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What Happened To Judge Mablean Ephraim On Divorce Court?
Who'S This New Chick?

This is from

"At a press conference last week to explain her reasons for leaving the syndicated Fox Television series “Divorce Court,” Judge Mablean Ephriam said the syndicator was unwilling to pay her as much as the other TV judges, and had the nerve to demand that her hairdo not change for the entire season.

“There will be no changes in the current hairstyle to avoid time consuming issues regarding her hair,” Fox was said to have stated during its negotiations – a demand Ephriam found to be very offensive and racially insensitive.

Here were her words at the press conference:

“The requirement also comes very close to a violation, if it does not in fact violate, the Fair Employment Practices Act. An employer cannot demand one to wear a particular hairstyle unless it directly affects or impacts the employee’s ability to perform his or her employment duties. My hairstyle does not meet this criteria, it is, however, a racial and ethnic issue.

“Suddenly, after seven years of a show that has run neck- in- neck with the other top rated court shows, why is my hair an issue. Why, I ask? Because of my ethnicity – African American, Black, *****, whatever term you prefer to use. Because of my genetics (short, curly, hair) which requires the use of chemicals and/or a hot pressing comb to straighten and curlers to style. It cannot be styled by a wash, blow dry and set. Therefore, in Fox’s opinion, it is a time consuming issue.

“I wore a short hairstyle which was my own hair. Due to a misapplication of a chemical process, I lost a substantial amount of hair in season six. Out of my desire to maintain continuity, and the image I had created (for the last five years), I elected to wear a wig last year. Had Fox asked me to maintain a short hairstyle for continuity and for image, it would have been a different issue. But they are saying I must continue to wear the wig because that would expedite the hair styling process. However, my hair has now grown. I had not yet decided what hairstyle I would wear for season eight. If I were to accept their demands, I would have been unable to make that decision.”

Ephriam also said the salary Fox offered her for season eight was substantially less than all of the other court show judges.

“Though I made several offers of reduction from my initial demand, in an effort to reach a settlement, Fox remained firm in its ‘low-ball offer’ and finally, its ‘take-or-leave it offer’ which contained a very small increase from its initial position, coupled with some other unreasonable demands,” she said. “Fox took the position that in order to receive this small increase (which was still unequal); there would be ‘significant production changes.’”

Among them:

• Tape seven shows per day (sometimes eight), instead of six. “I indicated I could not do this effectively and produce quality shows,” she explains.

• No vacation time during tape schedule. She notes: “My national church convocation in November is the only vacation I take during tape season. Will I now not be allowed to observe my religious practice? This was non-negotiable for me. I believe this infringes on my freedom of religious belief? The other times-off from taping were promotional appearances… at the request of civic groups, schools, churches, women groups, and non-profit organizations such as the Tom Joyner Foundation Fantastic Voyage, which benefits Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU’s).

Ephraim continued: “There were several other issues related to the tape schedule and taping itself which were unfair to the staff and crew of ‘Divorce Court,’ as well as me. For instance, ‘we no longer will be able to pay for the holiday luncheon’ stated Fox. ‘Divorce Court’ has one catered meal the entire season, the Christmas holiday luncheon, before hiatus. This would be cut out if I were to be paid the small increase. This would not be fair to the staff and crew.

“Not only have I been impacted but my personal assistant Princess and my daughter, Darlene Allen. Darlene was head of the wardrobe department. She too now has been terminated.”

In closing, Ephriam thanks Fox “for the last seven years, for the opportunity, for the exposure. I also thank Fox for refusing to pay me what I know I was worth. It set me free to ascend to higher ground. To go beyond before. I firmly believe that God has a better plan for my life.”

Could be true..or false.

Desi :-)

Does Anybody Know How The San Joaqin County Family Law Courts Are How Are The Judges Etc.?
My Child Custody And Visitation Case Originated In Santa Clara County The Judge Oredered A Change Of Venue To San Joaquin County I Dont Know If This Is A Good Thing Or A Bad Thing Considering How The Courts Work My Question Is Does Anybody Know If San Joaquin Is More Lienent When It Comes To This Type Of Case




Help With Family Law (Marriage)?
Here Are The Questions: Andre Has Agreed To Marry Because Julie'S Kinsmen Threatened To Ruin His Business If He Refuses. Would This Affect The Validity Of The Marriage? Explain. Julie Is Marrying Andre Because He Claims To Be A Broadway Director Who'Ll Get Her A Starring Role In Theatre. In Reality He'S An Off-Broadway Street Vendor Selling Hot Dogs. Would This Have Any Effect On The Validity Of The Marriage? Explain. Andre Is Also Hiding The Fact That He Is Actually A Woman In Drag. Would This Have Any Effect On The Validity Of The Marriage? Explain. If There Is A Reason Why The Marriage Is Not Valid, What Would The Courts Be Asked To Grant? Explain The Term. I'D Really Appreciate The Help! Thanks. -Tim

Here is what I remember from Family Law:

Going into the marriage because he is being threatened will affect the vaildity of the marriage because one of the requirements is that both parties enter the marriage willingly.

When Andre tells Julie that he is a Broadway director, this does not affect the vailidity of the marriage. There is no annulling the marriage simply because the husband lies about what he does for a living, and you are stupid enough to be believe him.

However, if he lies about being married to another, then you can call it a fraudulent marriage and it can be annulled.

Lying about being a man may affect being able to "consumate" the marriage, which I believe can affect the vailidity of the marriage.

The court would likely be asked to grant an annulment, which will make it really as thought the marriage never happened, saving you from a divorce situation for something that happened so quickly.

Is This Legal Malpractice?
My Attorney Has Had Complete Disregard For Me Since 2011 When I Was The Executor Of My Grandfather'S Estate. She Made Decisions Without Consulting Me. When It Was Something That I Had To Ok Because Of Signing A Check, She Cornered Me Into That Decision, Leaving Me With No Other Option. She Never Returned My Calls Or Kept Me Up To Date. She Never Furnished The Documents I Requested. She Promised My Parents My Grandfather'S Home, And Told Me That All It Would Take Was The Beneficiaries Being In Agreement, Which We All Were, So That They Could Have The Home; She Ended Up Changing Her Mind And Saying That We Had No Other Option But To Sell It. I Just Found Out A Few Days Ago That If We Had Any Dispute About Any Matter, That We Were Supposed To Take It To Probate Court To Get An Answer From Them, But That Never Happened. We Gave Her Well Over $65,000 For 2 Years Of Services. There Were Things I Noticed That Were Double Billed, And When I Confronted Her About It, She Said That The Bill Won'T Change. She Never Respected The Structure I Tried To Create So That I Could Simply Be Kept Involved And Informed With Things; She Continued To Make Her Own Decisions And Had Complete Disregard For Me, Taking Advantage Of The Fact That I Didn'T Know Much About The Estate Law, So She Could Do Whatever She Wanted At Her Best Interest

Not obviously from what you have here. And when you're dealing with legal systems, it's not about things like the "structure you try to create."

If you had $65,000 for two years of services, you hopefully have a bit around to consult another local attorney about what they did. You'll need to discuss it with somebody in more depth. There are good odds you didn't properly understand a lot of what was occurring, and she probably was trying to avoid billing you three times as much giving you step by step lesson in estate law. It's not clear that what occurred was in her interest, and not yours. And it would make sense to do something like selling the property -- she probably erred in saying you all could agree how it was to be handled. It's not just her arbitrarily "changing her mind," but going and further researching the law to understand what's legal in the situation and why. It's not clear how she "cornered" you, etc.

You probably should try discussing things with your attorney first, and not "confront" her when you do so. Try to get some explanations before you run off screaming malpractice. People often attribute things to their attorneys personally without understanding the legal reasoning and situations that are going on behind the scenes. Again, it's unlikely she simply "changed her mind" for things like who gets the house. That's not how attorneys go about things.

Change In Joint Custody Question..?
In Dec. Of 2004 My X-Husband And I Were Divorced. At That Time, We Decided That It Would Be Best Of The Children Stayed W/My X-Husband And Once I Got Settled And Into My Own Place We Would Change Over To Where I Would Have The Custodial Rights. Just Some Info. We Are Both Re-Married, He Is In The Air Force. I Am Worried That Now That I Am Getting Settled, That He Will Now Change His Mind On The Situation And Fight Over The Change Over We Originally Discused. I Unfortunatly Did Not Get Any Of This On Paper, Due To The Fact When It Was All Going On We Were Still Great Friends. I Am Wondering How Hard Of A Battle I Maybe Looking At. Yes My Kids Are My World.. I Just Want Them To Be Able To Finally Have A Good Stable Home Instead Of Worrying About Having To Pick Up And Move Every Few Years.. I Want Them To Be Able To Experience What I Did As A Child And Have Life Long School Friends & A Steady Home Until They Are Older... If Anyone Knows If I Have Any Hopes Etc. Please Let Me Know!

Unfortunately, changing custody is going to very hard (even impossible) for you to do. The courts are reluctant to interfere in custody cases unless there is a clear danger to the children. They will not remove the children from your ex's home simply because you both made an agreement (I assume the agreement is not in writing?).
You could always talk to him about sharing custody; you getting the kids all summer or something. Once something like that is established it is easier for you to go to court and say, "This is what we've always done and now I want to modify the custody agreement to reflect that." The courts may be more likely to grant joint custody on that basis.
But changing primary care givers without the consent of both parties is next to impossible.
Don't put your kids through a long and vicious custody battle without a good reason! They will resent you for the upset of their lives and they will be put in the middle of something they shouldn't be. Beleive me, I know firsthand how destructive to a child's well being it can be! My parent's constant bickering over custody destroyed my childhood. Don't do that to your kids.
Good luck.

Do I Need A Lawyer?
My Ex And I Have 2 Kids Together. He Is Trying To Get Custody Of Our Children. I Have Never Given Them Up, I Own My Home, I Have Never Done Drugs, And They Are Well Fed And Taken Care Of. He Has A Lawyer! He Has Never Paid Child Support. I Can'T Afford A Lawyer. Will He Win, Or Do I Stand A Chance?

Definitely get a lawyer.borrow the money to pay the lawyer if you have to, but don't go to fight this man without one. You will never win or come out on top because his lawyer will make you look stupid and dumb.