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Some Legal Advice Please And Thank You.?
I Am 18 Years Of Age, And Before This I Have Never Been In Any Trouble With The Law. I Was Arrested For Lying To A Police Officer And Lying On Legal Documents. I Am In The State Of Georgia, And I Lied Because I Was Robbed Of Marijuana And I Told The Police I Was Robbed Of Money. I Called The Police Because I Was In Need Of Medical Attention. I Can Not Afford A Lawyer, And I Am Not Fully Aware Of My Rights. I Was Wondering How Serious Of A Crime This Is, And What Can I Do To Keep From Going To Jail?

Chances are fairly good you would not get any jail time for this offense. Frankly, jails are over crowded and they simply don't have room for a first time, non-violent offender.

As far as your rights? You have the right to remain silent. Exercise that right and don't discuss this with anyone. If you are charged (meaning you get a court date), you will go to court and plead "not guilty." Then you will probably have the opportunity to apply for a public defender. If you get an envelope from the prosecutor's office that offers you something like a "deferred prosecution" you should take the paperwork to the public defender's office and apply for assistance. You need to fully understand the ramifications of pleading guilty to this offense.

That you will not do any jail time is the least of your worries - long term, that is. Providing false information to a police office and lying on a legal document is a crime of moral turpitude. This will have serious and potentially life long ramifications for you. You will probably NEVER be able to get a job that requires any type of security clearance or background investigation. In a he said/she said situation in court (small claims court, divorce court, etc.), your word will simply not be good enough.

Need Attorney Advice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I Am 16 Years Old And I Buy And Resell Electronics On Craigslist. I Bought A Laptop From Someone That Was Password Locked And Had No Charger. I Got A Charger, Reset The Password And Listed It On Craigslist. Apparently I Sold It Back To The Original Owner Who Had It Stolen From Him. A Few Hours Later As I Am Driving I Get Pulled Over And Arrested For Possession Of Stolen Property. I Explained The Story To The Cops And I Voluntarily Let Them Search My Car And I Return The Money For The Laptop. The Police Said That They Put In The Report That I Co-Operated. Now I Am Faced With Trafficking Stolen Property In The First Degree. I Still Had The Address Of The Guy I Bought It From And I Gave That To The Police. My Court Date Is In 2 Weeks, In The Mean Time I Am Sure That There Will Be An Investigation. Now, My Question Is That Should I Pay For An Attorney Or Will A Public One Be Enough? I Also Heard That You Can Get Your Record Sealed At 18? I Just Need Some Advice. Thanks Ahead Of Time.

It sounds like you are doing your best to cooperate fully and didn't intend to do anything improper. Unfortunately, I believe that the stolen property charge is a strict liability crime, that is, one that applies regardless of your intentions. Nevertheless, your good will can only help you.

I do think that you should plan to find an attorney. If you qualify for a public defender, they generally are quite good, although your mileage may vary based on where you live. Most public defenders have a great deal of courtroom experience and often are quite skilled. I can't pretend to give you expert legal advice, but it doesn't sound like your case is terribly complex. You shouldn't go it alone, but a solid public defender probably will be able to do right by you.

I'm sorry that you're stuck in an unfortunate position here, and I hope it works out all right. Good luck.

Home Insurance In Case Of Lawsuit?
This Occurred In Canada. I'M Now 22, But When I Was 15, Was In A Altercation At A House Party At Another Individuals House. Now, I Am Being Sued By The Other Person In A Personal Injury Suit. I Have 0 Assets And Very Little Savings (Couple Hundred). If It Makes Any Difference, It Was A Two Sided Altercation, Not Just Me Fighting. I Was The One Ultimately Charged And Found Guilty As A Minor. What Are My Options In This Case? Bankruptcy? I'Ve Read That My Parents Home Insurance May Cover Some Legal Fees, But I Am Not Completely Sure Of This. Advice Please?

Nonsense lawsuit.

Go visit a lawyer for a few hours and they'll get able to get rid of it fairly quickly.

First, at 15 you are a minor. You can't be sued. You can't be held liable. If they wish to sure your parents... fine. I'm assuming that the other party was also under 18 at the time. Again, they can't sue... the lawsuit would have to be against your parents. Your lawyer will merely send the court a letter stating that you were a minor at the time and that any lawsuit would need to be filed against you parents.

Second, in most provinces there is a statue of limitations on civil lawsuits. This is typically two years after discovery -- although there are a lot of exceptions. It will be extremely difficult for them to proof that they only discovered the injury.

Third, liability is extremely limited in Canada. They can't sue for medical expenses... as this is typically covered by their provincial health care plans. Liability for pain and suffering is limited in Canada by statue and again, that should be obvious five years ago when it happened. Lose of income/wages is about the only thing left, but any injury likely to prevent work would also be readily apparent back then.

Forth, there is no point in suing you. You don't have any money. If they want to spend tens of thousands of dollars on lawyers... knowing full well even if found guilty that you would file for bankruptcy and they would get nothing but a pile of bills. If they are suing you in small claims... then you just say that you were a minor at the time and can not be held legally liable for acts prior to turning 18. They need to sue your parents.

Home insurance won't pay for personal injuries resulting from criminal acts, nor would it pay after the statue of limitations has expired.

Best Dui Lawyers In Denver, Co?
Hi All! I Have A Huge Dilemma & I Hope Someone Can Help Me! I Need To Find The Best Dui Lawyers In The Denver Area. I Am Facing A First Offense With A Dui Of .089 And I Don'T Know Where To Even Start Searching. I Don'T Want To Just Pick Some Random Name From The Internet, I'D Much Rather Go With Someone That I Know Will Help Me And Is The Best. Thank You!!!

Check out this firm they have agood reputation and most DUI cases are pretty standard, but they are as good as others.~

DUI Law : DUI Denver Law : Criminal Defense Attorney Chris ...
Chris Charles is an experienced DUI attorney in Denver, Colorado. Represents clients who have been accused of Criminal act, DUI or DWAI's. ...
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Juvenile Delinquent For Washington State Law?
What Is The Washington State Law?

This is a very vague question, considering there are many laws governing juvenile crimes.

Here are a few sites regarding the laws, etc. of juvenile delinquents.


Are California Child Labor Laws Really Strict?
How Hard Would It Be For Someone Under 16 To Get A Job In California? What Do You Have To Do To Get A Job In California, People With Experience In This Answers Are Appreiciated! Anyones Answers Are Appreiciated! Oh, Except Those That Are Promoting Those, &Quot;Work Online!&Quot; Scams, It'S Getting Old.

the federal child labor laws are fairly strict California follows them for the most part. you can work at 14.

14 and 15 year olds have limited hours they are allowed to work and are as follows:

when school is in session:
no work during normal school hours
no more then 3 hours on school days
no more then 8 hours on non school days
no more then 18 hours a week
no later then 7pm

never before 7am
never more then 6 days a week

when school is out of session:
no later then 9pm
no more then 8 hours per day
no more then 40 hours per week

when states and federal labor laws are different the stricter law is enforced.

places you can work at 14 or older include:
grocery store,
retail store,
restaurant(not just fast-food),
lodging facilities,
movie theater,
baseball park,
municipal parks,
amusement park, or
gasoline service station just to name a few……………….

different companies have different policies about hiring minors so just apply the worse thing that can happen is they say no. when you go dress neat, clean, and appropriately for the business, be polite and ask for an application and the appropriate time to bring it back. you will need references so talk to teachers, clergy, coaches, anyone you have done casual labor for, friends parents etcetera be sure to ask if you can use them as a reference and let them know to expect calls from employers

info about work permits, hours a minor can work, total number of hours each week etcetera got to:
there are links for teens, parents, employers and educators for each state.