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Child Custody Lawyers In Norcross Georgia???? Please Help!!?
~~~~~~~~~~My Boyfriend Is Trying To Get Costudy Over His Six Year Old Daughter!!!~~~~ He Gives His Daughters Mother Money Every Month And She Never Lets Him See Her . His Daughter Cries And Yells And Throws Fitts Because She Wants To See Him She Says That Her Mom Is Mesn And Hits Her And Yells At Her Too Much. We Need A Lawyer That Can Get Custudy Taken Away From The Mother And Given To My Boyfriend. He Cries Every Night For His Daughter Because He Ha Every Right To Be With Her. We Need A Lawyer In Norcross Georgia Please If Anybody Knows Of A Lawyer E-Mail Me Asap Thanks So Much.....

As a single man, you have NO ASSUMED RIGHTS to the child.

Watch this movie trailer about a single father

Get an order enter forcing a DNA test, unless one has already been done.


Once you begin paying child support, regardless of whether you are the father or not, you can be required to continue paying.

If you are paying without a court order, it can be considered a gift, with you ordered to repay for the same time period, especially if she's on Welfare.

If one has not been done, go to the child support enforcement to setup a voluntary order. Wait for them to file against you will result in you paying all court costs of up to $5000

Take a certified parenting course. The court is going to order you to take it anyway, so by showing you’ve taken it only looks good to them.

Start keeping a daily journal of all you activities. The most common way to prevent a father from getting his rights through the courts is a false allegation. A daily journal is your number one piece of evidence in court and you can even refer to it while on the stand.

If you are being denied access, write her a letter notifying her of intent to exercise visitation on a specific date, like Saturday 10 AM to 6 PM. Sign it and make three copies. Mail the original Certified Mail and the other with Delivery Confirmation (75¢ + postage). If she rejects the one, she still receives the other. Whether the Certified Mail confirmation card or the Certified letter comes back, attach it unopened to a copy of the letter, plus a printout of the Delivery Confirmation from this web link.

When you file for visitation rights, take these documents to the County Courthouse. Have the Clerk of the Court notarize it and than place it in your case file. Do this three times before considering going to court. When you do go to court, the judge will these letters while preparing for the hearing.

When you show up to pick up the child(ren), bring witnesses. Do not enter her place alone. If you can record, have someone video record. Check the site below to see if it is illegal to record audio and/or video without the mother knowing. If her state does not have a law either way, than it defaults to the federal ruling, which says one person in a conversation, must know they are being recorded. THAT’S YOU!

The court will order you into mediation, so take the lead first and suggest it to her. Instead of hiring attorneys, going to a mediator, you can hammer out an agreement. A mediator is an attorney or paralegal with certified training as a mediator. You each have to pay half the fees in order for the mediator to have the appearance of being unbiased.

If you and the mother are civil, consider Bird Nest Custody. In this the child lives in one home and each parent live there for 3-4 weeks, than switch. You live with friends, family, rent a room, etc. on the off time. In this manner, your child’s life is not disrupted. They are not being shifted back and forth. They keep their own room, friends, school, etc. It is hard on the parents, but than the child comes first. This is the form of custody rocker Ted Nugent had.

If you want to learn how to do all this go to Dads House in Yahoo Groups. Upon joining, you will receive a link to an educational manual that can teach you what you need to know. Take the time to learn what you can and should do.

A couple of additional

How To Find A Attorney To Sue A Cooperation?
I Need A Great Attorney That Is Not Scared To Sue A Big Automobile Cooperation For Malfunction Of Airbags In Ky.

I hope you have lots of money. That's what a great attorney will cost you. Very unlikely you find a great attorney that will wait to get paid when and if you win your case. They will want to get paid up front. You might be able to find a GOOD attorney that will agree ("might" being the key word), but he will not be as good as a GREAT attorney. OJ Simpson had GREAT attorneys, and it is reported he paid out close to $6 million for them.

A GREAT place to start looking is in your Yellow Pages.

Senior Home Assistance Legal Question?
Sam Works For A Home Assistance Care Company. This Company Provides In Home Care For Senior Citizens. One Of The Customers That Sam Works With Wants To Cut Out The Middle Man And Pay Sam Direct. Sam Takes The Job But Continues To Work For The Company. When The Company Finds Out That The Customer Is Canceling Service The Owner Of The Company Drives Over And Sees Sam'S Car Out Front. The Owner Company Decides To Sue The Customer For Breaking The Contract. From What I Know The Owner Cannot Prove That Sam Stole His Customer. My Question Is What Could Be The Legal Ramifications For Sam If Any?

According to your question , the contract between the home assistance care company and the customer has NOT been cancelled, but there is a move to cancel it. Hence there is no legal ramifications for any one.
However, after the customer cancels the contract, if Sam continues to work for the customer and continues to be the employee of the home assistance care company, he can be charged for cheating the company which is a criminal offense.Simultaneously, he can be removed from the services of the company.

Can I Become A Lawyer If I Have An Adjudication Withheld Felony?
I Have A Felony In Florida And Unfortunately Its Ineligible For A Seal Or Expunge. However, With The Adjudication Of Guilt Withheld, I Technically Don'T Have Any Convictions. Can I Still Become A Paralegal Or A Lawyer If I Go Through School? And Does Anyone Know About The Florida Bar?

You should directly call the Florida State Bar, give them your details and find out directly from the horse's mouth, so to speak. You don't give details of what kind of felony you've committed. The person that just came out and said "yes" is not accurate.

To be able to practice law, you have to prove to the Bar that you are a person of good character. You will have to disclose to the Bar that you have felony and the details of that felony whether or not it is a conviction. While you were not formally convicted, this kind of information can still appear on a background check. You will look foolish to try and hide this from the Bar. You will need to fully disclose the details and from that point, the Bar will determine whether or not you qualify to take the Bar exam.

So, while yes. You may still be able to attend law school, it doesn't necessarily mean that you will pass the Bar's sniff test. Call and discuss it with the Bar before committing to law school.

As for becoming a paralegal, again. Your felonious actions will still show up on a background check. While you have the option to tell employers that you were never convicted, you will look foolish if they run a criminal background check and your arrests are listed. You are in a position where you will not be able to "run" from this felony since you can't have it sealed.

So, the simple answer is maybe. Maybe you will be able to, but only the State Bar can tell you for sure. I can tell you that you might get hired as a paralegal depending on what type of felony, but you probably will not be able to become a member of any of the professional organizations.

Good luck.

I Am Creating An Online Directory With A List Of Businesses. Is It Legal To List Names Without Permission?

You're alright...nothing stops people from linking; there is no law on the Internet to stop linking. If you're are using a business name and linking to them...I'm sure 99% of the people would be happy.

Rate These Jobs In Terms Of Social Status?
Medical Doctor, Scientist ,Engineer, Air Pilot,Astronaut, Nurse Occupational Therapist ,Police Officer,Accountant ,Lawyer, Journalist ,Plumber And Macdonald Waiter Question For Psychology Class And Pls Say Why Do You Think The Most Prestigious Deserves To Be That Way In Your Own Personal Viewpoint Thanks In Advance

Medical Doctor
Air Pilot
Occupational Therapist
McDonald's employee
Police Officer.

Because nobody likes police. Aside from that, I ranked them according to how much training is involved in the career listed, and also based it on my idea of how much people value that career. Although lawyers are highly trained and make good money, they aren't always respected, so I bumped them down a ways.