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A large number of individuals do not think about finding a legal professional till they are in desperate need. The lawful difficulty could be personal, like family law, for a separation and divorce or if you are hunting for a bankrupcy or trust law firm. It may be a felony case you want to be defended on. Companies need to have law firms as well, regardless if they are being sued for discrimination, sexual harassment, or perhaps unfounded business practices. Tax attorneys are also effective whenever engaging with government troubles. Just like doctors, lawyers have areas. A huge, full service law firm has numerous legal representatives with different areas of skills, so based on your own legal issue, you can immediately hold on to the very best lawyer or attorney to match your ongoing need without having to commence your search each time you need legal help.It is ideal to obtain a lawyer you can have confidence in. You want one with a very good record, who issincere, effective, and wins cases. You want to have assurance that they will represent you correctly and invoice you fairly for their services. Occasionally a reference from a good friend or business associate can be handy, nevertheless you should continue to keep your options open and evaluate all the firms available, because when you want legal support, you need it rapidly and you really want the best you can pay for. Thank you for browsing for a attorney with us. Your time is important, and Action Pages, at, is glad to produce specific search parameters to satisfy your needs. We continually make the effort to concentrate on the most popular phrases so you can instantly find anything at all you are looking for.

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Help, Arrested For Felony Dui California?
How Can I Get An Early Release With Home Arrest For My Crime ? Ive Already Been Convicted Sentenced To 18 Months State. Sence Have Attended 2 Alcohol Rehabs Programs And Aa Mettings Im Currently In La County Twin Towers, I Have Kids And Dont Want To Lose My Home And Health Ins. I Can Run My Business From My House. Please Help

So you were already convicted to do 18 months state because of a DUI? Or was that for another crime?

Get a lawyer to talk to the judge. My friend got a DUI, but it was for 20 days and he was able to go to jail on weekends for the next 10 weekends. No bargaining, the judge gladly agreed to it. And that was for a second DUI here in California.

Do Anyone No Of A Affordable Lawyer That Deals Witg Private Adoption?

Personally, I don't know of ANY affordable lawyers. Adoption Lawyers tend to be as expensive as any other type of lawyer. If you want to adopt you need to save money until you can afford the process.

How To Find Lawsuits?
How Do You Find Out How Many Lawsuits Someone Has Filed? To Make A Long Story Short My Maid Of Honor Is Suing The Place I Got Married B/C Her Husband &Quot;Slipped And Fell Hurting His Knee&Quot; It'S A Bogus Frivolous Lawsuit And They Have Even Threatened To Come After My Family Of All Things! We Have Plenty Of Pictures..And 80 Wedding Guests That Will Gladly Testify That They Were Drunk And Merry All Night And Left Without Incident. Everyone Is Very Disgusted By What They Are Doing As They Are Crying The Victim Of Negligence. I'M Wondering If This Is Just Something They Do For Quick Cash? I Wasn'T Able To Find Anything In Public Records Other Than They Refinanced Their House 2 Years Ago For Waayyyy More Than They Could Afford.

Lawsuits are public records. If your maid of honor really has filed lawsuits in the past, you should be able to find them if you look on the court websites in the county or area where they were filed. This will take a bit of research on your part but it's not too difficult to find out.

For example, in California, you can access lawsuits filed in Los Angeles County (, Orange County ( Riverside County ( and many other counties.

So do a search for the court website in your county or the counties surrounding the area where you maid of honor lives, and search for her name or her husband's name. If she filed something, you'll find it.

Good luck!

Can You Receive A Workers Comp Settlement Without A Lawyer?
My Husband Has Been Receiving Workers Comp For The Past Year Without The Services Of A Lawyer, The Doctors Now Want Him To Have Back Surgery, He Is Still Unsure, We Just Dont Know What Is The Next Step. Do We Have To Get A Lawyer?

Hiring an Attorney is a tricky issue in workers comp cases. In the EARLY part of your husband's case, it appears OK that he did not need an attorney, because workers comp was paying his benefits. Because he NOW needs surgery, it can get very tricky & ugly in an instant.
Here is WHY.
The insurance company KNOWS that they must put up more money for the surgery, AND they will likely be required to pay for your husbands PPD (Permanency benefits). THAT may mean lifetime benefits - depending on which state has jurisdiction over his claim.

Whenever you have a serious injury, your claim has been denied, you need surgery, etc., it would be wise to at least consult with an attorney who specializes in worker comp cases.

Your husband is lucky that workers comp has paid his benefits - up until now. EVEN if they approve hsi surgery, you must MAKE SURE that he STILL gets all the benefits he is entitled to receive. Because he needs surgery, the workers comp carrier knows that the cost of their claim will skyrocket, because of the medical bills, and permanency benefits, with the lost time.
Because of this, many of them may try to find ways to either delay the surgery or deny the surgery.
Here are situations to considering consulting with an attorney who specializes in workers comp:
1 - Your claim has been denied - and the workers comp carrier refuses to tell you why.
2 - You have been out of work for a week, and no one is telling you whether you will be paid.
3 - You need surgery now, and your claim has not been accepted.
4 - Your injury is a serious one - falling from a scaffold, falling thru the stairs, being run over by a car while working, inhaling poisonous fumes, etc.
5 - You are being followed by a surveillance person, and you do not know why.
6 - You are not sure about how to file a workers comp claim, and / or do not know the legal deadlines before which you must file.
7 - The workers comp injury involves the death of your family member.
8 - The injury involves electrucution.
9 - Your claim was initially accepted, but NOW you need surgery, and they are denying your claim.
Here is a Web Blog that has a lot of info that may help you.

The Blog is at http://www.GettingWorkersComp.Blogspot.c...
The article is called "Hiring an Attorney" or something like that.

You may also want to check out another article on that Blog called
"BEFORE Getting Workers Comp To Settle", because it also talks about future medicals, etc.
Future Medicals is something that you must carefully consider, because you can bet the workers comp insurance company will be looking at it too.
If you want to chat with an attorney in a forum setting, try
If you want workers comp resources for various kinds of claims, including surveillance, etc., then you may want to try
Good luck

How Long Do I Have To Sue My Lawyer For Legal Malpractice After The Lawsuit Has Been Settled?

It depends on the state. And it may also be from when the malpractice occurred rather than when the suit is settled.

Legal malpractice is very hard to prove unless they miss a deadline or something obvious like that. The rest is a lot of different opinion on what most lawyers would do.

The time limit can be as short as a year or up to three years, depending on the state. It can also vary from when you discover the malpractice.

You also have to prove their actions caused damages to you.

You should contact a legal malpractice attorney as soon as possible so you don't blow the deadline. The initial consultation should be free, although they may be able to tell you that you don't have a case on the phone. Don't call medical malpractice attorneys, they don't do that kind of case.

You may have to do an online search for legal malpractice for your state. Don't limit yourself to the phone book.

Is There A Lawyer In The Dallas, Fort Worth Area That Has Experience In Litigation Against Texas Attorney Gen.
Tried For Years To Collect Back Child Support. We Were Only Strung Along By The State Attorney Generals Office, Now The Child Is Over 18. Looking For A Lawyer To Retrieve My Records, Review And Decide If We Might Have A Case Against Them. There Is A Paper Trail. We Lost Out On Over 50,000.00 Because Of Their Negligence.

In Texas it is very difficult to prevail in a malpractice suit against a private attorney, it is virtually impossible to sue the attorney of the opposing party, and there a very few situtations where the Attorney General's Office (or any of its Assistant Attorneys General) can be sued, because the attorneys general are agents of the state and are generally immune to civil suits. Individually they enjoy official immunity for acts done or omission in connection with their work.