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My Daughter Has Erbs Pasley Due To Birth Injury ? But Iwas So Young I Knew Nothing About Sueing Is It To Late?
She Is 14 Yrs Old

I'm afraid so. There's usually a 2 year statute of limitations on that sort of claim. Even if it's longer, it wouldn't be that long. Sorry.

ok, wait... different states say different things about when the statute of limitations begins to run. some states are really strict about it saying that it starts to run when the breach occurs (which is really hard for products liability since the thing might not be packaged shipped and bought before the 2 years expires... SoL would start running when the thing was manufactured). other states say that it starts to run when you have knowledge of the breach (like when the product breaks and injures you). and still other states will say that it starts running when you have notice of a causal connection between the act that was the breach and the injury. But that last is a minority. The rule I was supposed to learn for my torts class (for my exam that I just took in December) was the second one: that the SoL begins to run when the injury occurs. The case in our textbook refused to allow a lawsuit where this man was injured by the chemicals at the plant where he worked and he went to doctors who tested him and they couldn't give any tesitmony that there was a causal connection until a doctor that he went to 20 years later... even though that was the first time that he could bring a lawsuit, the SoL had already run because the SoL is a thing to limit the number of lawsuits... and because the courts don't want liability based on this after-the-fact knowledge because the employer wouldn't have known at the time that he had been using dangerous chemicals.
Even if, as my fellow answerer has stated, the SoL wouldn't start until you learn of the possible wrong doing, the SoL would have already run because you knew of the wrongdoing at the time when your daughter was born... the fact that you didn't realize you could sue doesn't matter to a court.
Even the information he states regarding the extension of the SoL for disabilities and infancy is flawed... I checked the website and it does say that, but there's a separate category for medical malpractice where it says 3 year SoL or 1 year from date of learning of the injury and that children can bring suit until they're 8... and 14 is older than 8
Actually, the information about the extension of the SoL for disability or infancy I did learn, it in regards to property law... disabled people can't make a lawsuit if their property rights are infringed, so they have until the disability has concluded before they have to sue... if that's their whole life, then their successor can sue.

I am very sorry about your daughter's injury and if you want to be sure, you should talk to a lawyer because the law in your state might say differently. but the law as far as I know, would not permit your lawsuit.

How Does Marxism Influence Family Law If Applied?
I'M Making A Research On How Marxism As An Ideology In Totalitarian States (Such As Former Ussr For Instance) Influences Family Law. I Would Be Happy To Know Your Ideas And Thoughts About It.

There is no peaceful co-existence between Communism and bourgeois law, and its social forms like the family.

The family plants the seeds of anti-social feelings and actions, because it attaches interest to a particular circle of accidental relationships at the expense of communitarian living.

The abolishment of private private was not only material, but legal, social, cultural as well. That's what a revolutionary change means: the complete removal of private barriers and locations.

The factory unit was the ideal form of social living, not the isolated, private family.

In fact, the early Reds were great advocates of abortion, abolishing marriage, dissolving families into communal units, moving women into full labor equality, having work place units provide child care.

How Do I Apply For Legal Aid?
I Was Told By A Friend That Certain People Qualify For Legal Aid - Help With Lawyer Fees, Etc. How Do I Apply For This Help? I Need Help With Paying For A Divorce.

Contact your local bar association. Legal aid is usually provided through them.

What Are The Steps Of Becoming A Attorney?
Just Wondering How To Become A Defense Attorney ...

In the USA, to become a Lawyer, IF you go to school full-time:
1) Bachelor's degree - four years from a traditional college/university.
2) Study for LSAT. Take LSAT.
3) Law school - three MORE years.
4) Study for Bar Exam. Take Bar Exam in the state where you want to practice.
5) Pass the Character and Fitness Evaluation. Then you can practice Law.
6) You still have to take additional classes/seminars/legal training etc. each year to obtain CEUs to keep your license to practice Law. (You aren't done with school!!)
7) In many states there are even laws requiring a certain percentage of your legal work to be "pro bono" (free of charge) for some charitable purpose.

How Can I Get Free Legal Advice About Starting A Business?
I Need To Get Free Or Low Cost Legal Advice About Starting A Biz And Need To Find About About 3 Things. 1. How Does The Llc Protect Me? 2. Gaps In Protection. 3. Particular Details Concerning Business Liability And Operating Various Businesses Under The Same Llc. Your Help With The Source Of Free Or Low Cost Legal Advice Is Appreciated. Thanks!

Go to and in the upper left hand corner, enter your zip code. On the next screen, you will get information on the nearest SCORE chapter. Call them and arrange for a free meeting with a volunteer SCORE counselor. They will guide you through the process.

SCORE is a nonprofit association dedicated to entrepreneur education and the formation, growth and success of small business nationwide and is a resource partner with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA).

SCORE has 350 chapters in locations throughout the United States and its territories, with 13,000 volunteers nationwide. Both working and retired executives and business owners donate time and expertise as business counselors.

What Do You Think Of The Dui Laws ? Do You Think They Are Effective? Should There Be More Improved Laws?
The Dui Laws Help Protect Us From Drunk Drivers But People Are Dying Every Day Because Of Them. Should The Laws Be More Strict About Drunk Driving? Give Me Your Ideas.

We should implement "No-Refusal Blood Tests". If you are arrested under suspicion of DWI/DUI. You should have to submit a blood sample. If you refuse, they should be able to strap you into a restraint chair and have a deputized phlebotomist take the sample.

There should be a blood sample standard for Marijuana intoxication. You are an idiot if you think you drive better when high.

Same goes for prescription narcotics. Seriously. If you mix a muscle relaxer like Soma, Xanax, and down them with a beer, you are too f***ed up to drive. I don't care if you only blow a .02.

1st DWI convictions should carry at least 2 years with an Ignition Interlock Device. License Suspension is useless. 60-80% of suspended drivers continue to drive.

1st DUI offenders should have to submit random monthly drug screens at their expense.

Most of the people can contribute to society in a positive manner following a DWI. They just exercises bad judgement. A Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock can allow them to continue to drive to work and continue to contribute to society and pay taxes instead of being locked up at society's expense.

2nd and subsequent offenders? I'm sorry, you were given an opportunity to learn from this mistake or lapse in judgement. Prison time.