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4 Approaches To Help Your Lawyer Help You When you want a lawyer at all, you must work closely together to be able to win your case. Regardless of how competent these are, they're planning to need your help. Allow me to share four important ways to help your legal team allow you to win: 1. Be Totally Honest Or Higher Your lawyers need and expect your complete cooperation - no matter what information you're gonna reveal for them. Privilege means everything you say is held in confidence, so don't hold anything back. Your legal team needs to know all things in advance - most especially information the other side could learn about and surprise you with later. 2. Provide Meticulous Records Keep an ongoing and factual account of all the information regarding your case. Whether it's witnesses or payments being made, provide your attorneys with all the current data they must help them win. 3. Arrive Early For All Those Engagements Never be late when you're appearing before a court and prevent wasting the attorney's time, too, when you are on time, whenever. In reality, because you might need to discuss eleventh hour details or perhaps be extra ready for the case you're facing, it's a great idea to arrive early. 4. Demonstrate That You May Have Your Act Together If you've been charged with just about any crime, it's important in order to prove to the legal court that you just both regret the actions and they are making strides toward improving your life. For instance, if you're facing a DUI, volunteer for the rehab program. Be sincere and involved with the community the judge is presiding over. Working more closely along with your legal team increases your probability of absolute success. Follow these tips, listen closely to how you're advised and ultimately, you must win your case.

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Racial Discrimination Lawyer?
What Is The Title For The Kind Of Lawer I Would Need For A Racial Discrimination In The Workplace Suit? Also, Where Is A Good Place To Look For Representation On An Easy Open/Shut Case Without Having Much Money Up Front? I Am In Dallas,Tx.

If your employer is responsible for the racial discrimination or if your employer refuses to protect you against racial discrimination of co-workers, you probably should speak to an employment attorney in your area.

That attorney may file a complaint with the EEOC ( and with your state's human rights dept. The complaint is investigated and the eeoc attempts to get a settlement between you and the employer. The negatives are that the eeoc cannot force a settlement, the investigation may take close to a year, and employers who are reported to the EEOC are usually not pleased with the employees who reported them. If the employee is terminated then the only recourse is to add a charge of "retaliation" to the complaint.

If the EEOC cannot resolve this, then the employee can take this into Federal District court. The cost is usually somewhere between $5,000 to $15,000. This type of case requires a ton of work upfront, so the majority of attorneys want a retainer. We all want to get paid for our work.

There are very very very few "easy open/shut" employment cases -- have never seen one. The employer ALWAYS has reasons for things, documents that implicate the employee, and evidence that shows the employer in the best light.

You can go to you local bar assocation or the American Bar Association for a referral of an employment attorney. As a word of advice, telling the attorney how 'easy & open/shut' the case is when you have no legal background is insulting. Telling that same attorney that you do not want to pay much for his/her work is double insulting. If you really want an attorney to handle your case, let the attorney review the case and tell you how easy and how much.

Child Support, What Would You Do/ Recommend? And Why? (Legal Advice And Divorced Mothers)?
If The Mother Has Full Custody, And The Father Is Out Of The Country, Remarried, Working A Good Job (Building Engineer), And Obviously Doing Very Well Financially (Has Brand New Car, Is Buying A House, Father Is Us Citizens And The Country Is Not One Of The Countries Who Have A Child Support Enforcement Agreement) . The Father Has Verbally Agreed To Pay $200 A Month (But Actually Pays Whenever He Feels Like It, Not On A Monthly Basis). *For A Country Which Does Not Have A Child Support Enforcement Agreement, The Consequence For The Father Would Be The Revocation Of His Us Passport If And When He Tries To Re-Enter The Country, And After The Owed Amount Is $5000 Or More. The Information About The Father's Earnings Is Not Available, But Can Be Obtained. Choice A: Not File Child Support And Receive The $200 (Whenever). Choice B: File For A Child Support And Wait Until The Father Comes Back To The Country To Get The $5000 Or More. I Am Trying To Find Out More Information About Child Support And International Law. Whichever Insight You Can Offer Regarding That Is Very Helpful. Please Back Up Your Answer If You Can (Web Links, Reasoning For It, Etc). Thanks. Http://Travel.State.Gov/Law/Info/Info_608.Html#Passport

You need an attorney. If money is a problem, contact you local soical service agency, they will have numbers for legal aide. Legal aide is usually on a sliding scale depending on how much you earn, it even can be free if you qualify. Your local courthouse will have information on legal assistance as well. In the meantime, continue to accept the $200, Dont let him no anything you are doing cause believe me if you do that on again off again money will stop. Of, course once this gets to the point where he needs to appear in court he will know then, but until then keep you lips zipped, and dont talk about this in front of your kids either, cause they are tape recorders.

You need to be on your game with this situation.

Hope this help.

Corporate Lawyer, Or Partner Attorney?
What Is The Difference Between A Corporate Lawyer & A Partner Attorney? What Is A Better Career, And What Makes More Money?

Well, the terminology is a bit off.

By "corporate lawyer," I think you mean what's ordinarily called an "in-house lawyer."

An in-house lawyer is an employee of a corporation that's engaged in some business, and generally renders services only to that corporation. Big companies may have dozens, or even hundreds, of in-house lawyers. In-house lawyers are typically paid a salary, sometimes get a bonus, and (at least in some public companies) participate in stock option and other equity compensation plans.

A lawyer who is a "partner" is someone who's a partner in (i.e. a part owner of) a law firm. Law firms are typically made up of anywhere from a few to a hundreds of lawyers, who basically free-lance for whatever clients hire them. The law firm charges its clients fees, typically but not always on a per-hour basis, and (after paying expenses), the partners split the fees among them on some basis, which varies from firm to firm.

What is a better career depends entirely on the lawyer and what's important to him, and also on the company or firm he works for.

Traditionally, the most "high-powered" and financially successful lawyers are partners in firms. However, the relative prestige (and income) of in-house lawyers has been on the rise for several decades. The general counsel (the top in-house lawyer) for a large, public corporation is highly respected and often quite well-paid.

Lawyers in firms typically work more hours, and spend more time hustling around for business and worrying about non-legal things like office rent and employees. In-house lawyers tend to have more of a nine-to-five lifestyle. These are just general tendencies, though, and there are lots and lots of of exceptions.

Other types of lawyers:

- Associates in firms, i.e. lawyers who work for law firms but aren't partners. In the "biglaw" firms, most (often around 75%) of the lawyers are associates. They're paid a salary by the firm, and work under the supervision of partners for the firm's clients. The typical pattern is that young lawyers work as associates for some number of years, and then are offered a partnership (or, more often, not).

- Solo practitioners, who are independent lawyers who aren't part of a firm, and do work for clients for fees. I suppose you could consider these to be partners in extremely small firms.

- Government lawyers.

Just as an aside, "corporate lawyer" is usually used to refer, in a general sense, to the type of work the lawyer does, not who he works for. It's used fairly loosely, but generally refers to someone who works on business transactions, as opposed to litigation or other specialities.

Divorce, Children And Lawyer Strategies?
I Filed For Divorce This Last Monday, My Wife Will Be Served This Coming Friday. My Lawyer Instructed Me To Keep All Commnication With My Wife With Text Messages Or E-Mails. He Instructed Me To Send An E-Mail Yesterday To My Wife Telling Her That I Would Stop By My House Today To Pick Up My Little Girl, Take Her With Me, And Have Her Spend The Night With Me And That I Would Take Her To School Tomorrow. The Instructions Were That If She Did Not Answer To Re-Send The Same E-Mail Today Which I Did. I Still Have Gotten Any Answer And I Must Contact My Lawyer Before I Go Over There. Does Anyone Has Any Idea What Is My Attorney Strategy Here, And What Is He Trying To Accomplish? I Left My Home Voluntarily To Avoid My Wife Violence Towards Me. Please Help.

Your lawyer said to email her? Okay but hun what happens when she doesn't answer or doesn't check the email?

The lawyer sits at his laptop to much and must get responses immediately and thinks the world is typical of email every second. That is not reality!!!

Text messages she doesn't have to answer either, so therefore you won't see your daughter. WOW! i would call the lawyer back and say NO! I want responses within a reasonable time and with emails and texts it is not being done. Tell him or her that you have to call her. RECORD the conversation, don't let her know though!

If need be, have BOTH lawyers talk if she won't respond to you. I had to do that as well. It worked! I did what my lawyer said as far as that and so did he. Less headaches, less heart ache for our child as well. I hope it all works out and that this precious child of yours is safe and happy.

good luck!

Does Anyone Know Any Good Immigration Lawyers In Jacksonville Florida?
I Really Need Some Help Finding A Good Immigration Lawyer In Jacksonville Florida...Can Someone Please Please Please Help???? Is There Anyone That You Can Recommend??

The American Immigration Lawyer’s Association (AILA) has a “Find a Lawyer” link on the top of their web site. The link in Yak Rider’s answer shows search results for “Florida”.

Three provisos:

1. AILA membership is a necessary but not sufficient requirement for a good immigration lawyer. It is impossible to have a substantial immigration practice without access to AILA member-only resources. Nevertheless, as in any profession, there are different degrees of proficiency in the membership ranks.
2. Not all AILA Members participate in the lawyer search function of the AILA website. (I do not, but have been an AILA member for about 30 years.) If you wish to confirm that a lawyer is a member of AILA email the association at . You can also use the Contact AILA page at with a brief description of your case and an AILA staff person will contact you within two business days to help you find an immigration lawyer.
3. Assure a fit with your needs. There are many immigration subspecialties. For example, I only represent Canadians. Depending on these needs, you may fit better with a lawyer outside your geographical area. See my FAQ question “19. Do I Need a *Local* Lawyer” at .

Does this answer your question?

U.S. Business Immigration for Canadians
300 International Drive
Williamsville, NY 14221 U.S.A.
Phone: (716) 842-3100

Website: Canada to U.S. Business Immigration

Telephone consultation:

Author of "Grasmick’s TN Handbook for Canadians---How to Work in the U.S. Under NAFTA":

Do I Need To Seek Legal Advice?
I Am Disabled And Work Part Time. I Have Been With The Company For 5 Years. They Knew I Was Disabled When They Hired Me. In The Last 6 Months, I Started To Have Back Problems. I Thought It Was Connected To My Other Issues. I Went To The Doc On Oct.15,2008 And Had An X-Ray Done, Then 2 Days Later I Had An Mri Done. After The Tests Came Back, I Found Out I Have 2 Bulging Disc'S And Spinal Stinosis. I Was Sent To A Specialists, And Was Taken Off Of Work. I Was Given 2 Options, Surgery Or Injections. I Took The Injections. I Have Never Had Back Problems In All Of My Life Till The Last 6 Months. I Did Not File A Claim Through Work. My Doc Gave Me Permission To Go Back To Work, But Sedentary Only. I Was Cooking And Putting Stock Away, And Many Other Things Before I Had Gotten Injured. Work Agreed To Let Me Come Back Doing Some Office Work. Then They Took It Away From Me And Gave It To The Owner'S Daughter. I Am Now Back In The Kitchen, Cleaning Ovens, Clearing Tables, Washing Tables, Setting Up Tables, Washing Dishes, Bending Over. I Am Not Doing Anything The Doc Has Ordered As Far As Work Goes. I Was Given An Ultimatum On Nov.13-2008 Either I Come To Work Or I Can Resign. And That Came From The Owner Herself. I Have Talked To Friends, Family, And Other Legal People, And They All Suggested That I Talk To An Attorney About My Rights In The Work Force Because I Am Legally Disabled. I Need Some Advice. I Am In Wisconsin.

You need advice? After asking friends, family, and legal people who all told you to get an attorney? Follow that advice. There are many who specialize in disability.