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4 Ways To Help Your Lawyer Allow You To When you want a legal professional at all, you have to work closely together as a way to win your case. Regardless how competent these are, they're planning to need your help. Listed here are four important ways to help your legal team allow you to win: 1. Be Totally Honest And Up Your lawyers need and expect your complete cooperation - regardless of what information you're likely to reveal to them. Privilege means whatever you say is stored in confidence, so don't hold anything back. Your legal team has to know everything in advance - most importantly information another side could learn about and surprise you with later. 2. Provide Meticulous Records Keep a continuing and factual account of information pertaining to your case. Whether it's witnesses or payments being made, provide your attorneys with all the current data they have to enable them to win. 3. Show Up Early For All Engagements Never be late when you're appearing before a court and prevent wasting the attorney's time, too, because they are punctually, whenever. In fact, because you may have to discuss eleventh hour details or perhaps be extra ready for the way it is you're facing, it's a good idea to arrive early. 4. Demonstrate That You May Have Your Act Together If you've been arrested for any kind of crime, it's important to be able to prove to the court that you both regret the actions and so are making strides toward enhancing your life. As an example, if you're facing driving under the influence, volunteer for any rehab program. Be sincere and included in the community the judge is presiding over. Working more closely with your legal team increases your chances of absolute success. Try these tips, listen closely to how you're advised and ultimately, you should win your case.

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Attorney Question.?Well This Isn'T Really An Attorney Question But I Have Physical Custody Of My 11 Yr Old Son
We Have Joint Custody But Like I Said He Lives With Me. He Is Going To Start Middle School This Month. He Has A Mild Form Of Autism. His Dad Is Taking Me To Court In Front Of A Mediator.To Talk About The Middle School He Will Be Going To. I Want Him To Go To A Middle School I Have Been To And His Dad Wants Him To Live Over There And Go To The School In That Area. His Dad Is Worring About Gangs And Bullies. I Do Not Agree. Every Middle School Has Gangs And Bullies. He Said He Does Not Have An Attorney. But It Is Going To Be At A Courthouse And I Was Served The Summons That Had His Attorneys Name On It. I Can Not Afford An Attorney And Was Wondering If Anyone Knows Of Any In The Fort Worth Tx Area Who Will Work With A Low Income Person. Do You Think I Would Need An Attorney?

Gosh, YES, you need an attorney! Your child is your most important asset. There are no second chances with these cases! Beg, borrow or steal to ensure both you and your child are properly represented. Check out the Texas State Bar Association lawyer referral service and also the link If You Can't Afford A Lawyer See also Lexis Nexis listings for family law attorneys in Fort Worth: Start at the top and ask each if s/he has a sliding scale and, if not, does s/he know of colleagues who might? And be gracious. What you're asking for is time, the only commodity lawyers have to sell.

Help With Financial Aid?
I Am 18 Years Old, Female, And I Live In Louisiana. I Do Not Live With My Parents, I Live With My Brother, So I Depend On His Income. I Don't Have A Job. How Do I Get Financial Aid? And Anybody Who Just Wants To Leave A Smart *** Remark Don't Even Bother, Because I'm Pretty Sure I'm Asking For Help, Not Mean Remarks. Thanks.

In order to get financial aid, you will have to fill out a FASFA form. That is what will determine how much financial aid you will receive, and what types of aid, such as student loans, work study, grants, etc.

You will most likely have to have your parents income listed on your FASFA, whether you live with them or not. Since they are your legal guardians, you will need their names, birthdates, social security numbers, and all of their tax information.

The only way to not use your parents information is if you declare yourself an "independent" student. But be careful... just because you don't live with your parents and you are "independent" and out on your own doesn't matter to the school.

In order to be classified as an Independent Student (where they would take only your income into consideration) you need to meet one of these criteria:

Be 24 years of age by Jan 1, 2009.
Be married.
Have children (dependents) of your own.
Be a member of the military.
Your parents are deceased or your are legally emancipated from them.

I would suggest going to the school of your choice, and talking with the financial aid department. They are your biggest source of help because they can tell you the specifics about what you need to do at that particular school.

Check into scholarships as well. Most students don't take the time to fill out the applications and write the essays, but it can come in handy!

Good luck to you!

Car Accident Lawsuit?
I Was Tboned On My Passenger Side About A Week Ago. I Have Hidden Fractures In My Left Wrist And Knee, Severe Neck And Lower Back Pain. The Cop Said He Couldnt Determine Fault. The Woman Said Her Husband Was A Police Officer And Everything Will Be My Fault. When I Got The Police Report (After The Cop Talked To The Lady'S Husband) It Said It Was My Fault And I Was The Striking Vehicle (Even Though I Have No Front End Damage But Passenger Side Damage) When I Went To Talk To The Officer He Said It Doesnt Matter How He Wrote It. My Insurance Company Said It Was My Fault Because Even Though I Was T Boned The Driver On The Right Has The &Quot;Right Of Way&Quot; Not Even One Week After The Accident The Mall Security Called Me And Said They Have Footage Of The Entire Accident. The Woman Ran A Stop Sign, Was Clearly Speeding In A 25 M.P.H. Zone, And Didnt Even Brake When She Hit My Car. Also, My Front End Was Already In The Parking Lot When She Hit Me. Should I Sue? How Much? This Is Not A Joke. Thanks

PURSUE the Lawsuit.
Get the tape. Sue the person that hit you (for the obvious reason). Sue the officer that wrote the report if possible (falsifying a report). Sue the city where that officer works (for hiring a crooked cop).
Good Luck collecting any settlement. The Judge probably knows these scum and you will have a hard time getting a fair settlement. And after you will always have police harrassing you. But you got a great case with the video tape.
I hope for your sake that Justice be served. Best of Luck To You.
As for the car on the right having right of way. I say BULL - your tape will show who had right of way.

P.S I would get a lawyer simply because your dealing with the police at this point. They can make life hell for you if you get on their bad side. And if you pursue legal action against them be prepared for some mafia type retaliation. Document everything and every action by any police officer that you encounter. Remember they stick together. Even if you win you will lose. So you got to be careful to do things within the law.
The one bad thing here is that when you go against someone who has the police on their side, how do we know the lady wasn't drunk driving or on drugs. You dont. They got the cops on their side.

Do I Need A Lawyer?
If I Want To Bring Charges Against Someone In Court, Do I Need A Lawyer Or Can I Represent Myself?

It depends on what you want to charge them with.

Courts generally fall into two categories, Civil and Criminal. Civil cases are between private parties, such as you versus your neighbor, or you versus a corporation. You don't need a lawyer to pursue "small" matters, but you do if it's a big case like a car accident with significant injuries.

Criminal matters are between the government and the defendant. The individual who was the victim doesn't actually bring the charges, they go to the police or prosecuting attorneys, and they bring the case. You don't need a lawyer, and once you've filed the complaint, you don't even really have to do much, including show up in court in many cases.

Only rarely does a victim have or need a lawyer, usually cases like rape or with children, to protect the defense from giving them a hard time.

Help! Is This Outfit Appropriate For A Placement At A Large Corporate Law Firm?
Eek! I Recently Found Out That I'Ve Got A Placement At A Large Corporate Law Firm In London. However, I'Ve Left All Of My Go-To Formal Work Experience Clothes In University In Newcastle, And Am Home On Holiday In Ireland For The Next Month, So Won'T Be Able To Get Back And Get My Good Stuff In Time! So, I'Ll Have To Make Do With What I Have- So Do You Think This Sounds Appropriate? I Have A Nice Black Blazer From Zara, And A Black Aline Knee Length Dress, Which Si Empire Line And Belted With A Chocolate Brown Leather Belt. The Dress Is Extremely Plain And Boring Though, So I Was Thinking Of Perhaps Wearing It With Those Sheer Black Tights With Small Black Dots On Them, As Im Eighteen And Don'T Want To Look Like A Child Dressing Up Like A Grown Up, So I Thought A Youthful Touch Would Be Good. Would This Look Inappropriate? If So, Should I Wear 20 Or 60 Denier Tights? Also, I'M Very Tall, So Feel Awkward In Heels, And Added To That I'Ll Be Flying From Belfast To London, And Travelling From The Airport To The Firm On The Underground, So I Think Flats Are The Most Appropriate. Are Black Patent Smart Loafers Ok? Furthermore, My Hair Falls Just Below My Shoulders And Is In Good Condition- Would It Be Inappropriate To Wear It Straight And Down? Furthermore, I Have A Chocolate Brown Mulberry Bayswater Handbag. I Was Wondering If It Might Look A Bit Gaudy For Somebody Of My Age To Show Up With A Designer Bag? Thanks!

I'm a london boy... a city is just a city like any other, but flats are nice -or maybe court shoes with a little heel? Those tights with the dots are very sexy... but sheers are a must, I would put you in 10 denier. Wear your hair down.

you'll look very attractive - in a dress AND tights

How Can I Find A Lawyer To Do A Good Job On My Case And How Can I Pay Him?
Hello. I Was In Jail In Mexico For A Year And I Want To Get A Lawyer To Fight My Case Because I Didn'T Do Anything Illegal. Where Can I Get A Good Lawyer To Fight My Case And How Can I Pay Him If I Don'T Have Much Spending Money?

THE best way to find a lawyer is by word of mouth. Ask your: family, friends, coworkers, anyone you might know in the same situation, etc.


Call your local (usually county) bar association. Ask for names of attorneys that handle your type of matter. (If money is a BIG problem, you could also ask for the phone number of your local LegalAid office. - the attorneys at LegalAid are "real" attorneys, but sometimes in the field of Law, how much you are willing to pay does affect the quality you get.)

When you call the law office(s), insist on speaking with the Lawyer. Do not tell all the little details of your matter to the Secretary - save the details for the Attorney.
When you get the Lawyer on the phone line, ask him/her:
-Do they give FREE, initial consultations? (most do, but not all - you have to ask, don't assume)
- How much do they charge?
- Could you make payments on your account?
-Can they help you? OR Refer you to someone who can help you?

Good luck.

(This is based on my knowledge, information, and belief. This was intended as personal opinion, and not intended to be used as legal advice. Seeking advice over the Internet is not a good idea - the field of Law is too complex for that. Please be careful and do your research.)