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The majority of individuals do not think about choosing a legal professional until they are in desperate need. The lawful difficulty may possibly be personal, like family law, for a separation and divorce or if you are searching for a bankrupcy or trust legal professional. It may be a criminal case you need to be defended on. Organizations require law firms as well, regardless if they are being sued for discrimination, sexual harassment, or maybe unjust business practices. Tax lawyers are also very helpful any time coping with government challenges. Just like doctors, lawyers have expertise. A sizeable, full service law firm has many legal representatives with various areas of experience, so hinging on your individual legal issue, you can promptly hold on to the perfect lawyer to match your current need without having to commence your search each time you need legal support.It is most effective to obtain a legal professional you can rely on. You want one with a very good record, who ishonest, reliable, and wins cases. You need to have confidence that they will represent you accurately and invoice you reasonably for their services. Occasionally a recommendation from a buddy or business affiliate can be valuable, however you should keep your options open and review all the firms accessible, for the reason that when you want legal support, you need it quickly and you would like the very best you can manage to pay for. Thank you for hunting for a lawyer with us. Your time is valuable, and Action Pages, at, is delighted to supply specific search parameters to meet your needs. We continually strive to concentrate on the most popular phrases so you can right away find whatever you are searching for.

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Do Politicians Have A Clue About How To Form Laws Regarding Family Issues Such As Teen Pregnancy And Abortion?

Maybe 'no'?! Or it could be that people just don't get how to restrain themselves, because the public education of our children is corporate profits driven, rather than education for our own sake. Dignity and self respect?
Then there is the need for military volunteers, and people to fill the beds at the new prisons. So, push hard against an immovable object with an irresistible force, what do you get?
The failure to teach, reach, our young people is the issue; the laws are just a late response to perceived issues, the MD that treats symptoms instead of causes.
Privacy is gone missing with our rights in our new age of surveillance society, wiretaps, suspicions....

Child Custody Lawyers In San Fernando Valley.?
Does Anybody Have Any Lawyers That They Can Recommend In The San Fernando Valley Or The Los Angeles Area. That Specialize In Child Custody?? I Looking To Get Some Advise

Before interviewing your first prospective attorney, come prepared. Get your LITIGANTS NOTEBOOK organized into the nine (See article "Steps To Take...") recommended sections and if time permits, type in double spacing, your notebook information.

1. How long have you been in practice?
NOTE: We recommend that no one be cons idered who has n ot been practice at least 3 years, 5 years or more is better.

2. From which Law School did you graduate?
NOTE: Some Law Schools are better then others?

3. Are you Board Certified in Family Law?
NOTE: Board Certified Family Law attorneys have been in practice a minimum of 3 years, but most do not become certified until after 6-12 years. To become certified, one must have had cases, in various categories, plus appellate cases, take a written and oral exam, and be re-certified EVERY YEAR. The US Supreme Court Chief Justice recently said of US attorneys that "...three-fourths are incompetent, dishonest, or both ." The odd s of getting a qualified attorney go up when selection is made from the Board Certified Family Law list. But there are no guarantees.

4. How many cases of my type have you had?
NOTE: If the answer is NONE, don't be the first.

5. In how any of these have you represented fathers? References?

6. How many father's cases of this type have you WON? Ask for case numbers!
NOTE: This may just be the MOST important question. References of this type are very important to you and your case . The attorney's track record is vital!

7. What percentage of your case load is Family Law?
NOTE: Qualified attorneys in the Family Law field have 2 or more of their case lo ad in this area. If less than this, they are probably not sharp enough to represent Fathers.

8. Which Bar Associations are you a member of?

9. What is your hourly rate? Do you have a Paralegal at a lower rate?

10. How many hours do you estimate this case to take?
NOTE: Most custody cases require from 80 to 120 billable attorney hours, NOT counting paralegals or expert witnesses, or Ad Litems.

11. Do you require a retainer? How much? Is it refundable?
NOTE: Avoid high retainers. Retainers in excess of 1/3 of the estimated total fee, denies you the opportunity to change lawyers later. If an attorney charges you a non-refundable retainer fee you will not get any of your money back if you fire him. If the attorney charges you a refundable retainer you will only get the unused portion of the retainer fee back should you fire the attorney.

12. Do you have a written contract, and can it be modified?
NOTE: Most attorneys have written contracts that are designed to protect their FEES and provide a means for them to collect unpaid fees from you. Modification of the con tract is one way for you to set forth, on paper, what is expected of the attorney, and provides a remedy for you to assure compliance on his/her part.

13. Do you carry Malpractice insurance?
NOTE: Good attorneys almost always carry insurance, that is, if they value their practice. If they don't value their practice, then neither should you.

14. Are there any Bar grievances against you within the last 3 years?
NOTE: The Houston Bar's attorney referral list will not accept applications from attorneys with active grievances, i.e. those within the last 3 years. Also, this service cost attorneys $500 or more to be listed. However, you should not always disqualify an attorney because he has a bar grievance filed against him. It is a very common ploy in litigation today to file a grievance against the opposing attorney hoping that he or she will withdraw from the case.

NOTE: A common complaint we hear is that retainers are spent, and large sums are required JUST BEFORE the final hearing. The attorney, when asked about the retainer, says, "it got spent", or send a statement "$5000 for services rendered." Don’t hire an attorney who does not s end out billing statements at least once a month.

16. Do you have a list of recommended:
A. Private Detectives
B. Mediators
C. Mental Health Professionals
D. Accountants
E. Others
NOTE: If the attorney hires the specialist, then any information obtained using them becomes PRIVILEGED and cannot be obtained through discovery. If you, the litigant, hire this professional, then the other side can obtain any information you developed, through the use of Discovery or Deposition. The attorney should have a good working knowledge of how the above professionals work and should have regular contacts within the above fields. If the attorney is not knowledgeable about experts in the above areas, he does not have the necessary contacts to help you win your case.

17. Have you ever been divorced? And if so, did you get custody?
NOTE: If this attorney is SO GREAT, would you trust him/her if they didn't get custody? And if they didn't, why not?

If The Bar Association Did Not Follow Their Procedure In Your Case, Where Do You Take Your Grievance.?

Truly my friend - you can only take it to the Supreme Court of your State - that knowledge should be in your Bar Grievance Booklet - either online or in actual booklet form.

They tell you this but it means nothing - see - the Supreme Judges are probably members of the Cult Group called the Bar, though it is unconstitutional for a judge to be a member of a Bar ... but; it is the newest fad to be a judge and go to the Cultic Bar meetings and pick up on some hot attorneys who would like to get a "favor" in the future - without any "Conflict of Interest" coming to the top.

You should be more specific as to what your attorney did - you could bring certain suits yourself against him ... BUT;

If he is paying his dues to the Cultic Bar membership and active in the Rites and Rituals and is a loyal Agent to the Court ... by sacrificing all his clients to the Blind folded goddess with the lop sided scales ... you can forget about it.

BUT; if the attorney or lawyer is behind on the dues ... and actually won causes or cases and actually put their client's best interest in front of the interest of the court ... you might get him or her.

Every once in a while - even an attorney or even a judge has to be sacrificed ... to appease the people and to make them think that there really is justice in the tombs entitled "courts" ...

Tell us more of your situation and I will try to get back.



Is Being A Lawyer A Dangerous Profession ?
I'Ve Heard Of Several Reports Of Lawyers Being Threatened, Attacked And Sometimes Even Killed After Either Losing The Case, Or Putting A Criminal In Jail. Im Hoping To Become A Lawyer, And I'M Quite Worried About This, As I'M Planning On Having A Family, Wife And A Comfortable Life Without Too Many Worries. Are These &Quot;Revenge Killing&Quot; Commonplace In The Profession, And Is Being Threatened By Criminal Gangs Quite Common Too ?

It really depends on 2 things: 1) What type of law you do and 2) How you practice law.

Some areas of law just naturally open you to more threats - criminal law, sometimes insurance defense, family law, CPS. When you deal with life, family, injuries you deal with high emotions, high stakes and sometimes bad outcomes. You also always run the risk of people just being a little off. I do workers' compensation law and my clients get injured and get emotional and take medications, which can impact their mental state. In 10 years as an attorney, I have really only had 1 threat from a client. There are plenty of areas of law where you do not have to deal with such high emotions and personal stakes - wills & trust, probate, legislative drafting, tax.

The more important factor to me, however, is how you treat your clients. People that have their lives, freedom, injuries at stake want attorneys that will tell them what is going on and show them basic respect as a human and a client. Ignoring clients repeatedly or not explaining what is happening and why it is happening will just make a bad situation that much worse.

The profession is safe and I would recommend it. Just choose your direction wise (stay away from criminal defense), treat your clients well and you and your family should be safe.

Should I Get A Lawyer For My Dui? And What Are Some Of The Charges I'M Looking At For A First Offense?
I Was Driving On Wrong Side Of The Street, But I Did Not Hit Anyone Or Anything. First Offense And My Bac Will Probably Be Over 1.0

Definitely get a local lawyer. DUIs are costly and can suspend/revoke your driving privileges for a long time. You need to know what the consequences of any plea. Is the state asking for a conviction or will they give you court supervision (not a conviction)? How will it affect your license? What type of alcohol treatment will you be expected to undergo? How much will be court costs etc? What are your chances at trial?

DUI is a specialized area of law. Don't settle for any lawyer who says they do DUI law. Ask around, try to find a lawyer who is well regarded and handles a lot of duis.

Professional Business Legal Advice From A Lawyer - Capital Cost Or Tax Deductable Expense?
Hi All, If A Lawyer Provided Professional Legal Advice (Say $5000) On Opening A Corporation, Timing, Planning, Type Of Corp. Considering My Situation Etc.. And It'S A Rental Business, Is This Legal Fee Considered: 1. Tax Deductible Expense This Year Considered As &Quot;Expense To Earn Income&Quot; And Therefore Reducing Net Income This Year? Or: 2. Considered Capital Cost Meaning If It'S An Investment Property For Example This Expense Of $5000 Will Be Added To The Original Purchase Price When Selling The Property Therefore Will Reduce Capital Gain When The Property Is Sold In The Future? The Expense Is Legitimate And Both Options Help Reduce The Tax Paid Obviously , I’M Just Not Sure Which Is The Preferred Option By Most Accountants(?) Thanks, Neil Ps. I'M From Canada

Your "pre opening expense" for professional fee is a capital expenditure (known as eligible capital property), 75% of which goes into a "cumulative eligible capital" pool with a maximum 7% write off for the year. Upon sale of business, the portion of selling price relating to goodwill etc., may be credited against this pool. For reference, see:

IT123R6 Transactions Involving Eligible Capital Property