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Finding A Highly Skilled Lawyer Whatever your legal needs are you will recognize that there are many lawyers in your area that advertise that they can focus on your type of case. This will make the whole process of finding one with a lot of experience a bit of a challenge. However, in the event you follow the following it will be possible to restrict your research to the right one out of almost no time. The first task is to make a set of the lawyers that happen to be listed in your town focusing on your position. While you are making this list you ought to only include those that you have an excellent vibe about depending on their advertisement. Then you can narrow this list down by using some time evaluating their internet site. There you should be able to find the amount of years they have been practicing and a few general details about their success rates. At this time your list ought to have shrunken further to people that you just felt had professional websites plus an appropriate level of experience. You should then take the time to check out independent reviews for each attorney. Make sure to browse the reviews instead of just depending on their overall rating. The details from the reviews will provide you with a sense of the direction they connect with their clients and the length of time they invest into each case they are working on. Finally, you should meet with at least the last three lawyers which may have the credentials you are interested in. This provides you with some time to genuinely evaluate how interested they may be in representing your case. It really is important to follow many of these steps to ensure that you find someone containing the right measure of experience to help you get the very best outcome.

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Where Can I Find A Holiday Letter Template To Mail To Clients From A Law Firm?
They Need The Letter To Be A Full Page And As Religion-Neutral As Possible, Is As Best As I Can Explain It. Aka They Don't Want It To Be "Too Christmas-Y"...... If You Happen To Have One Can You E-Mail It To Me? Allison22@Ymail.Com

A FULL PAGE???? I am guessing that this is a letter from "The Firm" to all it's clients, and not to be "personal" to each attorney nor client.

Gosh, whatever happened to the personal note? <wyomugs wistfully remembers the old days>

I do not really think such a template exists. However, with a bit of ingenuity and filling out, what I will "offer" to you below can be a good place to start... oh, and be sure to DOUBLE SPACE the letter, INDENT a LOT and leave good margins on top/bottom... that will help to shorten the letter a lot.

Start out with your salutation... "Seasons Greetings to you, our valued client!" Now, if they are to be addressed individually, then do so... "Seasons Greetings, Mr. & Mrs. Smith!"

Then offer them the "joy" of the season... "We, here, at Acres, Acres, and Lots Law Firm, wish to extend to you the best of this joyous season.... " fill it out with some of those "joys"... like: "... the warmth of family, the beauty of the wintry snows, the happiness of smiles greeting you, the laughter of children playing in the snow... "... and so on... be a bit creative... nostalgia is a great filler!

Next, you can add some sort of synopsis of the firm's year... "Throughout the past year, Acres and Acres has been dedicated to providing top quality, thorough, and complete legal services to you and to our community."

If you'd like, brag a bit about any "service" work the firm has done... "We helped sponsor the Walk-a-thon for Cancer Research, and, while our team may not have come in first, we're proud of the efforts they made to making the event a huge success."

Bring back the "season" theme... "In this time of giving and sharing, we would like to thank you for allowing us to give you the best of our efforts to meet your legal needs. We look forward to continuing that service in the coming year."

Then bring in the "wishes" again... "In the spirit of this happy season, we wish to you and yours the best of health, happiness, and success in the coming year. Please feel free to drop by our office and share a cookie or two with our staff." .... of course, that last part is strictly something that your office may, or may not, do! But it surely would be different and nice, right?

Now, end with the group "hug," ... "Whatever your celebration plans are this holiday season, we hope they are both merry and bright!"

And end with whatever signatures you need.

I hope this helps! Oh, and hope YOU have a happy and merry season, too!

Have a polite day.

How Useful Are Lawyers During Divorce???
Going Through Tough Breakup. As Difficult As Things Were, We Were Able To Work Through And Agree On A Mutual Beneficial Parenting Plan. Only Had To Have Lawyers Review But Appeared To Be Formality. Now Somehow, Parenting Plan Is Not Ok Anymore, Finanicial Negotiations Havent Even Commenced Yet, And My Wife And Me Are Deteriorating Further Day By Day. Each Taking Hard Stance As Per Lawyers Instructions, And Everything Seems To Be Going To The Shitter...No Trust Anymore, Both Walking On Eggshelss At Home All The Time, Etc Etc. We Both Agreed On Prenting Plan, We Both Agreed To Split All The Belongings And Bank Accounts Up, Only Need To Work On Home And One Other Issue. But Ever Since Lawyers Were Introduced To The Situation, Emotionally And Future Friendship Has Taken Major Toll. All Advice We Get From Lawyers Are Almost Designed To Cause Conflict And Pain.....

Lawyers are in it for the money, the more you two fight the longer the divorce drags on and the more money they get. You should sit down with your spouse and talk through it again, when you come to an agreement you are both happy with you should also agree not to take further advice from your lawyers. Your money would be better spent on your children than to lawyers. It sounds like you were on good terms, so there is a good chance you can talk this through.

Need To Find A Good Lawyer?
Ok My Mom Needs To Get A Good Lawyer So She Can Sue The Irs [Long *** Story] But Does Anybody Know Where We Can Find A Good Lawyer To Fight Against The Irs?

You need to give a FEW details. Most of the time you cannot sue the IRS. If she is being audited, she can have a representative help her. A CPA or enrolled agent can help in most civil matters. An attorney can also represent a taxpayer in civil matters and also in criminal matters.

Intellectual Property Law - What Do You Think?
In Listening To A Discussion About Intellectual Property Rights And The Protection That Should Be Extended Under Present And Future Law, I Came To Realize What A Load Of Horse Dung This Whole Issue Really Is. Primarily For 2 Reasons: 1. The U.S., In Fact The Entire Western Hemisphere, Is Based Of Theft. Theft Of Land From The Existing Population. Theft Of Labor (Often Forced). Theft Of Treasury, Either From Business Interests That Are Allowed To Charge Whatever They Want Regardless Of The Quality Or Warranty Of Their Product. Or By Government, Who Then Spend With Little Regard To The Actual Needs Of The People As A Whole. 2. Takimg Someone Else'S Ideas And Extending Or Expanding Them Is The Whole Basis Of Scientific And Technological Evolution. In Theory And In Practice. There Are Really Very Few Truly Original Ideas. Almost Everything Came From Other, Earlier Ideas. Microsoft Got It'S Start By Stealing Dos From It'S Inventor. But Who Is One Of The Leading Groups Arguing The Loudest For Intellectual Property Rights And Protection? It Has Become Obvious To Me That The Rule Of Law Beyond Protection Of Life & Limb, Is Simply The Rule Of Laws Written To Protect Certain Groups. Not The People As A Whole. It'S Really Just An Attempt To Split Hairs By Defining What Can Be Stolen (Usually After The Fact) And What Can'T. Ayn Rand Was Wrong. The Extremely Rare, Unique Idea Deserves Reward. But Most Ideas Aren'T Unique And Therefore Do Not Deserve Massive Amounts Of Reward. Anymore Than Corporate Officers, Who'S Businesses Depend On Legions Of Labor, Don'T Deserve To Take Full Credit For The Success (Or Failure) Of Their Enterprises. What Do You Think?

What do I think? I think there are several reasons you are wrong.

First, I didn't steal anything from anyone. I never have and I never will.

Second, nobody can be forced to do a job that they don't want to do or a job that they think doesn't offer fair wages. They are welcome to start their own companies where they can earn what they deserve.

Third, the theft of land from the existing population is a result of a government that is too powerful, too big, and, in my opinion, tyrannical.

Fourth, you claim that businesses "are allowed to charge whatever they want regardless of the quality or warranty of their product" and you are right. But nobody can be forced to buy what they are selling (except when the govt orders it), so there is nothing wrong with that. If what you are saying is true, then McDonald would charge $100 for a big mac. Obviously, you don't want to acknowledge this.

Fifth, the government is the only entity in the entire country that can, legally, threaten you with physical harm if you refuse to give them the money they demand you pay in taxes. If you refuse, the govt might send armed men to your house to take you to prison.

Sixth, you clearly don't understand intellectual property laws. If you make an improvement on an existing invention, then you can get the new patent. There is nothing strange or illegal about that.

Seventh, you are wrong about microsoft. They used the DOS platform to create a new operating system, thereby making a new product. What you are saying is that if you write a book, you are stealing the alphabet that some other inventor created.

I agree with you about the protection of special interests. The Federal Government was never intended to have such power- the power to pick winners and/or losers. Ayn Rand railed against this sort of thing more than anyone I have ever heard of.

And Ayn Rand (and I) would have argued that the rarity or uniqueness of an idea says nothing about its usefulness or resulting benefit, and therefore should have no bearing on the reward it reaps. There are plenty of rare ideas that have no use. Good ideas like the light bulb, the telephone, the ipad, the artificial heart, penicillin, the automobile, the personal computer, the door-lock, the toaster, the air conditioner, the soft drink, beer, etc. all made their inventors rich for one reason: People were freely willing to exchange their money for the product because they believed the product was as valuable or more valuable than the money they exchanged for it.

And I think that if laborers working beneath corporate officers feel as though they are being exploited, then they should start their own businesses, and then their former corporate bosses can go broke.

It seems to me that you have very little understanding of economics or markets. The freedom to decide how you earn a living gives people the opportunity for success. What markets hate is force, violence, or coercion being used to infringe on anyone's life, liberty or property. This is what the US government was originally designed to prevent. It has since been perverted by people from the left and right who want to use the power of government to force people make exchanges they wouldn't freely agree to otherwise.

Then show me where I am wrong.

Does A Legal Will Have Priority?
For Example, A Piece Of Land Is Promised To A Man'S Son In His Will. The Man Then Signs His Deed Over To Some One Else After Being Manipulated By The New Deed Owner. In This Case Does The Will Have Priority Over The Signing Over Of The Deed? Any Help Or Direction To Help Would Be Greatly Appreciated.

While it is true you can't will something that you don't own.. the will was written while the testator was alive and owned the property. THEN the property was deeded to another person... thus the property will pass outside of probate.. however, it is clear from the will that the man's son was to receive at a minimum the vaule of the property from OTHER assets since the property has been transferred.

The man's son has a claim for value... contact a probate attorney in your area.

Should Paul Mccartney'S Lawyer Sue Heather Mills For Assault?
Here'S The Story: Http://News.Yahoo.Com/S/Ap/20080411/Ap_En_Ot/People_Heather_Mills

YES!!! Heather Mills is nuts. The only person she reminds me of is my husband's ex wife with that long nose of hers. She's always been shady & causing trouble. If Paul's so bad as she claims, why did his wife (before she died) never have any of the same complaints? His lawyer should sue. She's a crazy one .....