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3 Strategies To Know You've Picked The Proper Lawyer It's pretty intimidating to endure the legal court system, especially if you lack confidence within your legal team. Listed here are three important approaches to realize that you've hired the best lawyer: 1. They Focus On Your Kind Of Case Legal requirements is normally tricky which requires specialists to tackle the tough cases. When you need an attorney, search for individual who handles the challenge you're facing. Even if a relative or friend recommends you make use of a company they understand, when they don't have a focus that's similar to your case, keep looking. Whenever your attorney is undoubtedly an expert, especially in the problem you're facing, you realize you've hired the right choice. 2. The Lawyer Includes A Winning Record According to the circumstances, it could be challenging to win a case, particularly if the team helping you has hardly any experience. Look for practices which have won numerous cases that affect yours. Even though this is no guarantee that you simply case is going to be won, it provides you with a better shot. 3. They Listen And Respond If the attorney you've chosen takes enough time to listen for your concerns and react to your inquiries, you've probably hired the best one. Regardless how busy they can be or how small your concerns seem from their perspective, it's critical that they reply to you in the caring and timely manner. From the point of look at a regular citizen who isn't informed about the judicial system, court cases may be pretty scary you require updates as well as seem like you're area of the solution. Some attorneys are simply just a lot better to you and your case than others. Ensure you've hired the most suitable team for the circumstances, to ensure that you can put the matter behind you as soon as possible. Faith within your legal representative is the first task to winning any case.

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Is A 50% Contingency Fee For An Attorney Against Professional Standards?
For A Wrongful Death Case? I Thought 33% Was Normal, Or Even 25%, How Many Attorneys Charge 50% + Expenses? In Sounds Like A Rip. Opinions?

Some states have certain statutory amounts for contingencies on particular matters. For example, many states have a statutory amount that an attorney can charge for a probate case, and can only charge a certain percentage of the estate amount.

But for civil causes of action like wrongful death cases, then it's usually just defined by agreement, as long as the fees are reasonable, and in states like California, as long as the fees aren't "unconscionable." However, both reasonableness and unconscionable-ness are subjective and depends on the locale, the attorney's expertise, etc., etc., and whether you agreed to it beforehand or if it was billed to you later. Since this is what the lawyer is throwing on the table beforehand and you agree, then since you agreed, you would basically be saying you thought it was reasonable and not excessive. But if you don't agree, then you can't even have him be your lawyer because contingency agreements usually must be in writing.

The fact remains, that you simply don't have to use that lawyer if you don't want to. It's up to you. If you agree to it, then you agree. But if you don't like the bargain they are offering, you have every right to say no deal. But you can't sign a contingency agreement, and then if the lawyer relies on your agreement, and takes on a huge complicated case for you and wins, you can't then turn around and say, no, this is unreasonable. That's just wanting your cake and eating it too.

So it may not be normal, but how good is this attorney? Because there are some attorneys that are able to reasonably charge $1,000.00/hr and that's fine (as case law has shown) IF the lawyer is considered so good and in such high demand, that it wouldn't be unreasonable under the circumstances to charge those prices. Otherwise they would have spent their time representing a different client willing to pay their going rate.

Basically, "professional standards" are subjective and a case by case thing where factors considered are the particular jurisdiction and going rates of other attorneys, but also considered is the particular lawyer's experience, intelligence, and reputation. But unless it is a situation that has a statutory defined fee such as sometimes probate estate cases have, there isn't a particular percentage that is against "professional standards." Like if you hired Johnnie Cochran versus a lawyer right out of law school with no experience, you should expect that Johnnie is going to want a lot more money for his time, than the newbie. Maybe newbie will offer you a deal where he will only ask for 10% but Johnnie will ask for 50%. So you can take the risk of losing with the newbie and getting nothing, or you can take a lesser payout and go with Johnnie who probably has a lot more tools at his disposal, not to mention has a good reputation winning his cases. Just call around and see what other lawyers are charging and try to figure out why this particular lawyer thinks he can get such a high percentage payout? Can he tell you how many cases like yours he won? You have to be diligent about finding the right lawyer.

Do Drug Dealers Make More Money Than Lawyers?
I'M Trying To Weigh My Career Options

drug dealers are probably the highest paid job ever, only reason i would never is because if you were to get caught with like 5 E pills thats life in prisim for man slaughter... dont quote me on that though... so pretty much yes they make more its just a big consequence if you get caught from what i know

I Need A Good Workers Comp Lawyer In California?
I Hurt My Back At Work Was Fired On The Way To The Doctor I Recovered Found A New Job Worked There For A Week And Hurt My Back Again I Was Honest Told The New Insurance Company Of The Previous Injury After Running Me Though Their Red Tape 3 Months Later I Recieve A Letter Of Denial Have Not Recieved A Dime From These Pricks I Have Now Been Cut Off From Medical Care If It Wasnt For State Disability I Would Be Homeless Right Now And This Is My Reward For Being Honest

You do need to get a referral from someone. A lot of workers' comp attorneys are very poor at communications, and tend to take a great deal of time to resolve cases because their case loads are too heavy. After I heard horror story after horror story about lack of communication I started questioning other attorneys (non-workers' comp) for their recommendations for my friend and found a great law firm for her. So ask around and see what you hear.

Also, once you have a name, check that attorney at for any history of discipline.

Wrongful Death Lawsuit?
Ok Well My Grandma Was In A Villa,And The Thing That Helps Her Get Up Broke And Dropped Her And Made Her Die. The Lift Company Said They Are Taking All Responisilibty And Want To Settle, And My Uncle Denied The Offer And Is Now Sending A Larger Offer We Will Know How Much Its For Next Week, Im Just Wondering How Much It Could Be?

many things affect the amount of settlement in wrongful death and survival actions such as the age of the deceased, the health of the deceased, the pain and suffering incurred, the liability policy limits, etc. therefore, without a full consultation and review of medical bills, it would be impossible to put a number on it.

you also just mentioned wrongful death action. what about a survival action? you most likely have one of those as well. you may want to consider speaking with an attorney to help maximize your claim in addition to properly apportioning proceeds between wrongful death and survival actions to decrease inheritance tax liability.

final note, you will need to petition the court to approve the settlement of a wrongful death action. It's normally called a Petition to Settle Death Claim. you may want to consult an attorney to have these issues more fully explained to you.

Ten Interview Questions For A Lawyer?
I Have An Assignment In One Of My Classes Where I Need To Interview Some People About Their Job... And I Would Like To Interview A Lawyer. If You Could Please Answer These Questions That'D Be Great, And If Any Are Too Personal To Answer Publicly Feel Free To Just Message With An Answer. Please Be Specific! Your Name? Place Of Employment? Job Title? 1) What Specific Training Was Required To Obtain This Job? 2) Can You Tell Me Some Vocabulary Or Terminology Specific To Your Job? 3) What Type Of Reading Do You Do On A Daily Basis? 4) Have The Reading Demands Increased, If Yes, How? 5) If You Could Go Back And Change Something Related To Your Education Or Your Life As A Student What Would You Change Or What Would You Do Differently? 6) Is It Fun To Be A Lawyer? Why Or Why Not? 7) How Much Does Someone With Your Job Title Usually Make? 8) What Is The Most Interesting Case You'Ve Defended? Details! 9) Have You Won Most Of Your Cases? Details. 10) If You Weren'T A Lawyer, What Would You Want To Be? Why?

Your name? Confidentia Lin Formation
Place of employment? Anonymous Law Firm
Job Title? Associate

1) What specific training was required to obtain this job?

4 year undergraduate degree; 3 years of law school

2) Can you tell me some vocabulary or terminology specific to your job?

praecipe -- another word for "motion" (e.g., "I filed a praecipe to discontinue the case today.")

COMES NOW -- some lawyers start motions this way (e.g., "COMES NOW Plaintiff Suzy Sunshine and for her Motion to Compel avers as follows.")

3) What type of reading do you do on a daily basis?

Case law; statutes; drafts of briefs, letters, etc.; emails from partners I work for, other associates, paralegals, my secretary, etc. Funny, I led off in answering this by referring to case law and statutes, but it seems like I mostly read and respond to email all day.

4) Have the reading demands increased, if yes, how?

I do tons of reading and writing. My husband is in school and complains about having to read a chapter or write a 6-page, double-spaced paper and I laugh at him because that's nothing to me.

5) If you could go back and change something related to your education or your life as a student what would you change or what would you do differently?

I might have attended a different law school. There aren't many alumae from my school in the city I live in, so sometimes I feel like an oddball when no one else has gone to my school.

6) Is it fun to be a lawyer? Why or why not?

Sometimes. It's usually not the actual practice of law is that is so much fun. It's the people I work with who make it enjoyable. Sometimes you can make fun of other people (e.g., opposing counsel, opposing party, etc.), so that can be fun. It's a little immature, but it's the truth.

7) How much does someone with your job title usually make?

Depends. If you're at a large litigation firm like me, probably at least $100,000/year.

8) What is the most interesting case you've defended? Details!

Sorry, it's confidential.

9) Have you won most of your cases? Details.

Define "won." And sorry, it's confidential. :)

10) If you weren't a lawyer, what would you want to be? Why?

Become a court reporter. It seems easy and pretty mindless, you're on your own most of the time.

My Boss Is An Attorney In Oregon And Is Looking To Become A Wa Atty. As Well. Where On The Wsb Web Is It?!?!?