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The majority of men and women do not think about choosing a lawyer till they are in desperate need. The legal difficulty might possibly be personal, like family law, for a divorce or separation or if you are looking for a bankrupcy or trust attorney. It may be a felony situation you need to be defended on. Organizations want attorneys as well, whether they are being sued for discrimination, sexual harassment, or perhaps unfounded business methods. Tax law firms are also beneficial while interacting with government troubles. Just like doctors, lawyers have specialties. A big, full service law firm has a lot of attorneys with diverse areas of skills, so based upon on your company legal issue, you can promptly retain the top legal representative to fulfill your current need without having to begin your search each time you need legal assistance.It is ideal to obtain a lawyer you can have faith in. You want one with a decent record, who istrustworthy, reliable, and wins cases. You really want to have assurance that they will stand for you the right way and charge you reasonably for their products and services. Oftentimes a word of mouth from a pal or business affiliate can be practical, having said that you should keep your options open and review all the firms accessible, because when you need to have legal help, you need it instantly and you really want the best you can manage to pay for. Thank you for hunting for a legal representative with us. Your time is important, and Action Pages, at, is happy to provide specific search parameters to fulfill your needs. We continually try to focus on the most popular phrases so you can right away find anything you are searching for.

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Can You Seek Spousal Support If You Got Fired From Your Job?
Can You Seek Spousal Support If You Get Fired From Your Job For Stealing?

Spousal support/maintenance can be sought for any reason. She would not be ineligible for spousal support because she lost her job - not even because she was fired for theft. Spousal support is requested and granted through the family courts.

Generally, a person requests spousal maintenance based on financial need. It is easier to get maintenance in some states versus others. In my state, I worked on a case in which the wife requested spousal maintenance based on her claim that she was an unemployed, uneducated stay-at-home mom. She was awarded maintenance. Three months later, we went back to court with proof that she was working online in the adult entertainment industry . . . earning almost as much each month as my client. She had submitted declarations signed under penalty of perjury that she was not working and had no income. So, she actually perpetrated a fraud on the courts and could have been arrested and charged for perjury. We asked that spousal maintenance be terminated. This woman promptly quit working for the website and asked that the maintenance be continued. We were SHOCKED when the court ordered that maintenance continue - based on the judge's desire to keep her from working on that website. HUH? We're appealing the decision but this was the reality. And this happens every day in every jurisdiction.

If you state allows maintenance and your income has been and is significantly more than hers AND especially if the two of you have children, spousal maintenance is a possibility.

Can You Please Name Some Types Of Lawyers?
I Want To Go Into The Law Field And I Need To Know Some Types Of Lawyers Like A Criminal Or Patent Lawyer. Thanks ^-^

Lawyers can be divided according to various criteria such as the type of law in which they specialize, the types of clients they have, and which part of a case they are involved with, among other things.

The law is conveniently divided into hundreds of topics, many of which overlap. Some lawyers select an interesting topic and become experts in that area, such as federal constitutional law or local zoning law. "Business law" includes all sorts of sub-topics such as contracts, risk management, employee relations, real estate, securities, and so forth.

Types of clients can be roughly categorized: government agencies, individual people, corporations. Some lawyers represent a single client, others accept work from all sorts. For example, a private law firm could have lawyers who advise a state highway department while also advising local land-developer LLCs, not to mention individuals making claims against each other.

As for status of cases: there is an intake process and some lawyers thrive on letter-writing and preliminary advice, assisting clients to focus their objectives and select specialized counsel. Some lawyers focus on trial-court litigation. Some prefer to engage in the appeals court legal arguments. There are many attorneys who handle "transactions" such as contracts or other negotiations, or the prosecution of patent applications, and other purely administrative laws (environmental permits, energy plant approvals, fire and safety codes, etc).

Should I Give Legal Custody?
Hi Looking For Some Advice I Am In The Military And I Was Divorced About 3 Years Ago While I Was In Iraq My Ex Moved To Colorado Since Then I Have Had Joint Custody Of My Children I Have Paid Child Support As I Have Been Directed And I Have Even Given More When I Had It. I Know That I Can Not Always Make It To Colorado To Be With My Sons Because I Am Stationed In Oklahoma. About Two Days Ago My Ex Tells Me She Is Going To Take Me To Court So She Can Get Legal Custody On My Sons. She Tells Me She Wants It So That She Does Not Have To Ask Me For Signatures Or Come To Me In Order To Get Things Done. I Do Not Want To Give Up Legal Custody She Tells Me That It Would Make It Better For The Boy I Do Not Believe This. Even Though We Have Joint Custody She Is Never Telling Me Anything About My Sons Or Letting Me Know What Is Going On She Also Tries Very Hard To Keep My Children Away From Their Grandparents My Mom And Dad And Even Makes It Hard For Me When I Want To See Them I Think That She Is Breaking The The Rules Of The Joint Child Support. My Real Question Is Should I Give Up Legal Custody Or Not And Is She In Violation Of The Joint Custody Please Let Me Know Thank You

What she wants is Sole Custody, which will give her 100% control. You should fight this and do more to be receiving info on the children. File a motion to enforce, and ask for her to pay a cash or certified court bond of $2000, which gets forfeited to you, should she violate your rights again to the info. Note, if the original jurisdiction was Oklahoma, you can fight Colorado getting it. Transfer of jurisdiction is not mandatory under federal law, only allowed.

There is a lot you can be doing to enforce your rights, without running up legal bills. Are you recording your conversations with her, without her knowing it? This is legal in both your states, Okla. Stat. tit. 13 § 176.3 & Colo. Rev. Stat. § 18-1.3-401.

As for your grandparents, counter file to include this in your orders, as well as a requirement that she provide transportation for when the kids come see you. Has your orders been modified for long distance?

These links will teach you how to create a Chronological Statement and how to hire an attorney.

Federal Child Support Enforcement Handbook for Non-Custodial Parents

To learn a father's rights, join Dads House. It's free to join, access all materials, and you associate with other fathers going through, and have already gone through, the same issues. We have an Educational Manual that teaches everything that needs to be known in addressing your legal issues. Mention your question here when asked why you want to join, as well as your state? \\\\\\\\

Criminal Defense Lawyer For Kids?
I Have Always Wanted To Be A Criminal Defense Lawyer...But Now, That I'Ve Thought More About It I'M Thinking Differently...I Still Want To Defend But Not Adults...Is There A Specific Type Of Law Where The Lawyer Defends Kid Criminals? Thats What I Would Like To Do. Any Help Is Appreciated...Thanks, A Lot! :D ♥

The existing laws for Juvenile Offenders is aimed at correctional method and not punish them. Hence there is little need for a lawyer to defend them .
In fact, the following News , Published in the Hindu daily dated 29-01-2008 is interesting :-
"A person cannot be denied government employment, even in the police force, for having committed a criminal offence when he/she was a juvenile, the Madras High Court ruled on Monday"
"He said Parliament, while enacting the Act, had been careful enough to ensure there was no provision to convict or punish a juvenile in conflict with the law. The Act lays down a non penal protective system for children accused of committing criminal offences"
“No one is a born criminal...Lots of children in this country, who are not taken care of by their parents and relatives, due to poverty and other reasons, at times land into the hands of anti-social elements. The latter corrupt the minds of the juveniles and train them to develop delinquent propensities,” he said.

“In this alarming situation, it is the constitutional duty of the State to create a conducive atmosphere for juveniles to re-establish themselves in society, family life, education and employment. The juveniles should be relieved of psychological factors looming large in their minds and they should be kept free of any stigma,” the Judge observed.

Need Legal Advice For Kids Safety??!!!?
The Ex And I Split Up Over 8 Years Ago. We Have A Biological Child Together That Is Now 10 Yrs Old And A Child That Is Not Biologically His But We Both Agreed To Put My Ex On The Birth Certificate, So Legally We Have 2 Children Together. Ages Are 10 And 8 Yrs Old. In The Beginning 4-5 Yrs Of Our Seperation(We Were Not Married) I Did Everything In My Ability For Him To Keep Visitation And Contact With The Kids. We Communicated Well, Kids Spent Every Other Weekend And Holidays And Summer Vacation Time With Him As Well As Phone Calls Back And Forth. The Excuses From My Ex Started Coming More And More Frequent After 5 Years. Then Visitations Stopped. His Visits To See The Kids Were Months At A Time, Phone Calls Died Down To Maybe Once A Month And Then Even Less. The Past 2 Years My Kids Have Seen Him Only 4 Times And Maybe 10 Phone Calls To Speak To The Kids. With This Past Year Holding Two Of The Visits And Only 3 Phone Calls Asking About Them And Asking To Speak To Them. On Father'S Day Weekend My Fiance' (Who Is The Biological Father Of Our 8 Year Old) And I Paid For The Entire Visit From My Ex, Just So The Children Could See Him. We Paid For His Gas To Drive Here And Back, Paid For Food, Activities That The Kids Wanted To Do With Him Etc. The Next Time The Kids Saw Him, Was When I Scheduled The Kids To Stay At Their Paternal Grandparents Home For Two Weeks Just Before School Started This Year. We Received Court Papers From My Ex About A Month Ago Now, Stating That He Wants Sole Custody Of The Kids. Their Is No Reason Why But From What We Understand This Is Standard When Requesting A Visitation Order Being Placed Within The Courts. We Are Currently Trying To Make Him Happy With Visitation. We Agreed To Christmas Visitation, The One Phone Call A Week That He Requested And The Every Other Weekends...Which Is All That He Was Asking For. Here Lies The Issue...Visitation Was Designated To Be Done At The Grandparents Home(He Removed The Children From There During Chirstmas Visitation And Took Them Else Where), He Has Not Made His Designated Day And Time Phone Call To Speak To The Kids, He Has Called The Kids' School And Had Them Pulled Out Of Their Classes To Speak To Them Over The Phone(Which I Am Very Upset About!!), He Chose To Not Have His Weekend Visitation Because One Of The Children Were Not Able To Go(Which Was The Very First Visitation Weekend Since The Court Papers Arrived). What Can We Do To Protect Our Kids?? Is There Anything That We Can Legally Do That Would Keep Him Away From Them?? Can We Have His Rights Removed And If So, On What Grounds?? We Really Need Some Advice Here!!

Follow your lawyers advice, and completely ignore what I say.

The kids are not being hurt. So this guy comes into their lives for awhile, and eventually he'll get bored with the kids and it'll go back to him almost never visiting the kids. That doesn't hurt the kids.

I understand your point, that the kids are being set up for a disappointment. But I don't think that's a big deal. The kids have a father. So this guy isn't really their father, he's just a guy they see once in awhile. And I'm guessing the kids like to see him, because he gets to play the fun dad. He probably takes them somewhere fun and plays games with them. And that's fine. I really don't think it hurts the kids at all.

He has no chance of getting custody, so don't even worry about that. Even if he could prove that you used a whip on your children, he still couldn't get custody.

I don't think there's any real problem here. Talk to the kids and let them know what's going on. Kids are capable of understanding a lot of things.

I do understand why your upset about him calling the kids at school. That's close to being abusive on his part. But that's really the only thing that's a problem.

What Shifts Do U.S. Forest Service Law Enforcement Officers Work? Are They On Duty 24 Hours A Day?

It depends on where they are working and what they are tasked with. Officers in high recreation areas tend to work longer shifts in the summer months (say 10-12 hours). As with any public servant involved in the law they can be called upon 24-7. I think most work a pretty standard 40 hour week though.

There is a great book out called "The Forest Service & the Greatest Good: A Centennial History", by James G. Lewis. It's the companion book to the documentary "The Greatest Good". If you are really interested in working for the Forest Service I'd suggest getting both. The first link below should help you'll find both the book and the DVD -- that and it's just a really cool site.

I still find it odd that the Forest Service is part of the USDA.

Good luck!