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Nearly all individuals do not think about selecting a lawyer until they are in desperate need. The lawful difficulty might possibly be personal, like family law, for a divorce or if you are looking for a bankrupcy or trust legal professional. It may be a felony circumstance you will need to be defended on. Firms need to have lawyers as well, no matter if they are being sued for discrimination, sexual harassment, or potentially unjustified business methods. Tax lawyers are also effective while engaging with government issues. Just like doctors, lawyers have expertise. A large, full service law firm has numerous legal representatives with distinct areas of competence, so relying on your own legal issue, you can instantly retain the best law firm to fulfill your existing need without having to start your search each time you need legal assistance.It is most effective to obtain a law firm you can have faith in. You want one with a very good track record, who isstraightforward, productive, and wins cases. You want to have assurance that they will stand for you properly and bill you fairly for their products and services. Occasionally a recommendation from a colleague or business associate can be very helpful, even so you should keep your options open and review all the firms available, simply because when you need legal help, you need it quickly and you want the finest you can pay for. Thank you for hunting for a lawyer with us. Your time is important, and Action Pages, at, is glad to offer you specific search variables to match your necessities. We continually make an effort to concentrate on the most popular phrases so you can immediately find anything you are searching for.

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Advice About Law School?
Knowing What You Know Now... Any Advice For An Aspiring Attorney In Community College? (I'Ve Already Been Accepted To A State School, Just Finishing One Semester) But Then What? I'Ll Be An English Major But I Have No Idea What To Do To Start Preparing How To Be Proactive In My Studying For The Lsat, Exactly What Needs To Happen With The Lsat To Actually Get In To Law School... I'M Clueless I Would Love Some Help

Are you near a law school? If so get a tour, sit down w/admissions counselor about their requisites and see if (in the fall, of course) you can sit in on a first year class.

The ABSOLUTE first thing you MUST do is register (free) at They have a slew of resources regarding law school, LSAT prep and finding the right school.

As far as being proactive on the LSAT you need to practice... there are tons of books with practice exams and even free online courses.

You can take your LSAT nearly any time really, but take it within a year of applying (your last semester of your undergrad if you plan on going right into law school).

Being an English major - you should be used to all the reading, reading, reading... It's a good major for law school. You may also be able to take some "pre law" electives during your undergrad - those may give you some exposure as to what law school profs want.

Just food for thought: WHY do you want to go to law school? WHAT do you want to do with your law degree- practice? be a legal analyst for a TV/Radio/News outlet? Look for a school that has a program that can concentrate your studies on the area you're interested in.

Is It Possible To Go To Law School To Become A Lawyer With An On Line School?
Http://Aptm.Phoenix.Edu/?V8=Individual&Unit=Dir&Channel=Srch&Provider=Google&Initiative=Gen&Creative_Desc=Broad&Keyword=+College+Courses++On++Line&User3=1&Mktg_Prog=Courses&Placement=Srch&Version=Text&Classification=T1srch&Destination=Aptm&Distribution=Na&User1=Cpc&User2=Non_Brnd&Cm_Mmc=Dir-_-Srch-_-Google-_-Gen&Cm_Mmca4=Broad&Cm_Mmca7=+College+Courses++On++Line&Cm_Mmca13=1&Cm_Mmca1=Courses&Cm_Mmca2=Srch&Cm_Mmca5=Text&Cm_Mmca6=T1srch&Cm_Mmca8=Aptm&Cm_Mmca9=Na&Cm_Mmca11=Cpc&Cm_Mmca12=Non_Brnd&Pvp_Campaign=14210_0917_9_95&Pvp_Campaign_Int=24310_0917_9_95&Vrefid=S3vpgdmyu_6489397595_Refdomain_#Rc1 I Want To Go To Law School And Become A Lawyer In The U.S.A. But It Would Be Much Easier If I Could Take All My Law School Classes On Line. Instead Of Having To Travel To School Or Sleep In A Nearby Dormitory.

Getting the education does ot make you a lawyer no matter where you go to school.

Each state has a Bar association which administers the license to practice law. Contact your state's group and find out what the requirements for a license are. That will tell you what education is necessary and what examinations are required (the Bar Exam) prior to any license.

THEN find out if the school you want to attend has classes that will be accepted toward that license.


What Was It Like Having A Social Security Disability Lawyer Working On Your Claim?
I Don'T Feel Like My Disability Attorney Has Been Trying To Win My Case, But I Don'T Know What'S Normal Or What I Should Expect. I Want To Know What Other People Experienced With Their Social Security Disability Lawyer, So I Can See How It Compares To Mine. Here Are Some Questions: How Many Times Did You Speak With Your Attorney? (I'M Only Interested In How Many Times You Spoke Directly With Your Attorney, Not Their Assistant.) What Kind Of Information Did Your Lawyer Get From You? Did He/She Talk To You About Your Past Job Duties Or Have You Fill Out Any Questionnaires? Did Your Lawyer Or Someone From His/Her Office Help You Fill Out Any Of The Paperwork From The Ssa? What Did Your Lawyer Do To Prepare You For Your Hearing? Did He Meet With You Beforehand? If So, How Long Before? In General, What Did You Discuss? Did You Go Over Your File Together Or Talk About How You Should Answer The Judges Questions Etc.? How Involved Was Your Lawyer During Your Actual Hearing? Did He/She Present Any Evidence Or Ask You Any Questions? Did Your Lawyer Ask The Vocational Expert Any Questions? Anything Else You Can Think Of? I Really, Really Appreciate Anyone Who Can Take A Few Minutes To Answer My Questions. This Is Very Important To Me.

First there is no reason to retain the services of an attorney until AFTER you've filed the request for a hearing. Once the hearing has been filed there isn't much an attorney can do until close to the time the hearing is held. My sister filed for disability based upon a mental disorder and shortly after she got her attorney he arranged a consultative exam. It was two years before the hearing was held and that was her only contact with him until they were both notified of the hearing.

Many, but not all, of the attorneys send their secretaries or clerks to the social security office to photocopy all of the medical related records in the social security file - don't know what they do now since SS has gone paperless and everything is scanned into the computers. Perhaps they have access via computer.

I can only tell you that people who have an attorney who is familiar with social security disability law and regulations have an edge over those who don't especially if the attorney is aware of the vocational aspects of the law and how they apply to the disabled. Those attorneys can generally provide a strong case taking into account the medical evidence and vocational aspects of the case.

I was allowed into the hearing room for my sister's hearing and her attorney brought up points he wanted the ALJ to consider which wouldn't otherwise have been raised by my sister. The ALJ paid absolutely no attention to the lengthy report the psychiatrist wrote up who set up by my sister's attorney - the ALJ actually said that he thought it was worthless because, obviously, the psychiatrist would say whatever the attorney wanted him to say. But that was that ALJ (I was shocked to tell you the truth) - doesn't mean all ALJs would disspell a report simply because the psychiatrist represented my sister and her attorney.

All in all, if I had a claim pending with social security and filed for a hearing, I would sure get myself an attorney and I would recommend others do so as well.

There were two attorneys who often represented SS and SSI claimants in the six counties my office serviced and I wish I could have told their clients to get someone else - but we couldn't do that - I suspect many a claimant lost benefits because of them. One of them never filed anything on time and claimants actually lost out on appeals because that attorney was supposed to have filed the appeals for them and he never did. Claimants should always file their own appeals.

Questions On Criminal Lawyer
What Type Of Job Is This? Is This Similar To Defence Lawyer? What Type Of Crime Do Crimnal Lawyers Deal With?

Criminal lawyers are one of two types. Prosecutors work for a government agency (Federal, state or local) and they prosecute people who are charged with crimes. Defense lawyers defend those folks. Defense lawyers are usually in private practice, either in a firm or on their own but some work for the public defender's office. The type of crimes that a specific lawyer in private practice will defend is up to that lawyer.

How To Find An Honest Elder Attorney?
How Do I Find An Honest, Ethical, Fairly Priced Elder Care Lawyer In The Rapid City, Sd Area? I Don'T Want To Lose Everything I Worked So Hard For All My Life- Home, Cars, Etc. I Want My Family To Have It When Its Time To Move Into A Nursing Home Or Pass Away. I Have A Will, But Want To Cover All The Bases Asap. Also Thought About Putting Everything In My Daughter'S Name Now. Need Help Finding An Elder Attorney Or Whatever Type Of Attorney Works With This Subject. Any Suggestions, Ideas, Or Comments From Personal Experience? Thanks Community People.

Post this in the law or legal section on here.

Does Anyone Know About Medical Power Of Attorney?
My Mother Was Diagnosed With End Stage Liver Disease. She Will Never Give Me Information Until It Is Too Late. I Know She Will Let Me Get Medical Power Of Attorney, But I Am Not Sure If I Should Do It. What Does Medical Power Of Attorney Let Me Do? Will I Be Able To Talk To Her Doctors? Please Any Information Will Do.

Medical Power of Attorney Or an Advanced directive forms
can sometime include a living will which will state what care
your mother wants to have should it be near the end of her life: not resusitate, given pain feeding tubes,
But, she can also appointment someone who will be able
to speak for her, should she not be able to do that herself:
like while she is in surgery or under the influence of very
strong medications. The doctors will also be more open
with whomever she appoints to let them know more about
her personal medical conditions so they can make an
informed decision on her behalf.

You have to be careful when filling these forms out that
it doesn't have a clause in there that states that you
are financially responsible to pay, out of your own pocket,
for anything pertaining to her. This way they will use her
money first and apply it to the estate...before you may become

It is highly recommended that these form be made as
soon as possible and signed by the patient. The reason for
this, is because liver patient develop a condition known
as Encephalopathy. That causes them to become mentally
confused, disoriented, have tremors, and sleep pattern
changes. It happens because the liver can no longer
change ammonia (a by product of the proteins used in the
body) to urea...for the body to dispose of in the urine.
Therefore, it goes into the brain and causes mental problems.

They need someone, really, to be able to handle their medical
and also financial affairs, the farther into the disease they go.
An advance directive is good...however, having a
"Durable" power of attorney form for both financial and
medical is the best way to go.
The privacy laws they have enforced now, will give the family
a very hard time in order to do anything to help her or find
out anything about her conditions. Some hospital
recognize the need for spouses to have access to
medical records and the patients doctors...but alot do not.
They have to protect the patients rights (if you could call it that)
so they don't get sued.

Here are some free advanced directive according to the state
her doctors are in and where she may live. You should really have
these notrized (costs a few dollars) or have two people sign as
witnessing your signatures.
You can look through these two sites:
For a " durable " power of attorney form, it is best to call an
ask to see an attorney to have one done. Call different
attorneys and see which ones can give you the best price
for what you want.. Some have these forms already made
up or they will make them up according to your mothers