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Most people do not think about obtaining a lawyer until they are in desperate need. The lawful dilemma might be personal, like family law, for a separation and divorce or if you are searching for a bankrupcy or trust law firm. It may be a criminal case you will need to be defended on. Companies require legal representatives as well, regardless if they are being sued for discrimination, sexual harassment, or potentially unfair business practices. Tax attorneys are also very helpful when coping with government issues. Just like doctors, lawyers have expertise. A sizeable, full service law firm has numerous legal professionals with various areas of expertise, so depending on your legal issue, you can immediately retain the very best attorney to match your current need without having to start your search each time you need legal help.It is best to obtain a legal representative you can rely on. You want one with a very good track record, who isreliable, reliable, and wins cases. You really want to have trust that they will defend you thoroughly and invoice you reasonably for their services. Occasionally a referral from a friend or business affiliate can be practical, having said that you should continue to keep your options open and examine all the firms available, simply because when you want legal support, you need it quickly and you want the very best you can manage to pay for. Thank you for hunting for a lawyer with us. Your time is valuable, and Action Pages, at, is delighted to produce specific search parameters to satisfy your needs. We continually try to focus on the most popular phrases so you can quickly find anything at all you are looking for.

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Ohio Property Laws?
I Know That A Upper Land Owner Cant Flood Out A Lower Land Owner, But We Have A Farmer That Dug A Ditch From A Road Cavert That Was Putting Water In His Feild And He Changed The Water Flow And Dug A 4Ft. Wide And About 3 Ft Deep Trench Right To Us. The Soild And Water And The County Wants Us To Do All This Work To Our Land And Fork Out 1000'S Of $$ To Run All The Water Across Where My Horses Are And Across The Driveway And Then Infront Of My Home And Along The Side. Everyone On The Board Are All Farmers, So No One Is Going To Tell Him To Take This Down. 1 Man Did And They Voted Him Off The Trustee'S Board Within 1 Year. Help Please. This Is Highland County!

I am not sure exactly what you are looking for. I am having a little trouble figuring out what the county wants you to do and the reasons why. However, as far as online statutes, here is a link that may help you find what you are looking for. Hopefully, this will help. If not, maybe try and lookup the numbers to local government offices that may be able to assist you further or you can contact an attorney for consultation advising you with this situation.
Here's the link:

Edit: Okay, i thought you were looking for laws, not trying to have them enforced. In this situation I would definitly call the state police and file a report with them over the damage this farmer is doing to your property. I would also contact a lawyer to represent you in front of the council and to possibly recover the costs of damages you have or will incur. Unfortunatly, to minimalize damage to your property any further, you may have to go forth with remedying the situation yourself and then sue the responsible party for causing these damages. I am sorry you are going through this and I wish I could be more help.

How Do I Hire A Lawyer In Trinidad For A Wrongful Death? When I Live In The Us?
My Husband Was Killed In February 07, He Was A Peace Activist And The Police In Chauguanas Killed Him, His Brother, And Two Other Men. The Autopsy Report Showed My Husband Did Not Have Gun Powder On His Body. The Police Claim My Husband And The Others Were Shooting At Someone And That Is Why They Killed Him, His Brother And The Other Two Men.

Contact the US embassy in Trinidad. They can supply you with a list of local attorneys who are regarded are being reputable. Once you get the list it's up to you to start making phone calls and talking to them. Work it out on the phone or visit to finalize the deal.

Here's the US embassy's website.

List of Attorneys
The Embassy assumes no responsibility for the professional ability or integrity of the persons or firms whose names appear in the following list. It is considered, however, that they are of good repute. The names listed are arranged alphabetically, and the order in which they appear has no other significance.

Level 1, Uptown Mall 44-58 Edward Street
Port of Spain, Trinidad
Telephones: (868) 627-8419; 623-5657(office)
(868) 624-4715 (residence)
Fax: (868) 623-8528

Desmond Allum, born October 31, 1934, Trinidad.
Types of cases: Criminal, adoption, child custody, civil damages, estates, government relations, marriage/divorce, taxes, aeronautical/maritime, banking/financial, contracts, narcotics, auto accidents, labor relations, insurance, patents/trademarks/copyrights and theft/fraud/embezzlement
Languages: English, Spanish and French
Experience with U.S. citizens and/or companies

Gregory Delzin, born October 9, 1958, Trinidad.
Types of cases: Civil damages, estates, government relations, marriage/divorce, collections, corporations, foreign claims, labor relations, marketing agreements, narcotics and theft/fraud/embezzlement
Languages: English
Experience with U.S. citizens and/or companies

Brent Ali, Types of cases: Criminal, business, family experience with U.S. citizens and/or companies

94 Edward Street Port of Spain, Trinidad
Telephone: (868) 623-7334
Fax: (868) 625-7838
9 Prince Street, Suite 4
Arima, Trinidad
Telephone: (868) 664-5286

Kwasi Bekoe, born November 3, 1946, Trinidad
Types of cases: Criminal, adoption, custody, civil damages, estates, marriage/divorce, contracts, corporations, foreign claims, foreign investment, labor relations, patents/copyrights, auto accidents, narcotics, theft/fraud/embezzlement

Chancery Courtyard
Suite 7
13-17 St. Vincent Street
Port of Spain, Trinidad
Telephones: (868) 625-9746
Fax: (868) 625-0352

Claude Denbow, born November 2, 1948 in Georgetown, Guyana. Citizen of Trinidad and Tobago. Graduate of London University; Harvard law School; Gray’s Inn, London.
Types of cases: Civil law with special emphasis on commercial law
Specialization: Company law and practice, estate/collection and trade disputes
Language: English

48-50 Sackville Street
Port of Spain, Trinidad
Telephones: (868) 623-1618-9; 623-425-6; 623-0606
Fax: (868) 623-0605; 623-6524

A large firm that deals with the following types of cases: Real estate, commercial, corporate, oil and gas, litigation and financial

Bacolet and Main Street
P.O. Box 63
Scarborough, Tobago
Telephones: (868) 639-6436; 639-4645 Neville Francis Gibbes, born in Tobago August 18, 1934. Graduate of Honorable Society of Lincoln’s Inn, London, November 1960.
Types of cases: Conveyancing, trade disputes, divorce and criminal
Languages: English, Spanish and French
Experience with U.S. citizens and/or companies

1 Bacolet Street
Scarborough, Tobago
Telephones: (868) 639-3187; 639-2212
Fax: (868) 639-2171

Christo Gerard Gift, born in Tobago December 25, 1953
Types of cases: Criminal cases, adoptions, child custody, civil damages, estates, marriage/divorce, auto accidents, narcotics, theft/fraud/embezzlement and patents/copyrightsLanguage: English

Joycelyn Gift, born February 19, 1956 in Trinidad.
Types of cases: Investments, insurance, narcotics and theft/fraud/embezzlement Language: English

19 St. Vincent Street
Port of Spain, Trinidad
Telephones: (868) 623-4237; 652-4903

David Philip Hamel-Smith, born June 15, 1948 in Trinidad. Admitted to practice in 1970.Types of cases: Estate cases, trade disputes, banking, finance, energy (non-oil projects), civil litigation and international loan agreementsLanguages: English

Timothy Hamel-Smith, born October 2, 1948. Admitted to practice in 1973.Types of cases: Civil litigation, international loan agreements, admirality, probate and corporationLanguage: English

9A Harris Promenade
San Fernando, Trinidad
Telephones: (868) 652-2901/3731/4366
Fax: (868) 652-4317

Bryan Lee Kelshall, born March 12, 1946 in Trinidad. Graduate of College of Law, London, England.
Types of cases: Marketing agreements and aeronautical/maritime
Language: English

35 Abercromby Street
Port of Spain, Trinidad
Telephones: (868) 625-5105

Israel Khan, born August 15, 1945 in Trinidad. Graduate of Hugh Wooding Law School. Trinidad.
Types of cases: Divorce, contracts, foreign investments, marketing agreements, insurance/patents/trademarks/copyrights, narcotics, criminal and theft/fraud/embezzlement
Language: English
Experience with U.S. citizens and/or companies

17-19 Pembroke Street
Port of Spain, Trinidad
Telephones: (868) 623-8505; 623-5461/2/3/; 625-4459

Stephanie Daly, born November 3, 1946 in England. Citizen of Trinidad and Tobago. Graduate of London University; The London School of Economics and Science.
Types of cases: Corporate, commercial, conveyancing, estate cases. Notary Public.
Language: English and French
Experience with U.S. citizens and/or companies

Courtenay Braemar Williams, born in Trinidad. Graduate of the Hugh Wooding Law School, Trinidad.
Types of cases: Corporate, financial, litigation
Language: English
Experience with U.S. citizens and/or companies

P.O. Box 116
129-131 Abercromby Street
Port of Spain, Trinidad
Telephones: (868) 623-4283-7
Fax: (868) 625-2984

Joseph David Errol David Boucaud, born in Trinidad. Graduate of Law Society in England.
Types of cases: Corporate and Commercial Law. Notary Public.
Language: English

William David Clarke, born in Jamaica, Graduate of Cambridge University, England.
Types of cases: Corporate, commercial, aeronautical /maritime and marketing agreements
Language: English reads Spanish and French
Experience with U.S. citizens and/or companies

Dennis Michael Adrian Gurley, born in Trinidad, Graduate of College of Law, London, England.
Types of cases: Corporate, commercial disclaimer, civil litigation, foreign claims, and insurance auto accidents Language: English

Kenneth Reginald Viera, born in Trinidad. Graduate of the University of London and College of Law, England. Types of cases: Property transactions and banking/financial
Language: English

David Hannays, born in Trinidad, March 1,1931. Graduate of Law Society of England.
109 Roberts Street
Port of Spain, Trinidad
Telephones: (868) 622-7946
Types of cases: Criminal cases, trade disputes and estate/collection
Specialization: Company law and practice, Supreme Court practice, conveyancing, probate and divorce. Notary Public.
Language: English

76 Abercromby Street
Port of Spain, Trinidad
Telephones: (868) 625-5016; 622-2082

Brian Hewitt, born December 8, 1951, London, England. Graduate of College of Law, Lancaster Gate, London, England.
Types of cases: Conveyance property, international law, trade disputes, contracts and foreign investment

117 Woodford Street
Port of Spain, Trinidad
Telephones: (868) 622-3972

13-17 Keate Street
San Fernando, Trinidad
Telephones: (868) 652-3801-3

Room 412 Centre Point Mall
Chaguanas, Trinidad
Telephones: (868) 672-4160

1A Guapo Cap-de-Ville Road
Point Fortin, Trinidad
Telephones: (868) 648-4124

Krishna Narinesingh, born in Trinidad November 27, 1932. Graduate of English Law Society, February 3, 1959.
Types of cases: Corporate, civil, industrial relations, maritime, international business, labor disputes, industry and estates
Specialization: Tax law, international financing, international industry. Notary Public.
Languages: English, Spanish, French

Barendra Sinanan, born in Trinidad, October 4, 1948. Graduate of Law College of London, England.
Types of cases: General cases
Language: English

Sherwin Seenath, born in Trinidad, October 11, 1946. Graduate of the College of Law, Lancaster, England.
Types of cases: Conveyancing, collection/estate cases and trade disputes
Language: English

41 Edward Street
Port of Spain, Trinidad
Telephones: (868) 625-5074
Fax: (868) 625-6110

Om Lalla
Types of cases: Constitutional, criminal, immigration law, employment, judicial review, matrimonial, land and sports
Language: English
Experience with U.S. citizens and/or companies

13A Pembroke Street
Port of Spain, Trinidad
Telephone: (868) 623-2584

Peter Wharton, born in Guyana, Citizen of Trinidad and Tobago. Graduate of Lincoln’s Inn, London, England.
Types of cases: Civil, conveyancing, probate, divorce, trade disputes and international law
Languages: English and Spanish
Experience with U.S. citizens and/or companies

20 Simpson Drive
Andalusia, Maraval, Trinidad
Telephone: (868) 628-3282

Hugh Howard, born in Trinidad, Citizen of Trinidad and Tobago. Graduate of Lincoln’s Inn, London, England.
Types of cases: Company law, trade disputes, joint agreements and immigration
Specialists in Corporate Energy and Natural Resources.
Language: English

16 Gray Street
Port of Spain, Trinidad
Telephones: (868) 622-9377
Fax: (868) 628-9606

Dharamchand Depoo, Citizen of U.S.A., resident of Trinidad and Tobago. Graduate of Hugh Wooding Law School, Trinidad and Tobago. Juris Doctor, Rutgers University School of Law, Camden, NJ, U.S.A. Member of the New Jersey Bar, Federal Bar, U.S.A, Trinidad and Tobago Bar and Guyana Bar.
Types of cases: International business transactions, project financing, U.S. and Trinidadian immigration, adoptions, commercial and criminal
Experience with U.S. citizens and/or companies

If My Felony Was Jan 2009 Then When Should We Start With The Attorney To Get It Taken Off?

Depends on the Felony.
You may not be able to.
You did the crime with full knowledge and forethought.
This is not Monopoly where you get a free card all the time.

What Happens If You Are Drunk Driving And Get Into A Car Accident?
Someone Is Drunk Driving And Crashes Into Another Car. The Drunk Driver Hits His Head And Passes Out And Hurts His Neck A Bit But Is His Not Injured Too Seriously (He Is Awake And In His Right Mind When The Police And Ambulance Arrives). The Man In The Other Car, However, Is Seriously Hurt And Has To Be Rushed To The Er, In Danger Of Dying. How Would This Situation Be Handled Legally? Would The Drunk Driver Be Arrested? I'M Assuming He Would Be Taken To The Hospital First. Would He Lose His Driver'S License Forever Or Only Temporarily? Could He Ever Get It Back? How Much Of A Fine Would He Have To Pay? Would He Be Taken To Jail And For How Long? What If The Man Who Got Hurt Refuses To Press Charges? This Happens In France If That Makes A Difference. (Also, Just So You Know, This Is For A Book I'M Writing, Not Real Life, But I Want It To Be As Realistic As Possible.) Thank You!

In the states, he goes to the ER and is checked out and is checked to see how much alcohol is in him.

He is charged for drunk driving, DWI, failure to give right away or reckless driving.

And goes to jail if able for the DWI. Someone can pay his bail to get him out.

He has to go to court.

There will be fines to pay. If he has other DWIs, he can loose his DL. His car insurance will go up. Or he will loose it and be in high risk insurance that cost an arm and a leg.

His car will be impounded and it cost a lot to get it back.

His insurance has to pay for the other man's damages, some kind of settlement. And can be sued for the hospital bills by the man and more.

If the man dies, he will be charged for manslaughter and that means prison.

If he has a lot of money and a good lawyer...the lawyer might can swing probation.

The police press charges.

Helping A Friend With Divorce, Legal Questions?
I Have A Good Friend That Needs A Divorce Fro From A Potentially Abusive Relationship Which Is Already Mentally Abusive. My Friend Is Low On Funds And Does Not Have Much Income If A Whole Lot Of It At All. How Can She File For Divorce Without Paying An Arm And A Leg To A Lawyer In The State Of Kansas?

get ahold of legal aid and tell them the situation about the abuse and that she wants a divorce and they will get a laywer for her and it will cost her nothing.

Can Someone Help Me Find Legal Representation For A Property Deed Situation?
I Have A Property That I Purchased Paid For In Full. I Had An Incident Where I Was Concerned For My Saftey Due To Some Personal Issues So I Quick Claimed My Property Into My Alias Name. Later, My Mom Decided She Wanted To Take Over The Property And I Set Up Arrangements And Did A Memorandum Into Her Name That Had Already Been Quick Claimed Over Into The Alias I Used. I Never Registered The Land Contract Portion To Support That Transaction Thouroughly. My Question Is Could That Be Done? Does My Mom Legally Own This Property? I Live In Detroit Michigan. Can Anyone Refer Council In This Matter?

Unless you obtained a court order to use a fictitious name you could have some really serious legal problems, beyond RE law and into criminal law, as you could be charged with fraud.

Your mother doesn't own anything, she can not take over ownership from a nonexistent person. There is no freaking way those documents are notarized unless you also convinced a notary that a little bid of fraud was worth a few years behind bars. At this point I am not even sure you own this either unless you have the appropriate legal documentation to prove you are the "alias". With the owner not being anyone you can legally identify themselves the property is more likely going to owned by the state as abandoned property.

Start with an attorney who specializes in RE, that will at least get you started.