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Finding A Skilled Lawyer Regardless of what your legal needs are you will find that there are countless lawyers in your neighborhood that advertise which they focus on your form of case. This may make the process of finding one with a great deal of experience a bit of a challenge. However, if you follow the tips below it will be possible to define your pursuit off to the right one out of very little time. The first step is to produce a set of the lawyers which can be listed in your town specializing in your circumstances. When you are which makes this list you need to only include those that you have a good vibe about based upon their advertisement. You can then narrow this list down by taking a bit of time evaluating their site. There you should certainly find how many years they are practicing and several general information regarding their success rates. At this moment your list must have shrunken further to the people which you felt had professional websites plus an appropriate amount of experience. You need to then take the time to search for independent reviews for each attorney. Make sure you browse the reviews instead of just depending on their overall rating. The info within the reviews gives you a sense of the way they interact with the clientele and how much time they invest into each case they are concentrating on. Finally, you will want to talk with a minimum of the past three lawyers which have the credentials you are looking for. This will give you time to genuinely evaluate how interested they may be in representing you and the case. It is important to follow most of these steps to ensure that you find a person that has the correct degree of experience to help you the very best outcome.

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Question For Employment Lawyers About Wrongful Sexual Harassment?
Hello, As Of Tuesday 8/18/09 I Was Suspended From Work For Serious Charges As My Boss Put It. Yesterday I Reported To The Office For A Conference Call With The Head Of Human Resources And Found Out The Charges Were About Sexual Harassment On An Associate I Work With. So Here Is My Story. There Is An Associate I Work With As I'Ve Mentioned Above. She Has Accused Me Of Making Sexual Advances Toward Her,If Not More In The Work Place. She Says She Has 4 Witness' That Witnessed These Events At Work. Although From Personally Being There,None Of These Witness' Were Ever Around When She Spoke To Me When Passed Through That Area On A Patrol Or To Respond To A Call In That Area. As Of Lately,Rumors Have Spread Very Quickly Through The Store About The Two Of Us Having Sex,Me Being Obsessed With Her,Constantly Asking Her Out On Dates,And The List Goes On. So I Began Ignoring Her And Any Calls She Made Completely. Soon After,It Got To The Point Where Whenever She Ran Into On Patrol,She Would Ask Questions Like,Have I Done Something Wrong To You?, Why Don'T You Talk To Me?, What Happened To You And Why Have You Changed? I Have Reported Every One Of These Incidents To My Fellow Lp Officers In The Camera Room Every Time It Happened. From That Point On, She Started Staring At Me Every Time I Passed By Or Was In The Area. So I Asked My Fellow Lpo To Watch Her On The Camera,He Said &Quot;Dude,This Is Starting To Look Like Border Line Obsession.&Quot; The More I Ignored Her The Harder She Tried To Get My Attention. So When Things Didn'T Go Her Way,She Played The Sexual Harassment Card. So,I Denied All Accusations At My Meeting And They Thought It Was A Load Of B.S. After Doing A Little Investigating Of My Own,I Found Out Not Only Was She Married,But As Done This To Few Lp Officers Before I Got There. So She'S Been Known For Doing This. As For Her Witness' I Is Her Sister-In-Law And The Other 3 Are Very Good Friends Of Hers And Knew About This As Well And Are Lying For Her Now. This Has Happened To A Friend Of Mine A Few Months Ago. They Took The Same Steps With Him Even Though The Women Both Consented To The Sexual Joking. They Fired Him For Sexual Harassment ,But When He Got The Letter Of Termination,It Never Once Mentioned That Was There Reason For Termination But It'S On His Record Now. And Now The Same Thing Is Being Done To Me. The Company Never Did An Investigation On Him And Probably Won'T With Me Even Though I Have Quite A Bit Of Proof. And My Last But Not Least My Company Plays Favorites And I Don'T Think It'S Fair When I Am Literally The Only African-American Male Working In The Entire Store. So My Question Is,Since I Will Be Terminated Very Soon From Sexual Harassment,Do I Have Enough To Put Up A Fight In The Matter And Is This Something That May Be Worth Pursuing In Court? This Has Gone For Too Long And Something Needs To Be Done About It Since Our Company Won'T Defend Us. I Have Also Found Out From Another Reliable Source That I Was Also Accused Of Threatening To Beat My Co-Worker With A Baton If I Ever Caught Him Talking To Her Again Thanks In Advance For Your Answers

You know, when you think about it, SHE was sexually harassing YOU! Man it galls me that only men are punished for this. Women are more than capable of it too, and she clearly was doing it to you, including creating a hostile work environment through slander.

While many states are considered "at-will" (meaning you can be fired for no reason at all at a whim) one of the exceptions is sexual harassment and defamation of character. It may be possible to sue for wrongful termination. It may also be possible to sue her individually for defamation and collect damages as a result of the loss of employment. I don't know what state you are, but your local department of labor might have some more specific advice and/or options. Get in touch with them and retain an attorney for yourself.

EDIT: If race seems to be an issue here (that is, they are being biased against your word because they are racist) heck, go for it. Race is also a exception to at-will too. This is CA's labor department link, and may be useful to you:

Are You Impressed By Attorneys?
That They Got Into Law School, Endured It, And Are Now Attorneys? Why Or Why Not?

I'm guessing you are planning to be or are one. Well I'm currently doing a Law degree and I am fascinated by attorneys and lawyers to be honest.

It requires dedication and an awful lot of hard work. And no not all lawyers are liars like the other answerer said. My lecturer is a human rights lawyer and she sure isn't a liar, there are good lawyers as well.

Have a nice day :)

Qualifications For Law School?
I'M A Freshman Attending A Big 10 School, And I Have Decided That I Want To Go To Law School After I Graduate From College. I Tended To Underachieve In High School (I Had The Highest Act In My Class But My Class Rank Was 103 Out Of 500), But I Plan On Taking College More Seriously. I Know That I'M Smart Enough To Succeed In A Top Law Program, But I'M Not Sure What Things I Need To Be Doing In Order To Be Accepted Into One. What Things Should I Be Doing In College In Order To Make Myself An Attractive Candidate For A Top Law Program?

1) High school GPA/resume

Will this matter when you apply to law school? Well, let me ask you something: did you save some baby mink whales while training for the 2012 Olympics? No? Then don’t worry about high school. The only part of your law school application that will be reflective of your high school experience is the undergrad that you decide to attend and to which you gain admission.

2) What should I major in?

If your goal is to set yourself up to get into the best law school you can, then you want to pick a major in which you’ll receive the highest GPA. Much more than the classes you take, the degree you receive, and the major you pick, your GPA will determine law school admissions decisions. Avoid basketweaving or Simpsons-ology and any other major will be, more or less, equal in the eyes of law schools.

I would recommend finding something in which you have a great interest, as then going to classes will be interesting and you’ll have an easier time focusing. Picking a major you love will afford you the chance to get a great GPA without having to ‘try’, as it will feel more like you’re doing something you want than trying to learn difficult and obscure material.

As a quick aside, most pre-law or legal studies programs are viewed as something as a joke by those associated with law schools. They’re generally law school lite, only without the great taste of Diet Dr. Pepper (because you kids don’t know what Miller Lite tastes like, right?). Most law professors view the knowledge gained in them (and the writing skills developed) as a detriment to a proper legal education, as you have to unlearn some of the stuff you think you know.

3) Are there any specific classes I should take in college to prepare me for law school?

You should be taking classes that focus on writing, analysis, and logic. While you’ll have to relearn how to write and analyze when you get to law school (legal research and writing is different than anything you’ll do up until then), having a baseline off of which to work (a knowledge of grammar, for instance) will give you a leg up. And logic will be the same, whether it’s in an undergrad course, the LSAT, or a class on Contract Law (which can be very logic-intensive).

4) What about this whole LSAT thing?

Your GPA is important, but your LSAT score (aka the Law SAT) is the largest factor in your application package. When the time rolls around, make sure you prepare for it. The test doesn’t ask you questions based on knowledge – it asks you questions to test your ability to think and reason. Those are skills that you can develop by properly prepping for the exam. While you’re years away from that (I repeat, you’re years away from it!), practice books, old tests, and LSAT classes are the best way to get ready for the exam that will, more or less, decide your law school fate.

Seriously, though, go do something foolish whenever you start to think about the LSAT. You shouldn’t worry about it until your Junior year.

5) And extracurriculars?

Find some extracurriculars in which you have an intense interest. Sports, drama, art, Future Farmers of America – wherever your passion lies, go for it. Pick the ones in which you have a serious interest and stick with them, building up a great resume that highlights something interesting about yourself. Fill leadership positions. That will show your potential as a leader, which is something that law schools love in their applicants.

6) Anything else?

Enjoy college. A lot. Seriously, have a good time.

But not too good of a time.

Skip those parties that you know will get busted by the cops, don’t give an officer lip if he asks you for some ID when you’re drunk, and make sure that you keep your grades up. If your average beer consumption per day is higher than your GPA, it’s time to refocus (but, on the other hand, impressive!).

And good luck!

The American Bar Association?
When Taking The Bar Exam, Is It The Same For All Type Of Lawyers? (Family, Corporate, Personal Injury Etc.) Or Does Each Type Of Lawyer Get Their Own Bar Exam?

All type of lawyers get the same, although the bar exam changes from state to state.

Dui Laws: How Are The States Ranked?
I'M Looking For A List Of U.S. States Listed In Order Of Toughest Dui Laws, From Toughest State Down To Most Lenient State. Thanks In Advance.

Arizona. DUI is considered any amount of alcohol in your system over .00. First time offense is mandatory week in jail (tent city) license suspended, and ignition interlock (breathalyzer) installed in your car for one year. In Arizona, you do not even have to be driving your vehicle to receive a DUI. If you are washing your car in your driveway and have your keys in your pocket and beer in your hand, you can be arrested for DUI. I knew someone who got a DUI for grabbing a sweatshirt out of the back seat of his car when he was drunk. This is all for a first offense. People can spend over a year in jail for repeat offenses.

Child Visitation?
My Little Sister Is Going Through A Divorce (Still Married At The Moment) She Lives In Tx And He Lives In Ms, Currently Her Son Is Visiting Him And He Is Refusing To Allow Him To Return Home. Is This Considered Kidnapping? What Avenues Can She Take To Get Her Son Back. Btw He Is Not The Custodial Parent And Has Not Been Paying Any Support Of Any Kind.

It all depends on what the temporary custody/visitation agreement says. If there isn't one, it was dumb on her part to send him to his dad's.

If he was already in MS at the time the divorce proceeding started, it isn't kidnapping. If he took the child across state lines before it - then it is parental kidnapping. (provided the child normally resides in TX)

If there is a temporary custody order in place, that says specifically when the child should be returned, that he violates, she needs to file an emergency order with the court for contempt and immediate return of the child.

If there is no temporary order, then that means custody has not been established yet - and he has the right to keep the child if he wants, and she will have to file in court for temporary custody until the divorce is final, although he may beat her to that filing if she doesn't act fast.

Most of the time, child support is not required until the divorce is final.