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A large number of men and women do not think about acquiring a law firm until they are in desperate need. The lawful dilemma may possibly be personal, like family law, for a breakup or if you are hunting for a bankrupcy or trust law firm. It may be a felony situation you need to be defended on. Businesses require legal representatives as well, no matter if they are being sued for discrimination, sexual harassment, or perhaps unjust business methods. Tax law firms are also effective whenever engaging with government difficulties. Just like doctors, lawyers have areas. A huge, full service law firm has many attorneys with different areas of competence, so depending on your personal legal issue, you can instantly retain the finest legal representative to fulfill your current need without having to begin your search each time you need legal support.It is most effective to find a legal representative you can have confidence in. You want one with a decent record, who isstraightforward, efficient, and wins cases. You need to have trust that they will stand for you thoroughly and invoice you fairly for their products and services. Sometimes a recommendation from a pal or business associate can be practical, having said that you should hold your options open and review all the firms accessible, due to the fact when you need to have legal help, you need it quickly and you need the finest you can afford. Thank you for hunting for a law firm with us. Your time is valuable, and Action Pages, at, is happy to supply specific search parameters to fulfill your needs. We consistently try to focus on the most popular phrases so you can right away find anything at all you are looking for.

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Under California Law, Are The Factors For Determining Temporary And Permanent Spousal Support Different?
Can You Give Me A Case Or A Statute?

How are spousal and partner support (alimony) calculated?
It depends.

You can ask for spousal or partner support to be paid while your case is going on. This is called a "temporary spousal support order" or a "temporary partner support order." Many counties have formulas for calculating the amount of a temporary spousal or partner support order. Check your court's local rules for the temporary support guideline.

The judge will not use a formula to figure out how much spousal or partner support to order at the end of your case (called the "final judgment").

When the judge makes his or her final order, the judge must consider the factors in California Family Code section 4320. (To find this code section, click here and search for Family Code section 4320.)

These factors are:

The length of the marriage or domestic partnership,
What each person needs,
What each person pays or can pay (including earnings and earning capacity),
Whether having a job would make it too hard to take care of the child(ren),
The age and health of both people,
Debts and property,
Whether 1 spouse or domestic partner helped the other get an education, training, career, or professional license,
Whether there was domestic violence in the marriage or domestic partnership,
Whether 1 spouse's, or domestic partner's, career was affected by unemployment, or by taking care of the children or home, and
The tax impact of spousal support (note: federal and state tax laws were not changed to recognize domestic partnerships.)
Click here for more information.

Alert! Spousal and partner support are difficult legal issues. See a lawyer or a family law facilitator in your county. They can tell you about how much spousal or partner support may be ordered, how long it may last, and how it might affect your taxes. Click here for help finding a lawyer.

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Do Lawyers Consider Www.Findlaw.Com A Reliable Source?

Seeking legal advice over the Internet is not a good idea.

Every state is different.

Every county is different.

Every judge is different.

Need Legal Advice As Well As Personal Opinions About A Service Rendered On My Hair?
I Wanted My Hair Done In Extentions The Next Day But I Couldn'T Find Anyone Who Had Any Openings That Soon, So I Went To Craigslist And Saw An Ad But It Didn'T Have Prices So I Text The # That Was Given And She Charged $100 But I Texed Her Back And Said No Thank You I Will Pass On It, Because My Budget Was $60-$80 So She Text Back And Said She Will Do It For $80, So The Next Day I Went To Her Home And She Started Doing My Hair Then A Little Later She Called Someone To Help Her A Little Bit, Even Though She Was Always On The Phone And Leaving To Go Some Where. But Then The Person I Hired To Do The Job Asked If I Had Any More Money On Me Since Her Friend Was Helping, I Said No I Don'T Have Anymore Money. So I Felt Sorry For Her So I Said That When I Get Paid I Will Send U $20 Since Your Friend Is Helping. I Told Her When I Got Paid But Before Payday She Was Texting Me About The Money, When I Got Paid I Had Something Unexpected Come Up, She Kept On Texting Me Saying Where Is My Money? And That She Was Helping Me Out Etc.. But I Paid Her The $80 That Was Agreed On When She Completed My Hair Which Looked Like Crap, Had To Go Home And Take It Out, During The Time She Was Doing My Hair She Said Her Back Was Hurting And Told Me To Sit On The Floor Which Made My Back,Legs Etc Hurt Since I Was On The Floor For Hours. It Was A Very Bad Experience For Me. Can She Take Me To Court Since I Didn'T Send Her The Extra Money I Said I Was Going To Send Even Though It Wasn'T Part Of The Deal? I Don'T Think She Has A License To Do Hair In Her Home, How Can I Stop This From Happening To Anyone Else? Can I Report Her?

You said you were going to pay it, so you need to pay it. Next time don't commit to something you don't intend to do. The deal was $80, you did not request the other person's help, you should not be committed to paying it. You paid to get a service, regardless of how many people it took to deliver it.

Be careful on craigslist.

Can Illegal Aliens Receive Court Appointed Lawyers?
My Brothers Wife Is Taking Him To Court For Custody Of There Son, And She Is Trying To Recieve Spouse Support, But She Is A Illegal Imagrant And He Is A Usa Citizen, Can She Do This, And Recieve A Court Appointed Attorney For This?

humorme: I think you got the question wrong here - SHE is the ILLEGAL and HE is the LEGAL.

Anyways, I would say that yes, she will probably be able to get a court appointed lawyer. I bet the child is an "anchor" baby, meaning he will be considered a US citizen and since the child support is for the child, the court will likely appoint a lawyer for the child.

What should REALLY happen here is she should be deported! She should have the option of taking the child with her when she is deported or leave the child with his father in the USA.

I Need The Link To Arkansas Child Support Guidelines. Thank You?

This is a link to the Arkansas Child Support guidelines...
You can view them in html, word or pdf. The first few pages are just a description of how the courts adopted the guidelines. Beginning on page 5 it explains how to figure the amount of child support, there is also a chart beginning on page 12, that may be helpful on estimating the approx. amount owed to the custodial parent.

Dui Question????
What Is The Normal Consequences For The First Dui???

Well, it's not going to be pretty! It depends on which state you live in, but generally speaking, get out your purse, and open it wide, because a DUI, even if it is a first offense, is going to cost you plenty. There will likely be all kinds of fines, fees, and surcharges. Additionally, your car insurance premiums will likely be inflated drastically. In New Jersey, for example, they are inflated for 3 years. When all fines, fees, surcharges, inflated car insurance premiums, and additional transportation costs and other expenses are calculated, as a result of not being permitted to legally drive a car are considered, you might be looking at $10,000 in costs, or more, maybe spread out over several years. Additional penalties could and probably will include loss of your driver's license for several months (maybe 6) and you may be required to attend some sort of communist style "reeducation camp" for a few hours, the purpose of which is to indoctrinate you about the evils of "drinking and driving", and why you ought not to do it ever again. DUI laws are designed to accomplish a couple of things:

1. To bring revenue to your State and local governments - after all, court personnel and police need to eat too, don't you know!
2. The penalties are designed to make your life expensive, inconvenient, and otherwise miserable, in an effort to discourage you from repeating your offense.

If you have not already been convicted of DUI, then I would advise you to consult with a lawyer immediately. It may be possible to successfully plead guilty to a lesser offense such as "reckless driving", which, while this might also be expensive, yet it can still mitigate the damage to you which would result if you are convicted of DUI.

If you have already been convicted of DUI, then you must learn to cope with loss of driver's license. You should then be creative and resourceful as possible. One thing that you should NOT do, if you lose your license, it to just go ahead and drive anyway, with the hope that you won't get caught. If you are caught driving with a revoked license, then you will be in even deeper doo doo. Instead, get yourself a bicycle, because it is faster and easier than walking everywhere, and cheaper than taking a taxi. Pay your fines, surcharges and fees, meet all court ordered requirements, take your lumps, and get on with your life.