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Should I Get A Life Estate For My 76 Year Old Mother?
I Am Working With An Elder Care Lawyer Who Reccomended A Life Estate For My Mother. She Has Been Living With My Husband And Me For Six Months. She Has The Beginnings Of Alzheimer’S And Can'T Do Somethings For Herself. We Are In The Process Of Selling Her House. We Are Using The Life Estate To Perserve What Little Money She Has Left, And Make Her Medicade Eligible When She Can No Long Live With Us And Needs Nursing Home Care. Our Attorney Said We Can Realistically Shelter $150,000 By Having An Life Estate, As Long As She Lives With Us For One Year. Upon Her Death The Money Would Be Divided Between Her Heirs. I Know Very Little About This Topic And The Infomation On The Internet Is Very Confusing.

I'm a little confused about your question... Are you buying something for your mother or are you acquiring your mother's stuff to keep it for her until her death?

Here's what a life estate is... it's a transfer of property for the life of that person. It means that when an owner transfers to (we'll call her) Sally, then Sally has all of the rights to the property for the duration of her life. She can use it how she wants, she can sell it, she can expand it (build on land or something like that), she can do anything that a normal owner of a piece of property would do. The only difference between a life estate and normal ownership is that when the life ends, the ownership ends, and it reverts back to the original owner, the person the property transfered from. That means that Sally could not pass that property in her will to her friends and family. At Sally's death, the original owner gets the property back and has all of the ownership rights again and that person can pass it through his will to whoever he chooses, or he can sell it or build on it or whatever.

If you were taking your mother's property for the duration of her life, you would have complete control over the property until her death, and when that day comes, her will would determine what happens to the property at that point.

If you were looking to buy your mother a house or something like that for the duration of her life, it would probably save you money because the original owner would get it back when the life ends and it you would not have to worry about what happens to it after her death because it would be the original owners again. The only problem would be if your mother could no longer use that property, but didn't die for years afterward... it would be like owning an apartment for 10 years and not being able to use it after the 5th year... you'd still pay for the other 5, but you wouldn't have much use for it: and you'd have a lot of difficulty selling it because people would want to own it for as long as they desired rather than for the 5 years remaining... and it's even harder with a life estate because we can't predict when anyone will die: we could buy the rest of the life estate tomorrow and the person dies in a week and so that's all we get to use the property for.

If you were giving something to your mother for a life estate... like if you were conveying something to her (we'll say it's a shirt because that should make it easy to understand)... she would have complete use of that shirt until she dies. She can wear it as often as she wants, wash it however she wants, she can decorate it, she can let others wear it, she can gift it to someone else... she can do anything, but when she dies, it is yours again and you have complete say over the shirt again... even if she tried to will it to someone else, it would be yours. or if she had gifted it to (we'll say) your sister while she was living, when she died, the sister would have to give it back to you because it would be yours again.

I hope that clears some things up for you. If your attorney said it would save you money, I'm sure you can trust him. I'm not really sure what sort of conveyance you're talking about, but your attorney is there to serve you. Estate planning lawyers really know what they're talking about, and if he says this is the best way to provide for your family, then he's probably right. If you estate plan correctly throughout a few generations, you can literally save millions of dollars... I did a big essay on it 2 summers ago.

If you'd like more information, you can clarify your question and I can do my best to explain more. If not, good luck in all of your decisions :)

How Hard Is It To Find Work After Becoming A Lawyer?
When I Graduate I Am Wondering If It Is Going To Be Hard To Find A Job. I Would Like To Work As An Attorney Or Just At A Firm.

I graduated from law school about a year ago and found a job within a few months. The main thing is to have at least one or two internships in some type of civil practice if you'd like to work for a firm. Also, if you can't find a full time job right away, then at least get a job as a law clerk or something part time. Law firms hate gaps in your resume.

Who Should I Contact For A Free Legal Service?
Can Somebody Give Me An Email Address, Or Website?

It really depends on what your legal concern is. Here are some which you might find useful.

Agency : Free Legal Assistance Group (FLAG)
Address : Rm. 204 Cabrera II Bldg. 64 Timog Ave. Q.C.
Tel. # : 924-37-99 / 926-54-77 and 926-12-45
Services : Free legal assistance & legal education program violation of human rights, cases affecting communities economic sectors such as labor, students, teachers, urban and rural poor; etc.

Agency :Office of Legal Aid (OLA)
Address : Rm. 107 College of Law, UP Diliman Q.C.
Tel. # : 9276260/ 4349537
Services : Legal advice by law interns only to M.M. clients
Contact Person : Contact Person Mr. Rommel Opiz, Staff
Schedule: Open Monday to Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm
Services: Legal Advice Supervise by Law Interns, Criminal cases, Labor cases, Civil cases
Free of Charge

Address: GroundFloor Hoffner Building
Ateneo de Manila University, Quezon City
Tel No: 426-6124
E-mail address:
Services: Direct legal service, Litigation assistance, consultations, preparations of pleadings, court appearances
Referral Requirements: Partners referral – referral endorsement primarily VAW related cases

Can I Apply For An Occupation Driver'S License Myself In Dallas County Or Will I Require A Lawyer?
How To Apply For Occupational Driver'S License.

Here is a link to the FAQ for a Texas Occupational Driver's License.

All the info you could ask for.

Because a petition to the court is required in most cases a lawyer will be helpful.

Question On Child Visitation?
I Am 20 Years Old And So Is My Baby'S Father. Up Until May 2012 We Were Together But Broke Up To To His Lifestyle Practices. Our Child Is 2 Years Old And Sine We Broke Up He Has Barely Helped So Lat Week I Files For Child Support. I Live In South Carolina And Where I Live Child Visitations And Child Support Have Nothing To Do With Each Other. I Recently Told My Child'S Grandparents (His Parents) That My Child Is Not Welcomed Over Thee Until He Starts Helping. They Told Me Today That They Will Get Lawyers And Take Me To Court For Grandparents Visitation And For My Baby'S Fathers Rights. My Baby'S Father Even Told My Current Bf That He Should Take Care Of My Son Because We Are Together. Now Everytime My Son Goes To Their House There'S A New Pic On Facebook Of My Son With Gang Member Comments On Them Referring To My Sons Penis , Or Gang Stuff , Drugs And Guns. (I Was Thinking I Should Print All That Out) Also I Have Messages From My Baby'S Fathers Sister Saying That She Was Abused By My Sons Grandfather And So Was The Sister As Well I Was Thinking About Printing These Out With Her Permission As Well. What Do You Guys Think Will Happens If They Take Me To Court?

(Some odd answers here already.)

This section should help you out:
The law is clear that parents have a protected liberty interest in the care, custody, and control of their children, and that this is a fundamental right protected by the Due Process Clause in the United States Constitution. The court must give "special weight" to a fit parent's decision regarding visitation. A court considering grandparent visitation over a parent’s objection must allow a presumption that a fit parent’s decision is in the child's best interest. So long as a parent adequately cares for his or her children (i.e., is fit), there will normally be no reason for the State to inject itself into the private realm of the family to further question the ability of that parent to make the best decisions concerning the rearing of that parents children. Camburn v. Smith, 355 S.C. 574, 586 S.E.2d 565 (2003).

It basically means the courts will take your wishes into consideration should the grandparents seek visitation. That being said, you will need sufficient evidence to explain why you do not believe it is in the child's interest to visit with the parents. Though, it may be more that the grandparents have to prove why they should be allowed visits. You said abuse, but the courts may need proof. If the grandparents had an existing relationship with the child, the courts will take that into evidence.

Print out what you have seen. Make sure it's the full page and not just copy and paste. In case it is needed and the info is deleted, you will have it just in case. Also, what type of custody/visitation do you have with the father? You could go to court to have it modified if you don't believe it is in the best interest for the child.

Can I Trust An Online Paralegal Divorce Form Preparation Website?
I Am Divorcing My Husband And We Have A Child Together. He Lives In Another State And Im Just Not Comfortable With The Basic Forms Given To Me By The State. I Do Not Like The Custody Agreement. I Cannot Afford A Lawyer And I Don'T Know How To Write Up The Papers Myself. Im Wondering If A Website Like Divorcepapers.Com Is Reliable. It Is &Quot;100% Guaranteed&Quot; But Im Still Not Sure.

If it was just you and your husband with no children and no assets, can get a simple divorce.

But the problem arises with having a child and support. You can check out with the prosecutors office in the state where you live on child support, but do not know if this would work prior to a divorce or after a divorce is filed. Most prosecutors offices charge anywhere from $25 to $50 for this service.

The website might work, but be mindful, that they are not giving legal advice to you, since you need a "real" lawyer for that. This site might just have you list the assets that both of you have and also what both of you might agree to keep.

good luck