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4 Methods To Help Your Lawyer Enable You To When you need a legal professional at all, you have to work closely together in order to win your case. Regardless of how competent they can be, they're going to need your help. Listed below are four important methods to help your legal team enable you to win: 1. Be Totally Honest Or Higher Your lawyers need and expect your complete cooperation - regardless of what information you're going to reveal in their mind. Privilege means anything you say is kept in confidence, so don't hold anything back. Your legal team must know everything in advance - most importantly information other side could discover and surprise you with later. 2. Provide Meticulous Records Keep a continuing and factual account of information pertaining to your case. Whether it's witnesses or payments being made, provide your attorneys because of the data they must assist them to win. 3. Arrive Early For All Engagements Do not be late when you're appearing before a court and steer clear of wasting the attorney's time, too, because they are by the due date, each and every time. In fact, because you might need to discuss last second details or be extra prepared for the truth you're facing, it's smart to arrive early. 4. Demonstrate You Have Your Act Together If you've been arrested for just about any crime, it's important so as to prove to a legal court that you just both regret the actions and so are making strides toward improving your life. For instance, if you're facing driving under the influence, volunteer to get a rehab program. Be sincere and involved with the cities the judge is presiding over. Working more closely along with your legal team increases your likelihood of absolute success. Try this advice, listen closely to how you're advised and ultimately, you ought to win your case.

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Is Legal Gaurdianship Custody?
If You Have Legal Gaurdianship Does That Mean You Have Custody Over The Child Or What

MLAW is wrong. There are a number of factors to consider in assessing the role and responsibilities of legal guardianship of a child. Here's a sample from Alberta Law Line:

What is a legal guardian?

1. Am I a child’s guardian? Alberta’s Family Law Act defines who is a guardian in many ways. Each person in a couple is a guardian if:

a.) They are married when the child is born;

b.) They marry after the child is born;

c.) Their marriage legally ends no more than 300 days BEFORE the child’s birth;

d.) If they were in an adult interdependent relationship (AIR) when the child was born or entered into an AIR after the child was born (Alberta’s Adult Interdependent Relationships Act sets out what must occur for an unmarried couple to be in an AIR.);

e.) The couple lived together for a 12-month stretch, during which time the child was born; or

f.) If the couple agree in writing that they both are the child’s guardians.

Also, if the child lives with one of its parents for a year, that parent is a guardian. It does not matter if the child lives with someone else afterward – that parent remains a guardian. In addition, a person may become a guardian if they are appointed as such, by will or deed, by a parent of a child who is a guardian.

2. What legal rights does a child’s guardian have? Under Alberta’s Family Law Act, a guardian has these major legal rights:

a.) to care for the child or have contact with the child; and

b.) to get information and be consulted so that you can carry out your POWERS and RESPONSIBILITIES regarding the child.

3. What can a child’s guardian do? Under Alberta’s Family Law Act, a guardian can have some or all of the following POWERS:

a.) To make day-to-day decisions affecting the child;

b.) To decide where and with whom the child is to live;

c.) To make decisions about where the child goes to school and about the child’s culture and religion; and

d.) To consent to the child’s health treatments.

4. What are the responsibilities of a child’s guardian? Under Alberta’s Family Law Act, a guardian has these responsibilities:

a.) To support the child using your own money;

b.) To make sure the child has all the necessary things of life including medical care, food, clothing, and housing;

c.) To help the child grow - physically, psychologically, and emotionally; and

d.) To guide the child towards becoming an independent adult.

5. How do I become a guardian? Apply to the provincial court of Alberta. The appropriate law is Alberta’s Family Law Act. The application forms may be found at courthouses and online at At that page, click the link for Family Justice Services.

6. Do I need help applying to the provincial court of Alberta to be made a child’s legal guardian? It depends – for example, the facts may not be simple and someone may want to oppose a guardianship application. In those situations, people applying to be made legal guardians may need help. Several sources can provide them help – for example:

a.) Alberta Law Line provides detailed legal information to callers and can provide free legal advice by telephone to callers who qualify for advice. To see the qualifications for free legal advice, visit To reach the Law Line, call 780-644-7777 in Edmonton and 1-866-845-3425, toll-free, elsewhere in Alberta.

b.) Lawyers have experience making guardianship applications in court. Phone books provide the names and numbers of law offices and lawyers. Alberta’s Lawyer Referral Service gives out names and numbers for free – call 403-228-1722 in Calgary and 1 800 661-1095 elsewhere in Alberta.

c.) Alberta’s Family Justice Services (FJS) may provide relevant help to people making guardianship applications. Alberta Justice and the Alberta courts partner to provide FJS. To reach FJS, go to or call Service Alberta at 310-0000, toll-free, and ask for Family Justice Services. FJS also has units that can help with guardianship applications, such as the Family Law Information Centre and Family Court Counsellor Services.

d.) Alberta’s Family Law Information Centre (FLIC) provides information and education about family law, including making an application in Provincial Court. To reach FLIC, go to or call Service Alberta at 310-0000, toll-free, and ask for the Family Law Information Centre. Alternately, you can call FLIC at 780- 415-0404 in Edmonton, 403-297-6600 in Calgary and 403-297-6600 elsewhere in Alberta.

e.) Alberta’s Family Court Counsellor Services (FCC) can help people apply to court for guardianship orders. FCC does not help people who have lawyers. To contact FCC, go to and click the link for Family Justice Services. Alternately, call 780- 427-8343 in Edmonton, 403-297-6981 in Calgary and 403-340-7187 elsewhere in Alberta. To reach any number, toll-free, dial Service Alberta at 310-0000 and, then, the area code and number.

7. What if I am a child’s guardian and someone else is a guardian, and we cannot get along enough to cooperate about the child? Mediators can help guardians cooperate about the child. Mediation Services provides information and assistance to parents with parenting disputes. To contact Mediation Services, visit and click the link for Family Justice Services or call 403-297-6981 in Calgary, 780-427-8329 in Edmonton or 403-340-7187 elsewhere in Alberta. To reach any number, toll-free, dial Service Alberta at 310-0000 and, then, the area code and number.

8. Can I just stop working with the other guardian? No. Guardians are supposed to work together regarding the child. This is a legal requirement. Only a court order that says they do not have to work together frees guardians from this requirement.

How Hard It Is To Find Jobs At A Law Firm? I Heard Of People Getting Jobs? How Much Time Does It Take To Find?
A Job At A Law Firm? What Are The Tips, Other Than Sending The Resume To The Human Ressources Department?

First, not all law firms have a 'human resources' department. In fact, most don't. You need to find out who the hiring partner is or whether the firm has an office administrator who reviews all resumes before passing them on to the attorneys.

What kind of job in a law firm are you seeking? As a lawyer? As a paralegal? As a secretary? As a runner? As an office administrator? Really big law firms have their own law librarians.

If you are looking for an attorney position, the difficulty or length of time to find a job at a law firm depends on a number of factors such as what was your standing in law school? If you were in the top 10%, it won't be difficult at all to find a job. If you were in the bottom 10%, it might take some time.

How many law firms are in your city also affects your chances of finding a job. The type of law you want to practice affects your job search. For instance, you don't want to work for a personal injury law firm if tax law is your thing.

Did you clerk for any firms while in law school? Who do you know anyone who is already a lawyer?

These are all things that affect your search. Most law schools have a placement department that assists the law students to find jobs, and you will also find some helpful books there as well.

Most states publish a law journal or bar journal that has the recent case decisions for that state. It also has advertising for legal positions. Your law school will know how to find the publication.

" The Law Journal" is a newspaper that carries ads for legal positions.

Finally, make absolutely sure that you don't incorrectly capitalize or misspell any words in your cover letter or resume like you have in your question above.

Good luck.

Advice Going Into Law Enforcement?
I Want To Become A Dea Agent, Or Us Marshal. I Am Trying To Decide What College To Attend. And Does It Matter What College I Go To? It'S Either Uw, Gonzaga( A Small Private School). Or Western A D2. I Have A 3.9 /4 And Don'T Have Trouble Getting Into One. I'M Thinking Get A Masters In Criminogy ,( Possible To Become A Cop For 2-3 Years While Getting Masters? Like Night School?) And Minor ...What Would Be A Good Minor? Any Advice Would Be Very Much Appreciated. Thanks.

If you can get an advanced degree, do it. The more education you have, the better. Make sure the school you attend is properly accredited. Get the highest grade point average that you can. There are many majors that are good for police officers and people that want to become police officers. Accounting, communications, computer science, a foreign language, forensic science, law, and psychology are some examples. There are many police officers that also take college classes. Consider trying to get an internship with a law enforcement agency while you're in college. Also consider participating in a couple extra-curricular activities. Don't do anything illegal, and maintain a good reputation. Getting police officer jobs is becoming more and more competitive. Do whatever else you can to make yourself the best candidate that you can. Best of luck!

What Type Of Lawyers Defend Victims Of Domestic Violence, Etc.?
What Type Of Lawyer Would Defend A Victim Of Domestic Violence, Handle Restraining Orders And Stuff Like That?

I guess it depends which country you are in.

How To Become A Litigation Attorney?
I Would Quite Like To Become A Barrister. But That Is Very Hard, And You Need To Know The Right People. Which I Don'T. So I Was Wondering How You Become A Litigating Attorney, Step By Step Please, Thank You! It'S Mainly The Stage After Going To University And Getting Your Law Degree I Struggle With When It Comes To Litgation. Again, Thank You!

Litigators are solicitors, not barristers.

1. Do at least 3 years of undergrad (you can get away with doing 2 if you're top 5%)
2. Get into AT LEAST a tier 2 law school (Tier 3 degrees are worth jack all) and graduate in the top 50%.
3. Get hired by a law firm (esp. a litigation firm, or by a large firm with a litigation department).
4. Get courtroom experience (this is easiest working for a small litigation boutique, or working for the DA)
5. Get called to the Bar (finish your article, pass the BAR Exam).
6. Work as a litigator.

Child Support/Visitation/Texas?
The Father Of Baby Hasn'T Seen Her Since She Was 2 Weeks Old, But Now, At 6 Months Old, He Informs Me That He Doesn'T Care That He Wasn'T There For Me During My Pragnancy Or The Last Few Months....He Wants To Come See Her. I'Ve Said No You'Ve Never Once Supported Her. He Swears He'Ll Take Me To Court And Fight Me. He Already Pays $500 A Month To See His Other Daughter And Now He'S Saying That He Won'T Have To Pay Me Anything. First Of All, The Money Isn'T An Issue To Me. I Can Take Care Of Her By Myself, But Can He Do This? I Don'T Want Him In Her Life. He'S Already Signed A Waiver Of Interest In Her When I Was Pregnant But Now He Won'T Sign The 2Nd Part Because He Says He Wants To Be In Her Life. Can Someone With Some Insight Please Tell Me What I Should Do? This Is A Bad Man And I Need Advise!

Ignore anything your ex says. Get a lawyer and go to court. Confirm your child's paternity through a dna paternity test. And then have your sole custody confirmed (make sure you retain primary custody and make sure you get the right to determine the child's domicile). Ask for child support and visitation to be set up through the court system. And until a judge orders it, do not let your child's father see the child as he may decide to keep her and file for custody himself. And you don't have to either!

As for his threats that he doesn't have to pay for his child, he knows better but is just hoping you don't know the law. He will have to pay so get it started now as they may not give it to you retroactively. And let him take you to court if he so long as you have your own lawyer (but it is best if you do so first). Judges can see through custody cases when the father decides he wants custody but has had nothing to do with his daughter up-to-date, including paying any support monies.

Get a good lawyer. That is step one...and then do what I have advised above. Good luck.

Addendum: Make sure your order of visitation doesn't require any overnight visits until the child turns 3 so she can properly bond with her mother, especially if she is being breastfed!