what they want, will believe he did not do enough. On criminal, if you save the client from going to jail and get a reduced sentence are not happy since they believe no matter what should walk off free.

The average lawyer in the US must get a 4 year bachelors degree, 3 years of law school and then take the bar exam and pass to practice law.

But I suggest you consider another field of study, since the law field is saturated and many lawyers graduating today will never find work as a lawyer for years.

good luck

About Lawyer...?
Are The No. Of Jobs In This Field On The Way Up??

The legal profession is taking a hit, a well-deserved hit! That says alot comming from an Attorney! But the legal community asked for it by charging insane prices.

First, the most obvious sectors of the legal profession which will are already starting to decline are:

- Divorce Lawyers: Many couples are simply going through therapy, drafting pre-nupts which leave no room for debate, or mitigating a divorce to cut costs. Divorce Lawyers are quickly starting to be a thing of the past. The only Divorce Lawyers which will be left are most likely going to reside in California or New York; to take care of celebrity or Fortune 500 weddings.. lol

- Corporate Lawyers and Litigation: Yes, this field is growing, but at a decreasing rate. Soon, there will be zero growth, and then, we will start seeing negative growth. The reason is because more corporations are starting to see that it is better to reach a settlement in areas like torts, that to proceed with costly litigation. However, lawyers remaining in this field will most likely still handle multi-million/billion dollar transactions, M&As, Bankruptcy.. ect..

- Real Estate Law: No, this has nothing to do with the cooling down of the housing market. Real Estate Brokers will be required to have a 4-year college degree; starting 2012 in most states. On the flip side, most states adopting this policy will give a Real Estate Broker the right to act as one party's attorney; (except in California). This will reduce costs for buyers and sellers, either from commission fees or attorney costs. As a result, this will hopefully stimulate the housing market once more.

- Estate Planning, Financial Planning, & Tax Law: This used to be one of the fields where you needed both an Accountant and an Attorney, or an Attorney who knew alot about accounting. Not anymore! Most states will require 150 college credits in order to be a CPA. As a result, more and more accountants will have the time to take more advanced classes in Taxation, Business Law, and Financial & Estate Planning. Degrees like M.S. in Taxation, M.S. in Accounting, and M.S. in Finance are becoming more popular graduate degrees for people already holding a B.S. in Accounting. As a result, Accounting firms, Law firms, and even Corporations will pick the cheaper, and equally good alternative to Tax Attorneys; higher quality Accountants.

Now, since the number of jobs in the legal profession are estimated to stay the same, we have to wonder; "if these fields will leave more lawyers without a job, which fields are expected to grow and fill the gap?"

Negotiations: No, not for houses, not for used cars, but for bet-the-company moves and hostile takeovers. Lawyers will be needed to negotiate complex deals between corporations and take into account all contingientcies that may arrise in the future, into the contract. Bargaining will play an essential role, so the actual skill of negotiating will be in high demand.

Alternative Dispute Resolution: Well, if Litigation is dropping, then it follows that ADR will increase in demand. Think of it as settlement bargaining, to avoid costly trials.

Constitutional Law & Litigation: Although the U.S. Supreme Court has listened to less and less cases through the years, many econometricians believe that we are reaching an era where the U.S. Supreme Court will have to face many Constitutional battles between Congress and the Executive Branch. In addition, many states have already introduced extreame legislation which many Constitutional Lawyers argue "are flat-out unconstitutional time-bombs waiting to go off the second someone has standing to file suit."; (Example: restrictions on gay married couples to adopt & foster children, full-bans on abortions, ect.)

- Criminal Lawyers: As the wage gap grows larger every year between the rich and poor, both traditional crime aswell as white-collar business crime is expected to rise! Well, this is only good news for both types of criminal lawyers.

Well, I hope this was helpful; Best of Luck!

Can Anyone Tell Me Where Can I Find The Memphis Personal Injury Lawyer?
I Am Been Injured Working In My Company While Doing Work So I Want The Compensation For My Injuries. Can Anyone Help Me To Find The Lawyer To Get The Compensation Money Back ?

Just fill out the form on the site below and they will have a local Memphis attorney get in touch with you for a free evaluation of your case.

I Can'T Afford An Attorney For My Divorce?
I Am Going To Be Divorcing My Husband But I Cannot Afford An Attorney. My Credit Is Destroyed And I Cannot Get A Credit Card Or Loan. We Have A Child, A House, And A Lot Of Debt To Divide Between Us And I Don'T Know If There Will Be A Fight Over It! Does Anyone Know Of Any Alternatives To Hiring A Lawyer?

there is no alternative to hiring an attorney, unless you and your hubby sit down and agree to terms. there are times when you can't do your own divorce and this is one of them. i did my own divorce but we agreed on everything, and had no children or property. If we would have had those things I would not have been able to do my own divorce.

What Are Florida Legal Laws?
Ok So My Boyfriend Is Almost 17 And I Just Turned 19. Oh Stop With The Negative Comments Already. My Question Is.. If I Get Pregnant, (Which I Think I Am) What Could Happen To Us? In Florida It Has A 16-23 Age Thing Where You Can Date But Does That Involve Sex?

There is no state that has laws regarding dating. All age laws are in regards to sexual activity. In short, a minor does not have the legal capability to legally consent to sexual activity. There is nothing legally wrong with a 60 year old dating a 13 year old. Morally disgusting, but not illegal. If they have sex, the 60 year old gets arrested.

In your case, almost every state allows a certain age range for sexual activity when one of them is technically a minor. I'm pretty sure Florida is one of those states, and since you are only two years apart, you *should* be OK. To be on the safe side, I wouldn't go around advertising that you are having sex with a 17-year-old.

As for the kid, the usual rules apply. If you both stay together, then you raise the child as any normal set of parents would under whatever circumstances you find yourselves in. If you break up, you can either agree on child support / visitation rights, or you go to a family court and have the judge figure it out for you.