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4 Strategies To Help Your Lawyer Allow You To When you really need a legal professional for any excuse, you need to work closely together so that you can win your case. Irrespective of how competent these are, they're planning to need your help. Listed here are four important strategies to help your legal team help you win: 1. Be Totally Honest Or Higher Your lawyers need and expect your complete cooperation - whatever information you're going to reveal to them. Privilege means everything you say is kept in confidence, so don't hold anything back. Your legal team should know everything in advance - most especially information the other side could find out about and surprise you with later. 2. Provide Meticulous Records Keep a continuing and factual account of most information related to your case. Whether it's witnesses or payments being made, provide your attorneys because of the data they need to enable them to win. 3. Show Up Early For All Those Engagements Do not be late when you're appearing before a court and get away from wasting the attorney's time, too, because they are on time, whenever. In fact, because you may need to discuss last second details or be extra prepared for the truth you're facing, it's a smart idea to arrive early. 4. Demonstrate That You May Have Your Act Together If you've been arrested for any kind of crime, it's important so as to prove to the court that you both regret the actions and they are making strides toward improving your life. For instance, if you're facing driving under the influence, volunteer for the rehab program. Be sincere and included in the neighborhood the judge is presiding over. Working more closely together with your legal team increases your probability of absolute success. Try this advice, listen closely to how you're advised and ultimately, you ought to win your case.

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Where Can I Find A Cheap Divorce?
Where Can I Get A Cheap Divorce

you do not even need a lawyer... go to courthouse file a petition for divorce.. sit down with your wife and talk about it if it is a mutual feeling and decide who gets what ...custody arrangement if there are kids and child support.. etc if she does not know file petition ...think about how you would like to split your assets.. time with kids etc and once she is served papers talk about it. if you can keep it relatively civil you can file irreconcilable differences. and a judge will simply stamp the papers and approve how you agreed to split assets and custody.. will cost you like $40 to have her served then filing cost to have things like deed to property changed etc

Around How Much Does An Immigration Lawyer Charge?
Does Any Body Know Around How Much An Immigration Lawyer Charges?? I Want To Fix My Husbands Legal Status He Is Illegal From Mexico. He Has A Clean Background, He Has Been In The Usa For 9 Years. We Have Been Married For 2 Years, We Have 2 Children Ages 6 And 2. He Entered The Us Illegaly And Has Not Left Since. I Am A Born Us Citizen. Can Somebody Tell Me Around How Much A Lawyer Charges To Help In This Case???

You don't need a lawyer for the I-130 which you can send out tomorrow, as it never expires. What you may want to hire a lawyer for is the I-601 waiver that your husband will need, but you don't want to hire just any lawyer, not even any immigration lawyer, you want to hire a waiver expert. The best one I personally know and know about is Laurel Scott. She has a free weekly chat at She is not cheap, however, expect to pay anywhere from $5K to $8,5K if you have a clear cut case.

If you have 2 children together, proving hardship shouldn't be too difficult. Know that Ciudad Juarez issues more I-601 waivers than all the other consulates on the planet . . . combined! What matters is that the waiver is set up according to the rules of the game. You seem to be quite . . . um . . . versed in the English language. I could imagine that you can pull this off on your own, once you know what you need to know. You could also visit and post there in the Waiver forum.

Best of luck to you.

Minimum Services Law Ohio?
Where Can I Find The Hr Bill And What # Is It?

Here are the basics-

Minimum Services Law takes effect October 2006

(Source: September, OHIO REALTOR)

by Lorie Garland
Assistant Vice President
Legal Services

Last month’s OHIO REALTOR reviewed the changes to the license law brought about by House Bill 150 which becomes effective in October 2006. This month’s article provides Q & A’s regarding these changes. More information on the new “Waiver of Duties Statement” required by HB 150 will be addressed in this article.

Q. What is the effective date of HB 150?
A. HB 150 becomes effective on Oct. 9, 2006.

Q. HB 150 permits a licensee’s client to waive specific duties the licensee owes the client. Can a licensee obtain a client’s waiver of the fiduciary duties owed the client?
A. No. Ohio Revised Code 4735.62 lists the fiduciary duties a licensee owes his seller or buyer client. Ohio Revised Code 4735.621(A) provides that those fiduciary duties may not be waived by a client.

Q. What are the fiduciary duties a licensee owes his client?
A. The fiduciary duties listed in Ohio Revised Code 4735.62 are the following:

Exercising reasonable skill and care in representing the client and carrying out the responsibilities of the agency relationship;

Performing the terms of any written agency agreement;

Following any lawful instructions of the client;

Performing all duties specified in this chapter in a manner that is loyal to the interest of the client;

Complying with all requirements of this chapter and other applicable statutes, rules, and regulations, including the Ohio fair housing law, division (H) of section 4112.02 of the Revised Code and the federal fair housing law, 42 U.S.C.A. 3601;

Disclosing to the client any material facts of the transaction of which the licensee is aware or should be aware in the exercise of reasonable skill and care and that are not confidential information pursuant to a current or prior agency or dual agency relationship;

Advising the client to obtain expert advice related to material matters when necessary or appropriate;

Accounting in a timely manner for all moneys and property received in which the client has or may have an interest;

Keeping confidential all confidential information, unless the licensee is permitted to disclose the information pursuant to division (B) of section 4735.74 of the Revised Code. This requirement includes not disclosing confidential information to any licensee who is not an agent of the client.

Q. What are the duties of a licensee that can be waived by a client?
A. HB 150 provides specific duties that a licensee owes a seller or buyer client. These specific duties can be waived. Ohio Revised Code 4735.63 lists the specific duties a licensee owes a seller client. Those duties include the following:

Seek a purchase offer at a price and with terms acceptable to the seller. Unless the seller so directs, the licensee is not obligated to seek additional offers if the property is subject to a contract of sale, lease, or letter of intent to lease;

Accept delivery of and present any purchase offer to the seller in a timely manner, even if the property is subject to a contract of sale, lease, or letter of intent to lease;

Within the scope of knowledge required for licensure, answer the seller’s questions and provide information to the seller regarding any offers or counteroffers;

Assist the seller in developing, communicating, and presenting offers or counteroffers;

Within the scope of knowledge required for licensure, answer the seller’s questions regarding the steps the seller must take to fulfill the terms of any contract.

Ohio Revised Code 4735.65 lists the specific duties a licensee owes a buyer client. Those duties include the following:

Seek a property at a price and with purchase or lease terms acceptable to the purchaser. Unless the client so directs, the licensee is not obligated to seek additional purchase or lease possibilities if the purchaser is a party to a contract to purchase property, or has entered into a lease or has extended a letter of intent to lease;

Within the scope of knowledge required for licensure, answer the purchaser’s questions and provide information to the purchaser regarding any offers or counteroffers;

Assist the purchaser in developing, communicating, and presenting offers or counteroffers;

Present any offer to purchase or lease to the seller or the seller’s agent in a timely manner, even if the property is subject to a contract of sale, lease, or letter of intent to lease, and accept delivery of and present any counteroffers to the purchaser in a timely manner;

Within the scope of knowledge required for licensure, answer the purchaser’s questions regarding the steps the purchaser must take to fulfill the terms of any contract.

Q. How does a licensee obtain a client’s waiver of a specific duty(s)?
A. HB 150 provides that a licensee must perform the duties required under Ohio Revised Code Sections 4735.63 or 4735.64 unless the client agrees to waive these duties by signing a waiver of duties statement. The Division of Real Estate and Professional Licensing is required to adopt this new waiver of duties statement. A licensee will be required to use this new state form if a client is waiving a duty(s) listed in Ohio Revised Code Sections 4735.63 or 4735.64. The new “Waiver of Duties Statement” is in the process of being formally adopted. Next month’s OHIO REALTOR will provide additional information on this new state form.

Q. Does HB 150 effect the license law prohibition of negotiating directly with a seller or buyer under a written exclusive agency agreement with another broker?
A. HB 150 makes an exception to the prohibition of negotiating directly with another broker’s client. The exception applies if that broker has given written authorization to negotiate directly with his client. This exception is provided in Ohio Revised Code 4735.75.

Q. How does a buyer’s agent obtain the listing broker’s written authorization to negotiate directly with the seller?
A. The broker’s written authorization could be provided in an e-mail, letter, print advertising or through the MLS.

Q. If a buyer’s agent is given written authorization from the listing broker to negotiate directly with the seller what does that authorize the buyer’s agent to do?
A. HB 150 provides that “negotiate” means any of the following:

Delivering or communicating any offer, counteroffer or proposal;

Discussing or reviewing the terms of any offer, counteroffer or proposal;

Facilitating communication regarding an offer, counteroffer, or proposal and preparing any response as directed.

Q. If a buyer’s agent, after obtaining written authorization from the listing broker, negotiates directly with the seller could an implied agency relationship exist between the seller and the buyer’s agent?
A. No. Ohio Revised Code 4735.75 specifically provides that negotiations conducted by a licensee pursuant to the exclusive broker’s authorization will not create or imply an agency relationship between the licensee and that broker’s client.

Q. If it is noted in the MLS to deliver any offer directly to the seller can a buyer’s agent prepare a counteroffer pursuant to the seller’s request?
A. Delivering an offer and preparing a counteroffer are activities that fall within the license law definition of “negotiate.” A buyer’s agent can only perform negotiation activities directly with the seller if the listing broker has provided written authorization to conduct that activity. In the situation you describe the listing broker has only provided written authorization to deliver the offer but not to prepare a counteroffer. Therefore the buyer’s agent should not prepare the counteroffer for the seller unless such negotiation is specifically authorized by the listing broker.

Q. Can a listed property be advertised by the listing broker as a “for sale by owner”?
A. Ohio Revised Code 4735.16(B)(2) prohibits a broker who is representing a seller under an exclusive right to sell listing agreement from advertising the property as a “for sale by owner” or otherwise mislead the public to believe that the seller is not represented by a broker.

Why The Negative Stereotypes About Lawyers?
Why Are Stereotypes About Lawyers Mostly Negative?

they (some) defend pedophiles, rapists, murderers, thugs, burglars, and criminals on all different levels. they deal with gutteral people on all levels and help them.

relax a little, someone has to do it it, everyone has rights. i'm not saying they are anyhting, this is just where the sterotypes come from. and yeah, the better lawyers do cost more and that says something about what they do for al iving. if they were out to pursue justice they would become better and not charge more to have open access to more people of all kinds. justice is bought, and that gives them a bad rep too. but there are reasons things cost more because they need more time to study/analyze a case (that's why they are better than typical) and that costs.

Do I Need A Lawyer For A Common Assault Charge?
Hi, I Am Being Charged With Common Assault By The Police - Even Though My Wife Doesnt Want Me To Get Charged. The Statement The Police Have Issued Against Me Is Dramatically Incorrect And I Resent The Implications Within. Its A Slur On My Character And Not True. However The Truth Is That My Wife And I Did Havee A Drunken Argument - And I Did Defend Myself Against Her Onslaught By Gently Pushing Her Away. She Did Get A Bump On Her Head Off The Wall When She Fell Over Drunk. However We Are In Agreement That I Was Acting In Self Defense And That The Force Was Reasonable - And We Regret The Argument Etc - But It Certainly Was Not How The Police Have Said It Was - And My Wife Wants It All To Go Away. We Are Otherwise Happily Married And This Is My First Ever Charge. My Question Is, Do I Need A Lawyer (They Are So Expensive And My Wife Has No Job - So My Wage Pays For Two - In Sydney!). Considering She Doesnt Want To Charge Me, And That I Am Pleading Self Defense - Surely I Dont Need One?

If you get charged, you need a attorney. If it is a spouse, which it is, the charge might be more, as it involves domestic violence. (I know it is only and allegation, but I am explaining from the other side.) See if you can get a public defender.
As to the self-defense claim and the wife not wanting to see you charged, we see that every day. We convict people like that every day. You need a lawyer.

Which Forms For Child Custody!?
I Decided I Need To Get Custody Of My Son For Various Reasons I Have A Child Support Order With A Case Number Already But There Is No Custody Agreement Yet. I'M Wondering If I Use The Same Case Number As Child Support And If Not Which Forms I Use And Ho To Get A Case # For Custody. I Know I'M Suppose To Serve Him Papers However I Don'T Know If I Turn In A Form To The Court House First Or How To Go About This Process There Are So Many Forms I'M So Confused And Can'T Afford A Lawyer And Don'T Have Time To Go To The Court House Can Anyone Help Me?

The child support case is totally separate, you will definitely need to obtain a motion for custody and I understand that you don't have time to go to court but unfortunately all custody cases take lots of time and alot of foot work to do it on your own.
It also really depends on the area you live in, to know exactly which forms you need, and you'll want to consider which type of custody you want to file i.e. sole custody, full custody, partial custody, etc.
I personally went to my local library & found the necessary books that had the forms to print out. After I made copies of the forms to file for "sole custody", I filled them out took them to the clerk of the court, where they set a court date and so on. But in the end I had to get a lawyer anyway. However since I did alot of the foot work on my own and had gotten the case started it wasn't as expensive.
It is possible that your situation may be easier, but honestly in most custody cases you will need a lawyer, even just to show "power of attorney".
I highly recommend you find a legal aid society in your area that will provide free to low-cost legal help or attorneys for low income individuals.

Hope this helps, good luck!