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Most individuals do not think about obtaining a legal professional till they are in desperate need. The legal difficulty could be personal, like family law, for a breakup or if you are hunting for a bankrupcy or trust lawyer or attorney. It may be a felony situation you will need to be defended on. Firms need lawyers as well, whether or not they are being sued for discrimination, sexual harassment, or perhaps not fair business practices. Tax law firms are also helpful while interacting with government difficulties. Just like doctors, lawyers have specialties. A large, full service law firm has numerous lawyers with various areas of competence, so hinging on your company legal issue, you can immediately retain the most effective law firm to match your current need without having to commence your search each time you need legal assistance.It is ideal to locate a legal representative you can have faith in. You really want one with a good record, who istruthful, effective, and wins cases. You need to have assurance that they will stand for you effectively and bill you reasonably for their services. From time to time a reference from a pal or business associate can be very helpful, however you should hold your options open and review all the firms available, because when you want legal help, you need it rapidly and you desire the best you can manage to pay for. Thank you for looking for a law firm with us. Your time is important, and Action Pages, at, is happy to offer you specific search parameters to satisfy your necessities. We constantly make an effort to focus on the most popular phrases so you can instantly find anything you are looking for.

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Which Is A Better Name For A Process Serving Business; The Company ...Or... Moore Legal Services?
I Want It To Be Professional, I Want To Be A Company Law Offices Can Trust. We Have Ordered Business Cards In The Name Of Both And Were Going To See How It Goes. I Need Some Opinions About A Name. And Actually Since This Is A New Business Does Anyone Have Any Advise For Us With The Process Serving Business?

Dress in a professional manner or a type of uniform
always be polite and on best behavior
don't take anything personally
train, train, train. on the laws related to personal property, trespassing, legal ethics of the job, insurance, liability, policy and procedures manual, vehicle insurance, all related to your Business
smile- will get you there easier
be compassionate

as far as the name i would go with legal services that is what you offer and you can expand the types of service ie messangering, court runs etc.. down the road.

And it sounds more professional. Law offices bill you out to their clients as legal service or outside services

be safe be carful, be profitable -get some accounting and or billing professional to help set up your procedures and policy regarding accounts receivable. you wont be profitable unless the bills get paid.
Lay out what you believe will be costs incurred include your time office time and serving time to see if what you are charging will actually turn a profit. That must include your overhead not just the actual server.
You need the whole enchilada not just the salsa.
Lawyers like to sue it is their bread and butter and they wait till the last minute on so much. Make sure your procedure is to document everything that happens from first contact for services IE person you talked to details of all to pick-up if and when served how many attempts Communication with law office.
Im telling you this because it can make or break the lawyers case. And if it is break there has got to be a fall guy and it wont be the lawyer. Always pay your liability insurance..

As far as sales and marketing you need face time with any one who will talk to you at the firms you are soliciting to. Bring by flyer's, talk to the receptionists, have her put them in the break room or if she will the individual mail slots. Don't forget to bring her some treat candy bar something. Same with bonding with the secretary's that use you. Drop of the bill directly to her with even a lollipop keeps your firm up front in their minds for next time. sounds silly but it works. Kind of a calling card. Stick with it because it does work. the free pens, envelope openers ; etc do too but candy gets them all the time.
The bill needs attorney approval before it gets to accounting leaving it for the Secretary you have just shaved off a week of passing it around the office before it hits the attorneys desk. The Secretary will more than likely sign his name anyways. You get paid faster that way. Turn around on accounts receivable has made or broke numerous service company's in the legal industry. carrying large a/r kills your cash flow then your credit goes. Make the due date 15 days post the actual service you probably wont get it till 30 days. But if you do 30 it will be 60 days before you receive it. I would even go 10 days if you wanted to.
Stay on top of who pays and when. You need to cut off services to any firm who has not paid you by 60 days out. They will take advantage of you if you don't.

Well I hope this find you working your tails off. Good Luck. oh yeah You have to have or develop a thick skin bullet proof if you can. and most of all have a sense of humor. life is too short and lawyers make it shorter if you let them.

Probate Power Of Attorney Ohio Law?
My Brother Has Power Of Attorney Now For My Imcompetant Mother. When She Dies What Do I Need To Do Im A Daughter Of 8 Children My Brother Says He Gets All Mothers Property Doesnt Seem Fair What Can I Do Now To Prepare For This Coming Day?

probate & power of attorney are two different things, he may have power of attorney now, BUT you apply for probate after the person has died, ask your mam if she has made a will, try to see the solicitors who delt with the power of attorney, because even if your mam did leave everything to your brother you can put a stop on the probate, then contest the will, he will still have to split it 8 ways,

Why Is It Impossible To Find An Attorney To Take On An Existing Case?
I Am Unhappy With My Lawyer Who Hasn'T Filed A Case Yet. I Called The Los Angeles County Bar'S Attorney Referral Service And The Lady Said To Try Another County Or Referral Bec None Of Her Lawyers Would Want To Take Over An Existing Case. I Have A Great Case So Why Is That The Case? Do I Have To Be Stuck With My Bad Lawyer Who I'Ve Caught Lying To Me?

My answer comes from my experience as a paralegal. My answer may seem blunt, but I'm not trying to make friends. I am going to try to help you and shed some light on the industry that you might not know.

You state that you have a great case. Well, frankly, everyone that walks into an attorney's office thinks they have a great case. When you don't know the law, how to interpret the law, or how to apply the law, everything looks like it is a winner. This may NOT be the case. You really might not have anything the attorney can work with.

"My lawyer hasn't filed a case yet." Well, this could be a million things. He could be a bad attorney, or...back to my previous paragraph. There might not be anything to file. An attorney can't just fill out a piece of paper and chunk it at the Court. He/she has to find case law to support your argument. He/she has to pick the right causes of action. If you truly have a "great case", you don't just slop it together. You make it bulletproof. This can take time. As you don't state how long he has had the file, I can't determine that. No one can.

As for the referral service, the lady was being honest. She was stating, "I am not going to waste your time. They won't take an existing case." There is nothing you can do about that. Taking over existing cases is a chore and if you can avoid it, most attorneys do.

Do you have to be stuck with your current attorney? No. This is not legal advice, but what I would do in your position. You can write a letter to the attorney. Send it certified mail with return receipt. In the letter, state that you are unhappy with your service, you are ending your business relationship and that you would like a copy of your file. If you have a retainer posted, request that any billable hours should be deducted from the retainer and the balance sent to you. If you have an engagement letter, you better read this letter thoroughly when it comes to terminating services.

Once you receive your file, start making appointments with other attorneys. As I said before, maybe you are being impatient. I run into that a lot. People have the impression that once you hire an attorney, things would be done in a month. Not the case. It takes a lot of time and a lot of work. Maybe he is that bad of an attorney. I just feel that most clients don't understand what is a "good case" and what is not. What you feel you are legally entitled to is not ever close to what the law actually states. Again, I don't know details, but that is my opinion from a paralegal that deals with this every day. An attorney is not going to sit on a "good case" for long.

**EDIT** There is no ethical dilemma for taking a previous handled case. There is always the potential for "conflict of interest" which is completely different. You cannot represent two conflicting parties such as a man/wife in a divorce. There is no conflict if the attorneys know each other. If that were the case, everyone would have to hire out of state attorneys.

Legal Help Please- Every Lawyer Is Telling Me Something Different- Battery Case In Florida.?
I Got Into A Fight With My Brother At Home. I'M 22 And He'S 21. My Parents Called The Cops To Break Us Up, They Never Wanted Me To Get Arrested. But I Beat Him Up Pretty Bad And I Had No Marks On Me, So I Was The One That Got Arrested Even Though I Think He Started The Fight. I Got Out Of Jail And Missed My Arraignment(I Left My House 2 Hours Before But I Live In Miami, There Was An Accident And I Got To Court An Hour Late Because Of The Traffic Jam)... And So They Put My Plea As Not Guilty Because I Wasnt There(I Dont Know How This Makes Sense), And Now I Have A Trial On The 28Th. My Brother And My Parents All Want To Drop The Charges, We'Ve All Resolved It But The Court Still Wont Let Me Go. The State Attorney Says That Even If Nobody Wants To Press Charges I Still Have To Go To Trial. My Dad Called The State Attorney And He Told Him All He Had To Do Was Show Up To My Trial And Testify Against Me(Doesnt Make Sense) And That They Would Offer Me A Program And That They Would Drop The Charges. My Mom Called The State Attorney And Said There Was No Way They Could Drop The Charges, But That Without A Testimony, They Didn'T Have A Case Against Me Anyway. I Never Mean To Plead Not Guilty, I Just Want To Get These Charges Dropped But The State, The Lawyers, And Everybody Else Are Telling Me Something Different And Nothing Makes Sense.. I Dont Know What To Do. It'S A Domestic Violence Misdemeanor Battery Charge.

Well if you did not have the plea of not guilty entered for you (automatic or they issue a warrant when you do not show up, the judge was being nice) your case would not have any chance to be dropped. You cannot plea "drop my case" it is either no contest not guilty or guilty.

In Florida and all other states on domestic charges it is no longer up to the victim whether the case goes forward or not.

It is up to the prosecutor. The ASA handling the case has apparently decided that they have enough to try you, or they just want to have you show up in court on your court date for a lecture from the judge.
It has been decided nationally that in domestic battery cases the people of the state are the victims since domestics affect everyone, not the person hit.
This has cause a large dip in domestic homicides over the past 17 years since the laws were changed. Victims are no longer able to continually drop cases until the abuser actually kills them.

If the lawyers don't know the law try talking to an actual criminal lawyer, not some guy who does real estate closings.

Getting A Divorce Decree?
I Am 16 Years Old And I Do Not Have A Good Relationship With Either Of My Parents, I Am Trying To Get Ahold Of The Divorce Decree So I Know Who Has Custody Rights And So On. Is There Any Possible Way For Me To Get This And If So Please Explain Asap! Thankyou So Much!

I have to say that despite the fact that you need to be 18 years old to be classed as an adult at 16 the DJ may not have put anything in he divorce papers about you as possibly your parents had privately agreed before going to court..........DJs will only make a judgement if the parents don't and only enter it into the paperwork if the children are young in the magority of places at 16 ys old you can leave home without permission and as long as you are safe, looking after yourself, eating, school/work then no one can force you back home, including the police, they can ask you but can't force you may not need to find a copy.........divorce paperwork is a public record, however again depending on the laws in the country you are in with regards to data protection you may not be able to see a copy for a number of years .................unless you ask one of your parents who will both have a copy themselves.

Civil/ Human Rights Attorney?
I'M Currently A Sophmore In High School, But For The Past 3 Or 4 Years, I Have Really Had My Set On Becoming A Civil Rights Attorney. I Am Doing Things To Make That Happen, Such As I Joined The Debate Team, I Am Taking Ap English Courses, And Ap History Courses And When Government Classes Become Available (Junior/Senior Year), I Plan On Taking Those. I Know That In Order To Become A Lawyer Of Any Sort You Need To Have 4 Years Of Undergraduate Schooling And An Additional 3 Years Of Law School And Then Need To Pass A Written Bar Exam Specific To The State You Want To Work In. My Question Is, In Order To Become A Civil Rights Attorney, What Classes Would I Need To Take In Undergraduate School In Order To Be Successful? Political Science I Assume Is One Of Them...?

As stated before, your undergraduate major is not very important. You want to get into law school. Many apply and a few are accepted.

You will set yourself up for success by having two majors, so that you get a very broad education. Pick one tech major such as chemistry, physics, math, economics (the mathematical kind), nuclear engineering. Then, pick a humanities or social science such as English, Latin, philosophy, history, psychology, or political science.

Those who major in a tech field get higher test scores than those who major in one of the humanities or social sciences. The LSAT, which everyone needs to take, is based on logic, and tech majors find logic to be much simpler than other majors. Grades are important, but the LSAT is more important. If you look at the link I provided below, you will see that the few tech majors who go to law school do better than the thousands of political science majors that apply each year.

If you just major in political science, you aren't much different from everyone else. If you have an unusual major and engage in remarkable and unusual activities, you will stand out and go further. One year at our law school, there was a woman who majored in nuclear engineering. She was offered a full scholarship. She had around a 3.0 gpa and better than average test scores, but it was the rarity of her major that got her the attention. She was interested in civil rights law, but chose to go to a top 50 law school.

If you take 2 years off after undergrad to work in the peace corps, you will dramatically improve your application as well.

If you don't want to do all that, you need to get at least a 150 on your LSAT (average) and a 3.0 undergrad gpa to go to a 4th tier law school. The school might not be the greatest, but you will still be a lawyer.