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A lot of people do not think about finding a law firm right up until they are in desperate need. The legal issue could possibly be personal, like family law, for a breakup or if you are hunting for a bankrupcy or trust lawyer. It may be a felony situation you need to be defended on. Firms require legal representatives as well, regardless of whether they are being sued for discrimination, sexual harassment, or maybe unfair business strategies. Tax lawyers are also beneficial when interacting with government problems. Just like doctors, lawyers have expertise. A big, full service law firm has numerous legal professionals with numerous areas of experience, so depending on your own personal legal issue, you can promptly retain the greatest legal professional to meet your current need without having to start your search each time you need legal support.It is most effective to find a lawyer or attorney you can have faith in. You need one with a good record, who isreliable, reliable, and wins cases. You really want to have assurance that they will defend you properly and charge you fairly for their services. Sometimes a reference from a good friend or business associate can be practical, having said that you should keep your options open and evaluate all the firms accessible, because when you need to have legal help, you need it instantly and you desire the very best you can afford. Thank you for hunting for a attorney with us. Your time is valuable, and Action Pages, at, is happy to deliver specific search variables to match your necessities. We constantly strive to focus on the most popular phrases so you can instantly find whatever you are looking for.

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Sex Crimes Defense Attorney?
What Is The Average Salary For A Sex Crimes Defense Attorney? One Day I Hope To Be A Partner For A Large Firm.. I'M Currently Attending University For A Ba In Psychology W/ A Minor In Political Science. I Actually Want To Be A Neuropsychologist.. Specializing In Sex, Sexual Deviance And Sex Therapy.. But I Would Also Like To Be Able To Defend Those Accused Of Criminal Sexual Acts. I Guess I Want Two Professions! Any Advice For Me?

A criminal defense attorney who is good and brings in clients, if working for a large well known firm makes over $300,000 a year. Getting to that point can mean many years of work.
Charged sex offenders do not tend to hire private attorneys. Without bringing in paying clients your firm is not going to allow pro bono work, especially for sex cases which makes for poor PR.
To really work sex offender defense you have to become a public defender. They make about the same as prosecutors. In my county about the same a police detective.

Your Legal Aid Lawyer Wants You To Plead Guilty To Aggravated Assault When It Was Truly Self Defense?
You Can Get Up To Ten Years In Prison If Found Guilty If This Goes To Trial -Otherwise You Get A Chance For 6 Months House Arrest, ('Can Leave The House For Work And With Your Kids Except For Night Time) Probation, Community Service, Anger Management Classes, Sensitivity Classes And The Risk Of Deportation Back To A Violent Poor Third World Country. You Have Never Done Anything Wrong Before This In Your Life-'Never Even Got A Traffic Ticket And Even Used To Work In Law Enforcement. Would You Take The Risk And Go To Trial And Risk Getting Ten Years In Prison And Being Separated From Your Young Kids And Mentally Handicapped Child? Or Accept A Criminal Record And Risk Of Deportation With Your Kids And A Bleak Future? You Really Do Not Think You Are Guilty Of A Crime But The Other Person Was Badly Injured And Your Injuries Were Minor In Comparison. Please Do Not Judge Or Be Nasty-Just Advise Me What You Would Do If This Happened To You -Ty.

Sorry, but there is not really enough information here to make that call.

Lawyers advise their clients to take one action or another based on what the evidence may prove or not prove. If the lawyer believes that the state's case is strong, based on the number of witnesses, the credibility of the witnesses, the forensic evidence and other evidence, the lawyer may advise the client to plead guilty in order to receive a lighter sentence.

That sounds like what has happened here.

But the decision belongs to the client and if the client disagrees with the lawyer and believes that he/she can convince the jury of his/her innocence or self-defense claim, then the client may decide to go to trial. If the client does this, he/she should hire the best lawyer available that agrees with the decision to defend the case.

The only "evidence" you talk about in your question, is the fact that the other guy was hurt worse than the defendant. This will not look good to the judge or jury, as you are only allowed to use the force necessary to defend yourself, not more.

If the other evidence is also stacked up against the defendant, he/she should probably take the lawyer's advice.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Being A Corporate Or International Lawyer?
I'Ve Been Thinking About What I Want To Do Later In Life And Law Seems Like A Good Profession To Get Into. I Am Only 14 And I Know I Have Time To Make A Decision But I Want To Decide Now So That I Can Plan Ahead For The Life I'Ll Lead. I'D Like To Know The Pros And Cons Of Being Either A Corporate Or International Lawyer. Also, Is There Anything That I Can Do Now To Prepare Me For Law School? Thanks In Advance =]

I commend you for thinking ahead.

Warning! Jobs in the field of Law are drying up FAST!! This is not a good field to invest time and/or money into. This is a SHRINKING vocational field. Many reasons. THE main reason?......We simply have WAY TOO MANY Legal Professionals - we have a GLUT!! ("Legal Professionals" includes, but is not limited to: Attorneys/Lawyers, Paralegals, Legal Assistants, Legal Secretaries, Bailiffs, Court Reporters, etc, etc)

Even IF you finish law school, you won't be able to find a job when you are done. Since this vocational field is shrinking, many new attorneys/lawyers are, themselves, having to work "down" as Paralegals, Legal Assistants, Legal Secretaries, Bailiffs, Court Reporters, etc, etc, to simply try to keep some of THEIR bills paid. And the competition is FIERCE!!

Now... the law schools know this, but they won't tell you the truth >that the job market/economy is SATURATED with WAY TOO MANY Legal Professionals. Instead the schools will feed you a fairytale and will LIE to you. AND the schools continue to recruit and churn out even MORE Legal Professionals.............

If you don't believe me, then just do a SEARCH here on Yahoo Answers to see what other posters are saying about the current status of the field of Law.

In the book "So You Want to be a Lawyer? by Marianne Calabrese and susanne Calabrese (ISBN 0-88391-136-1): "The United States has more lawyers than any other country in the world. About 38,000 students graduate EACH YEAR from 200 law schools in the United States. The competition is very keen for jobs and clients."

If you want a JOB when you are done with your studies, consider and look into the field of HEALTHCARE! <THIS is where the jobs are! and scholarships!

Good luck.

(This was intended as personal opinion, and not intended to be used as legal advice.)

Do I Need To Cfontact The Ca State Bar For A Refund From My Family Law Attorney'S Office?
1. They Switched Attorney'S Handling My Case And The Only Way I Found Out Was Because I Overheard The Children'S Attorney Talking About It With My Ex Husband'S Attorney In The Lobby Outside The Courtroom. 2. I Went To A Scheduled Appointment Last Thursday At 4Pm And Left At 5Pm....Never Seen By The Attorney As She Was With Another Client And Apparently Did Not Know/Care That Another Scheduled Appointment Was There. Maybe She Could Have Came Out Andd Asked To Reschedule? She Did Not. 3. I Asked To Be Rescheduled When I Could Be The First Person She Sees Of The Day As I Cannot Afford To Take Time Off Work Again And Wait For Nothing,....I Have Not Heard From Them. 4. My Ex Was Ordered To Pay The Children'S Attorney By The End Of May Of This Year. He Has Not As Of Today And When We Went To Court On The 10Th Of June, His Attorney Assured Everyone That He Would Pay And She Agreed To Give Him More Time. No One Gave Me Any Fuking Thing Ever And It Sucks That I Have To Be The Responsible Broke One All The Dam Time. And When I Was 2 Weeks Late Paying My Attorney Because Of A Family Emergency They Threatened To Drop My Case. If Hindsight Were 20/20...I Would Have Let Them. But I Paid As Agreed. They Are Not Holding Up To Their Responsibility.

No. You can file an ethics complaint for the firm's treatment of you but the only way to get your money back is to sue the firm.

In Need Of An Amazing, Top Notch, High Profile Entertainment Lawyer To Rep A Writer/Producer Asap?
I Am Doing My First 10 Million Dollars Feature And Looking For A High Profile, Extremely Competent ( The Kind No One Will Dare Mess With) To Represent Me And To Negotiate My Deal. Unfortunately, I Am Negotiating With Some Not So Honorable Characters And Am Way Over My Head And Need Some Major Name. Has Any One Heard Of Loeb & Loeb Llp? Are They Truly High Profile? Does Any One Have Any Other Great Leads? A Specific Name And Law Firm Will Be Fantastic. Your Help And Kindness Is Greatly Appreciated . Thank You Very Much.

Call William W. Davis - he has represented some decent entertainment cases....He has represented
* Bahia/RCA Records
* Savvy/MCA Records
* Laface/Arista Records
* Columbia Records
* Worldwide/Universal Records
* Left-Eye Productions
Very good attorney. Website below

I Have The Divorce Form Filled Out But I Don'T Know What To Next?
I Have The Divorce Form Filled Out But I Don'T Know What To Do Next. It'S Alot Of Forms So I'M Confuse Which Form Should I File First. And Do I Need To Go To Circuit Court To File It And Does My Husband Need To Sign All The Forms? What If He Doesn'T Want To Sign Anything? Pls Pls Help Thank You Summons And Complaint Proof Of Service Complaint For Divorce (No Children) Default Request, Affidavit, And Entry Record Of Divorce Or Annulment Judgment Of Divorce, No Children

All you need is the Complaint for Divorce right now. Once you get that back from the court with your case/docket number, you have to serve a copy of the filed complaint with a Summons on your spouse. You have to have a process server or an uninterested party serve him with the Summons and Complaint. You can also do it by Certified n regular mail but you must attach an "acknowledgment of service" with your Summons and Complaint, that he must sign before a notary and return to you.

If you serve it by a process server or an uninterested party, you must file an Affidavit of Service with the court so that they know he received the papers. Same for the Acknowledgment of Service, if he accepts it that way.
Every state is different, but every state has a time frame for a person to respond to the Complaint. If you don't, then YOU the filer, has the right to Submit a Default Request.
If this happens, then the Judge divorces you on the Default Hearing date. Bring the Judgment of Divorce w/u.