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3 Strategies To Know You've Picked The Proper Lawyer It's pretty intimidating to pass through the court system, particularly if you lack confidence in your legal team. Allow me to share three important strategies to realize that you've hired the correct lawyer: 1. They Focus On Your Form Of Case Legal requirements is usually tricky which requires specialists to tackle the tough cases. If you want a lawyer, look for one who works with the issue you're facing. Even though a member of family or friend recommends you employ a firm they know, when they don't possess a focus that's similar to your case, keep looking. When your attorney is undoubtedly an expert, especially in the difficulty you're facing, you understand you've hired the right one. 2. The Lawyer Has A Winning Record Depending on the circumstances, it may be hard to win a case, especially if the team helping you has virtually no experience. Seek out practices who have won numerous cases that relate to yours. While this is no guarantee that you just case will probably be won, it gives you a much better shot. 3. They Listen And Respond In case the attorney you've chosen takes time to hear your concerns and react to your inquiries, you've probably hired the right choice. Regardless how busy they can be or how small your concerns seem using their perspective, it's important that they answer you in a caring and timely manner. From the aim of take a look at a typical citizen who isn't knowledgeable about the judicial system, court cases could be pretty scary you require updates as well as seem like you're area of the solution. Some attorneys are simply more suitable to you and the case than others. Make certain you've hired the most suitable team to your circumstances, to ensure that you can put the matter behind you immediately. Faith with your legal representative is the first task to winning any case.

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Legal Advice- Immunity Using A Lawyer?
I'Ll Try To Make A Long Story Short.. If It Helps, I Live In Michigan (Not Sure If Laws Involving This Are Federal Or State) The Story: I Was Charged Back In August For Assault.. The Day That It Happened, I Flead From The Scene, And Went To My Dads House To &Quot;Hide&Quot;. They Knew Exactly Where I Was.. They Showed Up About 15 Minutes After I Did. They Knocked On My Dads Door, And Smelled Marijuana. That Night I Went To Jail For Assault (Not Involving My Dad). The Very Next Day, The Officers Got A Search Warrant, Went Back To My Dads House And Found An Ounce Of Weed In The House, Along With 12 Pot Plants In His Back Yard. Thinking That I &Quot;Set Him Up&Quot;, My Dad Told The Officers It Was All Mine, Thinking He Wouldnt Get Charged With It. Needless To Say, He Got Charged Anyway, For Possession. A Month After His Sentencing, They Came After Me. Instead Of Possession, They Are Trying To Charge Me With Marijuana Manufacturing, Which Is A 4 Year Felony, And Not A Misdemeanor Like His. Anyways, The Only Evidence They Have In This Case Is My Dads Police Report Stating That Its Mine. The Facts: I Currently Have A Court Appointed Attorney, As Most Of You May Know Is Total ****. He Has Stated If I Bring It To Trial, I Would Lose Since I Cannot Prove Anything. But This Is Not My Question. My Question: My Dad And I Have Made Ammends, He Is Very Sorry About What He Said, Obviously.. He Has Already Been Charged, He'S Almost Off Probation From It (He Got 6 Months). He'S Not Worried About Getting Charged Again, Since Its Double Jeopardy Etc. He Is Worried About Coming To Court And Stating Something Different Then The Police Report. I Did Some Research, If He Were To Get Charged With A False Police Report, The Crime Is That Of The Charge. Which Would Be A Felony. In The State Of Michigan, Found Here: Http://Www.Legislature.Mi.Gov/%28S%28Rwcybmi4xivkn1nzwp3a2x55%29%29/Mileg.Aspx?Page=Getmcldocument&Objectname=Mcl-750-411A I Have Already Discussed With My &Quot;Lawyer&Quot; About My Dad Obtaining Immunity, Which Would Free Him Of Any Prosecution, He Has Stated That Only The Prosecutor Can Offer Immunity, And In A Case Such As Mine, There Is No Chance In Hell He Would Do That, Seeing As It Would Help Me And Not The Courts. They Obviously Want A Conviction. I Have Heard From A Few People (Which Is My Ultimate Question), That By Using A Lawyer To Make A Statement In Court, And If You Remain Silent, They Cannot Prosecute You For Anything The Lawyer Says. However, Someone Else Has Told Me, That They May Not Be Able To Prosecute You For What You Say In Court, But If The Police Report Were To Be Found False In Any Way, Shape Or Form, That They Can Go Back On The Police Report And Charge You Separately That Way. So My Final Question I Guess Is, Is There Any Loopholes, Or A Way That My Dad Can Come Into Court And Tell Them I Had Nothing To Do With His Plants Without Facing A Prosecution For A False Police Report? We Are Both Caught In A Catch-22..

"I have already discussed with my "lawyer" about my dad obtaining immunity.... I have heard from a few people"

Public defenders are, almost without exception, the most experienced trial lawyers in any jurisdiction. In addition, because they are up against the same DA's, in front of the same judges, every day, they know what DA will go for what plea bargain, or under what circumstances he will offer immunity.

I can guarantee you that his legal knowledge and advice is better than what you'll get from people whose knowledge is based on the fact that they've been caught themselves in the past.

"He has ALREADY been charged, he's almost off probation from it (he got 6 months). He's not worried about getting charged again, since its double jeopardy etc."

Wrong. It isn't double jeopardy, and he can be charged with a different crime from the one he was already charged with. If he'd been acquitted on the possession charge, or charged with manufacturing and acquitted, trying him again on those charges would be double jeopardy.

Now, normally a DA must charge all crimes arising from the "same series of bad acts" at one time. This would usually mean that he couldn't charge your father with possession, then come back later and charge him with manufacturing. BUT... When the decision not to charge a more serious crime was based on the accused's own untrue statements, that is an exception to that rule.

Because the DA decided not to charge him with manufacturing based on his testimony that the plants were yours, if the DA becomes satisfied that he lied, and the plants WERE his, the 'same series of bad acts' rule is waived, and your father can be charged with the manufacturing. (AND the false police report)

Your father cannot testify at your trial through a lawyer so as to avoid having to perjure himself, or avoid admitting that he perjured himself in the police report. "You" cannot be required to testify at your own trial, and under some circumstances you can have your lawyer make a statement. however, a lawyer cannot make a statement that he knows, or believes, to be false.

If the DA wants your fathers testimony then he will subpoena him, and put him on the stand. Once there he has three choices.
1) He can testify that the plants were yours. With your own father telling the jury that, you'll probably be convicted.
2) He can admit that they were his. If the jury believes him, you will likely be acquitted. The DA will then almost certainly charge him with manufacturing, and probably with the false police report as well.
3) He can take the 5th, and refuse to testify on the grounds that his testimony might incriminate himself. The DA will introduce the police report as a prior inconsistant statement, since it did 'not' incriminate him. The jury might then convict or acquit, based on what they believe is true.

Be aware that if he takes the fifth, then even if you are convicted, nothing stops the DA from deciding that the two of you were both involved in growing the plants, and charging him anyway.

You are right about one thing, though. The DA wants a conviction. He most likely doesn't really care whether he hangs the plants on you, or on your father, so long as he gets one of you. He's not going to allow you to get off on the basis that the plants were your Dads without then hanging them on him.


Do You Think That People That Have A Dwi Arrest Are Generally Sketchy Or It Depends On Other Circumstances?
I Had One 10 Years Ago, Right Out Of College. Since Then, I Have Gotten An Mba And Earn Six Figures In A Corporate Job And Have Two Kids And A Wife. I Rarely Have More Than One Drink A Week As Getting Drunk, To Me, Was Just A &Quot;College Thing&Quot; In A Case Like This, Am I A Sketchy Person? Is This A Really Bad Thing, Could It Be A Problem In The Future, As Far As Climbing Further Up The Corporate Ladder?

your dwi and your success have nothing to do with each other.
one would think that with all that education you should know the answer to your own question. in fact if you were paying attention in your dwi classes you would know that a dwi can happen to anyone AND you don't even need to be drunk to get one.
your one drink a week can land you in the hooskow just as quick. all it takes is one drink to get you a dwi if you are involved in ANY kind of accident (even if it is not your fault it will suddely become your fault) you don't even need to be at .08 to get a dwi. .01 will do it if there is an accident involved.

so no it does not mean a person is sketchy. it can and does happen to everyone. including the cop who got pulled over in roseville california the other day. yup got his just desserts

Should I Hire The Law Firm Of Campbell Cohen To Handle Immigration Case?
There Standard Fees For Everyone Is $1995 For Their Skill Worker Processing Which You Can Self File. I Found Myself Filling For All The Petition Myself. All These Guys Do Is Just Monitor Your Paperwork And Give You A List Of Supporting Document To Combine With Petition (Again You Can Do All This From The Government Website). There Address Is Below. Campbell Cohen Law Firm 215 Redfern Avenue, Suite 118 Montreal, Quebec Canada H3z 3L5 Do Not Hire Them!!! Its Totally Waste Of Money. List Of Things That Were Breached Were: Violating Client'S Privacy By Forwarding Their Sensitive Information Like Social Security, Passport, Medical Accidentally To Another Client. Rude Staff Which Will Periodically Acknowledge You To Cancel The Service, Absolutely No Retention Skills. These Guys Handle Mostly 3Rd World Citizens And Handle Business Over E-Mails And Phone Calls However Upon Visiting Their Office They Were Nice But Than Changed After Hired. Not Professional.

I hired Campbell, Cohen to handle my application and I'm a US-Citizen (not a 3rd world citizen).

But even if I was what you call a "3rd world citizen" what does that matter? Not sure why helping 3rd world citizens is a bad thing in your mind, as in: "Oh, they handle 3rd world citizens, and not 1st class people." Seems a bit snobby!

My wife and I had an amazing experience with the all the visas that Campbell, Cohen handled for us, as well as my wife's sister, and even my best friend and business associate is going to hire Campbell, Cohen based upon my recommendation.

When my wife and I were first transferred from Houston to Toronto by my company, originally, we only planned to stay in Canada for 1 year, tops. In fact I was initially dreading having to move to Canada.

But when we got here, we absolutely fell in love with Toronto, and Canada in general, not to mention the Niagara Falls region nearby, which we also love.

Working hours are much less in Canada, as compared to the USA. In Canada I only work a 40 to 45 hour work week, but in the USA I routinely worked 60 to 70 hours per week.

Also in Toronto we don't fear going for a walk in the city, even late at night. In contrast, when I was stationed in Houston and LA, certain city areas are dangerous at night (while others US city areas are downright dangerous anytime of the day!) Toronto has great culture, arts, and lots of life, and great and kind people.

We also get great free medicare service in Canada. I find that Canadians like to complain about their healthcare system and the fact that they might have to wait a couple of hours longer in the doctor's office, as compared to Americans. But I know so many Americans that would wait a few hours longer if it meant free healthcare like they have in Canada.

So ya, we ended up deciding to stay in Toronto, and we hired Campbell Cohen to do the paperwork and process for us. We had great experience with Campbell, Cohen and our experience doesn't match at all what you describe in your comment section. Hopefully you are not just a troll like a competitor trying to make someone look bad!?? Your comment about 3rd world people kinda makes me weary about you.

The company I work for has used Campbell, Cohen for many years to handle all their transfers of US employees to Canada, as well as handling NAFTA visas. So when it came time for permanent residency as well, I just hired them since I was impressed with the way they handled our work-visa.

But you don't have to take my recommendation if you want to hire a lawyer.

There's other top notch good lawyers as well that charge about the same fee, I think. Just do a search for Canadian immigration, and contact the top notch law firms and see which you get the best feeling from, whose been around the longest, etc... and just go with them.

I heard from a friend that AK-Canada in Toronto was also a decent choice. There's that's been around for years as well (and they handled a business visa for one of our engineers based in India). And like I said Campbell, Cohen has been great for us.

As for whether or not to use a lawyer, I could have saved money and done all this myself. But the more I read about hte immigration process, the more it seemed a big pain in the @ss to me!

I hate friggin bureaucracy. I don't want to spend my weekends doing paperwork and tracking papers. And I hate talking to government officials, and trying to explain things to them. So for me personally I found it worth the money to just let a good lawyer handle it.

But if you don't have the money then you may not have the luxury of hiring a law firm like I did.

In that case if you really want to live in Canada then just go for it and apply on your own if I you can't hire a lawyer.

Take it from my wife and I, who lived in many places: Canada is an amazing place!

How Much Are Lawyers For Child Support?
I Live In Kentucky And Have A Baby Daddy In Nevada.Im Trying To Go Thru The State To Get Child Support But I'M Getting Screwed Around. I'M Going To Try To Save For A Lawyer Does Anyone Have An Idea On How Much They Usually Run?

It is not going to be any faster with an attorney due to the severe backlog in court filings to reduce child support due to the MANcession. You will not likely get a hearing for 12-14 months from the filing date. Sorry, that is my fault as I have been teaching fathers how they get free legal help from child support enforcement to modify their orders when they get laid off their jobs. Also, if he never lived in your state, and the child was no conceived there, Kentucky have no long arm jurisdiction over him, so that case has to be filed in Nevada.

Jurisdiction of Child Support

Modifications of Child Support

Your best bet is to mediate an agreement with him, and file the agreement pro per with the courts.

Can Someone Recommend A Good Immigration Lawyer In Ny?
Good Immigration Lawyer In Ny.

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Ex Husband Has Spent All His Money And Now Can'T Pay His Share Of College Tuition. Can He Do This?
Divorce Decree States He Must Pay 50%.

If the divorce decree requires him to pay and he does not, he can be held in contempt of Court and subject to punishment, up to and including jail time. Whether this will do you any good is a different issue, as just putting him in jail does not pay the tuition. However, I have seen a lot of deadbeats find money they claimed they did not have when it was the only way to avoid sitting in jail. See a lawyer soon.