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A lot of individuals do not think about finding a law firm until finally they are in desperate need. The legal matter may possibly be personal, like family law, for a divorce or if you are hunting for a bankrupcy or trust legal professional. It may be a felony case you need to be defended on. Firms want lawyers as well, no matter if they are being sued for discrimination, sexual harassment, or possibly unfounded business strategies. Tax legal professionals are also very helpful anytime engaging with government complications. Just like doctors, lawyers have areas. A big, full service law firm has numerous attorneys with diverse areas of expertise, so relying on your company legal issue, you can immediately hold on to the most effective legal representative to meet your up-to-date need without having to start your search each time you need legal support.It is most effective to find a legal professional you can have faith in. You want one with a decent track record, who issincere, effective, and wins cases. You would like to have assurance that they will defend you the right way and bill you fairly for their services. Sometimes a reference from a buddy or business affiliate can be practical, having said that you should hold your options open and examine all the firms available, because when you need to have legal help, you need it quickly and you need the finest you can pay for. Thank you for browsing for a law firm with us. Your time is important, and Action Pages, at, is glad to present specific search parameters to meet your requirements. We continually try to concentrate on the most popular phrases so you can instantly find anything at all you are searching for.

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Alimony Modification In Ga?
Ex Makes More Money Now Than We Got A Divorce, Im Still Paying Her Alimony And Will Continue For Another 6 Years. I Need To Know If I Can Have It Modified, Terminate It Or Have It Reduced Since She Is Now Making More Money Than When The Court Order Took Place. She Cheated On Me, Thats What Initiated The Divorce, I Was The One Who Filed It But I Got Screwed, Ended Up Paying Her Alimony Instead. There Is No Justice! Im Also Paying Child Support For Our 3 Kids Which I Dont Mind Because I Love Them Dearly.

Definetly see a lawyer.

Alimony is designed to get a woman 'back on her feet"....if she is doing well for herself now, that she does not need alimony.

Get your evidence together and go back to court.

Should Grandparents Have Visitation Rights?
When A Family With Children Divorces, The Visitation Rights And Privileges Of Both Parents Are Specifically Spelled Out. But, What About The Rights Of The Grandparents? Should The Grandparents Have Visitation Rights To See Their Grandchildren?

Grandparents have rights in every state. They are not constitutional in nature as the landmark Supreme Court decision - Troxel vs. Granville - handed down in June, 2000 struck down a federal law guaranteeing grandparents the right to sue for visitation. Recognition of grandparents rights by state legislatures is a fairly recent trend, with most statutes in effect for less than 35 years.

Each case is handled on an individual basis. If parents are married, the family is considered "intact" and the likelihood of a judge granting visitation to grandparents becomes much more difficult. In most cases, it must be proven that it would not be in the child's best interests to remove the grandparent from his life. Grandparents able to show "proof of love" have a much better chance at winning time with their grandchildren in a court of law.

Tragically, many thousands of grandparents are denied access to their grandchildren every year. Reasons vary. Drug/alcohol addiction, divorce, misdirected rage/anger. Whatever the reason/excuse, it is the children who suffer.

Well over 800,000 children in the United States are abused every year - when grandparents are actively involved the rate of abuse does a vertical nosedive.

Grandparents are just that...Grand Parents. They have much more wisdom & experience because they have already raised children. They have much more time & resources and are thus able to "spoil" their offspring's offspring.

We live in a throw-away society - and much too often it is the small innocents who pay a terrible toll for their parent's desire use their children as weapons when they become angry at a perceived offense. This was not so just 30 or so years ago. Extended family members are not only a good idea - they are vital to a child's sense of stability and strength.

Tragically, too many of our children use their children as weapons of mass destruction. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. I'm so very, very sorry that you are experiencing When Grand Parents & Grand Children are torn apart it is tantamount to the death of a loved one and the grief & despair are indescribable.

The world we live in has brought about the need for Grand Parents rights...when our children use our Grand Children as pawns to prove who's "boss" out of spite or revenge or are unable to act responsibly due to alcohol/drug abuse, it's time to make them accountable for the massive destruction they cause.

Is It Legal For Insurance Comapnies To Do This?
Is It Legal For Insurance Companies To Take Social Security Money That Has All Ready Been Granted To Adults That Is Supposed To Be Used For Minors? My Mother Is On Disablity For Being Partally Blind And Deaf, Then Social Security Granted Me 754 Dollars A Month And A 23 Thousand Dollar Return From Late Payments, She Gets Disablity Threw The Insurance Company And They Won'T Give Her Further Monthly Disablity Checks Untill She Gives Them All The Money. We Had The Money For Three Months, I Bought A New Laptop, A Moutain Bike (Not From Wall-Mart, $2,000), A Few Things For The House An Then About 5 Grand In Ski Equipment, I Don'T Have A Way Of Repaying That. I Was Just Wondering If That Is Legal For Them To Do That. Thanks

Yes, the disability insurance is income based, when her income changed it was retroactively applied, probably to the past year, so by the insurance company's calculations, you were overpaid by them. They gave your mother money on top of the SS money she got, and therefore was NOT ENTITLED to the insurance disability money.

I used to managed VA Pension accounts, and its a very similar system, in that it is income based. If your income goes up (even if through a SSA retro payment), then your pension goes down, and if a retro was paid out, we go back retroactively to reduce what you should have been paid, creating a debt that needs to be repaid.

You should have read the paperwork regarding the insurance policy, I guarantee this is all their. Better hope you can return all that crap you bought, because they can take out a judgment against you to collect.

I Am In Need Of A Good Family Law Attorney In Lubbock, Tx?
I Am The Father Of A Little Girl. I Had A Lawyer Whom Did Not Fight For Me At All In Court, He Did Not Show Any Of The Proof That I Had Worked So Hard On, He Didn't Even Ask Any Proper Questions. I Am Wondering If Anyone Knows Of A Good Attorney Who Will Fight For Me, Any Help Will Be Greatly Appreciated. Even If It's Which Ones Not To Use!!

First go to this page to complain about the attorney

Then to look for one to help:

These are found on the web page:

Good Luck

Do We Need A Lawyer...Trust Beneficiary?
My Husband Is One Of The Beneficiaries To His Grandmother'S Trust. She Passed Away On June 28 This Year. We Received A Copy Of The Trust On August 12. It Stated He Is To Get Quarterly Payments Of The Interest On The Trust For 21 Years And At The End Of 21 Years, The Trust Will Be Distributed. His Uncle Is The Trustee As Well As A Beneficiary. Things Seemed To Be Ok For A Bit. He Was Semi Communicating With Us And Then Once They Told Us The House Had Been Emptied, All Communication Stopped! We Still Do Not Even Have A Copy Of The Assets Of The Trust. She Lived In Ohio And We Live In Tennessee And We Just Do Not Know What To Do. We Have Tried Several Times To Communicate With Him And Have Not Received A Response Since September 29Th. We Even Sent A Certified Letter To The Lawyer Requesting A Copy Of The Assets, And Have Not Received A Response From That Either. We Do Not Know What To Do!

No. You don't need a lawyer. You need to relax a bit.

First, there's really nothing for you to do. In fact, that's the whole point of the trust is that you can't do anything.

Second. These things move very slow. It's only been a few months. It will take years to settle everything.

You should get a copy of the assets, but that won't be for awhile. I don't think they have to send you anything, but normally you do get paper work.

This all takes time, so if you don't hear from anyone for a few months, that doesn't mean they stopped communications, it means there's nothing to report.

You don't want the lawyer to call you, because if he calls you to tell you that nothing more has happened, then he charges the trust $100 for that call.

Give it at least another 3 months and then call the uncle to see what's up

Addition. There's still nothing for you to do.

You can hire a lawyer to force them to communicate with you. And your lawyer can force them to give you a copy of the assets. I wonder how much you'll have to pay to the lawyer.

It could cost you thousands to get documents that you could have waited for.

Unless there's a reason for not waiting. If you think the uncle is going to take the money and skip town, then you need a lawyer.

ps. I know there's a part of the trust thing that is insulting. It's basically saying, your incompetent, so we'll keep your money for you. It can be very frustrating.

Do We Need An Immigration Attorney?
My Fiance And I Have Been Together For 2.5 Yrs. And Lived Together For About 1.5 Yrs. He'S An English Citizen And I Am American, He Was Here Initially On A Visa Which Expired Shortly After We Got Together... We Got Engaged This Past Christmas And Are Going To Be Getting Married April 2011... My Question Is How Do We Go About Getting Him Legal Etc. And Do We Need An Immigration Attorney For This Or Should We Just Call The Immigration Office? I Don'T Have Any Experience With This And Want To Make Sure We Do Everything Correctly Without Having Him Get In Trouble Or Anything. Thanks For Your Help!!!

You would need to get married first then file an I-130. NO, you don't need an immigration attorney for something as simple as an I-130. Since your fiance entered the U.S. lawfully he'll be able to request adjustment at the district.

To an immigration attorney this is considered "easy money." Why? Because a person that can read directions and comprehend at least 3rd grade english should have the mental capacity to fill the form out themselves and provide the documentary evidence listed in the directions. USCIS goes through a lot of trouble and wastes a lot taxpayer dollars to make those directions dummy proof.

Now as far as AILA is concerned there are a ton of AILA attorneys who show up at the AILA meetings, pay his/her dues, shakes hands etc... However, don't deliver on the value of money given to them and repeatedly get their clients cases screwed up, land people in proceedings needlessly, use up the statutory MTR when it was obviously going to be denied, file for benefits which their clients whom clearly didn't qualify. I seriously can go on and on about AILA. Don't get me started on their RFE and motion scams to make more money off the petitions/applications.

I only cringe when I hear someone was recommended an AILA attorney and how the attorney drained them of thousands of dollars. It's very hard to get an attorney barred and even if they are censured they're back up and practicing doing the same thing again like nothing ever happened.

The bottom line is if the beneficiary is not in deportation proceedings you will not need an immigration attorney. If you feel you're not literate and unable to comprehend the (dummy proof) directions given by USCIS then, only then, seek out an attorney to help you. Make sure you shop around. Think of them as insurance or car salesmen that make big promises, but may have little returns. Being a part of AILA does not make them any better than an immigration attorney that is not a part of AILA. It only means they charge more!