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3 Methods To Know You've Picked The Right Lawyer It's pretty intimidating to undergo a legal court system, particularly if lack confidence in your legal team. Here are three important methods to understand that you've hired the proper lawyer: 1. They Specialize In Your Form Of Case What the law states is usually tricky which requires specialists to tackle the tough cases. When you really need a legal professional, try to find one that deals with the matter you're facing. Even when a relative or friend recommends you make use of a good they know, if they don't use a focus that's comparable to your case, keep looking. Whenever your attorney is undoubtedly an expert, especially in the problem you're facing, you know you've hired the best one. 2. The Lawyer Has A Winning Record Depending on the circumstances, it could be challenging to win a case, specifically if the team helping you has hardly any experience. Search for practices who have won numerous cases that affect yours. Even though this is no guarantee which you case is going to be won, it offers you a better shot. 3. They Listen And Respond In the event the attorney you've chosen takes time to listen to your concerns and answer your inquiries, you've probably hired the right one. Irrespective of how busy they may be or how small your concerns seem from the perspective, it's essential that they answer you inside a caring and timely manner. From the point of view of a typical citizen who isn't familiar with the judicial system, court cases could be pretty scary you require updates as well as to seem like you're section of the solution. Some attorneys are merely more desirable to both you and your case as opposed to others. Be sure you've hired the best team to your circumstances, to actually can placed the matter behind you as soon as possible. Faith inside your legal representative is the initial step to winning any case.

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Can A Defense Lawyer Really Get You Out Of A Dui With The Denture Trapped Alcohol Defense?
Can A Defense Lawyer Really Get You Out Of A Dui With The Denture Trapped Alcohol Defense? I Blew A .11 With Dentures That I Had Done Has A Immediate Denture Procedure. After A Month They Where Ready For A Reline And Where Very Lose Trapping Food And Liquid Causing A Higher Bac! I Have Done Test With A $150 Breathalyzer By Swishing Beer In My Mouth Spit It Out And Wait 20 Mins And I Blow Up To .06. I Am Not Trying To Get Out Of My Dui But I Know How Much I Had To Drink And It Does Not Match Up With Bac Calculator I Should Have Been Blowing Around .04. My Dui Happend In California.

In California,

A forensic alcohol study was done on trapped alcohol in dentures. The importance of the study was this: An individual with No alcohol in his or her system can blow into a breath machine twice and get the same result because of alcohol trapped in dentures.

See, usually mouth alcohol evaporates at a very high rate, which would make the one breath sample much higher than the other. For example, a .28% on the first blow, verses a .07% on the second. This would trip the machine and notify the user that there was possibly mouth alcohol and the test would have to be redone.

The denture study basically proved you could get two exact samples, which is huge to the defense.

I was in the Down Town Metro Court on Thursday where a Well Known Forensic Toxicologist testified to the "trapped denture" defense during a DUI trial.

In addition, you may have blown a .06%, but lets say your BAC was already a .06% and the trapped alcohol raised it another .06%, which would then put you at a .12%.........See how mouth alcohol would then be a problem???:

For more information about possible DUI defenses in California, please speak to an experienced DUI attorney at 877-717-2889. All consultations are free and highly informative.

Real Estate Law Property Lines?
I Have A New Neighbor That Is Buying Property Bond For Deed Come Talk To Me The Other Day. He Said That The Property Line Runs Thru My Garage Anad Shed I Have On My Property. We Have Owend The Land For Over 45 Years The Previous Owner Never Said A Word About The Line Being Wrong. Does The New Owner Make Us Buy The Land Form Him ?

This can be a very sticky situation. First before you spend any money, ask him how he get that information. It is possible that you have "encroached on his property". If he has a survey, you need to see it. If he does not, the burden is on him .

Under the real estate law, if you have a piece of land and the general public has been making a path through the land to reach say a lake on the other side to fish, and you knowingly haven't done anything to stop it, that path may become a public right of way. So if your neighbor knew about it and did anything about it for 45 years, it is going to be messy in court. But it may not come to that.

Now if this person is in the process of purchasing the property and if he is going to get a mortgage, the bank will require a certified survey. That survey will tell what is what. If in fact you have encroached on your neighbor's property, the bank will not give the loan until the encroachment is fixed.

You are in a good bargaining position. If the amount of land is small, see if your neighbor will deed the small portion of land to you for a token sum of money so you may welcome the new neighbor to the area. If the impact is large (whether it is on your side or their's), then you may have to discuss that with your attorney to see what direction you may want to take.

What Is An International Lawyer?
What Is International Law? What Degree Should You Get For It? Salary?

intl law is a broad field- trust me
theres : intl human rights law, intl commercial law (intl contract law), intl military law, environment, tort etc

a lawyer by definition (one of many) holds a law degree- even if he/she isnt praciticing.
so get one, or get an associates degree or a paralegal degree- i heard you can get one if ur in the US, not sure, here u can only get certificates for paralegal studies or legal secretaries - but all you do is help out the lawyer,

in the US, i read that paralegals also take up investigative work, im not surprised.

you'll deal with stuff like:

if ur a big company in Australia and ur dealing with a US co. in the USA, which court do you assign the "proper law" US LAW or AUST LAW?? this is contract law,

human rights: like go to the intl court at the hague or other UN backed courts to procecute genocide etc.

you can get a cert of intl human rights law at the hague and i dont think you need a law degree but i dunno where that'll get u. ( i was reading a book on islamic sharia law from a guy who did arts at cambridge and also the intl law cert from the hague- thats how i know)

comparative law is my fav, all the aussie expats get heaps

i know that in australia a lawyer starts at 56k usually, but if u dont like it, new york offers 1st year associates 300k and london's 1st year grads get 80k, we also have expats in germany/france too (im learning french/german/arabic- lookin forward to it)

try to get a law degree if u can afford it, our govt pays for us now, but we pay back later.

Question About Cosplay In China?
I'M Doing A Project About Cosplay In China And I'M Having Difficulty Finding Sources Or Information About It. I Checked Out Wikipedia But They Only Have General Information And I'M Looking For Specifics. Anybody Know Any Links, Videos, Books, Etc? Thanks A Lot!

From an incomplete article on Wikipedia:

"ChinaJoy or China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference is a digital entertainment expo held in Asia. It is the largest gaming and digital entertainment exhibition held in China.

“Following the Tokyo Game Show in Japan, ChinaJoy is designed to be another top event in global game industry. It is meant to strengthen domestic game supervision, actively regulate the markets of electronics and internet publications, rigorously fight against piracy in order to encourage and support legal game products, and establish a platform for the comprehensive development of Chinese electronics products.” - think of it as the Asian counterpart of E3.

Aside from showcasing new games and exchanging resources, ChinaJoy hosts the biggest cosplay competition in China (considering the number of applicants, probably the largest in Asia), regional competitions are held prior to the main event, and finalists are showcased on ChinaJoy. Of course as always, people who come to ChinaJoy feel free to cosplay themselves, apparently it's quite a sight.

Numerous mmo forums and such have articles and pictures related to ChinaJoy, just search the term in Google.

Need Legal Advice For Ebay Transaction. Privacy Is Invaded- Please Help?
I Once Sold An Item On Ebay. I Soon Found Out That I Was Out Of Stock And Notified The Purchaser And Returned His/Her Money Promptly. About Two Weeks Later I Was Able To Find The Same Product And Put It On As An Auction Again. This Bidder That Previously Bought The Item Contact Me And Said They Would Bid On My New Item To The Max To Win It Then Would Pay The Original Price From Last Time Via Message. I Quickly Blocked That Bidder And Erased His Bids. He Created New Accounts And Again Bid On My Item Again. I Canceled Those Bids Too. After The Auction Ended....And He Didn'T Win The Item, So I’M Guessing He Was Upset. He Located My Phone Number And Has Been Calling From Private Non-Stop. He Messaged Me On Facebook And Is Complaining About This Item That I Didn'T Have In Stock. Pretty Much I Feel That He Has Invaded My Privacy And Don'T Know How Much He Knows About Me. I Believe His Actions Are Not Correct. What Can I Do To Stop Him Of Doing This And Continuing These Acts Other Than Finding Another Of This Item And Selling It To Him? Legally Is There Anything I Can Do? Can I Message Him Scaring Him In Any Certain Way Because I Don'T Know What He May Know. I'M Pretty Sure He Knows Where I Live Too. Thanks

When he won the auction on eBay you and he had a valid contract for you to sell him a specific item for a specific price. He fulfilled his side of the contract by paying you. You then violated the contract by not shipping him the item.

Now, you went ahead and refunded his money, but that's not necessarily the end of it. Let's say you agreed to sell him a widget for $50. After you breached the contract he was only able to find the same widget for $60. Your breach of contract has cost him $10. In theory he could successfully sue you in small claims court for that $10. Is he "likely" to do so? Probably not, but that does not change the fact that you ARE legally in the wrong.

That the widget is available now for $60 from YOU, when YOU breached the contract to sell it to him for $50 just makes it worse.

What he is doing by repeatedly phoning you etc is not illegal. YOU breached the contract, and caused him financial damage - having to pay more for the widget - by doing so. He is perfectly within his rights to take all legal methods to try to enforce his contract and get you to fulfill your legally binding obligation.

This is no different from me going into a store, seeing a gallon of milk for $3.99, taking it to the register and handing the clerk the money, and her handing it back and saying "No, today it's going to cost you $4.99".

The person who quoted the law about "annoying telephone calls" is missing the point. You have a LEGALLY BINDING CONTRACT with him. It is not harassment for him to try to enforce it.

Edit 2...
Incidentally, not only are you in breach of your contract with the buyer, you are in breach of the eBay terms and conditions, as well.....

"While using eBay sites, services and tools, you will not:
... to deliver items purchased from you, unless the buyer fails to meet the posted terms,
...manipulate the price of any item"

By not shipping it you violated the first rule I've quoted, and by now offering to sell it to him for more than he already won it for you are violating the second one.


Asbestos Lawyers Taking My Money?
I Have Had Asbestos Case With These Ga. Lawyers For 20Yrs. On My Husband (Died Asbestosis)And Cancer Everywhere. He Was 35Yrs.Old Then. They Have Given Some Money, And Said The Rest Are In Bankrupt. The Checks I Got Did Not Have A Company Name Except Where The Law.Office Had Printed. I Want To See The Original Checks They Deducted My Money From. His Secretary Told Me I Was Getting $40 To $50 Thousand March 1991, Promised, I Might Have Gotten 15 In All From Different Com.? Through The Yrs.I Am In Tenn.He Is In Ga. I Just Want To Know If I Have Been Taken Advantage Of Or How Can I Find Out.

yes you have...You have know way of knowing how many checks or how much money the companies have paid your lawyers. You will never see all of the checks. They will only show you the checks that they have deducted there 33% from. You have probably been shafted for about 35 to 45 thousand. You need to get another lawyer that you trust. He will have to uncover the case with your other lawyer. This will cost you another 33% but might get you a few thousand dollars. It will be hard to find a lawyer to take on another lawyer!! Sorry, sounds like you should have picked a better attorney!