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A large number of men and women do not think about acquiring a law firm until they are in desperate need. The lawful dilemma may possibly be personal, like family law, for a breakup or if you are hunting for a bankrupcy or trust law firm. It may be a felony situation you need to be defended on. Businesses require legal representatives as well, no matter if they are being sued for discrimination, sexual harassment, or perhaps unjust business methods. Tax law firms are also effective whenever engaging with government difficulties. Just like doctors, lawyers have areas. A huge, full service law firm has many attorneys with different areas of competence, so depending on your personal legal issue, you can instantly retain the finest legal representative to fulfill your current need without having to begin your search each time you need legal support.It is most effective to find a legal representative you can have confidence in. You want one with a decent record, who isstraightforward, efficient, and wins cases. You need to have trust that they will stand for you thoroughly and invoice you fairly for their products and services. Sometimes a recommendation from a pal or business associate can be practical, having said that you should hold your options open and review all the firms accessible, due to the fact when you need to have legal help, you need it quickly and you need the finest you can afford. Thank you for hunting for a law firm with us. Your time is valuable, and Action Pages, at, is happy to supply specific search parameters to fulfill your needs. We consistently try to focus on the most popular phrases so you can right away find anything at all you are looking for.

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Im Looking For A Custody Attorney In Las Vegas?
We Have 3 Children Together 6-5-3. We Were Together For 9 Years. We Split On Good Terms Thinking That We Would Get Back Together. I Moved 2 Blocks Away From Her. I Work Grave And She Works Day. The Daycare Costs Too Much So That Was The Deal .I Watch Them 5 Days A Week From 7.30 Am To 5.30 Pm . I Have Been Doing This For 4 Years Now. We Used To Go And Do Family Things Together Once A Month. Now She Has Been Dating A 60+ Year Old (Shes 42) The Next Door Neighbor. He Is Abusive To Women. And Now She Wants 700 A Month From Me.Is There Anything I Can Do To Get A Attorney With No $$ To Help Me? I Won Custody Of My 2 Oldest Years Ago.(20-18). I Want To Get Custody Of My 3 Others. Theres More Info Buts Its Personal

ask and attorney to go pro bono. Or, google free law advice. many cities have once a month free advice from attorneys and you may be able to get one to represent you.

What Are The Top Universities Fot Business Law?

US News and World Report does not rank top business law programs.

However, any top business law programs would have to be at a law school that is well regarded for its law program first, at an institution that also has a strong business program.

With that in mind, I'd say the top 5 business law programs are:
1) Harvard (#2 law school, #1 business school)
2) Stanford (#2 law school, #2 business school)
3) U Penn (#6 law school, #3 business school)
4) University of Chicago (#6 law school, #5 business school)
5) NYU (#4 law school, #10 business school)

Top 10 law schools overall according to US News and World Report are:
1) Yale
2) Harvard (tie)
2) Stanford (tie)
4) NYU
5) Columbia
6) University of Chicago (tie)
6) U Penn (tie)
8) UC Berkeley (tie)
8) Michigan (tie)
10) Duke (tie)
10) Virginia (tie)

Top 10 Business Schools overall, according to US News and World Report, are:
1) Harvard
2) Stanford
3) U Penn
4) MIT
5) Northwestern (tie)
5) University of Chicago (tie)
7) Dartmouth
8) UC Berkeley
9) Columbia
10) NYU

That said, if you were admitted to Yale (#1 law school), you should not decline consideration of that school merely because they have a 14th ranked business program. Yale undoubtedly offers a quality law education, and would likely offer more opportunities post-graduation.

Is It Possible To Trademark Your Business Name Without A Lawyer?
I Don'T Want To Waste The Money If It Isnt Possible,.How Much Does A Lawyer Usually Charge For This?

A business NAME is not trademarked. It's registered. It's a function of the type of business. If you own a proprietorship, then you only have to register it in the county where your business is based, usually your county of residence. Outside of your county, anyone else can use the same name and there is nothing you can do to prevent it. If you incorporate, then it becomes national. The name is checked against a national registry, and if no other company has already taken it, then you can. And then nobody else can.

Trademarks are registered through the US Patent and Trademark Office. Those are logos and stylizations, unique images that are identified with a specific company's business. It's quite complicated and requires a lawyer to wade through all the details. Although you are paying the lawyer for his time, that time consists of him going through the huge database of trademarks and interpreting whether yours infringes upon another, or not. In the U.S., you can maintain a common-law trademark simply by usage, but if someone else infringes on it, it may cost you more work and expense to prove that it's unique to your business. ™ means that it's an unregistered trademark but is still protected. ® is a registered trademark which holds much more protection because you've paid the expense upfront to ensure it, rather than after the fact if someone tries to hijack your ™.

Georgia Lawyer Search?
I Am A Single Father Of A Two Year Old Girl. I Have Sole Custody, However, Her Mother Has Filed With The Court And Says She Is &Quot;Finally&Quot; Ready To Step Up And Be A Proper Parent. Does Anyone Know Of Any Lawyers Who Do Pro Bono Work In North Georgia? I Have Already Contacted Legal Aide Here And They Do Not Work On Custody Hearings.

You can only get the information by calling each law firm in your area or an area you may wish to travel to, law firms do not advertise pro bono time available and north Georgia is a large enough are that I would not be able to call for you, get a list of lawyers that handle family law in your area and start calling.~

Need Legal Advice For A Divorce... Please Help Husbands An Army Soldier...?
About 6 Months Ago My Husband Came Home From His Ait Training And Out Of No Where Told Me He Thinks He Made A Mistake Of Marrying Me And Wants A Divorce... Claims He Likes The Fact That He Wasnt Tied Down To Me And The Kids In Ait And Could Party And Do Whatever With His Single Soldier Buddies.. But A Day Later Disclosed He Had Feelings For A Fellow Woman Soldier. (To My Knowledge We Were Happily Married , As A Week Before This I Was Visiting Him And We Were Happy.. And I Even Drove The Two Hours To Pick Him Up From Ait) Now He Literally Packed His Bags And Took Off For Another State In Which We Were Suppose To Move With Him, Taking Our Only Vehicle (Which Was In His Mothers Name). At The Time We Had Two Children And I Was Pregnant With Our Third (Who Is Now 4 Weeks Old). As It Stands He Is Trying To File For A No Fault Divorce Stating This Was A Mutual Agreement (Which Was Not At All) But Ive Been Told By Family This Is An At Fault Divorce In Which Could Be Called Dissertion... I Just Want To Get This Figured Out So We Can Start The Process... Is There A Way He Would Be Force To Supply Me With A Vehicle For Our Children To Get To Dr Appts... And Which Type Of Divorce Would Be Correct To File For? We Have Only Been Married For 1 Yr And 4 Months But Together 5 Years....

It really depends on what state you live in as to the "type" of divorce. For example, if you hear on the news that a famous couple has filed for divorce in California, the news always reports that the dissolution was based on "irreconcilable differences." That is a fancy way of saying "no fault," or the parties just couldn't get along. So, in California, you have irreconcilable differences, insanity, bigamy, incest, etc. Generally, it is irreconcilable differences.

Also, depending on what state you reside, only the length of your marriage is important, not how long you were "together."

In any state, your ex should be required to pay child support.

Since you have not worked during the marriage and he is "gainfully employed," you may be able to request he pay attorney fees for you. This does not necessarily mean you can afford the most expensive attorney in town; however, you may be able to pay to have an attorney assist you with the process and paperwork even if he/she is not being paid to go to Court with you. Also, many states have family law facilitators offices located at the Courthouse. Check with your local Court.

Finally, the best advice I can give you is to either do your own research or hire an attorney. Those who provide you with legal advice who aren't attorneys may cause you more headaches than you need. You need to focus on what is best for you family now -- not whether your family thinks this is desertion.

And, as an aside in response to Faith: Why should her legal advice be FREE? When was the last time you went to a doctor and either you, your insurance plan, or the state was not billed for his services. If she seeks legal counsel, some attorneys do provide a free CONSULTATION. This does not entitle a person to unending legal representation.

Where Can I Obtain Low-Income Legal Aid Assistance For A Criminal Charge In Virginia?
Independent, Part-Time College Student Wrongly Charged With Serious Felony Criminal Charge: Credit Card Theft. Looking For Any Kind Of Legal Assistance With Financial Leeway. Any Programs In Va Cover Criminal Charges?

Ask for a public defender, that is the only criminal legal aid.