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Finding A Seasoned Lawyer Regardless of what your legal needs are you will notice that there are numerous lawyers in your area that advertise which they specialize in your sort of case. This may make the procedure of finding one with a great deal of experience a bit of a challenge. However, if you follow the following it will be possible to limit your search to the right one out of very little time. The initial step is to produce a selection of the lawyers that happen to be listed in your neighborhood specializing in your situation. While you are making this list you must only include those that you may have a great vibe about according to their advertisement. You may then narrow this list down if you take a little while evaluating their site. There you must be able to find the amount of years they have been practicing plus some general details about their success rates. At this time your list needs to have shrunken further to individuals which you felt had professional websites and an appropriate level of experience. You ought to then take time to look up independent reviews of each attorney. Be sure you look at the reviews instead of just depending on their overall rating. The details inside the reviews will give you a sense of the way they communicate with their clientele and how much time they invest into each case that they are focusing on. Finally, you will want to talk with a minimum of the final three lawyers which have the credentials you would like. This will provide you with time to truly evaluate how interested they can be in representing you and the case. It is actually imperative that you follow many of these steps to ensure that you hire a company which has the proper amount of experience to obtain the perfect outcome.

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I Need Help Finding A Good Lawyer!!?
I Am Looking For A Very Good Lawyer To Hire For Help With An Immigration Problem..Please If You Know One Please Help Me Out..Thanks..

THE best way to find a good Lawyer is by word of mouth. Ask others who have been in your situation about who they used for their Attorney.

2nd idea: Call your local (usually county) bar association. Ask them for names of Lawyers that handle immigration law. (DON'T put this off!)

When you call the law office(s), insist on speaking with the Attorney. Do not tell all the little details of your matter to the Secretary - save the details for the Lawyer. When you get the Attorney on the phoneline, ask him/her:
-Do they give FREE, initial consultations?
-How much do they charge?
-Do they accept payments on their accounts?
-Can they help you? OR Refer you to someone who can help you?

Good luck to you.

Please Help Lawyers Advice Needed
I Have A 4 Year Old Daughter, I Was Never Married To Her Father, He Hasnt Seen Her In Over 4 Years I Dont Have Any Papers In The Court But Can He Just Come Take Her From Me I Am So Scared She Is My Everything And His Mom Trys To Start Stuff All The Time Please Help I Know This Isnt Alot Of Info But I Dont Know How To Put It In Words

I'm not a lawyer, but I believe if he wants to see the child he has to file for visitation first. My sister-in-law recently filed for child support and visitation was brought up (they aren't married and haven't been together for 2 yrs). She wanted supervised visitation and she had to prove that he was a danger to the kids. It doesn't matter if he hadn't seen them in 2 yrs or if they fought all the time. You have to prove he's a danger to the kids. It was easy enough to prove, as where he lived there was mice infestation, dog urine and feces on the ground, roaches, etc. Also, he had a history of drug problems and didn't have a drivers license (what happens in an emergency?). Anyway, as far as I know, legally (if you haven't been to court for visitation) he has not right to see the child. But you should try calling your local police dept to find out what rights you have.

What Kind Of Lawyer I Should Seek For Property Lines?
I Have A Fence That Is In The Center Of My Property Line! It Is Falling Apart, And The Neighbor Not Telling Me If It His Or Not Fence! I Was Never Told This When I Moved In. I Do Not Want To Be Sued If I Remove It Or Replace It! I Called My City Planning Office And They Said I Need To Seek Legal Advice About That One! Why Can'T Neighbors Be Kind And Tell Me If It There Or Not???

Hi, Do you own the property or are you leasing? If you own the property, in your legal description, there should be a reference to the maintenance of the fence. Usually you will be responsible for one half and the other property owner will be responsible for the other half. If you lease or rent, your landlord will have that information. If you do not have a legal description, go to the title company and they will have it. Was the property surveyed? That is another document that will have Information regarding whose property the fence is on or if it is shared. An attorney would do exactly the things I told you in order to find out what the legal description is regarding the fence. You can do that yourself. If the neighbor is not giving you that information, I would bet it's his fence!! If it is his and he doesn't want to do anything about it and, you live in the city limits, you can call the city and complain and usually they will make him repair it, take it down, or clean it up. JOSA

Need Some Legal Advice?
I Was Recently Arrested For Stealing A $12 Cable From Wal-Mart. On My Way Out I Was Approached By A Undercover Security Guard And Ran, I Was Caught About A Km Away. A Guy Saw Me Run So He Got In His Car And Cut Me Off He Got Out And Chased Me And Tackled Me. The People From Walmart Caught Up They Held Me Down And The Guy Who First Tackled Me Punched Me In The Same Eye About 25-30 Times While I Was Being Held By The Others. Eventually The Police Came And I Was Placed Under Arrest Although I Was Bleeding They Told Me My Face Was Fine And That The Guy Had The Right To Hit Me. When I Asked For Medical Attention He Opened The Car Door, Got In My Face And Screamed &Quot;I Dont Give A F--K About Your Face&Quot; And Slammed The Door On Me. Blood Was Dripping Down My Face And Throat And Told The Officer I Felt Nauseous From It He Ignored It So I Ended Up Vomiting In The Back Of The Cruiser He Then Scrambled To Open The Door For Me But All The Officers Just Accused Me Of Being Drunk (I Wasn'T). After I Gave All My Information And They Read Me My Rights I Waited About A Half Hour Before An Ambulance Came. The Paramedics Mostly Talked To The Cops About Irrelevant Stuff And Gave Me An Ice Pack Without Even Looking At Me. I Was Charged With Theft And Possession Of Property Obtained By Crime And Released After I Signed A Promise To Appear In Court. Ive Been Charged Before But Was Given A Diversion 3 Years Ago. I Realize That I Messed Up And I Dont Deserve Any Sympathy However Im Positive My Arrest Was Not Carried Out In A Proper Way. My Right Eye Is Darkly Bruised About An Inch Around And The Other Is Bruised By My Nose. Both Eyes Have Blood Vessels Popped In Them And The Whole Right Side Of My Face Is Severely Swollen I Am Feeling Many Symptoms Of A Concussion And Have Been Sent Home From Work Two Days In A Row Now. All I Need To Know Is Do I Need To Hire A Lawyer? I Know Its A Good Idea But Whats The Loss If I Don'T I Am A Student And Cant Afford One Also My Parents Would Probably Cut Me Off Completely, Including My Schooling, If They Found This Out. Also What Should I Do About This Whole Incident I Doubt My Injury Was Even In The Police Report But I Have Pictures Of My Face That Night And The Next Morning. Any Advice Would Be Greatly Appreciated I'M 20 Years Old And Live In Ontario

Check and see if your school has a legal resources office for students. Even if they don't they can direct you to low-cost legal services. Because you really need to lawyer up here, what they did is not only wrong but criminal. And I'd bet dollars to donuts that the charge gets dropped after your lawyer threatens to sue the hell out of the guards and the store for beating you up.

Pre Law And Legal Studies?
Are Pre-Law And Legal Studies The Same Thing?

I am a law school graduate and have practiced law.

Pre-law and legal studies differ.

Pre-law describes an educational objective and is not a major. Law schools accept any academic major.

Legal studies is a rather recently developed major whose objective is to teach students something about the law and the legal process. Sometimes it is aimed toward the education of people who seek careers as paralegals. It is not a good major for preparation for law school as it is considered too easy by many law school admission deans and its method of instruction differs from the unique instructional method of law schools.

The best pre-law majors include history, which teaches critical reading, thinking, and writing skills which are similar to those used in the study and practice of law,
and math and engineering which teach analytical thinking and are known for their difficulty.

Child Visitation?
My Husband Is Asking For More Visitation With His Son. His Sons Mother (They Were Never Married) Will Agree To None Of His Terms. They Are Going To Court Next Month. What Sort Of Things Would Be Pertinent To His Case Vs Thing Pertinent In Custody Battles? Since The Original Arrangement, My Husband I Met, Got Married, Have A Son, Bought A House, Cover My Stepsons Health Insurance. She Sleeps Around And Literally Has Brought My Stepson Into Bed With Her Random Boyfriends (While Still Living Under Her Parents Roof!), Uses My Stepson As A Pawn Against My Husband, Has Discussed Animosity Issues Between Her And Myself/My Husband With My Stepson (Who Is 4). All These Things Are Important In Custody Changes, But Are They Important In Just Visitation Changes? What Sort Of Documentation Would Be Important (Reference Letters In Our Favor From Daycare Provider? Character References)? What Sort Of Things Get Discussed During Court In Visitation Changes?

the practical impact of the visitation, including:

* the day care and/or school schedules of each child;
* the extracurricular activities of each child, and/or medical, psychological, or dental appointments requiring scheduling and transportation;
* the distance each child would travel for visitation;
* the availability of transportation to each parent and the willingness and ability of each parent to share in the obligation of transportation for the purpose of visitation;
* the work schedules of each parent;

In determining whether to grant visitation rights in establishing a specific visitation schedule, and in determining other visitation matters, the court must consider all of the following factors:

1. The prior interaction and interrelationships of the child with his/her parents, siblings, and other relatives, and with the person who requested companionship or visitation if that person is not a parent, sibling, or relative of the child;

2. The geographical location of the residence of each parent and the distance between those residences;

3. The child's and parents' available time, including, but not limited to, each parent's employment schedule, the child's school schedule, and the child's and the parents' holiday and vacation schedule;

4. The age of the child;

5. The child's adjustment to his home, school, and community;

6. If the court has interviewed the child in chambers, regarding the wishes and concerns of the child as to visitation by the parent who is not the residential parent or companionship, as to a specific visitation schedule, or as to other visitation matters, the wishes and concerns of the child, as expressed to the court;

7. The health and safety of the child;

8. The amount of time that will be available for the child to spend with siblings;

9. The mental and physical health of all parties;

10. Each parent's willingness to reschedule missed visitation and to facilitate the other parent's visitation rights;

11. In relation to visitation by a parent, whether either parent previously has been convicted of or pleaded guilty to any criminal offense involving any act that resulted in a child being an abused child or a neglected child; whether either parent, in a case in which a child has been adjudicated an abused child or a neglected child, previously has been determined to be the perpetrator of the abusive or neglectful act that is the basis of the adjudication; and whether there is reason to believe that either parent has acted in a manner resulting in a child being an abused child or a neglected child;

12. Whether the person, in a case in which a child has been adjudicated an abused child or a neglected child, previously has been determined to be the perpetrator of the abusive or neglectful act that is the basis of the adjudication; whether either parent previously has been convicted of or pleaded guilty to a charge domestic violence and, if so whether he/she caused physical harm to the victim in the commission of the offense; and whether there is reason to believe that the person has acted in a manner resulting in a child being an abused child or a neglected child;

13. Whether the residential parent or one of the parents subject to a shared parenting decree has continuously and willfully denied the other parent his or her right to visitation in accordance with an order of the court;

14. Whether either parent has established a residence or is planning to establish a residence outside this state;

15. Any other factor in the best interest of the child.