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Can Anyone Think Of Good Reasons Why Adoption Laws...?
Can Anyone Think Of Good Reasons Why Adoption Laws Must Be Different In Every State Of The U.S.? Wouldn'T It Make More Sense To Have Federal Adoption Laws That Could Be Consistent? Thank You For Your Thoughts On This Topic.

The federal government is (supposed to be) for the regulation of commerce and relationships among the states. Since adoptions take place within the states, there is no good (read: "constitutional") for the federal government being involved.

It is, then, a by-product of our federalist system. Like drinking ages, speed limits on highways, alcohol sales, marriage laws, and so many other state governed laws, having the federal government regulate this would be viewed as an encroachment on the sovereignty of states.

The federal government has tied tax dollars to following federal guidelines (ala drinking age, for instance, and speed limits), and in that way has managed to make some things more uniform. But I strongly suspect there is little interest in tying tax dollars to a uniform adoption system.

I do think consistency would be really good in this area. But it's hard to see how we might make that work in a federal system.

Emotional Struggle With Legal Questions. . .?
Me And My Current Boyfriend Have Been Together For A Really Long Time. We Broke Up For A Couple Of Weeks And I Truly Thought We Weren'T Ever Going To Get Back Together. I Made The Biggest Mistake Of My Life And Had Sex With Another Guy. He Used A Condom The First Time And The Second Time He Pulled Out. I Was Really Really Wet (I Couldn'T Think Of A Polite Word.) And So It Worries Me That I Might Have Been Ovulating? A Very Short Time After That, Me And My Current Boyfriend Got Back Together. I Had No Symptoms Of Pregnancy Or Anything Before We Got Back Together. My Boyfriend And I Decided We Wanted A Child After Working Out Our Differences And Having A Long Talk. We Then Tried For Many Days To Conceive (About A Week Or A Little Over A Week Before My Period Was Due.) I Took A Pregnancy Test And It Came Out Positive. Could It Be The Other Guy'S? And Yes, My Boyfriend Does Know About All This And He Is There For Me. We Are Together And Will Be Unless The Baby Is Not His. Do You Guys Think I Have Anything To Worry About? If It Is The Other Guy'S; -What Last Name Do I Give The Baby? (I Don'T Want To Use My Last Name Because I Recently Found Out That My Dad Isn'T My Real Father And I Don'T Want To Keep Passing On That Name, I Feel Awkward Enough Using It Myself) -Can I Give The Baby The Other Guy'S Last Name Without His Permission? -Do I Put Him On The Birth Certificate? (There Is No Possibility Of Anyone Else.) -If I Do Will He Need To Sign It? -My Boyfriend Decided To Tell All His Friends And Family Anyway So I'M Guessing They Will Be At The Hospital, How Will I Deal With This If The Baby Isn'T His? -Any Other Advice? I Feel Terrible About The Mistake I Made, And I Assure You, He Has Made His Fair Share Too. I Don'T Want To Be Judged, It'S Not Like I Cheated On Him. And No, I'M Not Going To Be Ghetto And Go On Maury. I'M Going Through A Really Tough And Emotional Time Right Now, So Please No Harsh Comments. (I'M 17 Weeks And 2 Days Pregnant.) The Other Guy Doesn'T Really Want To Be A Father But Says If It Is His, He Will Do What He Has To Do. My Last Period Was July 3Rd. Me And The Other Guy Had Sex About A Week To A Week And A Half After That. My Current Boyfriend And I Had Sex A Few Days After That With No Protection, Trying To Conceive. Also My Edd Is April 11Th. My Current Boyfriend Does Not Want To Raise This Child As His Own If Its Not His, And I Don'T Blame Him. So That'S Out Of The Question. Yes This Is A Repost, Hopefully More Answers. :(

Due date April 11th suggests conception date July 18th or so.

Period July 3rd, suggests ovulation (if 28-day periods and regular) of about July 17th or 18th. Pretty good agreement.

However, a "week and a half after" and "a few days after that" there's no telling who's the daddy until the baby is tested. It seems that your bf is more likely, but time will tell.

it's a simple test - they swab your mouth, the baby's mouth, and one or more fathers' mouths; send the swabs away, and for a few hundred bucks they'll tell you with 1 in 10 million accuracy who's your daddy. Note that unless the swabs are done by a licensed medical tech who checks everyone's ID, the results are not admissible in court. However, given the answer, unless they think you pulled a fast one on him, who's going to demand a legal test too?

I'm pretty sure you can put whatever name you want on the birth certificate. Most single mothers find it more convenient to use their own last name. It avoids a bit of confusion at schools etc. It's not like he has a copyright to the name "Smith" or whatever if you decide to use that. If you want to, use your mother's last name and eventually change yours legally too.

Not sure how long you can wait to finalize the birth certificate, since a DNA test can take a week or so. BTW, if you can find the blood type of the two daddys and your own, the hosital might be able to give you a rough guess almost immediately if the baby's blood type can rule out one daddy. There's a 50-50 chance it can, unless they have the same blood type.

Worst case, you give the bf's information then ask to change the results and/or do legal name changes when the tests come back. For that, I don't know.

You can put him on the birth certificate or not, I suppose. You can do what you want. He doesn't have to be anywhere near the hospital, or even in the country... What difference does it make? One way or another, he'll know. Your child will probably want to know. If you go after him for support, or he wants the child to know their father, does it really matter what's on the certificate? The court will determine who's the real daddy legally, and what happens in terms of support and visitation if you don't come to a friendly agreement.

If the bf told his family, and didn't tell them the big "But...", that's his problem to deal with. After all, unless the kid comes out the wrong color, what difference does it make? Who will know until the tests come back? For a week or two everyone will think there's a new addition to the family. By then, you probably won't see any of them again anyway and the bf will ahve filled them in with the news.

I found the following link - you have 45 days to amend a birth record in Minnesota, for example. your state may be different.

Good luck!!

How To Hire A Lawyer On Standby?
I Run A Small Business, And Recently Hired A Litigation Lawyer To Deal With A Certain Matter, Which Is Still Ongoing. In Another Incident, I Have Been Asked By A Police Detective To Provide A Signed Witness Statement, Including My Address (Or Care Of A Legal Representative). Can I Put My Existing Lawyers Address Down Even Though Its For A Seperate Incident He Is Not Strictly Dealing With? I Want To Just Hire A Lawyer Who Is On Standby To Deal With Any Legal Issues I Have, Which Crop Up From Time To Time, But I Dont Really Know How To Arrange This.

It is called a retainer. You place a certain amount of money in an escrow account (say $2,000) and when you need that lawyer, you call and he draws down from the escrow account. When it hits a certain amount (say $500) you replenish the account. Note that the escrow can get drawn down quite quickly at $150 to $200 an hour, so shop around and try to find a lawyer who won't charge for the odd 5 minute opinion phone call.

Help! I Need The Following Things That Starts With A L?!?!?!?
I Need An Occupation. Something You Wear. Something In The Kitchen. Reason For Being Late. Body Part. Drink. Candy. Something You Would Shout.. And A Four Letter Word. Please Help :) Plz And Ty!

Occupation: Lawyer
Wear: Leggings
Kitchen: Lettuce
Reason for being late: Lost my alarm clock
Body part: Leg
Drink: Lemonade
Candy: Licorice
Shout: LIAR!!
4 letter word: Love

Hope this helped :)

When Are Lawyers Gonna Get Done &Quot;Practicing&Quot; Law?
I Hate Lawyers.

LOL ,,, I like the troll answerer down there. It needs to be quiet above me though as when I submit this that answer will be up higher than mine.

CHILDISH is fun sometimes and this one made me laugh. I have an ex that was cursing lawyers just the other day. He doesn't spell well, so this person just had me laughing too. At least this one was a little nicer. Sometimes, cursing helps as long as your not the one being cursed at.

Here is the TRUTH as I believe it... Lawyers are never done practicing law. They are always writing new ones, or thinking up loopholes around the old ones, or going back to maritime laws and using another countries laws, is never done. They are like mothers whoes work is never done. Except with these guys and gals, there scheming is never done :O)
and believe you me,,there is NOOOOO motherly love attached either !

How Does Civil Law Differ From Criminal Law?
How Does Civil Law Differ From Criminal Law

This is a question I could spend all night answering, but I'll try to simplify the best I can.

One major different is criminal law is laws that can be punishable by incarceration and civil laws are punishable by punitive damages.

Violation of a criminal law has to be proven without any dough and in civil law you just have to prove the possibility of a violation.

Let me give you an example, you're in a car accident and loose the uses of you right hand do to the accident. Because it was an accident the courts may not find any violation of the law that was criminal in nature; thus, no criminal action is taken. However, because you lost the uses of your right hand you can file a civil case and seek damages from the drive of the other vehicle for the damage cause to your right hand. This is very easy to prove (as you did loose the use of your right hand) and as result the courts will grant putative damage. On the other hand, if the drive is arrest for a DUI and is found guilty of those charges he can face criminal convection and you can still file a Civil case. But either way the civil case will not lead to a incarceration just monetary damages owed to you.

One easy way to remember the difference is: Civil Law deals with disagreements between citizens were no crime has been committed. Like I said difficult to answer in a Short paragraph.

This is a great article that goes into details